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description German program guide
language German
publishing company Prisma-Verlag GmbH & Co KG (Germany)
Headquarters Dusseldorf
First edition January 1977
Frequency of publication weekly
Sold edition 6,578,027 copies
( IVW  Q2 / 2020)
Range 7.07 million readers
( MA 2020 II )
Editor-in-chief Stephan Braun
editor Prisma publishing house
Manager Christina Esser
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Prisma (own spelling prisma ) is a German weekly supplement to more than 100 daily newspapers . With a circulation of 6.6 million copies, it is Germany's leading weekly supplement. In the editorial part, prisma mainly deals with entertainment topics from the television and show industry as well as consumer- related topics such as travel, health, culture, leisure, fitness, household, technology, fashion and digital. The distribution area has extended across all federal states since the beginning of 2019.


Prisma was conceived by several major publishers in the Rhineland in the winter of 1976/77 and has been published regularly once a week since 1977. Of the television supplements founded in the 1970s ( iwz , BWZ, Prisma), only Prisma survived and, together with the much older rtv, forms the press segment of television supplements today . With the first , the ZDF and the third programs , the television landscape was still clearly structured at the end of the 1970s. The first editorial manager of Prisma was Eberhard Gravenstein. He headed the Prisma editorial team until the end of 1992. Under his aegis , Prisma was characterized by a strong affinity for motorsport and Rhenish carnival . The advertising character was shaped by advertisements for regional beer brands. Detlef Hartlap has been editor-in-chief of prisma since 1993 . He opened the paper thematically both for the then emerging private television stations as well as for a broader range of topics. To this day, it is characterized by so-called specials on service topics (travel, health, etc.) as well as by a strong emphasis on cultural topics such as art exhibitions , music, literature, etc. The advertising character has moved in the direction of mail order, tourism, cruise offers, over-the-counter medicines and rehab offers changed. In 2016 Hartlap was replaced by Florian Blaschke , who was followed by Stephan Braun as editor-in-chief in 2019.

The circulation of the traditional paper from Düsseldorf has almost doubled since 2014 . As part of the sales offensive by Managing Director Christina Esser, the circulation was expanded to just over seven million copies at the beginning of 2019. Since then, prisma has included over 100 daily newspapers. The current survey by agma  shows a reach of 7.07 million readers for prisma (MA II / 2020).

Regional editions

Each prisma edition is divided into five regional editions, which are often very different thematically. These are the regional editions of Rhineland (with Rhineland-Palatinate), Westphalia and East, since May 2017 there has also been a separate north edition, and a separate south edition since January 2018. In January 2019, the publisher announced the increase in circulation to 7.2 million copies.

Task, main topics

The main task of prisma is expressed in the subtitle ("Your newspaper's television magazine"). By enclosing prisma , which shows the programs of around three dozen television stations on two and a half pages each day, the daily newspapers can offer their readers a comprehensive television program with feature film reviews and editorial information on individual programs. In addition, published P risma interviews with film and music stars and stories, often with regional character.

Regular main topics provide the reader with additional information. Prisma deals with topics such as travel and leisure, health and fitness, home and garden, enjoyment, fashion and cosmetics, but also topics from the digital world.

The current editor-in-chief Stephan Braun has consistently expanded prisma across the media since he took office . He values ​​a surprising content approach as well as exclusive topics. Since then, moving image contributions with prominent personalities have appeared in the digital channels of the Düsseldorf publishing house.

In 2007 and 2009 prisma was reprimanded a total of four times by the German Press Council , always for violating Section 7 of the Press Code ( surreptitious advertising ).

Prix ​​Médial

Until 2012, Prisma awarded the Prix ​​Médial every five years to personalities who have positively influenced, if not changed, the media landscape with charisma, achievements and ideas.

It went to Carmen Thomas , Friedrich Nowottny , Willy Millowitsch , Anna Montanaro , Ranga Yogeshwar , Heidi Klum , Frank Schätzing , Peter Maffay , Barbara Schöneberger and the a cappella band Basta , who were the last to receive this award in 2012.

Electronic media

The website prisma - your TV guide has been providing information on film, television, people, cinema and new DVD releases since December 1997 . In addition, the prisma - your TV guide team prepares the most important news about TV every day under the heading of film and television . And in the Hans Hoff blog , media expert Hoff scrutinized stars and TV programs until May 2013 and invited all Internet users to discuss and comment. In addition, until the website was redesigned in September 2014, a certain program could be filtered out of around 14 million entries using the TV archive search . Since December 2010, prisma - your TV guide has also offered a mobile presence. In December 2011, a Facebook presence supplemented the digital prisma offer.

The mobile app prisma - your TV program app has been available for download from both Google Play and Apple's App Store since October 2016 .

Since the beginning of 2020, the publisher has been bundling its moving image offerings under the name prismaTV. These can be accessed , among other things, in their own YouTube channel . This also includes the book video blog Braun and the book.

Since spring 2020, the publisher has been sending out under the title "HALLO weekend!" a weekly e-mail newsletter, which is part of the new cross-media concept "HALLO!" is which, according to the publisher, will be expanded further.


  • prisma event tip
  • HELLO! - the celebrity section on page 2
  • Next Exit - Series of articles on Tourist Signs
  • Streaming Tips , Buchtipp , Kinotipp and Radio Tip
  • Sunday at the crime scene - review of the current crime scene episode
  • Good to know
  • Digital life - interesting facts about digital developments in all areas
  • Fitness - regular information and expert tips
  • Doctor's column , including by Dietrich Grönemeyer
  • Puzzles - Crosswords , Sudoku and the like
  • Chess - description of a game of chess
  • horoscope

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