List of films with homosexual content

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This list includes films with homosexual content , be it a depicted individual in more than one supporting role or a same-sex encounter.

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Chronological list of films


Anders als die Andern (Germany 1919) - directed by Richard Oswald

A blackmail story with a fatal outcome. Sexual science pioneering film with Magnus Hirschfeld .


Michael (Germany 1924) - Director: Carl Theodor Dreyer

An artist's platonic love for his model.

Parisian Love (United States 1925) - Director: Louis J. Gasnier

Love triangle between a dandy ( Lou Tellegen ), an attractive burglar ( Donald Keith ) and his girlfriend ( Clara Bow ).

A Wanderer of the West (United States 1927) - Directed by Robin Williamson , Joseph E. Zivelli

Western, in which an effeminate man ( sissy type ) appears as a minor character : Clarence, the store clerk .
  • 1927: The “Don'ts” and “Be Carefuls” lists introduced in the United States film industry.

Gender in Shackles (Germany 1928) - Director: Wilhelm Dieterle

Silent film u. a. about sexuality in the male prison.

The Broadway Melody (United States 1929) - Director: Harry Beaumont

Oscar-winning revue film with a "sissy type" as a supporting character.

Pandora's Box (Germany 1929) - directed by Georg Wilhelm Pabst

Countess Geschwitz (Alice Roberts) is the first lesbian figure to be captured on film.


Morocco ( United States 1930) - Director: Josef von Sternberg - Nominated for four Oscars.

Marlene Dietrich as singer Mademoiselle Amy Jolly. After an appearance in tails, she kisses a young woman in public.
  • 1930: Introduction of the "Production Code" ( Hays Code ) as a voluntary self-regulation in the United States.

Girls in Uniform (Germany 1931) - directed by Leontine Sagan

In a Prussian boarding school for girls before the First World War, the pupil Manuela von Meinhardis ( Hertha Thiele ) falls in love with her teacher Fräulein von Bernburg ( Dorothea Wieck ).

Call Her Savage (United States 1932) - Director: Al Boasberg

Western with a scene in a gay bar.

Myrt and Marge (United States 1933) - Director: Al Boasberg

Film comedy with an effeminate man ( sissy type ) as a supporting character.

Our Betters (United States 1933) - Director: George Cukor

Film comedy with a "sissy type" as a supporting character.

Dance with Me! (The Gay Divorcee) (United States 1934) - Director: Mark Sandrich

Oscar-winning Astaire / Rogers comedy with a sissy character as a supporting character.
  • 1934: Establishment of the "Production Code Administration" for formal monitoring in the United States.

Dracula's Daughter (Dracula's Daughter) (United States 1936) - Director: Lambert Hillyer

Vampire film with strong lesbian subtext .


Rebecca (United States 1940) - Director: Alfred Hitchcock

Classic psychological thriller. The housekeeper Mrs. Danvers ( Judith Anderson ) appears as a minor character , whose lesbian bond with the deceased title character is hardly concealed by the director.

The Maltese Falcon (The Maltese Falcon) (United States 1941) - Director: John Huston

Detective film in which a supporting character ( Peter Lorre ) with a perfumed business card is casually introduced as gay.

Gilda (United States 1946) - Director: Charles Vidor

Film noir with gay subtext.

Desert Fury - Love Wins (United States 1947) - Director: Lewis Allen

Film noir that focuses on two gay couples in a barely concealed manner: a masculine mother who treats her 19-year-old daughter like a lover, and a gangster and his affectionate possessive companion.

Fireworks (United States 1947) - Directed by Kenneth Anger

Experimental film of homoerotic fantasies

Cocktail for a Corpse (Rope) (United States 1948) - Director: Alfred Hitchcock

Detective film, the two main characters (the murderous couple) ( John Dall and Farley Granger ) are characterized by the censorship in a subtle way as gay.

Red River (United States 1948) - Director: Howard Hawks

Western with Montgomery Clift and John Ireland , with gay subtext.

The Journey to Marrakech (Germany 1949) - Director: Richard Eichberg

Two ladies from the demimonde get into all sorts of entanglements: Since one is in love with the other, she makes her lover her lover. After he has a fatal accident and her friend wants to go to Marrakech with her husband, she kills her friend out of desperation.



A Lonely Place (In a Lonely Place) (United States 1950) - Director: Nicholas Ray

Film noir with a lesbian subtext.

Women's Prison (Caged) (United States 1950) - Director: John Cromwell

Women's prison film with lesbian subtext.

A love song (Un chant d'amour) (short film, France 1950) - directed by Jean Genet

Short film about two prison inmates and their attempts to get together.

The man of her dreams (Young Man with a Horn) (United States 1950) - Director: Michael Curtiz

Musician biography with lesbian subtext. Jazz trumpeter Rick Martin ( Kirk Douglas ) is left by his wife Amy ( Lauren Bacall ) for another woman.


Olivia (France 1951) - Director: Jacqueline Audry

Olivia and Laura both attend a girls' boarding school in France and both fall in love with the director, Mademoiselle Julie. With this, the two draw the ire of the teacher Mademoiselle Cara, who has long been in love with the principal.
Based on the autobiographical novel of the same name by the writer Dorothy Bussy .


Heavy Colts in Tender Hand (Calamity Jane) (United States 1953) - Director: David Butler

Western with Doris Day , with a lesbian subtext.


Johnny Guitar - When Women Hate (Johnny Guitar) (United States 1954) - Director: Nicholas Ray

Western with Joan Crawford , with lesbian subtext.


... because they don't know what they're doing (Rebel Without a Cause) (United States 1955) - Director: Nicholas Ray

Sal Mineo plays John "Plato" Crawford, the first gay teenager in US films.


Different from the rest (Tea and Sympathy) (United States 1956) - Director: Vincente Minnelli

The story of boarder Tom Robinson Lee ( John Kerr ) with an unclear sexual orientation, whose family tries to raise him to be a "real man".
The Hays Code reduced the homosexuality discussed in the play to "being different".


Unlike you and me (§ 175) also The Third Sex (Germany 1957) - Director: Veit Harlan

A mother ( Paula Wessely ) wants to protect her son ( Christian Wolff ) from homosexual influences by pairing up .
The original version, entitled “The Third Sex”, was banned in Germany, but was shown in Austria. Only the censored version was shown in Germany.


Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (Cat on a Hot Tin Roof) (United States 1958) - Director: Richard Brooks

Compared to the play of the same name from 1955, indications of the homoerotic relationship between Brick Pollitt ( Paul Newman ) and Skipper are only present in trace elements, but “are not replaced by another causal logic. As a result, Brick's lack of desire for Maggie [Pollitt] ( Elizabeth Taylor ) seems completely unmotivated. It is equally strange why Brick does not get over the death of his friend Skipper. And so there is ultimately room to decode possibly homosexual traits on Brick. ”The homosexuality of Brick is concealed by Maggie's (alleged) sexual relationship with Skipper.

Girls in Uniform (Germany / France 1958) - directed by Géza von Radványi

Remake of the film of the same name from 1931 with Lilli Palmer as Fräulein Elisabeth von Bernburg and Romy Schneider as Manuela von Meinhardis.


Ben Hur (United States 1959) - Director: William Wyler

Sandal film in which Stephen Boyd plays the friend of the title hero, who - past the censors and his film partner Charlton Heston - is madly in love with Ben Hur.

Some Like It Hot (Some Like It Hot) (United States 1959) - Director: Billy Wilder

On the run from gang bosses, Joe ( Tony Curtis ) and Jerry ( Jack Lemmon ) are dressed as women under the names Josephine and Daphne with a ladies' orchestra. The millionaire Osgood Fielding III ( Joe E. Brown ) worships Daphne and Joe plays courtship to band member Sugar ( Marilyn Monroe ) as a played millionaire . When Jerry finally reveals himself as a man, Fielding says that he doesn't mind: "Nobody is perfect!"

Suddenly, Last Summer (Suddenly, Last Summer) (United States 1959) - Director: Joseph L. Mankiewicz

With the help of his mother ( Katharine Hepburn ) and his cousin ( Elizabeth Taylor ) as matchmakers, a young poet gains access to men of the same age.



The Trials of Oscar Wilde (The Trials of Oscar Wilde) (United Kingdom 1960) - Director: Ken Hughes

The film begins with the premiere of Lady Windermere's fan , Oscar Wilde's (here portrayed by Peter Finch ) breakthrough as a playwright. The focus is on the three trials in 1895, at the end of which Wilde was sentenced to two years in prison. The film ends with Oscar Wilde's release from prison and his departure from his wife and closest friends before going into exile in France.

Oscar Wilde (UK 1960) - directed by Gregory Ratoff

The film deals with the life of Oscar Wilde (played here by Robert Morley ) from his first successes as a writer to his relationship with Lord Alfred Douglas to his trial in 1895 in which he was sentenced to two years in prison.


Bitterer Honig (A Taste of Honey) (UK 1961) - Director: Tony Richardson

Jo is pregnant by the sailor Jimmy. When Jimmy drives out to sea again and she is on her own, she meets the gay fashion student Geoffrey, who moves in with her and takes on the role of father for her baby. When Jo's mother unexpectedly returns, Geoffrey realizes that there is no more room for him and leaves Jo.
Murray Melvin won the Palme d'Or in the Best Actor category at the Cannes International Film Festival for his role as Geoffrey .

Infam (The Children's Hour) (United States 1961) - Director: William Wyler

A rumor started by a child destroys the lives of teachers Karen Wright ( Audrey Hepburn ) and Martha Dobie ( Shirley MacLaine ).

The Girl with the Golden Eyes (La Fille aux yeux d'or) (France 1961) - Director: Jean-Gabriel Albicocco

A fashion photographer falls in love with a young woman before realizing that she is in a relationship with his business partner.

The Victim (United States 1961) - Director: Basil Dearden

An unacknowledged gay lawyer ( Dirk Bogarde ) pursues a blackmailer who threatens homosexuals. It is the first English language film to use the word homosexual .


Storm over Washington (Advise & Consent) (United States 1962) - Director: Otto Preminger

Feature film about a young US senator ( Don Murray ) who is blackmailed for his homosexuality.

The Damned of the Seas (Billy Budd) (United Kingdom 1962) - Director: Peter Ustinov

In 1791 the young and friendly Billy Budd ( Terence Stamp ) drove the sailors crazy on the warship "Avenger". Based on the novel Billy Budd by Herman Melville .


All in all (À tout prendre) (Canada 1963) - Directed by Claude Jutra

Autobiography about the director who embodies himself. Above all, his relationship with actress Johanne Harrelle and his problem with admitting his homosexuality will be treated.

Until the Blood Freezes (The Haunting) (United States 1963) - Director: Robert Wise

A group is supposed to spend the night in a haunted house to prove the existence of paranormality.
One of the characters, Theodora, has been interpreted as a lesbian because her behavior suggests that she seems to be in love with the character Nell. Director Wise confirmed the character's homosexuality many years later, as a cut scene (appropriately discreet for the 1960s) was supposed to show how Theodora had just been abandoned by her lover and therefore wanted to seduce Nell.
Based on the novel " Spuk in Hill House " by the writer Shirley Jackson .

Blonde Cobra (Short, United States 1963) - Director: Ken Jacobs

Experimental, sequential short film in which Jack Smith embodies a crossdresser and a lesbian nun.

Flaming Creatures (short, United States 1963) - directed by Jack Smith

Experimental, incoherent film in which the characters are all played by actors in drag, their sexualities are very ambiguous.

Scorpio Rising (Short, United States 1963) - Director: Kenneth Anger

Experimental short film, consisting of scenes that are not connected to one another: the core is about the young Scorpio, who is a member of a biker gang that celebrates like an orgy in a sequence that strongly suggests homosexuality.


