The morning after

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German title The morning after
Original title The Morning After
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 1986
length 103 minutes
Age rating FSK 16
Director Sidney Lumet
script James Hicks
production Bruce Gilbert
music Paul Chihara
camera Andrzej Bartkowiak
cut Joel Goodman

The Morning After is an American feature film of the genre thriller by Sidney Lumet in 1986, distributed by 20th Century Fox . The main role is played by Jane Fonda , who received an Oscar nomination for her performance .


It tells the story of the alcohol addicted actress Alex who wakes up one morning next to a murdered photographer. She can't remember the night before, so she cleans the deceased's apartment and removes her traces. Then she wants to flee, but cannot get a flight at the airport. When she tries to continue with the car, she causes an accident and, fearing the police, flees on foot until she meets former policeman Turner, who takes her away.

Turner also brings Alex to her apartment in the evening, where they have dinner together. The next morning, Alex wakes up and finds the photographer's body in her shower, whereupon she escapes. Police cars pull up shortly afterwards; Alex is picked up again by Turner, who had seen the shower the night before. He believes in her innocence and investigates on his own. Turner is disabled due to an injury because he can no longer hold a weapon.

Alex's husband, the hairdresser Joaquin, wants to divorce her in order to marry the daughter of a judge, Isabel Harding. When Alex meets with him, he arouses doubts in her that she happened to run into Turner and directs suspicion on him, whereupon she does not return to his apartment, in which she was hiding because of the police manhunt.

But Turner shows up unexpectedly and explains to her that he wants to prove with a wig by Joaquin that someone else must have committed the murder. Simultaneously, Joaquin and his lover join in, and Joaquin sees no other option but to silence Alex and Turner. He knocks down Turner and tries to drown Alex. Turner pulls out a gun just in time and shoots Joaquin. Shortly afterwards, the police storm the apartment. Isabel seems to want to save her own head and explains to the inspector that Joaquin stabbed the photographer. Joaquin explains that the photographer blackmailed Isabel with images that her father shouldn't see.

Alex ends up visiting Turner in the hospital and they both give their love a chance and try to get Alex's drinking problem under control.


  • The film celebrated its on December 25, 1986 premiere and was shown in German cinemas since February 26 1987th
  • The film generated revenues of $ 25 million.


  • Oscar 1987: Nomination for Best Actress for Jane Fonda
  • The German Film and Media Evaluation FBW in Wiesbaden awarded the film the title valuable.

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