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Hape Kerkeling (2008)
Hape Kerkeling's handprints in the Mall of Fame at Lloyd-Passage Bremen

Hans-Peter "Hape" Wilhelm Kerkeling (born December 9, 1964 in Recklinghausen ) is a German comedian , author , television presenter , actor , singer and voice actor .

Kerkeling became a popular television and stage comedian from the mid-1980s. In 1985, at the age of 20, he received his first regular television show Kangaroo . This was followed by other comedy formats such as Total Normal or About Laughing the World as well as the moderation of larger TV shows such as the German preliminary decision for the Eurovision Song Contest or the awarding of the Golden Camera . He also staged - often together with his long-time partner Angelo Colagrossi - several cinema and television films as an author, director and actor. As a book author he published in 2006 I am then one of the best-selling German non-fiction books. His fictional characters such as Horst Schlämmer , Siegfried Schwäbli , Uschi Blum and Evje van Dampen also became known to a wide audience. After his 50th birthday, he largely retired from show business at the end of 2014.


Childhood and youth

Hape Kerkeling was born in Recklinghausen in 1964 as the son of a carpenter and a florist . For the first few years he grew up in the rural Bockholt district of Recklinghausen before the family moved to the city in the early 1970s. Kerkeling spent a large part of his early childhood in his maternal grandmother's corner shop in Herten- Scherlebeck, a western suburb of Recklinghausen. After his mother's suicide in 1973, after she lost her sense of smell and taste after surgery, his paternal grandparents moved in with his father, brother and him. His grandfather's family comes from the Netherlands ; hence the family name, which in German can be translated as "Kirchner" (meaning 'living near a church').

Career beginnings

In 1984 Kerkeling passed the Abitur at the Marie-Curie-Gymnasium in Recklinghausen. In his school days he was an acolyte . With some of his classmates, including Achim Hagemann , he brought a record entitled Hawaii onto the market under the band name “Gesundfutter” . In 1977 the then twelve-year-old applied to Loriot for the role of the chubby child Dicki in the Christmas sketch at Hoppenstedts . However, the role was given to Katja Bogdanski.

He had his first television appearance at the age of 17 in the talent shed . He appeared in various talent competitions and in 1983 won the Passau Cabaret Prize Executioner Ax, which was awarded for the first time . He worked for various broadcasters , including WDR and BR . On December 17, 1984, the 30-minute single program Kerkelings Kinderstunde produced by Radio Bremen was broadcasted its first own television format. The program revolves around the everyday life of the preschooler Hannilein and his family, with Kerkeling playing all the characters.

Kerkeling's breakthrough came with his music and sketch show Kangaroo , which was first broadcast on January 31, 1985 . This was followed by guest appearances and skits (with Margarethe Schreinemakers, among others ) in the Radio Bremen program Extratour . In his biography, Kerkeling mentions that Otto Waalkes made a huge contribution to the start of his career by introducing him to the right people.

Totally normal and cinema debut

From 1989 to 1991 Kerkeling moderated the German preliminary decision for the Eurovision Song Contest on ARD . The German-Austrian feud at this event always led him to the satirical greeting "... and also to our neighbors over there in ... Austria", which was supposed to remind of the greeting of the GDR viewers on western television .

In 1989, together with the pianist Achim Hagemann and Angelo Colagrossi , Kerkeling co-wrote a comedy format for his media-critical program Total Normal , for which he was awarded the Golden Camera , the Adolf Grimme Prize and the Bavarian Television Prize. Two actions in particular are remembered years after the show ended: on April 25, 1991, disguised as Queen Beatrix , Kerkeling managed to pull up in front of the camera in a car before the real queen arrived at Bellevue Palace. In addition, Kerkeling wore the "expressive piece" Hurz! In the mask of a Polish opera singer to accompany Hagemann's piano . before, a parody of new music , which resulted in the loud and sudden exclamation “Hurz!”. The uninitiated audience was not sure of the seriousness of the performance, but afterwards tried to have a polite discussion of the piece. One participant said that the piece seemed "strange" to her and could hardly be classical music; Kerkeling then replied deliberately snooty that she probably lacked "intellectual access". Oomph! was released as a single in 1992. The motto song of another episode, The Whole Life is a Quiz , made it into the German hit lists as a single release. The song was a cover version of the Italian song Sì, la vita è tutta un quiz (1988).