Supper of Love (Comizi d'amore) (Italy 1964) - Director: Pier Paolo Pasolini

From March to November 1963, Pasolini traveled across Italy, from the industrialized north to the archaic south, asking people at work or in their free time about love and their sexual preferences.

Secret Friendships (Les Amitiés particulières) (France 1964) - Director: Jean Delannoy

The 14-year-old Georges (Francis Lacombrade) changes to a Christian boarding school, where the priests rule with a strict hand. At first he is critical of the homosexual relationships of some of his classmates; However, when he met the lower school student Alexandre (Didier Haudepin), he fell in love with him. But their relationship is discovered by the strict fathers ...


Haremde Dört Kadın (Turkey 1965) - Director: Halit Refiğ

Sadık Paşa is married to the women Mihrengiz, Gülfem and Şevkidil. Şevkidil falls in love with Mihrengiz, who returns her feelings even though she is actually in love with the young Cemal.

Horse (United States 1965) - Director: Andy Warhol

An outlaw and a sheriff talk to each other, then they play homoerotic strip poker together. A little later a friend of the sheriff's joins them.

Utsukushisa to Kanashimi to (Japan 1965) - Director: Masahiro Shinoda

The 16-year-old Otoko becomes pregnant by the much older Toshio, but suffers a miscarriage, which is seriously traumatized. 24 years later, the two meet again. Otoko now lives in a lesbian relationship and her lover Keiko forges a plan after the meeting: She wants to seduce Toshio, get pregnant by him and raise the child together with Otoko. At the same time, she wants to murder Toshio's son Taichiro in order to get revenge on Toshio.
Based on the novel “ Beauty and Sorrow ” by the writer Kawabata Yasunari .

Inside Daisy Clover (Clover Inside Daisy) (United States, 1965) - Directed by Robert Mulligan

The young Daisy Clover ( Natalie Wood ) wants to become an actress and appears at the studio boss Raymond Swan ( Christopher Plummer ), who signs her. She meets her colleague Wade Lewis ( Robert Redford ) and marries him. When he disappears, Raymond's wife Melora (Katharina Bard) reveals to her that Wade is homosexual, which, to Daisy's horror, is confirmed by Raymond.
Based on the novel " Inside Daisy Clover " by the writer Gavin Lambert .

Resist If You Can (Bus Riley's Back in Town) (United States 1965) - Director: Harvey Hart

Riley leaves the Navy after three years and is frustrated that he cannot find a job. He is therefore relieved when an older friend promises him a job as an undertaker, but Riley does not receive it because his friend wants to receive sexual services from him in return, which Riley firmly refuses.

Winter Kept Us Warm (Canada 1965) - Director: David Secter

Doug Harris and Peter Saridan meet at the University of Toronto and become friends. This is actually a homosexual relationship, but Secter deliberately presented it as a subtext, as he feared that a directly gay couple would scare the audience away.
This film was the first English-language production from Canada to be shown at the Cannes International Film Festival .


The young Törless (Germany 1966) - directed by Volker Schlöndorff

An outsider falls victim to the sadistic torture of his classmates.

The Nun (Suzanne Simonin, la religieuse de Diderot) (France 1966) - Director: Jacques Rivette

The illegitimate daughter of an impoverished noblewoman is forced to enter the monastery around 1760 and is exposed to the atrocities of the superior. After a change of monastery, an abbess takes care of the woman and begins to develop strong feelings for her. When Suzanne does not reciprocate and fends off the advances, the abbess becomes more and more insane.


The Fox (1967 United States) - Director: Mark Rydell

The story of two women whose secluded life is penetrated by a man.

Reflections in a Golden Eye (Reflections in a Golden Eye) (United States 1967) - Director: John Huston

American officer with suppressed homosexual tendencies ( Marlon Brando ) shoots the object of his desire ( Robert Forster ) when he discovers that it is not him, but his wife ( Elizabeth Taylor ).

Dance of the Vampires (The Fearless Vampire Killers) (United States / United Kingdom 1967) - Director: Roman Polański

Vampire Herbert, son of Count von Krolock, is gay and is happy that Alfred, Professor Abronsius' dashing assistant, has come to the castle.
  • Formal abolition of the "Hays Code" in the United States.


The Killing of Sister George (The Killing of Sister George) (United States 1968) - Director: Robert Aldrich

Older soap actress June, known by everyone as George, fears losing her job and her younger lover.

The Detective ( United States 1968) - Director: Gordon Douglas

A wealthy homosexual is murdered and Detective Sergeant Joe Leland ( Frank Sinatra ) begins the investigation. First, an alleged perpetrator is caught and executed. In later investigations into another case, however, the real murderer confesses to the crime and his suicide on tape. The perpetrator can no longer be held accountable and the innocent executed person is not rehabilitated.

Flesh (United States 1968) - Producer: Andy Warhol , Director: Paul Morrissey

The worries and hardships of the prostitute Joe in supporting his family. Men and women use his services. With candy darling .
A novelty in the film business: the main actor Joe Dallesandro walks around naked for half the film.

Hunting scenes from Lower Bavaria (Germany 1968) - Director: Peter Fleischmann

Abram ( Martin Sperr ) returns to his village after being punished for § 175 StGB. The film won the silver ribbon in 1969 in the category of best full-length feature film .

The Gates to Paradise (United Kingdom 1968) - Director: Andrzej Wajda

The story of a children's crusade in 1212 and its youthful leader, on whom various erotic interests are directed.

Teorema (Italy 1968) - Director: Pier Paolo Pasolini

A good-looking guest ( Terence Stamp ) in a medium-sized family does not only have relationships with the female family members. After his departure, everyone's life changes.

Two Girlfriends (Les Biches) (France / Italy 1968) - Director: Claude Chabrol

Lesbian love between rich Frédérique ( Stéphane Audran ) and poor Why ( Jacqueline Sassard ).


Asphalt-Cowboy (Midnight Cowboy) (United States 1969) - Director: John Schlesinger

Joe Buck ( Jon Voight ) comes to New York to make money as a gigolo and meets the seedy and lung-sick gay Ratso Rizzo ( Dustin Hoffman ).
Despite an X-Rated certificate, the film won Oscars in several categories, which makes it unique in terms of film history.

Women in Love (Women in Love) (United Kingdom 1969) - Directed by: Ken Russell

The story of two very different sisters in the turmoil of the First World War.
Based on the 1920 novel of the same name by DH Lawrence .

Monique (United Kingdom 1969) - Director: John Bown

The story of a bisexual French au pair.

Stake in My Flesh (Bara no Sōretsu) (Japan 1969) - Director: Toshio Matsumoto

New version of the Oedipus legend about transvestites in Tokyo.

A barn full of sweet Bubis (The Gay Deceivers) (United States 1969) - Director: Bruce Kessler

Danny and Elliot don't want to be drafted into army service. That's why they pretend to be a gay couple. In order not to attract attention during the controls, they move into a house where many other gays live and get to know them better.

Under the Staircase (United Kingdom 1969) - Directed by Stanley Donen

Rex Harrison and Richard Burton star in the film, based on the play of the same name by Charles Dyer , an aging, gay couple who constantly nag each other and yet cannot leave each other.
The film surprises with its cast: two actors who are more known as women heroes play the main gay roles.



Das Bildnis des Dorian Gray (Dorian Gray) (United Kingdom / Italy / Germany 1970) - Director: Massimo Dallamano

Film adaptation of the Oscar Wilde novel “ The Portrait of Dorian Gray ” with Helmut Berger as the title character.
In addition to a lesbian subplot, there were also several scenes depicting Dorian Gray as homosexual, but most of them fell victim to censorship.

Crypt of the Vampires (The Vampire Lovers) (United Kingdom 1970) - Director: Roy Ward Baker

Horror film based on Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu with a lesbian vampire as the main character.

Die Harten und die Zarten (The Boys in the Band) (United States 1970) - Director: William Friedkin

Portrait of a group of gay friends in New York meeting at a birthday party.
After the Broadway play Boys in the Band of Mart Crowley from 1968. For the first time the entire staff consisted of a film of gay roles.

Myra Breckinridge - Man or Woman? (Myra Breckinridge) (United States 1970) - Director: Michael Sarne

The story of a transgender woman (played by Raquel Welch ), based on a novel by Gore Vidal .

It is not the homosexual who is perverse, but the situation in which he lives (Germany 1970) - Director: Rosa von Praunheim

Daniel comes to Berlin from the provinces and gets to know the gay life of the big city there. In doing so, he becomes aware that he has to be politically active in order to change things.
When it was first broadcast on ARD in January 1973, Bayerischer Rundfunk switched itself off from the broadcasting network and sent a replacement program.

The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes (The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes) (United Kingdom 1970) - Director: Billy Wilder

Detective comedy with Robert Stephens and Colin Blakely , in which Sherlock Holmes speaks out to a woman interested in procreation by saying that he has a homoerotic relationship with his friend Dr. Watson. He is outraged when he hears about it later.

Something for Everyone (1970 United States) - Director: Harold Prince

Black crime comedy about a bisexual young butler ( Michael York ) who, among other things, starts an affair with their gay son in the house of an Austrian count family.


The bitter tears of Petra von Kant (Germany 1971) - directed by Rainer Werner Fassbinder

The successful but bitter fashion designer Petra von Kant ( Margit Carstensen ) falls in love with poor Karin ( Hanna Schygulla ).

James Bond 007 Diamonds Are Forever (United Kingdom 1971) - Director: Guy Hamilton

Film from the James Bond series: The hit man couple Mr. Wint ( Bruce Glover ) and Mr. Kidd ( Putter Smith ) (who are portrayed as a gay couple in the film) murder everyone involved in a diamond smuggling chain. After James Bond ( Sean Connery ) picks up the scent, they try to kill him too.
In a structural analysis of Fleming's James Bond novels in 2003, Umberto Eco came to the conclusion that the villains are generally asexual or homosexual, inventive, organizationally refined and wealthy.

People Behind Bars (Fortune and Men's Eyes) (Canada / United States 1971) - Directors: Harvey Hart , Jules Schwerin

Prison film with a range of gay characters.

Pink Narcissus (United States 1971) - Director: James Bidgood

A gay boy indulges in his narcissistic daydreams.

Some of My Best Friends Are… (United States 1971) - Director: Mervyn Nelson

On Christmas Eve 1971, the regulars at the New York gay bar "The Blue Jay" celebrate Christmas together and talk about their lives and relationships.

Sunday, Bloody Sunday (United Kingdom 1971) - Director: John Schlesinger

Triangle tragedy between child-caring Alex Greville ( Glenda Jackson ), bisexual artist Bob Elkin ( Murray Head ) and medical doctor Dr. Daniel Hirsh ( Peter Finch ).

Death in Venice (Italy / France 1971) - Director: Luchino Visconti

The composer Gustav von Aschenbach ( Dirk Bogarde ) falls in love in Venice with the young Tadzio ( Björn Andrésen ), who plays with him. Aschenbach pursues him through the town ravaged by an epidemic and finally dies at the Lido. Based on the novel of the same name by Thomas Mann .


Cabaret (United States 1972) - Director: Bob Fosse

The student Brian Roberts ( Michael York ) is in a relationship with the dancer Sally Bowles ( Liza Minnelli ). Both become objects of desire of the rich bisexual Baron von Heune ( Helmut Griem ).

Back in the summer (That Certain Summer) (United States 1972) - Director: Lamont Johnson

One of the first US TV films with a homosexual theme. The story of a teenager ( Scott Jacoby ) whose divorced father ( Hal Holbrook ) is gay.
The film won the Golden Globe for best TV film.

Ludwig II. (France / Italy / Germany 1972) - Director: Luchino Visconti

About the life of King Ludwig II of Bavaria ( Helmut Berger ) , who is gay according to sources (diary entries, letters etc. ).
The film was shortened by three quarters of an hour after a one-time showing due to political protests from Bavaria because of Ludwig's shown homosexuality. The director was able to prevent a further cut. A full version was restored in 1980 and has been available on DVD since 2000.

