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The CEATL ( C onseil E uropéen des A ssociations de T raducteurs L ittéraires - Council of European Literary Translators' Associations ) is an international, non-profit making association committed to literary translation and literary translators and subject to Belgian law. The members of the CEATL are literary translator associations from various European countries.


At the Assises de la traduction littéraire 1987 in Arles , a first informal meeting of translators took place, who had the idea of ​​founding a European association.

Only in 1991 on the island of Procida was the CEATL officially founded as an international non-profit making association (IVoG / IVZW / AISBL) under Belgian law. The founding countries were Belgium, Germany, France, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland and Spain.

Its members are 35 associations from 29 European countries and around 10,000 individual authors. In the last few years almost all associations of the former Eastern Bloc as well as Turkey have joined him.


The association has two different goals, an internal and an external one.

Internally, it gathers information on the situation of literary translation and literary translators in the member states and regions and provides information on experiences and best practice examples observed in these countries.

Externally, the association advocates the legal, social and economic concerns of literary translators in the European context. He also lobbies the EU and informs about possible reactions of the public to events or tendencies that have an impact on this profession or the quality of literary translation. He individually helps the member associations to strengthen the position of literary translators in their country.

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