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Jane Fonda, 2018

Jane Seymour Fonda (born December 21, 1937 in New York ) is an American actress , civil rights activist and climate protection activist. The two-time Oscar winner (1972 and 1979; see awards ) developed from a sex symbol to a serious character actress in the 1960s and 1970s . She was involved in the fight against the Vietnam War and later became a fitness queen with numerous aerobic videos . From 1990 to 2005 she took a break as a film actress.

life and career

Jane Fonda is the daughter of Henry Fonda (1905–1982), the older sister of Peter Fonda (1940–2019) and aunt of Bridget Fonda (* 1964). Her mother, Frances Seymour Brokaw Fonda, was able to trace her family tree back to Edward Seymour . Edward Seymour is the brother of Jane Seymour , who was one of the many wives of King Henry VIII of England . Frances Fonda cut her throat on her 42nd birthday in a mental hospital after her husband announced three months earlier that they were divorcing over 21-year-old Susan Blanchard. Her father's third marriage lasted until 1956. 12-year-old Jane, who had been told that her mother had succumbed to a heart attack, did not find out the background until a year later through a newspaper article.

As early as 1954 she appeared at the theater together with her father. From 1958, she attended the Actors Studio by Lee Strasberg . In 1960 it was for her performance in the play Was There a Little Girl for the Tony Award nominated. In the same year she shot her first feature film, Edward Dmytryk's drama The Longer - The Better , which earned her a Golden Globe for Best New Actress in 1962 . She visited the Soviet Union , went to France and made several successful films there. With the ambiguous psychological thriller Like Big Cats - with Alain Delon , directed by René Clément  - she achieved her international breakthrough in 1962. On August 14, 1965, she married Roger Vadim , under whose direction she became one of the female sex symbols of the 1960s with Barbarella in 1967 . The marriage ended in divorce in 1973.

Jane Fonda and Ted Turner , 1992

Jane Fonda was vehemently committed against the Vietnam War from 1969 until well into the 1970s . She visited North Vietnam and was shown sitting smiling on an anti-aircraft gun. The trip earned her the nickname " Hanoi Jane" at home . Years later, she described her posing next to the weapons of the Viet Cong as a mistake, but she stuck to her criticism of the US actions in Southeast Asia . The film FTA - the abbreviation stands for Free the Army (but it means Fuck the Army)  - which documents their agitation tour to US Army locations around the world (together with Donald Sutherland ) is a remarkable testimony to their commitment to the war . The film Coming Home also clearly points in this direction. On the occasion of a demonstration in Washington on January 27, 2007, Fonda publicly campaigned against the US invasion of Iraq . After the failure of her marriage (1973 to 1990) with the politician Tom Hayden , she married Ted Turner , the founder of the news channel CNN , in 1991 . This marriage lasted until 2001.

One of her greatest film successes was the nuclear power critical thriller The China Syndrome , released in 1979 . The discussions about the use of nuclear energy triggered by the film, in which Jane Fonda also took part in public, are said to have caused a heart attack in the so-called "father of the hydrogen bomb ", Edward Teller , who said he had. ("I was the only victim of Three Mile Island !") In 1980, she stood in front of the camera for the first and only time with her father (and Katharine Hepburn ) in the film At the Golden Lake ; Film legend Henry Fonda received the long-awaited Oscar for his role in it.

Hollywood honored the politically controversial actress with a total of seven nominations with two Oscars, each for best leading actress: 1972 for Klute and 1979 for Coming Home .

In 1990 she withdrew from the film business for the first time. In 2001 she made a cameo in Barry Levinson's gangster comedy Bandits! , in which her son Troy Garity also participated. In 2005 she took over the title role in The Monster-in-Law as Jennifer Lopez's wicked mother- in -law . The flick of the criticism turned out to be Fonda's first box office hit in nearly a quarter of a century. Shortly before the film premiered, she released her autobiography, My Life So Far , which topped the bestseller lists . She also marketed a DVD edition of her aerobics videos.

Since 2015 Jane Fonda plays in the produced by Marta Kauffman and Howard J. Morris Netflix -Comedy, the television series Grace and Frankie , the role of Grace.

Commitment to climate protection

Fonda takes an active part in the public debate about the climate crisis . In 2019, she drew attention to the need for radical climate action through her demonstrations, known as Fire Drill Friday and supported by hundreds of demonstrators, outside the U.S. Capitol . She spoke of the "urgency of the climate crisis and the need for activism on an unprecedented scale". Her goal is to consciously set an example: "We cannot leave it to young people to fight this fight for their future themselves." Fonda was repeatedly taken away by the police during these protests, but continued her protest afterwards .


