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founding 1980s
Duration Almost 3 million media articles, 7625 non-fiction books, 3187 brochures, 604 magazine titles (219 of which are active) (December 31, 2018)
Library type Documentation center with library
place Train (city)
management Sara Marty
Website is a publicly accessible, not-for-profit documentation center with a library on St. Oswaldsgasse in the old town of Zug . It is located opposite the Zug library .


Daniel Brunner began to create a collection of articles in his private rooms for research purposes and for his own political work. In 1988, the collected material was moved to the headquarters of an office community, and the collection was continuously expanded with the help of a part-time employee. The employment of additional staff and the increasing professionalism made it possible to create a catalog for the first time. In 1994 it was possible to move into the current premises in the old town of Zug.


Exterior view

The documentation center is privately financed. In order to secure in the long term, the Doku-Zug Foundation was certified on June 23, 2017. Rolf Schweiger was elected the first President of the Board of Trustees . The founding president resigned at the end of 2018. Joe Häfliger was elected as the new President of the Doku-Zug Foundation. Joe Häfliger is the director of the Lucerne School of Economics. From 1998 to 2015 he taught economics and law at the Canton School of Zug . After lengthy negotiations and the search for solutions, the continuation of the collection and the services of was announced in January 2019. The Zug dossiers will be integrated into the Zug library. The project partners Doku-Zug and the city of Zug have agreed on this. Daniel Brunner is donating the holdings relevant to the Zug region as a gift from the Zug library. Together with the Zug City Archives, a center for archive, library and documentation services will be built on St.-Oswalds-Gasse by the end of 2020 at the latest.

Collection and inventory documents current events in the city and canton of Zug , Switzerland and around the world using media articles. The constantly growing collection of articles is fed from media products published in German-speaking Switzerland, supplemented selectively by foreign publications. The inventory includes almost 3 million media articles, which are stored in paper form in around 4600 thematically and geographically structured dossiers. The focus is on the fields of politics, economy, environment, building, social and health services, education and culture. From 1995 to 2016, current events were documented as completely as possible. Since 2017, the focus of the media article collection has largely shifted to what is happening in Zurich. The collected media articles should have a direct reference to conditions in the canton of Zug or add value to the understanding of the situation in the canton of Zug.

In addition, has a library with 7073 non-fiction books, 4018 brochures (so-called gray literature ) and 570 periodicals .


The topic dossiers can only be consulted on site. The books are placed in an open access library with a small reading room (with reference works such as the Swiss Idioticon ). Books, brochures and periodicals can be borrowed. also carries out order research.


Dossier catalog

The online dossier catalog is the most important access point to the collection of media articles. It provides information on which topics there are dossiers and how many documents from which years each dossier contains. The individual media articles cannot be viewed.

Book catalog has an online book catalog and has been integrated into the online catalog of the Zug library network since March 2013.

Events and exhibitions

The documentation center organizes lectures, discussions and readings at irregular intervals. In 2013, an exhibition by presented the many facets of Lake Zug in lake views . The book Seesichten Zugersee: Headlines | was published in 2014 from this exhibition and the doku- zug fund Facts | Pictures .

In 2018 (March to October) “Reverberation 68” was shown. This exhibition was compiled from the holdings of and provided surprising insights into this eventful time from Zug's perspective.

“Home in Transition” is the title of the exhibition from April to September 2019. Pieces of text from the thematic dossiers, pictures and exhibits allow an examination of the terms home in transition, customs and traditions in the canton of Zug. A six-part series of events will also take place in this context.


  • Abicht, Silvan [et al.] (Text), Busslinger, Andreas (pictures), Seesichten Zugersee: headlines | Facts | Pictures: the book for the exhibition , Zug, Kalt Medien, 2014, ISBN 978-3-85761-310-4 .

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