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Charlotte Rampling (left) and Angelina Maccarone in Paris in 2011 before the premiere of The Look

Angelina Maccarone (born August 21, 1965 in Pulheim near Cologne ) is a German film director and screenwriter .


Maccarone was born in Pulheim as the daughter of an Italian gardener and a working German mother. Like her siblings and half-siblings, she did not grow up bilingual.

Angelina Maccarone lives with her partner, the film editor Bettina Böhler , in Berlin .

Professional background

Maccarone originally wanted a career in music. She started writing lyrics at the age of 14. After finishing school, she wrote various texts that she sold to Udo Lindenberg and the now defunct Hamburg band Roh . In 1985 she moved to Hamburg and studied German and American studies with a focus on media. Her master's thesis in German under the title “A mainstream lesbian comedy and its cultural and film-historical prerequisites” deals with the success of her first own film, made in 1995, does Mausi rausi come out ?! . She has been writing screenplays since 1992. As part of a training initiative for young talents supported by the MEDIA program of the European Union, she took part in the development and script program of the Greek Mediterranean Film Institute (MFI) in 2003.

Maccarone has lectureships as a lecturer for screenwriting in the USA and is professor for feature and documentary film at the Babelsberg Konrad Wolf Film University .

In connection with the crime scene Whose Honor was written and staged by her, there were violent protests by the Alevi community in Germany in December 2007 ; On December 30th, more than 20,000 Alevis demonstrated in Cologne against the broadcast of the film. Most of the protesters hadn't even seen the movie, rather heard that their community was being attacked. In addition to the taboo subject of child abuse in the family, the background was a historical tradition of defamation of the Alevi minority by the Sunni majority in the Ottoman Empire and Turkey. The director, completely surprised by the angry reactions, apologized to those affected for the misunderstanding and pointed out that their extensive research before the project had suggested nothing of the kind. She wanted to address a case of child abuse within the family and its late effects, as unfortunately occurs in all cultures, European and Middle Eastern, Christian and Muslim. It was new to her that such slander, “accusations and prejudices among fanatical Sunnis” against the liberal-Islamic religious community of the Alevis are common up to the present day.

In February 2017 she received the German Screenplay Award 2017 from the Minister of State for Culture for her screenplay with the working title Klandestin , the most important German award for outstanding, as yet unfilmed scripts. The film plot consistently tells a story of uprooting and loneliness, people in a globalized world, from the perspectives of four people who meet in Brussels.

Artistic characteristic

Angelina Maccarone has directed film dramas and crime novels as well as an elaborate portrait documentary about Charlotte Rampling , often with her own script. She often tells the stories of “marginalized characters, marginalized people, underdogs”. “The dynamics between them and the apparent norm are Maccarone's topic and women are usually the focus.” Judith Kaufmann often works as the camerawoman for her films ; Jakob Hansonis , who comes from Pulheim like her, mostly composes the music for her films .


Awards (selection)


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