Pink Flamingos (United States 1972) - Director: John Waters

Horror comedy with drag queen Divine in the lead role.

X, Y and Zee (United Kingdom 1972) - Director: Brian G. Hutton

A betrayed wife ( Elizabeth Taylor ) tries to sabotage her husband ( Michael Caine ) affair by going to bed with her lover ( Susannah York ) herself .


An American Family (12-part TV documentary, United States 1973) - Directors: Alan Raymond , Susan Raymond

Twelve-part television documentary about a family with five children, one of whom ( Lance Loud ) is gay.
The PBS production made television history in the USA because it was the first time that a large audience was confronted with impartial information about the reality of homosexual life. Lance was the first openly gay television character in the United States and became an icon of the US lesbian and gay movement.

Im Reservat (Germany 1973) - Director: Peter Beauvais

The gay Alfred ( Wolfgang Kieling ) lives with a lonely old lady ( Johanna Hofer ) in her apartment in a demolished house in Berlin. One day the old lady's daughter ( Rosemarie Fendel ) stands in front of the door and wants to bring her mother into the home. Wonderful chamber play with a great cast.

Tatort: ​​A very ordinary murder (Germany 1973) - Director: Dieter Wedel

Follow the ARD series Tatort : The later victim, very drunk, seeks closeness to a man and his homosexuality is hinted at. One of the three perpetrators describes the murder victim as "presumably homosexual". "Hustler" and "gay pig" are used as swear words.

The Score (1973 United States) - Director: Radley Metzger

The married couple Elvira ( Clare Wilbur ) and Jack ( Gerald Grant ) live in the American provinces. In search of sexual adventures, they meet the newly married couple Betsy ( Lynn Lowry ) and Eddie ( Calvin Culver ), whom they seduce. At an evening meeting, marijuana and the most varied of disguises (model, nun, cowboy and sailor) lead to double homosexual contacts .
The film was released in two differently explicit versions in order to enable cinema operators to adapt the screening to their target group, and is a classic representative of porn chic .

Tenderness of the Wolves (Germany 1973) - directed by Ulli Lommel

The film is based freely on the story of the gay serial killer Fritz Haarmann , but is set in Bochum after the Second World War. Haarmann is portrayed by Kurt Raab ; Rainer Werner Fassbinder , who also produced the film, appears in another role .


Emanuela (France 1974) - Director: Just Jaeckin

The diplomatic wife Emmanuelle (in the German translation Emanuela , played by Sylvia Kristel ) experiences numerous sexual adventures in Thailand, including with women.

A Very Natural Thing (United States 1974) - Director: Christopher Larkin

While the young ex-monk David ( Robert McLane ) sees his romance with Mark (Curt Gareth) as a monogamous partnership, he seeks an open relationship. The connection between the two fails because of the discrepancy in their relationship ideals. After living alone for a while, David meets the photographer Jason (Bo White), with whom he can live his ideas of a romantic relationship.
As one of the first mainstream films, the film portrays gay connections as full-fledged, natural and real love relationships.


Anna and Edith (Germany 1975) - directed by Gerrit Neuhaus

Anna and Edith are colleagues in an insurance company. The two slowly fall in love and become a couple.

Freedom of Fist Law (Germany 1975) - Director: Rainer Werner Fassbinder

Franz "Fox" Biberkopf ( Rainer Werner Fassbinder ), an unemployed showman, is introduced to a group of distinguished gays by Max ( Karlheinz Böhm ). There he met Eugen ( Peter Chatel ), son of a bankrupt business family, and they fell in love. They take an apartment together, which is furnished by the cultivated Eugene and at the expense of Franz, who has just won the lottery.

Dog days (Dog Day Afternoon) (United States 1975) - Director: Sidney Lumet - Oscar to Frank Pierson for Best Original Screenplay

Sonny Wortzig ( Al Pacino ) instigates a bank robbery to pay for an operation to his transsexual friend Leon ( Chris Sarandon ). Things don't go as planned and the hostage situation ensues. By a true story.
According to the script, Pacino was supposed to kiss a man. Pacino refused and the book was rewritten.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975 United States) - Director: Jim Sharman

Film adaptation of the musical The Rocky Horror Show by Richard O'Brien with Tim Curry in the role of the extraterrestrial transvestite Dr. Frank-N-Furter.

How to live his life (The Naked Civil Servant) (United Kingdom 1975) - Director: Jack Gold

Film about the life of Quentin Crisp ( John Hurt ).
John Hurt himself initially found fewer new engagements after his excellent, explicit portrayal of a homosexual on British television. In 2009, Hurt played again the role of Quentin Crisp in the film An Englishman in New York .


The Picture of Dorian Gray (The Picture of Dorian Gray) (UK 1976) - Director: John Gorrie

Film adaptation of the Oscar Wilde novel " The Portrait of Dorian Gray ", which also suggests Dorian Gray's homosexual relationships.

Car Wash - The freaky Launderette (Car Wash) (United States 1976) - Director: Michael Schultz

Drag queen Lindy ( Antonio Fargas ) works in a car wash.

Der Fangschuß (Germany / France 1976) - Director: Volker Schlöndorff (German Film Award for best director)

Consequences of a rejection of a woman ( Margarethe von Trotta ) by a man ( Matthias Habich ), who is connected to her brother ( Rüdiger Kirschstein ), against the background of the Russian civil war.

Je t'aime (Je t'aime moi non plus) (France 1976) - Director: Serge Gainsbourg

In the wilderness somewhere in the USA, garbage truck drivers Krassky ( Joe Dallesandro ) and Padovan ( Hugues Quester ) keep visiting a shabby rest room where the boyish Johnny ( Jane Birkin ) works. A passionate love affair develops between Krassky and Johnny, in which they overlook Padovan's growing jealousy until it escalates dramatically.
While the relationship between the two men is only hinted at, Gainsbourg caused a sensation again seven years after Je t'aime… moi non plus (which also appears as film music) with the revealing and sometimes hearty love scenes of Johnny and Krassky.

Johan (France 1976) - Director: Philippe Vallois

Quasi-documentary representation of the gay scene in Paris in the 1970s.
Although the film was cut by a few scenes before it was released, it was only released in cinemas in a censored version. In 1996, the French Film Archives received the uncensored version of the film by chance.

Sebastiane (United Kingdom 1976) - Director: Derek Jarman

Martyrdom of St. Sebastian (gay version) in Latin with subtitles.

We Were There (documentary, United States 1976) - Director: Pat Rocco

Documentary about the Gay Pride celebrations in San Francisco and Los Angeles in 1976


Alexander: The Other Side of Dawn (United States 1977) - Director: John Erman

Another early homosexual-themed American TV movie. The story of a row boy ( Leigh McCloskey ) in Hollywood.

Freaked Out (Canada 1977) - Director: Richard Benner

A travesty artist ( Craig Russell ) and a schizophrenic woman master life together.
At the 1978 Berlin International Film Festival , Craig Russell was honored for his performance as best actor.

Die Konsequenz (Germany 1977) - Director: Wolfgang Petersen

A couple, the 16-year-old son of the prison warden Thomas Manzoni ( Ernst Hannawald ) and the former prisoner Martin Kurath ( Jürgen Prochnow ), are betrayed by those around them.
When it was first broadcast on ARD , Bayerischer Rundfunk switched itself off from the broadcasting network and sent a replacement program. Wolfgang Petersen and Alexander Ziegler (screenplay) received the Grimme Prize with bronze in 1978 .

Why not? (Pourquois pas!) (France 1977) - Director: Coline Serreau

Feature film about the coexistence of a gay man ( Sami Frey ), a bisexual man ( Mario Gonzáles ) and a straight woman ( Christine Murillo ).


Gay USA (Documentary, United States 1978) - Director: Arthur J. Bressan Jr.

Documentary about the gay and lesbian movement in the United States

A Cage Full of Fools (La Cage aux Folles) (Italy / France 1978) - Director: Édouard Molinaro

The son ( Rémi Laurent ) of the nightclub owner Renato Baldi ( Ugo Tognazzi ) wants to marry the daughter of a conservative politician ( Michel Galabru ). Renato and his partner, the travesty star Albin Mougeotte ( Michel Serrault ), are forced to present a heterosexual relationship.

Beautiful Gigolo, poor Gigolo (Germany 1978) - Director: David Hemmings

Hermann Kraft ( David Hemmings ), joins the Nazis in the Weimar Republic. His lover Otto ( Werner Pochath ) is jealous of Hermann's interest in Paul ( David Bowie ) and hits Paul's nose with blood. Although his homosexuality is an open secret, Hermann tries to hide it.
Marlene Dietrich can be seen as "Baroness von Semering" in her last feature film role.

The Crazy California Hotel (California Suite) (United States 1978) - Director: Herbert Ross

Michael Caine plays Sidney Cochran, the gay husband of film star Diana Barrie ( Maggie Smith ).

Word is Out (Documentary, United States 1978) - Director: Rob Epstein

Documentary about the gay liberation movement of the 1970s.

You Are Not Alone (Du er ikke alene) (Denmark 1978) - Director: Lasse Nielsen

In a boarding school, a homoerotic relationship develops between the headmaster's pubescent son ( Ove Sprogøe ) and Bo, who is about two years older than him.


The end of the rainbow (Germany 1979) - directed by Uwe Frießner

The 17-year-old prostitute Jimmi ( Thomas Kufahl ) cannot find a decent job. By chance he ends up in a shared apartment that wants to give him shelter.
Awarded two federal film prizes (including the film tape in gold to Thomas Kufahl for his performance) and film of the month of the jury of the Protestant film work .

Ernesto (Italy / Spain / Germany 1979) - Director: Salvatore Samperi

Trieste, 1911: At work, 17-year-old Ernesto meets an older man. He immediately sees through that he has a sexual interest in him. After visiting a prostitute, he ends the affair. But then Ernesto meets Emilio and his sister Rachel, who both fall in love with him.

The Mysterious Sect (Écoute voir) (France 1979) - Director: Hugo Santiago (Director)

Catherine Deneuve as a lesbian private detective who is strongly reminiscent of Humphrey Bogart .

Manhattan (United States 1979) - Director: Woody Allen

Jill ( Meryl Streep ) leaves Isaac Davis ( Woody Allen ) for another woman.

Forget Venice (Dimenticare Venezia) (Italy 1979) - Director: Franco Brusati

The 50-year-old Nicky ( Erland Josephson ) visits his sister with his lover and business partner in their parents' house in the countryside in Italy.

We were a man (Nous étions un seul homme) (France 1979) - directed by Philippe Vallois

During the Second World War, a seriously injured German soldier is found by a Frenchman in France and nursed to health, isolated from civilization. After his recovery, he stays with his Savior and falls in love with him.



Cruising (United States 1980) - Director: William Friedkin

Thriller starring Al Pacino as undercover cop Steve Burns, who chases a serial killer in the New York S / M and leather gay scene.
The cinema release was followed by massive protests over the stereotypical portrayal of gay life. The open ending and the surprising murder of the neighbor boy - a popular figure in the story - also contributed to the controversy surrounding the film.

Another cage full of fools (La Cage aux folles II) (France / Italy 1980) - directed by Édouard Molinaro

Sequel to A Cage Full of Fools .

Taxi zum Klo (Germany 1980) - Director: Frank Ripploh

Love story between the teacher Frank and his friend Bernd.


Zorro , the gay blade (United States 1981) - Director: Peter Medak

With George Hamilton as Zorro and his gay twin brother Bunny Wigglesworth, who stands in for the injured hero.


