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The golden camera

The Golden Camera is a German film and television award from the Funke media group . Before that, from 1966 to 2015, it was the award of the Axel Springer Verlag television magazine Hörzu . German actors and international Hollywood stars are awarded the golden trophy for outstanding performance at a gala once a year. The award is not limited to television and film makers, even if these are the main focus of the award winners. Music acts are also regularly among the award winners.

The 2018 Golden Camera , i.e. the 53rd presentation of this award, took place on February 22, 2018. The 2019 award ceremony took place on March 30th. According to media reports, the award ceremony will be discontinued, the last awarding of a Golden Camera was originally supposed to take place on March 21, 2020. Due to a possible threat from the SARS-CoV-2 virus , the event was postponed to November 12, 2020.


While the award ceremony initially only took place on a small scale with a few hundred guests, the Golden Camera is now awarded in a large television gala with up to 1200 guests.

The awarding of the Golden Camera used to be tied to the television magazine Hörzu. When the magazine was still part of the Axel Springer Verlag , the magazine hosted the award ceremony. In 2014 the Funke Mediengruppe took over the daily newspapers Berliner Morgenpost , Hamburger Abendblatt and Bergedorfer Zeitung and some magazines from Axel Springer SE, including Hörzu. The award ceremony was therefore no longer organized under the umbrella of Axel Springer SE. The Funke Mediengruppe has been the host of the gala since the 51st award .

Financial support from the city of Hamburg

Since 2015, the city of Hamburg has paid the Funke media group € 150,000 annually for the award of the Golden Camera in Hamburg. The money comes from the income from the culture and tourism tax .


The Golden Camera was created by the Berlin artist Wolfram Beck . Beck based the creation on a Farnsworth camera , the first electronic camera in the world. The golden camera - which was also available as a silver and bronze camera at times - was manufactured in the silverware manufacturer Koch & Bergfeld in Bremen for most of the years. The camera model is made of 18-carat gold-plated sterling silver , is 25 cm high and weighs around 900 g. Depending on the current silver price, the trophy has a material value of around 625 euros as of February 2013. With the exception of the Actor's Young Talent Awards, the award is otherwise undoped.

Selection of the award winners

The Hörzu readers' poll, which was expanded in 2016, has been an integral part of the award since it was first awarded in 1966 . Since the 51st award , readers of all program guides and the daily newspapers of the Funke Mediengruppe have been able to choose their favorites in predefined categories.

In 2003 the national award winners were chosen by the Golden Camera Academy . This is a panel of experts made up of award winners from previous years. The round was started by Hörzu editor-in-chief Jörg Walberer. Since the Golden Camera 2008 , the prize has been awarded in specific categories. The jury is supported by well-known representatives from film and television every year.


Many of the winners are chosen by a jury chaired by the editor-in-chief of Hörzu , TV Digital , Gong and Bild + Funk . The jury also includes members of the Hörzu editorial team (the magazine hosted the award up to the 50th award ceremony) and representatives from film and television.

The Golden Camera writes about the procedure: "Whoever was able to prevail in the end in a secret ballot, the jury members will only find out [...] during the ZDF live broadcast of the gala."

According to his own account, “[t] he crucial points are: Did the film touch me? Does the quality of the makers and main actors stand out from the multitude? "


When the Golden Camera was awarded to La La Land for Best International Film 2017, the trophy should be handed over to its leading actor Ryan Gosling . A false agency brokered a double who actually accepted the golden camera at the award ceremony . The agency and the double were provided by Circus HalliGalli and the program criticized the fact that the jury only selects the international winners based on the availability of the actors. Circus HalliGalli then returned the Golden Camera .

In relation to this incident, those responsible for the Golden Camera spoke to the world .

"In response to a request from the" Welt ", the publisher now explains its view of the events in a statement. Ryan Gosling, one of the leading actors in “La La Land”, has been “at the top of the editors' list for a Golden Camera” since the end of last year. But it was not possible to win him over to the event in Hamburg. “It seemed all the more gratifying,” the statement said, “that an agency contacted us at the beginning of February and offered to mediate 'La La Land' leading actor Ryan Gosling.” Now the category for the best actor had already been awarded to Colin Farrell, who was obviously easier to get than the man of the day, Ryan Gosling. At no point did he suspect that a German media prize would be awarded to him in Hamburg. "That is why the editorial team of the Golden Camera decided to award the film 'La La Land' and to present the award on behalf of the entire film team to Ryan Gosling." The publisher: "This is not an unusual procedure."