On December 10, 1991 , the filmmaker Rosa von Praunheim outed Kerkeling and other celebrities in the RTLplus talk show Explosiv - The Hot Chair as homosexual . Hape Kerkeling commented on the subsequent media hype, especially in the tabloids , with the words:

“People who are more sensitive than me would probably have laid down in the bathtub with the hair dryer. What the hell. Tomorrow they will drive another pig through the village. "

A few years later (2014), Kerkeling's assessment of the outing campaign was milder:

“It wasn't right to do it then. But from today's perspective it wasn't wrong. "

In 1993, Kerkeling's first feature film was released, the media satire Kein Pardon , for which he worked as a director and actor at the same time and for which he co-wrote the script . In 2011 a musical version of the film premiered. After that, Kerkeling returned to television. First he went with the program Cheese (January to April 1994, 13 episodes), which was based on a concept similar to Total Normal , to the private broadcaster RTL . After this first failure in Kerkeling's career, he switched back to ARD and presented three other unsuccessful formats: Warmumsherz (October to December 1995, 6 episodes), Zappenduster (January to April 1997, 13 episodes) and Gisbert (May to June 1999, 6 episodes). During that time, Kerkeling continued to make several television films: Club Las Piranjas (1995), Willi and the Windzors (1996) and The Grandma Is Dead (1997).

The world laughs at that

It was not until 1999 that Kerkeling was successful again on television with the Sat.1 program Das Welt laughs . With a "button in his ear" supported by chess master Elisabeth Pähtz , he disguised himself as Iranian grandmaster Mehdi Mikamahdav and played simultaneous chess against the chess players of FC Bayern Munich . He entered as a Finnish singer of the fictional rap group RIP Uli in VIVA telecast Interactive at Milka Loff Fernandes and as allotment holders Rico Mielke in a discussion program of Heinrich Lummer on. In another campaign he appeared as the Lithuanian soccer coach Albertas Klimawiszys, who was supposed to replace the then coach Klaus Augenthaler at the Grazer AK . For Sat.1 he moderated the annual donation gala for the German AIDS Foundation several times . At the CDU party congress in May 2000, disguised as an Italian ice cream seller, he tried to serve Angela Merkel a sundae of “Copacabana” ice cream while she was speaking on the podium in front of the hall.

The removal of his gall bladder and a sudden hearing loss prompted Kerkeling to take a short break. In June and July pilgrimage Kerkeling 2001 630 kilometers on the northern Spanish Way of St. James to Santiago de Compostela . From 2002 to 2007 he directed the live music comedy program with the title “Mir ist sehr komisch” by Isabel Varell and Christian Heckelsmüller. For the moderation of The 70s Show on RTL , he was awarded the German Television Prize in 2003 in the category Best Moderation Entertainment . 2003 turned Kerkeling again a movie titled Samba in Mettmann , which in Westphalia North Rhine- Mettmann plays. The film flopped in the cinemas when it premiered in January 2004 and was far less commercially successful than Kein Pardon , but was successfully broadcast on RTL and brought the Cologne broadcaster a market share of 23.5% in the advertising-relevant target group . In May 2004 and in May 2005 he hosted at RTL the great German test and in October 2004 the Great Germany test .

Hape meets , Let's Dance and I'll be gone

From spring 2005 to March 2006, Kerkeling hosted the show Hape meets! Which was produced by Günther Jauch's production company i & u TV . , which was broadcast seasonally on RTL. So far, a season with weekly programs has been broadcast in spring and autumn. In the program, Kerkeling met German and international stars and disguised himself as a mad reporter Horst Schlämmer, as a Swabian Siggi Schwäbli and as a Dutch couple therapist Evje van Dampen. The show was produced in NOB Studio 8 in Hürth near Cologne .