Making Love (United States 1982) - Director: Arthur Hiller

The doctor Zack ( Michael Ontkean ) discovers his suppressed love for a man ( Harry Hamlin ).
"Making Love" is considered to be the first American film in which a same-sex couple experiences a happy ending .

Personal Best (1982 United States) - Director: Robert Towne

Bisexual Chris prepares for the Olympics. Her friend, of all people, becomes the toughest competition. With Mariel Hemingway .

Querelle (Germany 1982) - directed by Rainer Werner Fassbinder

Based on the novel of the same name by Jean Genet .

Victor / Victoria (United States 1982) - Director: Blake Edwards

Victoria Grant (Julie Andrews) is persuaded by a gay friend to pretend to be a (male) travesty artist. A gang boss falls in love with her and is suspected of being gay.
Comedy, remake of Viktor and Viktoria (Germany 1933)

Two crazy guys on a hot track (Partners) (United States 1982) - Director: James Burrows

Straight police officer Benson ( Ryan O'Neal ) and homosexual Kerwin ( John Hurt ) investigate after a series of gay murders . The plot is supported by the development of the investigative duo Benson and Kerwin from initial skepticism to rapprochement and friendship at the end. Every now and then, a gay cliché is used. However, gays are not perpetrators, suicides or the problem and are usually portrayed with respect.


Abuse (1983 United States) - Director: Arthur J. Bressan Jr.

The teenager Thomas is regularly brutally beaten by his parents. When he meets a director who is making a documentary about abused children, the two fall in love. Thomas's older friend has to decide whether to go into hiding with him or whether to continue his career and allow Thomas to continue to be brutally beaten.

Desire (The Hunger) (United States 1983) - Director: Tony Scott

Lesbian love between the vampire Miriam Blaylock ( Catherine Deneuve ) and the doctor Sarah Roberts ( Susan Sarandon ). Miriam's partner John played David Bowie .

Drifting (Nagu'a) (Israel 1983) - Director: Amos Guttman

The gay director Robi ( Jonathan Sagall ) is in the middle of an identity crisis.

Lianna (United States 1983) - Director: John Sayles

An unhappily married woman has an affair with a college professor and embarks on the bumpy road to self-awareness and divorce.

Silkwood (1983 United States) - Director: Mike Nichols

Karen Silkwood ( Meryl Streep ) investigates cover-ups at a fuel assembly plant. With an intelligently built-in love story with Dolly Pelliker ( Cher ).

The fourth man (De vierde man) (Netherlands 1983) - Director: Paul Verhoeven

Gerard Reve ( Jeroen Krabbé ), a gay Catholic writer, falls into the clutches of a murderous widow.

Greyhounds (Streamers) (United States 1983) - Director: Robert Altman

Four young recruits are supposed to go into the Vietnam War. One of them is homosexual, which leads to a lot of discussion. With Matthew Modine and Mitchell Lichtenstein .

Yentl (United States 1983) - Director & Actress: Barbra Streisand

The girl Yentl pretends to be a boy named Anshel for studying the Talmud. Haddas, her boyfriend's beloved, falls in love with Anshel, and he / she even marries Haddas so that no one else can do it.


Another Country (United Kingdom 1984) - Director: Marek Kanievska

At an English elite boarding school in the 1930s, homosexuality only took place in secret. When Guy Bennett ( Rupert Everett ) falls in love with James Harcourt ( Cary Elwes ), reprisals ensue.
The film is based on the play of the same name by Julian Mitchell , which is freely based on the life of Guy Burgess . Colin Firth plays another role .

Before Stonewall : The Making of a Gay and Lesbian Community (Documentary, United States 1984) - Directors: John Scagliotti , Greta Schiller , Robert Rosenberg

English-language documentary with archive material, film clips and personal memories, which looks at the history of the gay community before the Stonewall uprising.

Horror vacui (Germany 1984) - directed by Rosa von Praunheim

The gay student Frank (Folkert Milster) falls into the clutches of the sect of Madame C ( Lotti Huber ), which teaches optimal optimism. His friend Hannes ( Tom Vogt ) tries with a journalist ( Ingrid van Bergen ) to make everything public and get him out of there.

Hotel New Hampshire (The Hotel New Hampshire) (United Kingdom / Canada / United States 1984) - Director: Tony Richardson

The story of a bizarre family that never gives up despite all the blows of fate. With Jodie Foster , Rob Lowe and Beau Bridges and Paul McCrane as a gay son / brother.

A man like EVA (Germany 1984) - Director: Radu Gabrea

The film tells the story of a filmmaker who has affairs with both women and men and is based very freely on the life of Rainer Werner Fassbinder . The fictional (male) filmmaker EVA (alluding to RWF) is portrayed by actress Eva Mattes , who is wearing a wig and a fake beard.

The Sprinter (Germany 1984) - Director: Christoph Böll

Wieland is asked by his mother not to be gay anymore. After taking a dance class, he joins a sports club and falls in love with a powerful female shot putter.

Who Was Harvey Milk? (The Times of Harvey Milk) (Documentary, United States 1984) - Director: Rob Epstein

Documentary about the murder of the gay San Francisco politician Harvey Milk .

Wiener Brut - "Encounters of the shrill kind" (Austria 1984) - Director: Hans Fädler

To secure their cocaine supply, Austrian aristocrats fraternize with anarchist youth (including the gay Lyn) to overthrow the socialist government.


Buddies (United States 1985) - Director: Arthur J. Bressan Jr.

The 25-year-old gay typesetter David signs up for a buddy program to help HIV-positive people. He gets to know Robert, who was abandoned by his partner and friends after his illness.
The first feature film to focus on AIDS .

Desert Hearts (United States 1985) - Director: Donna Deitch

The story of the lesbian coming out of a married professor ( Helen Shaver ) in the USA in the 1950s.

Early frost (An Early Frost) (United States 1985) - Director: John Erman

Michael was in a happy relationship with a man until he was diagnosed with AIDS.

A Cage Full of Fools III - We Are Getting Married (La Cage aux folles 3 - 'Elles' se marient) (France / Italy 1985) - Director: Georges Lautner

Final sequel to A Cage Full of Fools .

Kiss of the Spider Woman (El Beso de la mujer araña) (United States 1985) - Director: Héctor Babenco

The gay Luis ( William Hurt ) and the Marxist revolutionary Valentín ( Raúl Juliá ) sit in a prison cell and tell each other films that, in a certain sense, represent an allegory of their own situation. They get closer, and Luis's difficult love affair and willingness to make sacrifices become the symbol of the film.

Passions (Interno Berlinese) (Italy / Germany 1985) - Director: Liliana Cavani

The film describes how an intimate love affair developed between Louise von Hollendorf, the attractive wife of a German diplomat, and Mitsuko Matsugae, the daughter of the Japanese ambassador, in Berlin in 1938.

My Beautiful Laundrette (My Beautiful Laundrette) (United Kingdom 1985) - Director: Stephen Frears

A young Pakistani ( Gordon Warnecke ) and an English Londoner ( Daniel Day-Lewis ) together furnish a laundromat and become lovers at the same time.

Novembermond (Germany / France 1985) - directed by Alexandra von Grote

Franco-German lesbian love drama: November Messing, a Jew, falls in love with the French woman Férial in Paris, who saved her from being attacked by the Gestapo during the German occupation of France in World War II.

Colonel Redl (Austria / Hungary / Germany 1985) - Director: István Szabó

Alfred Redl's life in Austria-Hungary at the time of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy : For fear of discovery and ostracism, Redl ( Klaus Maria Brandauer ) does not live out his homosexuality and marries a woman. At the age of 40 and already a colonel, Redl falls in love with a younger man to whom he reveals military secrets, but who turns out to be a spy. Because of his betrayal and his homosexuality, he is driven to suicide by other officers.

Westler (Germany 1985) - Director: Wieland Speck

Berlin, 1985: Germany is still a divided country and Berlin is separated into East and West by the Wall. When Felix from West Berlin goes on a day trip to East Berlin with an American friend, he falls in love with Thomas. Felix tries to visit Thomas as often as possible, but always has to return to West Berlin before midnight due to the strict regulations. When the border guards start to get suspicious, the two plan Thomas' escape from the GDR.
The recordings in East Berlin were secretly shot with a hidden camera.

How I Tell My Parents (Consenting Adult) (United States 1985) - Director: Gilbert Cates

Coming-out story with Martin Sheen in the role of an overwhelmed father.


Evening Suit (Tenue de soirée) (France 1986) - Director: Bertrand Blier

The bisexual burglar Bob meets the couple Monique and Antoine.

Parting Glances (Parting glances) (United States 1986) - Director: Bill Sherwood

Robert and Michael have been a happy couple for six years. But their relationship is put to the test when Robert, who works for the health department, is supposed to go to Africa for two years, while Michael wants to stay in New York to take care of his ex-boyfriend Nick, who has AIDS.
One of the first films to focus on the onset of AIDS in gay life.

Anne Trister - Between Spaces (Canada / Switzerland 1986) - Director: Léa Pool

Drama about the love of a young painter for a child psychiatrist.

The Law of Desire (La ley del deseo) (Spain 1986) - Director: Pedro Almodóvar

Tina ( Carmen Maura ), who was called Tino before her gender reassignment operation , lives with her lover and her daughter. Tina's brother Pablo is a director and loves Juan. Antonio ( Antonio Banderas ) in turn loves Pablo and kills Juan. Shrill melodrama.
The film won the first Teddy Award in the category “Best Feature Film” at the 1987 Berlinale under the German title “The Law of Desire ”.

The agony of love (Il sapore del grano) (Italy 1986) - directed by Gianni Da Campo

Lorenzo has just come out of the university as a new teacher and throws himself into a new job at a school near Venice. With his commitment he inspires his students - especially 12-year-old Duilio. His innocent enthusiasm soon develops into a real affection, and little by little Lorenzo reciprocates his feelings and thus provokes a scandal in the village idyll.

The Fall of the American Empire (Le Déclin de l'empire américain) (Canada 1986) - directed by Denys Arcand

Eight intellectual friends, including the gay Claude, meet in a country house and discuss sex and love.

Virus knows no morals (Germany 1986) - Director: Rosa von Praunheim

The first German black comedy about AIDS. The homosexuals and transvestites of Berlin trace the first phases of panic in a satirical way.

Zoff in Beverly Hills (Down and Out in Beverly Hills) (United States 1986) - Director: Paul Mazursky

Comedy about a bum ( Nick Nolte ) who is taken in by a family and confuses them. He encourages his son (Evan Richards) to come out . With the gay rock 'n' roll star Little Richard as a neighbor.
In other roles: Richard Dreyfuss , Bette Midler , Tracy Nelson .


Baba-It (short film, Israel 1987) - Director: Jonathan Sagall

Relationship story between two gay writers.

Glasses with gold rim (Gli Occhiali d'oro) (Italy / France 1987) - Director: Giuliano Montaldo

The story of a Jewish family and a gay doctor in Italy at the time of fascism. With Philippe Noiret and Rupert Everett .

Song of the Mermaids (I've Heard the Mermaids Singing) (Canada 1987) - Director: Patricia Rozema

A shy gallery employee tells how it came to the scandal with her lesbian boss.

Maurice (United Kingdom 1987) - Director: James Ivory

In the days of Victorian England, Maurice Hall ( James Wilby ) and Clive Durham ( Hugh Grant ) fall in love from the upper class. Their relationship remains purely platonic, largely due to Clive's fear of repression, and ultimately breaks up when Clive marries a woman. When Maurice meets the gamekeeper Alec Scudder ( Rupert Graves ), the two fall in love.
Based on the autobiographical novel " Maurice " by EM Forster .

The Stormy Life of Joe Orton (Prick Up Your Ears) (UK 1987) - Director: Stephen Frears

Film about the gay playwright Joe Orton ( Gary Oldman ) and his lover Kenneth Halliwell ( Alfred Molina ).