Award winners

Most of the Golden Cameras have so far been awarded to Rudi Carrell , Thomas Gottschalk , Günther Jauch and Loriot . They received the award four times - Carrell in 1974, 1982, 1991 and 2006, Gottschalk in 1983, 1985, 1994 and 2002, Jauch in 1988, 2001, 2011 and 2016 and Loriot in 1969, 1977, 2003 and 2015 (posthumously). The award went to Peter Alexander (1969, 1979, 1983), Frank Elstner (1976, 1983, 1999), Uschi Glas (1983, 1989, 1994), Christiane Hörbiger (1987, 2001, 2018), Harald Juhnke ( 1980, 1995, 2000), Hape Kerkeling (1990, 2005, 2015), Witta Pohl (1985, 1987, 1993), Hans Rosenthal (1974, 1979, 1984) and Harry Valérien (1965, 1976, 1988).

Actor Awards

A selection of the actors who have been awarded the Golden Camera since the introduction of the regular categories “Actor - National” and “Actor - International” in 2002, as well as a selection of actors who have been awarded life's work (National / International).

year Actor - National Lifetime Achievement - National Actor - International Lifetime Achievement - International
2019 Albrecht Schuch and Anna Schudt Jessica Chastain Vanessa Redgrave
2018 Volker Bruch and Petra Schmidt-Schaller Christiane Hörbiger Ewan McGregor and Naomi Watts Liam Neeson
2017 Wotan Wilke Möhring and Lisa Wagner Dieter Thomas Heck Colin Farrell and Nicole Kidman Jane Fonda
2016 Jörg Hartmann and Maria Simon Gerard Butler and Julianne Moore Helen Mirren
2015 Ulrich Matthes and Martina Gedeck Kevin Spacey Arnold Schwarzenegger and Susan Sarandon
2014 Nadja Uhl and Thomas Thieme Bruno Ganz Gwyneth Paltrow and Matthew McConaughey Diane Keaton
2013 Claudia Michelsen and Charly Hübner Dieter Hallervorden Sigourney Weaver and Clive Owen Al Pacino
2012 Nina Kunzendorf and Dietmar Bär Mario Adorf Scarlett Johansson and Denzel Washington Morgan Freeman
2011 Anna Loos and Ulrich Tukur Armin Mueller-Stahl Renée Zellweger and John Travolta Michael J. Fox
2010 Senta Berger and Matthias Schweighöfer Joachim Fuchsberger Diane Kruger and Richard Gere Danny DeVito
2009 Anja Kling and Christian Berkel Meryl Streep and Daniel Craig Clint Eastwood
2008 Ulrike Krumbiegel and Matthias Brandt Alfred Biolek Hilary Swank Robert De Niro
2007 Corinna Harfouch and Edgar Selge Liselotte powder Nicolas Cage
2006 Barbara Rudnik and Ulrich Noethen Rudi Carrell Charlize Theron
2005 Alexandra Maria Lara and Herbert Knaup Bruce Willis Jerry Lewis and Goldie Hawn
2004 Nicolette Krebitz and Michael Mendl Jack Nicholson and Sylvester Stallone Tony Curtis
2003 Martina Gedeck and Jürgen Vogel Vicco von Bülow ("Loriot") Salma Hayek and Hugh Grant Dustin Hoffman
2002 Heike Makatsch and Heino Ferch Johannes Heesters Cate Blanchett

For young actors, the Golden Camera Young Talent Award, endowed with 20,000 euros, will be awarded separately.

Prices for the Austrian television sector

From 1961 to 1986 Hörzu also appeared in an Austria edition. Accordingly, there were (additional) nominations and awards for the Austrian television sector. In 1970 the public camera was advertised for the first time (possibly exclusively) for the domain of Austrian television , the first prize of which was Heinz Conrads . Hugo Portisch and Sepp Riff were also awarded prizes for the Austria II series in 1983.

Award ceremony

Over the years the Golden Camera was awarded in different locations with the use of different moderators . The award has been televised since 1987; initially alternately from ARD and ZDF , since 1994 exclusively from ZDF.

In 2009 there was no gala award ceremony. The winners were announced at a press conference. This was preceded by a press release from Axel Springer AG on December 8, 2008. Springer announced that all events in 2009, including the awarding of the Golden Camera, would be canceled. The reason for the rejection was the international financial crisis . The publisher wanted to prevent layoffs with the austerity measure. In the following year, the award was given as usual at a gala event.

(The year of the Golden Camera is in brackets, not the year of the award gala, which was always held in the following year until 1996. For example, the 1996 Golden Camera award ceremony took place in February 1997.)



Most of the moderation so far has been carried out by Thomas Gottschalk (13 times), followed by Hans Bluhm (9 times) and Werner Veigel (7 times).
Over the years, the awarding of the Golden Camera was moderated by the following people:
(The year of the Golden Camera is shown in brackets, not the year of the award gala, which up to 1996 always took place in the following year. For example, the award of the Golden Camera in 1996 took place in February 1997.)

Viewership of television broadcasts

year Audience source
1990 12.46 million
2014 3.47 million
2017 3.09 million
2018 3.14 million
2019 2.36 million

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