In April and May 2006 he hosted the live show Let's Dance with Nazan Eckes . In an interview with the weekly newspaper Die Zeit , Kerkeling said in retrospect that he would have canceled the moderation of Let's Dance because of the media scolding about Heide Simonis if the terms of the contract with the broadcaster had not forced him to continue. Nevertheless, he moderated from May 14 to June 30, 2007 together with Nazan Eckes also the second season of the show. Kerkeling has been on tour with various stage programs for years . His last tour with the program Back on Tour ended in December 2006. His live recording Hape Kerkeling Live! was released on DVD in March 2007.

In May 2006, Kerkeling published the book Ich bin mal weg about his pilgrimage on the Way of St. James in 2001, which became the best-selling book of 2006 in Germany with over two million copies sold. By May 2008, more than three million copies had been sold.

One man, one fjord , synchronized work and retreat

Kerkeling with the cast of Ein Mann, ein Fjord!

From April 2008 to June 2008, RTL ran his new program Hallo Taxi . She was less successful. In June 2008, Kerkeling dubbed the role of the panda bear Po in the animated film Kung Fu Panda . From May 2008, ZDF filmed Kerkeling's audio book Ein Mann, ein Fjord! . Angelo Colagrossi is directing the screenplay by Kerkeling, Colagrossi and Angelina Maccarone . In addition to Jürgen Tarrach , Anneke Kim Sarnau , Matthias Brandt and Horst Krause , Kerkeling can be seen in the roles of Horst Schlämmer, Uschi Blum and Gisela. The film aired in January 2009.

In February 2009 he appeared as Uschi Blum in the television show Wetten, dass ..? up and sang his song slave of love. In September 2009 Kerkeling took part in the celebrity special from Wer wird Millionär for the 10th anniversary and earned 125,000 euros for the German AIDS Foundation . From 2010 to 2014 he moderated the awarding of the Golden Camera on ZDF. In May 2010, he took part in the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 as president of the five-person jury and presenter of the German scoring system . In December 2010, RTL Kerkeling's show Hapes was broadcasting magical Christmas , for which an audio CD of the same name with the songs from the show was released. In 2011 he spoke again to the panda bear Po in Kung Fu Panda 2 .

At the end of 2011, Kerkeling presented the annual review Menschen 2011 on ZDF and led through the six-part documentary Unterwegs in der Weltgeschichte as part of the Terra X series . Kerkeling lent the snowman Olaf his voice in the 2013 Disney film Frozen - Totally Unabashed . In May 2014 his CD I let me not forbid singing was released , on which he sings well-known German hits, among other things, and in October of the same year the autobiography with the title The boy must go to the fresh air . On the occasion of his 50th birthday on December 9, 2014, ZDF broadcast a film showing the fictitious planning of his birthday show. On the occasion of this birthday, Kerkeling announced that he would end his career in show business.

Activities after 2014

After his extensive retirement at the end of 2014, Kerkeling was again to be heard as a voice actor in the animated films Kung Fu Panda 3 (2016), Die Eiskönigin - Olaf Taut auf (2017) and Die Eiskönigin II (2019). In 2017/18 he wrote the column Frisch hapeziert for the magazine Gala , which was also published in book and audio book form.

With the films Ich bin dann mal weg (2015) and Der Junge muss auf den fresh Luft (2018), two film adaptations of his autobiographical books were made, in which Kerkeling is embodied as a character by other actors.

Since 2017, Kerkeling has acted as the patron of the "Recklinghäuser Hurz" comedy prize, which was launched for the 1000th anniversary of the city of Recklinghausen in honor of the two Recklinghausen-born Hape Kerkeling and Achim Hagemann and has been awarded annually since 2017.