Vera (Brazil 1987) - Director: Sérgio Toledo

After an unhappy and discriminatory youth in the home, Vera, who has so far lived as a man, sets out on a painful journey into her past.

Withnail & I (UK 1987) - Director: Bruce Robinson

The unsuccessful actors Withnail and Marwood move into a cottage owned by Withnail's uncle Monty in the country.


Bei Thea (Germany 1988) - Director: Dominik Graf

David flies from Tel Aviv to Munich to study there. Through a gay friend, he meets Thea, the older, quirky landlady of a gay bar. He befriends Thea. She recognizes through a ring that David is wearing that he is her grandson.
ZDF TV film with Hannes Jaenicke , Marianne Hoppe , Ida Ehre , Herta Schwarz , Nikolaus Paryla , Martin May , Wolfried Lier .

The Fruit Machine - Rendezvous with a Killer (The Fruit Machine) (United Kingdom 1988) - Director: Philip Saville

Two gay youths run away from home and end up in the gay disco "Fruit Machine", where they earn money with strip shows and as prostitutes. Until they happen to observe the murder of the owner of the discotheque ...

Die Jungfrauenmaschine / Virgin Machine (FRG 1988) - Director: Monika Treut

The naive Hamburg journalist Dorothee Müller (Ina Blum) is working on an investigation into romantic love and has a lesbian experience in the USA.

Das Kuckucksei (Torch Song Trilogy) (United States 1988) - Director: Paul Bogart

Drama by and with Harvey Fierstein about the life of the travesty star Arnold. With Matthew Broderick .

Liberace (United States 1988) - Director: William Hale

Life story of the gay artist Liberace.
With Andrew Robinson , Rue McClanahan , John Rubinstein .


Coming Out (GDR 1989) - Director: Heiner Carow

A teacher ( Matthias Freihof ) is confronted with his repressed homosexuality.
This film was the first and only GDR film that dealt with the subject of homosexuality. It premiered on November 9, 1989.

Common Threads : Stories from the Quilt (Documentary, United States 1989) - Director: Rob Epstein

Documentary about the AIDS Memorial Quilt .

Flames of Passion (Short, United Kingdom 1989) - Director: Richard Kwietniowski

A short film about two commuters who get closer on their daily commute to work.



Friendship for Life (Longtime Companion) (United States 1990) - Director: Norman René

The AIDS outbreak in the New York gay scene in the early 1980s.
Oscar nomination for lead actor Bruce Davison.

Growing Up and I'm Fine (short, United States 1990) - Director: James Bolton

This film shows the deep friendship between two homeless boys, one of whom is HIV positive.

Henry & June (United States / France 1990) - Director: Philip Kaufman

Paris, 1931: The young writer Anaïs Nin meets her literary role model Henry Miller and his wife June, and becomes both his and June's mistress.

Paris is Burning (Documentary, United States 1990) - Director: Jennie Livingston

Documentary about drag nights in the New York lower classes.

Rock Hudson (United States 1990) - Director: John Nicolella

Biography of the secretly gay actor Rock Hudson , which shows how he leaves his boyfriend because of his career and later falls ill with AIDS.

Tongues Untied (Documentary, United States 1990) - Marlon Riggs

Documentary about the search for identity of gay African-Americans.

Via Appia (Germany 1989) - Director: Jochen Hick

A German steward travels with a film team to Brazil, where he thinks he was infected by a male hustler in Rio de Janeiro. First German feature film on AIDS.


Caught Looking (Short, United Kingdom 1991) - Director: Constantine Giannaris

Science fiction short film about the virtual future of sex.

Edward II (United Kingdom 1991) - Director: Derek Jarman

Based on a drama by Christopher Marlowe about the homosexual English King Edward II.

Green tomatoes (Fried Green Tomatoes) (United States 1991) - Director: Jon Avnet

Two women open their own business (Whistle Stop Cafe) and thus secure a relationship independent of men and the southern society of the time.

The Lost Language of Cranes (United Kingdom 1991) - Director: Nigel Finch

A young man comes out as gay. While his friends support him, outing with his parents is problematic.
Based on a novel by David Leavitt .

My Own Private Idaho (United States 1991) - Director: Gus Van Sant

A hustler ( River Phoenix ) falls in love with his colleague ( Keanu Reeves ).

North of Vortex (United Kingdom 1991) - Director: Constantine Giannaris

Gay road movie.

Poison (United States 1991) - Director: Todd Haynes

A three-episode film designed by New Queer Cinema, one of which depicts the love between two prisoners.

Relax (Short, UK 1991) - Directed by Chris Newby

Steve had several sexual partners prior to his relationship with Ned. Now he is waiting for the result of an HIV test.

Willkommen im Dom (short documentary, Germany 1991) - Director: Jochen Hick

Short documentary about the German act-up movement: In 1991 the Frankfurt Action Group joined forces in a spectacular protest to demonstrate against the discrimination of HIV-positive and AIDS sufferers by the Catholic Church. At that time, the 8 p.m. edition of the Tagesschau reported for the first time on the concerns of AIDS activists.


Claire of the Moon (United States 1992) - Director: Nicole Conn

Several authors meet in a small coastal town to improve their writing skills. A first-time writer questions her own sexual orientation when she discovers that her roommate is a lesbian.

The Crying Game (United Kingdom / Japan 1992) - Director: Neil Jordan - Oscar for Best Original Screenplay

IRA member Fergus ( Stephen Rea ) is supposed to deliver a message to the girlfriend of his kidnapped victim, the British soldier Jody ( Forest Whitaker ), who died trying to escape, but falls in love with Dil ( Jaye Davidson ). In bed he is shocked to find that "she" is a transvestite, but still feels drawn to "her".

Sparkling Star (Kira kira hikaru) (Japan 1992) - Director: Joji Matsuoka

Shoko and Mutsuki get married to reassure their both worried parents - but she is well past the "appropriate" marriage age and he loves a college student.

I'm my own wife (Germany 1992) - Director: Rosa von Praunheim

The life story of Charlotte von Mahlsdorf - survivor of two totalitarian systems (National Socialism, Communism), collector, co-initiator of the German GLF and homosexual transvestite.

The Living End (United States 1992) - Director: Gregg Araki

The HIV positive Luke and Jon go on one last journey with the motto "Fuck the world".

Street Children (Where the Day Takes You) (United States 1992) - Director: Marc Rocco

Portrait of a group of street children in Los Angeles. It's about drugs, male prostitution and violence. Teenager Little J ( Balthazar Getty ) shoots a suitor in self-defense.

Vehlefanz (short film, Germany 1992) - Director: Alexander Kunja

One evening, on the trail of his past, a young man passes the small village and stays overnight. His visit caused quite a stir in Vehlefanz.

The lost soldier (Voor een lost soldaat) (Netherlands 1992) - Director: Roeland Kerbosch

Towards the end of the Second World War , a romantic relationship develops between a Dutch boy and a Canadian soldier.

Wilde Nights (Les Nuits fauves) (France / Italy 1992) - Director and lead role: Cyril Collard

In Paris in 1986 the promiscuous and bisexual Jean was confronted with his HIV infection, but lived on with his life. In a love triangle, his girlfriend Laura ( Romane Bohringer ) fights against Sami (Carlos López) for him.


Ausserirdische (Germany 1993) - Director: Florian Gärtner

Max came to Berlin to study two years ago. But he still feels lonely, suppresses his homesickness and is dissatisfied with his studies. When an affair with his dream man ends, he tries to find his way in life.

Blue (United Kingdom 1993) - Director: Derek Jarman

The director comes to grips with AIDS - he dies of the disease a year later.

Three of Hearts (Three of Hearts) (United States 1993) - Director: Yurek Bogayevicz

After a lesbian couple fell out, a gigolo is supposed to put things right again. But things are going differently than planned.

The Wedding Banquet (Hsi Yen / The Wedding Banquet) (Taiwan / USA 1993) - Director: Ang Lee

A Taiwanese man who lives in New York with his boyfriend is said to be entering into a marriage of convenience. The parents arrive ...

Labyrinth - Love Without A Way Out (Entangled) (Canada 1993) - Director: Max Fischer

The jealousy of the main character ( Judd Nelson ) leads to the death of an innocent. His gay lover ( Pierce Brosnan ) avenges him.

Das Leben - Ein Sechserpack (Six Degrees of Separation) (United States 1993) - Director: Fred Schepisi

The gay con man Paul ( Will Smith ) shocks New York's high society.
According to the script, Smith was supposed to kiss a man. He strictly refused. The kiss was canceled.

Love and Human Remains (Love & Human Remains) (Canada 1993) - Directed by Denys Arcand

Tragic-comic story about the gay ex- soap star David ( Thomas Gibson ).

Pool Days (Short, United States 1993) - Director: Brian Sloan

17-year-old Justin takes a job in a fitness center. There he discovers that he is attracted to men.

Prinz in Hölleland (Germany 1993) - Director: Michael Stock

Alternative film project of some residents of a wagon castle in the Berlin district of Kreuzberg, which gives an insight into the gay punk scene .

... and life goes on (And the Band Played On) (United States 1993) - Director: Roger Spottiswoode

Star-studded feature film about the history of AIDS; based on the book of the same name by Randy Shilts .
All participating stars donated their fees to AIDS aid and research.

Enchanted (Documentary, Germany 1993) - Director: Jörg Fockele u. a.

Documentary film in which twelve gays and lesbians tell how they survived the Nazi era and then suffered from § 175.

Wittgenstein (United Kingdom 1993) - Director: Derek Jarman

Film adaptation of the life of one of the most important philosophers of the modern age


The Moving Man (Germany 1994) - Director: Sönke Wortmann

Norbert Brommer ( Joachim Król ) falls in love with the heterosexual Axel Feldheim ( Til Schweiger ).
Based on two comics by Ralf König .

Bonsoir (France 1994) - Director: Jean-Pierre Mocky

The lesbian Caroline ( Claude Jade ) is said to be disinherited because of her relationship with Gloria ( Corinne Le Poulain ). Alex Ponttin ( Michel Serrault ) helps her.

The Disco Years (short film, United States 1994) - Director: Robert Lee King

Tom remembers 1978 when he came out as gay at his school.

Einsam Zweisam Dreisam (Threesome) (United States 1994) - Director: Andrew Fleming

College Student Eddy ( Josh Charles ) has to be in a bisexual love triangle coming out .

Renunciation (Forsaken) (short film, Norway / United States 1994) - Director: Frank Mosvold

A gay youth is torn between their feelings and their religion.

Strawberry and Chocolate (Fresa y Chocolate) (Cuba 1994) - directed by Tomás Gutiérrez Alea

A gay cultural officer tries to seduce a loyal student.

A Friend of Dorothy (Short, United States 1994) - Director: Raoul O'Connell

The gay Winston is a freshman at the University of New York. There he falls in love with his temporary roommate Tom, has many confusing experiences and finally, thanks to his good friend Anne, finds the best place in a record store to meet another man.

Go Fish (United States 1994) - Director: Rose Troche

The young lesbian Camille 'Max' West is looking for great love.

Heavenly Creatures (Heavenly Creatures) (New Zealand / Germany 1994) - Director: Peter Jackson

The teenagers Pauline ( Melanie Lynskey ) and Juliet ( Kate Winslet ), who feel misunderstood, dream of a realm of the Middle Ages. They are accused of homosexuality and are to be separated. The two plan a murder to prevent this.
Based on a true story from the 1950s.

Houseboy - Lie Down With Dogs (United States 1994) - Director: Wally White

Gay New York graduate Tommie (Wally White) takes a job as a houseboy to earn a summer vacation in Provincetown .

I Can't Sleep (J'ai pas sommeil) (France 1994) - Director: Claire Denis

Film about various people in Paris, including the gay travesty artist Camille, who becomes a mass murderer of old women with his friend.
Based on a true story from 1987.

