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Francesco Micieli in December 2009

Francesco Micieli (born February 21, 1956 in Santa Sofia d'Epiro , Calabria ) is a Swiss writer of Albanian descent.


Francesco Micieli's family belongs to the Albanian minority in Italy, the Arbëresh . In 1965 he came to Emmental in Switzerland with his parents . Francesco Micieli, who already spoke his mother tongue, an Albanian dialect and Italian , learned German and Swiss German here . He attended a school in Lützelflüh and a grammar school in Burgdorf . He then studied Romance and German at the universities of Bern , Cosenza and Florence . He completed his studies in 1982 with a degree in philosophy and worked as an assistant at the University of Bern . In addition, he worked as an author , actor and director on stages in Solothurn and Burgdorf. From 1992 to 1999 he held a teaching position at the School of Design in Bern and Biel . Today he lives as a freelance writer in Bern.

Francesco Micieli is a writer of narrative prose , plays and libretti . In his prose works, he uses a concise and yet lyrical language to deal with the history of the migration of members of the Albanian minority from Italy. The migration issue is treated in fictionalized form from the perspective of both genders, the first and second generation. The prose alternates between lyric poetry, narrative, monologue and is based on literary models for condensed short prose such as István Örkény .

Francesco Micieli is a member of the Association of Authors of Switzerland and was its president from 2007 to 2010.


  • 1987 Award of the Canton of Bern
  • 1989 City of Bern Book Prize
  • 1990 Work Prize from the Canton of Solothurn
  • 1996 Prize for individual work from the Swiss Schiller Foundation
  • 2002 Adelbert von Chamisso Prize sponsorship award
  • 2003 Work Prize from the UBS Cultural Foundation
  • 2009 “Weitererschritten” award from the city of Bern
  • 2011 Chamisso - Poetics Lecturer in Dresden



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