Hape Kerkeling developed various fictional characters in the course of his work :

Evje van Dampen

She is a Dutch couple counselor who meets with celebrities (for example with Günther Jauch in the zoo or with Udo Jürgens in his villa). She first appeared in Hape meets . She is a fan of David Hasselhoff , who also appeared on a show. Her work motto is also the title of the book she wrote Love is work, work, work! .


Gisela was shown for the first time in 2007 on the show Guinness World Records - The Biggest World Records , where Hape Kerkeling presented his new Horst Schlämmer song. Schlämmer meets Gisela in a pub and immediately falls in love with her. But whatever he tries, Gisela says her Rhenish-tinged standard sentence “No, I don't want anything”. The song reached number 20 in the German charts .

Gisela is an insurance saleswoman and comes from Korschenbroich , the neighboring town of Horst Schlammer's place of residence, Grevenbroich . In 2009 Gisela was seen in two commercials for the Krüger brand . Her husband Wolfgang (also played by Kerkeling) can be seen here. At the time Gisela met Horst Schlämmer for the first time in the pub, Wolfgang was on cure. Model trains are his passionate hobby .

Gisela also plays in the film Horst Schlämmer - Isch kandidiere . As with her first appearance, she is a regular at the pub and is very committed to ensuring that Horst Schlämmer becomes Federal Chancellor. For example, she calls Domian to do surreptitious advertising for the HSP (Horst Schlämmer Party). At the end of 2009 and mid-2010, there were more advertising clips with Gisela and Wolfgang.

Günther Warnke

In April 2008, RTL started broadcasting the seven-part comedy series Hallo Taxi , in which Hape Kerkeling played the taxi driver Günther Warnke. The broadcast was recorded in 2007 in Düsseldorf and shot with six hidden cameras. Günther wears a brown cap, horn-rimmed glasses and a mustache. Günther Warnke comes from Düsseldorf. He is NRW champion in the race and his favorite dish is currywurst.


Kerkeling in Kerkeling's children's lesson as the cheeky preschooler Hannilein, who commented on the world of adults with a red Pumuckl hairstyle, dungarees and sitting on oversized chairs. For this purpose, Kerkeling practiced a special, child-like color of the voice and, happily with a toy in hand, imitated the typical uncontrolled movements of small children.

Horst Schlämmer

The fictional character Horst Schlämmer appears as the deputy editor-in-chief of the fictional Grevenbroicher Tagblatt under the motto “Always ready to go and tough as hell” . Dressed in a gray-beige trench coat , a black man's handbag (“the snapper made of nappa”) on his arm and an old-fashioned gold-colored ring on his finger, he conducts interviews at real events, such as the general election . In order to unsettle his counterparts, before each appearance as Horst Schlämmer, Kerkeling poured a bottle of Doornkaat over his trench coat in order to represent Schlämmer's alcohol problem in a sensory way. Other external characteristics of the figure are his hair combed back, old-fashioned glasses, a mustache , an overbite and a medium beer belly . Schlämmer is also a heavy smoker and has health problems, which he always mentions with the sentence "I have ..." and the body area concerned (circulation, back, feet, rump). He also specifies under gasping to suffer. These impairments do not prevent him from constantly addressing young, attractive women, as his beloved Gerti Kuhfuß (landlady of his fictional Grevenbroich local pub Wilddieb ) doesn't want to know anything about him. Characteristic are his gasping breath and the phrase "Weisse Bescheid, Schatzelein".

Schlämmer was born on October 16, 1957 in Korschenbroich ( Rhein-Kreis Neuss ) and is an extroverted and happy person who basically only wants to find out the truth for professional reasons. He is happy to offer his counterpart one of the bottles of Doornkaat he always carries with him to drink from the brotherhood , even if it is about celebrities such as ex-Defense Minister Peter Struck , actor Ottfried Fischer or presenter Günther Jauch. The character Horst Schlämmer was originally developed for the RTL program Hape meets . In the first episode on April 23, 2005, the figure was part of the show several times. Schlämmer reported there, among other things, from the state elections in Schleswig-Holstein .