Midnight Dancers (Sibak) (Philippines 1994) - Director: Mel Chionglo

Two brothers work as dancers in a gay bar in Manila. They claim to be doing it for the money, but slowly doubts about this version of the story ...

No Ordinary Love - Lust und Vice in LA (No Ordinary Love) (United States 1994) - Director: Doug Witkins

Several young adults live in a large house in the Hollywood Hills. They have affairs with each other and with their neighbors. When one of her roommates dies under mysterious circumstances, this puts a strain on her free life.

Not Angels But Angels (Czech Republic 1994) - Director: Wiktor Grodecki

The suffering of the (partly gay, partly heterosexual) prostitutes in Prague.

Out: Stories of Lesbian and Gay Youth in Canada (Documentary, Canada 1994) - Directed by David Adkin

Documentation about young people coming out, showing both positive and negative experiences. Teachers and parents also have their say.

Philadelphia (United States 1994) - Director: Jonathan Demme

The gay, AIDS- infected Andrew Beckett ( Tom Hanks ) is suing his dismissal with the help of his lawyer Joe Miller ( Denzel Washington ). While Joe is initially rather negative about Andrew's life, he slowly develops understanding and the two become friends.
Oscars in the categories "Best Actor" and "Best Song".

Post Cards from America (Great Britain / United States 1994) - Director: Steve McLean

The film is based on the biography of the American artist and author David Wojnarowicz , who came to New York from the provinces and initially worked there as a prostitute.

Der Priester (Priest) (United Kingdom 1994) - Director: Antonia Bird

The young priest Greg Pilkington ( Linus Roache ) stumbles between his faith and his love for a man.

Priscilla - Queen of the Desert (The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert) (Australia 1994) - Director: Stephan Elliott

Three drag queens are on a bus through the Australian desert and break down in a small town.

Sis: The Perry Watkins Story (Documentary, United States 1994) - Director: Chiqui Cartagena

Documentary about an openly gay sergeant in the US Army.

The Sum of Us (The Sum of Us) (Australia 1994) - Director: Geoff Burton , Kevin Dowling

The openly gay Jeff ( Russell Crowe ) lives with his father Harry ( Jack Thompson ). He is looking for a relationship and wants to help his son too.

Tatort: ​​Murder in the Academy (Germany 1994) - Director: Ulrich Stark

Follow the ARD series Tatort : The HIV-positive student Till, who is having an affair with both Pia and Heinz, the caretaker of the academy, is murdered at the Düsseldorf Art Academy. Commissioner Flemming is investigating the gay scene and is hanging on to Heinz's ex-boyfriend, who has a gay bar in the old town.

Trevor (Short, United States 1994) - Director: Peggy Rajski

The gay teenager Trevor tries to take his own life because he only experiences rejection because of his homosexuality.
Based on a true story: This incident prompted the founding of the Trevor Project , an American organization that helps gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people prevent planned suicide and operates an emergency telephone.

A Village Affair (A Village Affair) (United Kingdom 1994) - Directed by Moira Armstrong

Story of a lesbian love.

Innschuldsengel (Germany 1994) - directed by Rainer Kaufmann

The father of 16-year-old Christoph allegedly murdered a young prostitute. Christoph wants to prove that he is innocent. He dives into the Hamburg prostitute scene and finds support from a drug addict prostitute ( Jürgen Vogel ) and a gay pub owner ( Moritz Bleibtreu ).

Four Weddings and a Funeral (Four Weddings and a Funeral) (United Kingdom 1994) - Director: Mike Newell

The story of some friends (including a gay couple) who experience four weddings and one death together. With Hugh Grant , Andie MacDowell .

Wild Hearts (Les Roseaux sauvages) (France 1994) - Director: André Téchiné

A coming-of-age story between several very different young people. During the Algerian War in 1962, François and Serge get to know each other better at a boarding school in southern France. François discovers his homosexuality and opens up to his girlfriend Maité.
Initially produced as a television film on behalf of Arte , the film was released in a longer version and won several Césars . The film addresses various guilt feelings, e.g. B. the politically sensitive issue of the Algerian war and forms of resistance.


Antonia's World (Antonia) (Netherlands / Belgium / United Kingdom 1995) - Director: Marleen Gorris

Danielle, the daughter of the assertive outsider Antonia, discovers her homosexuality and starts a relationship with Lara, the teacher of her daughter Thérèse.

Carrington (UK / France 1995) - Director: Christopher Hampton

England from 1915 around the Bloomsbury Group : The painter Dora Carrington ( Emma Thompson ) maintains an open relationship with the gay writer Lytton Strachey ( Jonathan Pryce ) and his crush Major Ralph Partridge ( Steven Waddington ), who becomes Dora's husband at Strachey's request.

The Celluloid Closet - Trapped in the Closet (The Celluloid Closet) (documentation, United States 1995) - Director: Rob Epstein , Jeffrey Friedman

Documentation about gay and lesbian Hollywood from Ben-Hur to Laurel & Hardy to Basic Instinct.

A Woman for Two (France 1995) - Director: Josiane Balasko

In the south of France, the married Loli starts an affair with the lesbian Marijo. Her husband Laurent finds out about this and tries to win his wife back.

For honor and fatherland (Marciando nel buio) (Italy 1995) - directed by Massimo Spano

Soldier Saro (Flavio Albanese) is raped by his superior ( Jean-Marc Barr ). Saro wants to take him to court and hopes for support from the gay soldier Tricario ( Thomas Kretschmann ). But in the end it is not a great support.

It's My Party (1995 United States) - Director: Randal Kleiser

Nick Stark ( Eric Roberts ), incurable AIDS , has one last party with all of his friends.

Jeffrey (United States 1995) - Director: Christopher Ashley

Just after Jeffrey ( Steven Weber ) renounced sex forever for fear of AIDS, he meets his dream man in HIV-positive Steve ( Michael T. Weiss ).

Coffee, Milk and Sugar (Boys on the Side) (United States 1995) - Director: Herbert Ross

The lesbian nightclub singer Jane ( Whoopi Goldberg ) is fed up with New York City, sets up a carpool with real estate agent Robin ( Mary-Louise Parker ) and on the way gives up on her friend Holly ( Drew Barrymore ), who just had an argument with her boyfriend . In a small town they found a shared apartment.

Little Death (La Petite mort) (short film, France 1995) - Director: François Ozon

The gay artist Paul lives with his friend Martial. When his father is dying, he sees him for the first time in six years.

Is Mausi coming out ?! (Germany 1995) - directed by Alexander Scherer , Angelina Maccarone

Coming from the country, 20-year-old Kati ( Julia Richter ), called Mausi, is coming out in the city of Hamburg.

Menmaniacs (Documentary, Germany / United States 1995) - Director: Jochen Hick

Documentation about the annual gay travel cycle for the fetish elections " International Mr. Leather " and "Mr. Drummer ”.

Now and Then - Then and Now (United States 1995) - Director: Lesli Linka Glatter

The character Roberta Martin ( Christina Ricci & Rosie O'Donnell ) was laid out as a lesbian. After the test audience was furious that a lesbian gynecologist was examining a vagina, the film was slightly changed at the last minute.

Schlafes Bruder (Germany 1995) - Director: Joseph Vilsmaier

Peter ( Ben Becker ) falls in love with his friend Elias ( André Eisermann ), who, however, loves Peter's sister Elsbeth ( Dana Vávrová ). Out of desperate jealousy, Peter even locks Elsbeth in the room and sets the house on fire, which burns down most of the village. However, she is saved by Elias.

Sebastian - friendship or love? (När alla vet) (Norway / Sweden 1995) - Director: Svend Wam

16-year-old Sebastian falls in love with his best friend Ulf.

City Talk (Germany 1995) - Director: Rainer Kaufmann

The main character's homosexual brother ( Kai Wiesinger ) ( Katja Riemann ) and his partner ( Moritz Bleibtreu ) play an important role.

Stonewall (United Kingdom / United States 1995) - Director: Nigel Finch

Feature film about the Stonewall Inn and the Stonewall uprising of 1969. With Guillermo Díaz and Fred Weller .

To Wong Foo (To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar) (United States 1995) - Director: Beeban Kidron

The three drag queens Vida Boheme ( Patrick Swayze ), Noxeema Jackson ( Wesley Snipes ) and Chi-Chi Rodriguez ( John Leguizamo ) get stranded in a sleepy town on their way to a drag queen competition. While they may seem like foreign bodies at first, they can quickly make friends with the locals and eventually change their lives.
The film is considered the US version of the Australian film Priscilla - Queen of the Desert from the previous year.

Total Eclipse - The Rimbaud and Verlaine Affair (Belgium / France / Italy / United Kingdom 1995) - directed by Agnieszka Holland

Film adaptation of the affair of the poets Arthur Rimbaud ( Leonardo DiCaprio ) and Paul Verlaine ( David Thewlis ).

Two Girls In Love (The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love) (United States 1995) - Director: Maria Maggenti

A rebellious working-class girl ( Laurel Holloman ) and the high school princess ( Nicole Parker ) fall in love.

Victor / Victoria (United States 1995) - directed by Matthew Diamond , Blake Edwards

Musical based on the film of the same name (also with Julie Andrews ), filmed live on stage and released on DVD. Compared to the movie with a lot more music.

When Night Is Falling (When Night Is Falling) (Canada 1995) - Director: Patricia Rozema

The Christian teacher Camille Baker ( Pascale Bussières ) falls in love with the circus artist Petra ( Rachael Crawford ), who is traveling through the country .

Wild Side (United States 1995) - Director: Donald Cammell

Alex Lee ( Anne Heche ), a bank clerk who works part-time as a prostitute, enters into a relationship with Virginia ( Joan Chen ), the wife of her client Bruno Buckingham ( Christopher Walken ). In the end, both women flee to Mexico together .


Alive & Kicking - especially now! (Indian Summer) (United Kingdom 1996) - Director: Nancy Meckler

Faced with death, a passionate young dancer is forced to review his career and life. He gains hope from an older man who becomes his lover and mentor .

The Art of Cruising Men (UK 1996) - Director: Peter Litton

Pseudo-documentary parody of a guide to gay cruising.

Men like it hot too! (Pédale douce) (France 1996) - Director: Gabriel Aghion

An unouted bank employee is invited to a business lunch by the boss. To keep the facade up, he goes with a friend, which leads to some confusion.

Beautiful Thing (UK 1996) - Director: Hettie MacDonald

15-year-old Jamie lives with his mother in a London high-rise estate. When the neighbor boy Ste is beaten up by his father again, he finds shelter with Jamie and his mother. A love develops between the two boys that lasts even against the adversities of the environment.

The Birdcage (The Birdcage) (United States 1996) - Director: Mike Nichols

Hollywood remake of La Cage aux Folles with Robin Williams and Nathan Lane as the gay couple.

Bound - Gefesselt (Bound) (United States 1996) - Directed by Andy Wachowski , Lana Wachowski

Two lovers ( Jennifer Tilly as Violet and Gina Gershon as Corky) steal from the Mafia.

The Callboy (L'Escorte) (Canada 1996) - Director: Denis Langlois

A callboy brings unrest into the lives of Jean-Marc and Philippe, who have lived together for eight years.

The First Wives Club (The First Wives Club) (USA 1996) - Director: Hugh Wilson

In a subplot, one of the main characters ( Diane Keaton ) learns to accept the lesbian tendencies of her daughter ( Jennifer Dundas ).

The coded man (Breaking the code) (United Kingdom 1996) - Director: Herbert Wise

The true story of the life and work of British gay mathematician Alan Turing (1912–1954). Although he does brilliant groundbreaking work in mathematics, biology, logic and computer science, he is socially ostracized and prosecuted for his homosexuality.

Cynara: Poetry in Motion (United States 1996) - Director: Nicole Conn

The love of two women in 1883.

