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Ostap Daschkewytsch
Dmytro Wyschneweckyj
Seweryn Nalywajko
Hetman Petro Konaschewytsch-Sahaidachnyj, anonymous portrait from the 18th century
Ivan Sulyma
Bohdan Khmelnytskyi
Ivan Samoylowych
Ivan Masepa

Ataman ( Russian атаман ataman , Ukrainian отаман otaman , from the Turkish noun Ata "father" and the suffix -man "-schaft"; also Turkish: ataman or in Polish hetman ) was the term for a military rank and its free among the Cossacks elected head.

Ataman was the highest rank among the Russian Cossacks. In the case of the Ukrainian Cossacks, this was the Hetman for the Polish-organized Cossacks , while the leaders of the Cossacks living in the steppe consciously called themselves Otaman , in contrast to the Cossack hierarchy in the hinterland .

List of all Ukrainian atamans

Individual evidence

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