In May 2006, Schlämmer appeared in the Wer wird Millionär? Celebrity special . and after Jauch got up during the quiz, he was the first candidate to take possession of the chair of the moderator himself. Together with Jauch, he earned 500,000 euros for the German AIDS Foundation . In 2006, the two actors were awarded the German Television Prize for this program . Horst Schlämmer also received the special prize of the German Comedy Prize 2006 , among other things because of the performance with Jauch. Anke Engelke presented the award in her role as Ricky, and a humorous dialogue with Horst Schlämmer ensued.

At the beginning of 2007 Horst Schlämmer ran a weblog in which the progress of his driving license acquisition is documented, among other things, through videos. The texts were written by his fictional intern Valerie. It was a paid PR campaign by Volkswagen AG . With Horst Schlämmer as a supporting character, a PC game called Weisse Bescheid was developed. The quiz game was released on May 23, 2007 in two different editions. Some singles were released: On 3 February 2006, the Single Schätzelein , which among other things to Herzilein from the Wildhearts ajar song Schätzelein and my last cigarette contains; in September 2007 Gisela (Isch wanted niche ...) , which was able to place up to number 28 in the German charts.

On August 20, 2009 the film Horst Schlämmer - Isch kandidiere! in German cinemas, directed by the producer Angelo Colagrossi . In the film Schlämmer founds the party HSP (Horst Schlämmer Party), with which he would like to run in the 2009 federal elections . In addition to Hape Kerkeling (in the roles of Horst Schlämmer, Gisela, Uschi Blum, Angela Merkel and Ronald Pofalla ), Simon Gosejohann , Alexandra Kamp , Maren Kroymann and Norbert Heisterkamp also played .

On June 6, 2009, he signed the city of Grevenbroich's Golden Book. On October 3, 2009, Hape Kerkeling announced that it might soon let the character Horst Schlämmer “die” in order to concentrate on other projects. A year later, however, Kerkeling appeared again as Horst Schlämmer in his program Hapes Magical Christmas .

Rico Mielke

Hape Kerkeling appeared for the first time as Rico Mielke on the regional broadcaster TV.Berlin in the late 1990s in a discussion program entitled Auf den Punkt Berlin (moderated by Heinrich Lummer ). As an angry Marzahn allotment gardener , he demands that something must be done against the wild boar plague. The program was broadcast as part of the Sat.1 series About Laughs the World .

In his role as Rico Mielke (this time a hater of Christmas and former prison hairdresser), Kerkeling discussed the abolition of Christmas with the presenter Michael Schwan and the pastor Hans Mörtter on a program on the Cologne local broadcaster center TV . The program was broadcast as part of Hapes Magical Christmas on December 17, 2010 on RTL.

Rico Mielke's style is characterized above all by his spirited manner, with which he himself discusses problems that are basically ridiculous. In doing so, he gets into the situation more and more during the conversation, neither lets his opponents finish speaking nor even really have their say and on the other hand reacts overly sensitively to reprimands, which he always end up harassing against what he calls the "little one." Saver ”explains.


In 1999 Hape Kerkeling posed as Petri Danger Valkinnen with his colleagues Matti and Jaddi as the Finnish gangsta rap band RIP Uli ( Finnish ripuli "diarrhea"). With the single Helsinki is Hell , in which the gangsta-rap cliché parodied the genre with a string of swear words, RIP Uli reached number 45 in the German single charts. Contributing to the success was an appearance of the three on the VIVA live program Interaktiv , in which Petri, Matti and Jaddi acted as deliberately provocative bullies without the presenter Milka recognizing the comedian in his rapper appearance. The other members of the band were played by Achim Hagemann (Matti) and Jumbo Schreiner (Jaddi).