Fonda has been one of the protagonists of a fitness wave since the late 1970s . With aerobics videos, and later stretch and yoga videos, Fonda created a fitness empire valued at over $ 600 million. After a few deaths of amateur athletes, the originally highly radical demands on the body (“move your butt!”) Finally took a more moderate line. When she was old, she even admitted to having had bulimia for more than thirty years .

Jane Fonda has a daughter, Vanessa Vadim , from her marriage to Roger Vadim, and a son, Troy Garity , and an adopted daughter with Tom Hayden . Her German dubbing voice is that of actress Judy Winter .


Jane Fonda, 2006

“Feminism just has nothing to do with whether you wear makeup or not. It's about your own self-perception! It is about women realizing that they have a basic right to realize themselves. No matter whether they stay at home, raise children or pursue a career at work. You have the right to equal access and opportunities as a man. That's feminism . Whether you wear make-up or not is irrelevant. "

- Jane Fonda in conversation with Mariam Schaghaghi : Berliner Zeitung

Filmography (selection)

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Jane Fonda's Workout Record
  DE 37 04/18/1983 (3 weeks)
  UK 7th 01/29/1983 (47 weeks)
  US 15th 03/26/1983 (127 weeks)
Workout Record - New And Improved
  UK 60 09/22/1984 (4 weeks)
  US 135 09/01/1984 (10 weeks)



  • Awards
1972: Best Actress (Klute)
1979: Best Actress (Coming Home)
  • Nominations
1970: Best Actress (Only horses are given the coup de grace)
1978: Best Actress (Julia)
1980: Best Actress (The China Syndrome)
1982: Best Supporting Actress (At Golden Lake)
1987: Best Actress (The Morning After)

British Academy Film Award

  • Awards
1979: Best Actress (Julia)
1980: Best Actress (The China Syndrome)
  • Nominations
1968: Best Foreign Actress (Barefoot in the Park)
1971: Best Actress (Only horses are given the coup de grace)
1972: Best Actress (Klute)
1983: Best Supporting Actress (At Golden Lake)

Golden Globe Award

  • Awards
1962: Best Young Actress (On Glowing Pavement)
1972: Best Actress - Drama (Klute)
1973: Henrietta Award for Most Popular Film Actress in the World
1978: Best Actress - Drama (Julia)
1979: Best Actress - Drama (Coming Home)
1980: Henrietta Award for most popular film actress in the world
  • Nominations
1963: Best Actress - Comedy or Musical (Adaptation Time)
1966: Best Actress - Comedy or Musical (Cat Ballou - You Should Hang in Wyoming)
1967: Best Actress - Comedy or Musical (Any Wednesday)
1970: Best Actress - Drama (Only horses are given the coup de grace)
1980: Best Actress - Drama (The China Syndrome)
1982: Best Supporting Actress (At Golden Lake)
1985: Best Actress - Mini-Series or TV Movie (The Dollmaker)
2016: Best Supporting Actress (Eternal Youth)

Golden Raspberry

  • Nominations
1990: Worst Actress (Old Gringo)

Further awards

1960: Laurel Award for Best New Female Personality
1961: Hasty Pudding Woman of the Year
1966: Laurel Award for female comedic performance (Cat Ballou - You Shall Hang in Wyoming)
1969: New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Actress (Only horses are given the coup de grace)
1970 and 1977: Golden Apple Award
1971: Kansas City Film Critics Circle Award for Best Actress (Horses are only given a coup de grace)
1971: New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Actress (Klute)
1972: Kansas City Film Critics Circle Award for Best Actress (Klute)
1972: National Society of Film Critics Award for Best Actress (Klute)
1973: Fotogramas de Plata as best foreign actress (Klute)
1978: David di Donatello as best foreign actress (Julia)
1978: Los Angeles Film Critics Association Award for Best Actress (Coming Home)
1979: ShoWest Convention Award for Female Star of the Year
1980: American Movie Award for Most Popular Female Film Star
1980: Jupiter Film Award for Best Actress (The China Syndrome)
1980, 1981, 1982 and 1983: People's Choice Award for Most Popular Film Actress
1981: Women in Film Crystal Award
1982: American Movie Award for Best Supporting Actress in Amolden See
1984: Emmy as outstanding leading actress in a limited series or special (The Dollmaker)
1993: Golden Boot Award
2001: Film Society of Lincoln Center Gala Tribute
2001: Savannah Film and Video Festival Lifetime Achievement Award
2005: National Board of Review - Career Achievement Award
2009: German Sustainability Award - special award for humanitarian commitment
2013: Hand and footprints in front of the TCL Chinese Theater
2014: AFI Life Achievement Award from the American Film Institute
2017: Golden Camera
2017: Golden Lion of the 74th Venice Film Festival (honorary award for her life's work)
2019: Stanley Kramer Award from the Producers Guild of America


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