Second fake Dmitri

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Pseudodimitri II.

The second false Dmitri (False Dmitry II, even after his temporary residence. Rascally Tushino called * unknown, † December 11 . Jul / 21st December  1610 greg. In Kaluga ) was in the years of the time of troubles , a pretender to the Russian Tsar throne who claimed the rescued I. Pseudodmitri to be. This in turn was (also) an impostor who pretended to be Dmitri , son of Tsar Ivan IV and was murdered after a brief usurpation .

Pseudodimitri II succeeded in gathering dissatisfied peasants and Cossacks , who were soon joined by aristocrats who were enemies of Vasily Shuisky . He was supported by intervening Polish troops, so that his military forces quickly gained in importance. Against her better judgment , Marina Mniszech , who had been imprisoned after the death of Pseudodimitris I , recognized him as her rightful husband.

He advanced quickly to Moscow and lavishly held court in the Moscow suburb of Tushino . There was also the headquarters of the Polish military and the seat of the counter-government, whose partisans included Jerzy Mniszech , Patriarch Philaret and the Princes Trubezkois . In the summer and autumn of 1608, the second usurper soon controlled a vast territory. Since Tsar Vasily Shuisky knew nothing more than to get help from the Swedes , Poland intervened openly in 1609. Most of the supporters of the Tuschino court quickly switched to King Sigismund III's side. Wasa . The usurper fled from Vasily Shuiski's troops to Kaluga, where he was killed soon after. His three-year-old son Ivan was publicly executed in 1614 after his mother, Marina Mniszech, tried to bring him to the throne with the support of her next- generation husband, the ataman Ivan Zarutsky.

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