Siegfried Schwäbli

The character Siegfried ("Siggi") Schwäbli appeared in several episodes of Kangaroo in the mid-80s . It is a dabbling , clumsy, farsighted gentleman with glass block glasses who goes from one faux pas to another and often doesn't know what is happening to him. He tries his hand at a variety of activities - such as interpreting, writing, or news anchors - but mostly failing miserably.

Uschi Blum

Uschi Blum is an older hit diva. Kerkeling first slipped into this role in his film No Pardon (1993). In the film adaptation of the audio book Ein Mann, ein Fjord! (2008) reappeared the role. Uschi Blum reached the German single charts with the single Sklavin der Liebe , which was released at the same time . Uschi Blum provoked a stage scandal in the birthday gala for Hella von Sinner's 50th birthday, where she left the event in horror when asked about her age. Uschi Blum is also in the Horst Schlämmer film Horst Schlämmer - Isch is a candidate! to be seen as a supporter of the Horst Schlämmer Party (HSP). She contributed the song I just think of myself to the film.

According to the artist's website, Uschi Blum was born Hildegard Sterczinski in Dinslaken . Uschi grew up with her single mother Hannelore Beate Sterczinski. The father is unknown. The diva claims to be the result of a romantic liaison between her mother and Prince Elzany of Albania . Her appearances at Wetten, dass ..? and the Echo Awards 2010 . There are different sources of information about the year of birth: 1949, 1957 or 1968. Uschi Blum insists on 1968. In 2010, Hape Kerkeling released the single Moscow (feat. Friedrichstadtpalast Berlin), a cover version of the hit by the musical group Dschinghis Khan, as Uschi Blum from 1979. Uschi Blum also presented her song Großer dicker Mann in the program Hapes magical Christmas in December 2010 .

Private life

Kerkeling lived with his co-author Angelo Colagrossi from 1983 to 2011 . He wrote texts and skits for him, including for Total Normal , and co-directed the films No Pardon , Willi and the Windzors and directed The Grandma is dead , A man, a fjord! , Samba in Mettmann and Horst Schlämmer - Isch are candidates . Kerkeling lives in Bonn and became a partner with his current partner on December 10, 2016. He spends several months a year in the Italian region of Umbria .

In addition to German , Kerkeling speaks Dutch , French , Spanish , Italian and English . Since January 2007 he has been the sponsor of the action Courage - School without Racism - School with Courage of the Droste-Hülshoff - Realschule in the Dortmund district of Kirchlinde . In February 2017, at the suggestion of the CDU parliamentary group in the North Rhine-Westphalian state parliament, he was a member of the 16th Federal Assembly for the election of the German Federal President.


Kerkeling at the Romy Awards 2011 in Vienna
Chart positions
Explanation of the data
Hannilein & Co
  DE 59 March 31, 1986 (2 weeks)
On Tour Again - Live (DVD)
  DE 15th 03/30/2007 (38 weeks)
Hapes magical Christmas
  DE 81 December 31, 2010 (1 week)
I am not forbidden from singing
  DE 7th 04/18/2014 (7 weeks)
  AT 71 04/18/2014 (1 week)
  CH 77 04/13/2014 (2 weeks)
All life is a quiz
  DE 7th 09/09/1991 (23 weeks)
Hurz !!!
  DE 4th 02/10/1992 (15 weeks)
X-Mas Rap
  DE 85 December 21, 1992 (2 weeks)
Helsinki Is Hell (RIP Uli feat.Hape Kerkeling)
  DE 45 10/18/1999 (6 weeks)
Schatzelein (as Horst Schlämmer)
  DE 20th 02/17/2006 (16 weeks)
Gisela (Isch wanted niche) (as Horst Schlämmer)
  DE 28 09/14/2007 (14 weeks)
Slave of love (as Hape feat. Uschi Blum)
  DE 47 01/23/2009 (8 weeks)
I'm running! (as Horst Schlämmer)
  DE 40 09/04/2009 (5 weeks)
Moscow (as Uschi Blum)
  DE 57 03/19/2010 (2 weeks)


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