The Delta (United States 1996) - Director: Ira Sachs

Lincoln, who is not quite 18 years old, leads a perfectly normal life: he has a girlfriend and lots of buddies. But he secretly has anonymous sex with strange men. When he met a young man of Vietnamese origin one day, the two of them took a boat to the Mississippi Delta.

Thieves of the Night (Les Vouleurs) (France 1996) - Director: André Téchiné

Catherine Deneuve as a philosophy professor who has an affair with a student.

East Palace, West Palace (China / France 1996) - Director: Zhang Yuan , Cheng Jie

The public toilets at the east and west end of the park around the Imperial Palace are designated in the Beijing gay scene with the code words East Palace and West Palace . The young A-Lan ( Si Han ) and the policeman Xiao Shi ( Jun Hu ) meet there for the first time during a raid.
It is the first film from the People's Republic of China with an explicitly homosexual theme. In order to complete the film, the film rolls had to be smuggled into France and the showing in China was banned. After returning from the premiere, the director's passport was taken away and only got it back after several assurances that he would work with the state film authority in the future.

Echte Kerle (Germany 1996) - Director: Rolf Silber

A total macho and police officer ( Christoph M. Ohrt ) moves in with a gay car mechanic and petty criminal ( Tim Bergmann ).

Fire - When Love Catches Fire (Fire) (Canada / India 1996) - Director: Deepa Mehta

Beyond all the conventions of Indian society, two women by marriage fall in love.
There were riots in which cinemas that showed the film anyway had to deal with considerable property damage.

Full speed (À toute vitesse) (France 1996) - Director: Gaël Morel

A chapter in the lives of four French teenagers. One of the three boys is unhappily in love with one of the others.

Der Heilige (Saint) (Short film, Belgium 1996) - Director: Bavo Defurne

Film adaptation of the myth of Saint Sebastian.

Hustler White (Germany / Canada 1996) - Director: Rick Castro , Bruce LaBruce

The German Jürgen wants to write a book about the prostitute scene in Los Angeles. When he comes across Monti, he is drawn deeper and deeper into this milieu.

Johns (Johns) (United States 1996) - Director: Scott Silver

John works as a hustler on the streets of Los Angeles. The new prostitute Donner, who was thrown out by his parents for his homosexuality at home, falls in love with John and can finally persuade him to leave the old life to work in an amusement park. But when John serves a last customer to get the money for the bus ticket, the consequences are disastrous.

The small difference (Different for Girls) (United Kingdom / France 1996) - Director: Richard Spence

The story of two school friends who meet again after years. Only that one is now a woman.

Kondom des Horens (Germany 1996) - Director: Martin Walz

A number of penis-eating killer condoms rock the New York sex scene.

Lilies - Les feluettes (Canada 1996) - Director: John Greyson

Stage-like, tragic-fantastic homo- / heterosexual love triangle story on different time levels.

O Happy Day (documentary, United States 1996) - Director: Charles Lofton

Documentary about the liberation struggle of gay African Americans.

Pianese Nunzio - 14 in May (Pianese Nunzio, 14 anni a maggio) (Italy 1996) - Director: Antonio Capuano

Priest Lorenzo is into the boys of Naples - especially his pupil Nunzio. When he messes with the Camorra, it makes his sexual preferences public.

A summer dress (Une robe d'été) (short film, France 1996) - directed by François Ozon

Short film about a boy who goes on vacation with his boyfriend and is seduced by a girl there.

Twisted (United States 1996) - Director: Seth Michael Donsky

Very loose adaptation of the Oliver twist material with numerous gay remodeling of the characters.

The Watermelon Woman (United States 1996) - Director: Cheryl Dunye

The lesbian video store employee Cheryl tries to find out more about the actress in an old film who is only called "Watermelon Woman" in the end credits. She finds out that her name was Fae Richards and that she called herself "Watermelon Woman" early in her career. And she was a lesbian too. She begins to film a documentary about her idol.


All Over Me (United States 1997) - Director: Alex Sichel

The story of two girls who grow up in a poor New York neighborhood and fall in love.

America the Beautiful (short film, United States 1997) - Director: Tag Purvis

A hymn to same-sex love in the United States.

Bent (UK 1997) - Director: Sean Mathias

Film about two concentration camp prisoners who fall in love in the concentration camp. With Clive Owen , Ian McKellen , Mick Jagger , Jude Law .

Visit to the Sea (Regarde la mer) (short film, France 1997) - Director: François Ozon

Sasha is alone with her baby in a vacation home when a young drifter camps in her garden. Erotic tension develops between the two women.

Coming In (Germany 1997) - Director: Thomas Bahmann

The art director Lorenz has a happy relationship with his boss Adrian. But one day he meets Nina and falls in love with her.

All Or Not (The Full Monty) (UK 1997) - Director: Peter Cattaneo

Two members of the striptease group discover their feelings for each other.

Against gravity (Defying Gravity) (United States 1997) - Director: John Keitel

Griff falls in love with his buddy Pete, but can only stand for mutual love when Pete is the victim of an anti-gay attack.

Hamam - The Turkish Bath (Il bagno turco) (Italy 1997) - Director: Ferzan Özpetek

The Italian Francesco ( Alessandro Gassmann ) travels to Istanbul to sell an inherited, run-down hammam . Instead, he succumbs to the atmosphere of the Turkish bath and the love of a man ( Mehmet Günsür ).

The Hanging Garden (Canada / UK 1997) - Director: Thom Fitzgerald

Matured into an attractive, happy gay man, Sweet William ( Chris Leavins ) returns to his home country after ten years for his sister's wedding, where he is confronted with his past of family homophobia and his father's fights.

Happy Together (Cheun gwong tsa sit) (Hong Kong 1997) - Director: Wong Kar-Wai

The gay couple Lai Yiu-Fai and Ho Po-Wing emigrate from Hong Kong to Argentina.

The Hawking Affair (Motel Blue) (United States 1997) - Director: Sam Firstenberg

Lana Hawking ( Sean Young ) and Kyle Rivers ( Soleil Moon Frye ) fascinate each other, each of the women assumes the identity of the other.

My Best Friend's Wedding (My Best Friend's Wedding) (United States 1997) - Director: PJ Hogan

The restaurant critic Julianne Potter ( Julia Roberts ) tries together with her gay friend George Downes ( Rupert Everett ) to prevent the wedding of her best friend Michael O'Neal ( Dermot Mulroney ).

I Think I Do (United States 1997) - Director: Brian Sloan

Brendan ( Christian Maelen ) and Bob ( Alexis Arquette ), who never admitted their love in college, meet five years later at a wedding ...

In & Out (In & Out) (United States 1997) - Director: Frank Oz

The teacher Howard Brackett ( Kevin Kline ) is outed by an Oscar winner and supported by the gay reporter Peter Malloy ( Tom Selleck ) with the coming-out .

In the Gloaming (United States 1997) - Director: Christopher Reeve

Dying of AIDS, Danny ( Robert Sean Leonard ) returns home to his mother ( Glenn Close ) for the final months of his life .

It's in the Water (United States 1997) - Director: Kelli Herd

When several citizens in conservative Azalea Springs, Texas, come out as gay or lesbian, intolerant conservatives fear that the drinking water could be to blame.

J'en suis! (Canada 1997) - Director: Claude Fournier

Dominique ( Roy Dupuis ) is a man who has difficulties with his sexual orientation and therefore gets into funny situations.

Kiss Me, Guido (United States 1997) - Director: Tony Vitale

Frankie (Nick Scotti), an Italian-American macho from the Bronx, moves in with gay actor Warren (Anthony Barrile) through a misunderstanding. In living together, the two different men manage to develop an understanding of the other's life situation.

Die Konkurrentin (Germany 1997) - Director: Dagmar Hirtz

Two management consultants, the long-established Katharina Nordberg ( Charlotte Schwab ) and the young Maren Rieger ( Ann-Kathrin Kramer ), initially see themselves as competitors for the executive position, but fall in love with each other while working on a work project.

A kiss in the snow (Kysset som fikk snøen til å smelte) (short film, Norway 1997) - Director: Frank Mosvold

When a new neighbor moves in, the friendship between Cecilie and Peter changes.

Latin Boys Go to Hell (Germany / Spain 1997) - Director: Ela Troyano

Justin is in his early twenties and lives in a working-class neighborhood of Brooklyn where mostly Latinos live. When Justin's family takes in his cousin Angel, Justin falls in love with Angel. Since Angel doesn't reciprocate his love, Justin agrees to spend a night with Carlos, who has been keeping an eye on him for a long time. But Carlos's jealous friend Braulio notices that.

Life and Death on Long Island (Love and Death on Long Island) (United Kingdom / Canada 1997) - Director: Richard Kwietniowski

Giles De'Ath ( John Hurt ), a senior writer, falls in love with a young actor ( Jason Priestley ).

Love! Strength! Compassion! (Love! Valor! Compassion!) (United States 1997) - Director: Joe Mantello

Eight gay friends spend their summer weekends together in the country house of the successful choreographer Gregory, clarify their relationships and fall in love again.
Adaptation of the play of the same name by Terrence McNally .

Mandragora (Czech Republic 1997) - Director: Wiktor Grodecki

16-year-old Marek comes to Prague from the small town, where he slips into the sex scene.

The Man of My Heart (L'Homme que j'aime) (France 1997) - Director: Stéphane Giusti

The swimmer Lucard discovers his homosexuality and falls in love with the attractive Martin.

Mein Leben in Rosarot (Ma vie en rose) (France 1997) - Director: Alain Berliner

7-year-old Ludovic prefers to play with dolls and wears women's clothes. That drives his parents from town to town and almost into a marital crisis.

Nettoyage à sec - An affair for three (France / Spain 1997) - Director: Anne Fontaine

An ordinary couple, owners of a dry cleaner, succumbs to the charm of a young entertainer and begins an affair with him.

Oscar Wilde (Wilde) (Germany / Japan / United Kingdom 1997) - Director: Brian Gilbert

Film about the life of Oscar Wilde ( Stephen Fry ). Jude Law plays his lover, Alfred Douglas .

Pierre & Gilles, Love Stories (documentary, France 1997) - directed by Mike Aho

Documentation about the gay artist couple "Pierre & Gilles", who are famous for their homoerotic works.
With Rupert Everett , Jean Paul Gaultier and Catherine Deneuve .

Der Schrei der Liebe (Germany 1997) - Director: Matti Geschonneck

A family man (played by Jürgen Prochnow , after Die Konsequenz again in a gay role) falls in love with his daughter's boyfriend.

Leap in the dark (Breaking the Surface: The Greg Louganis Story) (United States 1997) - Director: Steven Hilliard Stern

Biography of the gay US high diver , multiple world champion and multiple Olympic champion Greg Louganis .

The Stars We Are (short documentary, Sweden 1997) - Director: Mia Engberg

Short documentary about the gay, HIV-positive skinhead Kalle, who hates the whole world.

Das Trio (Germany 1997) - Director: Hermine Huntgeburth

Zobel ( Götz George ), his partner Karl and his daughter Lizzi keep their heads above water as pickpockets. After Karl's accident, young Rudolf joins them and turns both Zobel's and his daughter's heads.


Beefcake - For Men Only (Beefcake) (Canada / United Kingdom / France 1998) - Director: Thom Fitzgerald

Semi-documentary film about the life and work of Bob Mizer ( Daniel MacIvor ), the editor of Physique Pictorial , one of the first gay photo magazines (United States, 1950s).

Good as It Gets (As good as it gets) (United States 1998) - Director: James L. Brooks

Gay neighbor Simon Bishop ( Greg Kinnear ) and waitress Carol ( Helen Hunt ) help obsessive-compulsive writer Melvin Udall ( Jack Nicholson ) become a better person.

Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss (1998 United States) - Director: Tommy O'Haver

The gay photographer Billy falls in love with the waiter Gabriel, who at first appears to be straight.

Bishonen… Beauty (Měishàonián zhi Liàn) (Hong Kong 1998) - Director: Yonfan

A handsome hustler ( Stephen Fung ) falls in love with a policeman ( Daniel Wu ).

Closer (short film, Norway / Canada / United Kingdom 1998) - Director: Frank Mosvold

A gay teenager has problems with his homosexuality. He is torn between his need to come out and his need not to get into an argument with his parents.

David in Wonderland (Germany 1998) - Director: Moritz Seibert

Michael leads the normal life of a teenager. When he met David, who was his age, by chance, he initially found him strange because he was a member of a sect that led a secluded life and rejected modern achievements. But slowly a friendship develops between the two and David gets to know life outside the sect through Michael. Ultimately, friendship turns into love that brings David into conflict with his church. When the sect wants to emigrate to the USA, David has to choose between his family and his friend.

Edge of Seventeen - Summer of the Decision (Edge of Seventeen) (United States 1998) - Director: David Moreton

Sandusky, Ohio, 1984: Eric and best friend Maggie start a vacation job at the local amusement park where they befriend not only lesbian manager Angie, but also gay student Rod. Eric slowly begins to recognize his homosexuality, but it takes a while before he can finally stand by himself.

Finding North (United States 1998) - Director: Tanya Wexler

Tragic comedy about a gay man who wants to kill himself and is saved by a bank employee.

De Fögi isch en Souhund (F. est un salaud) (Switzerland / France 1998) - Director: Marcel Gisler

Based on a Bern German romance novel by Martin Frank from 1979.

Get Real - From Man to Man (Get real) (United Kingdom 1998) - Director: Simon Shore

Steven Carter ( Ben Silverstone ), an average student, and John Dixon ( Brad Gorton ), the school crush, fall in love, but John can't make up his mind to come out.

Gia Beauty Price (Gia) (United States 1998) - Director: Michael Cristofer

The model Gia Carangi ( Angelina Jolie ) fights against her drug addiction with her friend Linda, but dies of AIDS.

Gods and Monsters (United States 1998) - Director: Bill Condon

Partly fictional story about the last phase of life of Frankenstein director James Whale ( Ian McKellen ). The actually homophobic gardener Clayton Boone ( Brendan Fraser ) first becomes the object of desire, then the old man's last friend.
The script got an Oscar.

High Art (United States 1998) - Director: Lisa Cholodenko

Syd ( Radha Mitchell ), the young editor of an art magazine, starts a relationship with the photographer Lucy ( Ally Sheedy ), who lives with the drug addict Greta ( Patricia Clarkson ).

Headfirst (Head On) (Australia 1998) - Director: Ana Kokkinos

19-year-old Ari ( Alex Dimitriades ) lives with his traditional Greek family and tries to cope with being gay.

Cross and Queer (Bedrooms and Hallways) (United Kingdom 1998) - Director: Rose Troche

The gay Leo goes to a self-help group, where he falls in love with the attractive Brendan.

My Affection (The Object of My Affection) (United States 1998) - Director: Nicholas Hytner

Social worker Nina Borowski ( Jennifer Aniston ) falls in love with her gay lodger, George Hanson ( Paul Rudd ). Also with Nigel Hawthorne and Alan Alda .

Like it is (UK 1998) - Director: Paul Oremland

A young boxer falls in love with a music producer.

Men are only women (L'homme est une femme comme les autres) (France 1998) - Director: Jean-Jacques Zilbermann

The soprano Rosalie ( Elsa Zylberstein ) falls in love with Simon ( Antoine de Caunes ) and his clarinet at a wedding party . However, the musician is gay and will get a lot of money from his uncle when he finally gets married.

Sailors (Matroos) (short film, Belgium 1998) - directed by Bavo Defurne

Parable about a gay teenager who loves a sailor.

Open Hearts (Les corps ouverts) (France 1998) - Director: Sébastien Lifshitz

18-year-old Remi takes care of his sick father in addition to his school. When he applied to participate in a film, he got to know his homosexual feelings.

The Opposite of Sex (United States 1998) - Director: Don Roos

Dede Truitt ( Christina Ricci ) moves in with her homosexual half-brother Bill after her stepfather's funeral. Bill is close friends with his late lover's sister, Lucia DeLury ( Lisa Kudrow ). Dede teases his lover Matt Mateo from her brother and tells Matt he is pregnant. In reality, the child is from Dede's ex-lover, Randy Cates.

Raus aus Åmål (Fucking Åmål) (Sweden / Denmark 1998) - Director: Lukas Moodysson

Elin ( Alexandra Dahlström ) and Agnes ( Rebecka Liljeberg ) come out in a small Swedish town.

Relax… It's Just Sex (United States 1998) - Director: PJ Castellaneta

A clique of homos and straight people who go through life together.

Sex / Life in LA (Documentary, Germany / United States 1998) - Director: Jochen Hick

Documentation about the glittering gay world of the Hollywood film business and its sobering reality.

Sitcom (France 1998) - Director: François Ozon

The story of an upper class family who discovers a son's homosexuality.

2by4 (United States 1998) - Director: Jimmy Smallhorne

An Irish immigrant tries to find his sexual identity on the streets of the Bronx.

Velvet Goldmine (United States 1998) - Director: Todd Haynes

Cult film about glam rock of the 1970s. The focus is on Brian Slade ( Jonathan Rhys Meyers ), bisexual singer who, in addition to his marriage, has an affair with Kurt Wilde ( Ewan McGregor ) - a reference to David Bowie's glam rock times.

Wellen (Bølgene) (short film, Norway 1998) - directed by Frank Mosvold

The relationship between two teenagers shifts between love and friendship.

Wild Things (United States 1998) - Director: John McNaughton

Love and intrigue between the main actresses and their teachers.

The Wolves of Kromer (UK 1998) - Director: Will Gould

Seth meets Gabriel in the staid town of Kromer, who teaches him how to hide, but does not succeed. The sanctimonious Father is now hunting the two lovers with the whole congregation.
Fantasy film in which wolves are allegories for gays. Boy George is the narrator of this "fairy tale" .


After Stonewall (documentary, United States 1999) - Director: John Scagliotti

English-language documentation about the American lesbian and gay movement from the Stonewall uprising in 1969 to the present day.

Aimée & Jaguar (Germany 1999) - Director: Max Färberböck

Felice ( Maria Schrader ), a Jew in hiding , and Lilly ( Juliane Köhler ), mother of four with a husband at the front, fell in love in Berlin in 1943/1944.

All about my mother (Todo sobre mi madre) (Spain 1999) - Director: Pedro Almodóvar

After the death of her 17-year-old son, Manuela leaves her home in Madrid to find the father of her son, who now lives in Barcelona as a woman. She also meets a lesbian actress who played a tragic role in the death of her son.

Am Campfire (Kampvuur) (short film, Belgium 1999) - Director: Bavo Defurne

Wout and Tijl share a tent. Wout doesn't know that Tijl has a crush on him until something suddenly happens in the tent ...

Better Than Chocolate (Canada 1999) - Director: Anne Wheeler

The divorced Lila ( Wendy Crewson ) moves in with her daughter, the bookseller Maggie ( Karyn Dwyer ). Maggie has a lesbian relationship with Kim ( Christina Cox ), which she initially hides from her mother.

The Boondock Saints (The Boondock Saints) (Canada / United States 1999) - Director: Troy Duffy

Gay FBI agent Paul Smecker ( Willem Dafoe ) is on the hunt for the Saints , two brothers on the vigilante crusade.

Boys Don't Cry (1999 United States) - Director: Kimberly Peirce

Filming a true story about a transsexual teenager. With Hilary Swank and Chloë Sevigny .

Burlesk King (Philippines 1999) - Director: Mel Chionglo

Harry, son of an American father and a Filipino mother, ends up as a dancer in the gay clubs of Manila.

Chill Out (Germany 1999) - Director: Andreas Struck

Well-known love triangle: girl meets bisexual or homosexual boys; a second boy joins them ...

Chutney Popcorn (United States 1999) - Director: Nisha Ganatra

The Indian Reena lives in a lesbian relationship, which, however, displeases her family.

A date for three (Three to Tango) (United States / Australia 1999) - Director: Damon Santostefano

The gay architect Peter ( Oliver Platt ) and his heterosexual colleague Oscar ( Matthew Perry ) apply for an architectural competition. Due to a misunderstanding, Oscar is mistaken for gay. He falls in love with Amy ( Neve Campbell ), who still thinks he's gay ...

The Einstein des Sex (Germany 1999) - Director: Rosa von Praunheim

Film about the life and work of the sex researcher Magnus Hirschfeld .

Cruel Intentions (Cruel Intentions) (United States 1999) - Director: Roger Kumble

In a subplot, womanizer Sebastian ( Ryan Phillippe ) blackmailed the gay football player Greg McConnell ( Eric Mabius ), who had a sexual relationship with Sebastian's gay friend Blaine Tuttle ( Joshua Jackson ), with a photo of the two gays having sex in bed shows. If Greg's homosexuality became known, his reputation and career as a football player would be over.

Gendernauts - a journey through the land of the new sexes (documentary, Germany 1999) - director: Monika Treut

Documentary about the transgender scene in San Francisco

Just One Time (1999 US) - Director: Lane Janger

Anthony wishes to watch his fiancée Amy have sex with another woman before the wedding. She agrees if her fiancé also has sex with a man. The gay Victor and the lesbian Michelle then shake the couple's world.

Lola and Bilidikid (Germany 1999) - Director: E. Kutlug Ataman

17 year old Murat is gay. When he comes out, he also struggles with his Turkish ancestry.

Impeccably (Flawless) (United States 1999) - Director: Joel Schumacher

Drag queen Rusty ( Philip Seymour Hoffman ) gives speech therapy lessons to Walt Koontz ( Robert De Niro ) after a stroke .

Memento Mori - Remembrance of Death (Yeogo Goedam II) (South Korea 1999) - Directors: Kim Tae-yong , Min Kyu-dong

Min-ah finds her classmates Shi-eun and Hyo-shin's diary, which reveals their lesbian love affair. One day Hyo-shin commits suicide, after which supernatural phenomena occur at the girls' boarding school.

New Snow (Premières neiges) (France 1999) - Director: Gaël Morel

The lesbian thief Léa tries to rob a department store at Christmas. When she is discovered by the security guard, she has to try to get him not to call the police.

Off the Straight and Narrow (Documentary, United States 1999) - Director: Katherine E. Sender

Documentary about the representation of homosexuals on American television since the 1960s.

Oi! Warning (Germany 2000) - directed by Dominik Reding , Benjamin Reding

The skinhead Janosch ( Sascha Backhaus ) falls in love with the punk Zottel ( Jens Veith ) and betrays him.

Rick & Steve the Happiest Gay Couple in All the World (short film, United States 1999) - Director: Q. Allan Brocka

In stop-motion made process short animated film Kirsten and Dana, who will jointly have a child about the gay couple Rick and Steve and the lesbian couple.
Due to the great success of this short film, it became a series of the same name, which was broadcast from 2007 to 2009 with a total of 14 episodes in two seasons (see: Rick & Steve: The Happiest Gay Couple in All the World ).

The Sissy Duckling (United States 1999) - Director: Anthony Bell

Animated film about a gay duckling being teased by his school friends. When it saves a life, others learn to respect it for what it is.
Adaptation of the fairy tale "The Ugly Duckling" by Hans Christian Andersen.

Speedway Junkie (Speedway Junky) (United States 1999) - Director: Nickolas Perry .

Jonathan Taylor Thomas plays Steve, a hustler and leader of a gang.

Story of a Bad Boy (United States 1999) - Director: Tom Donaghy

17-year-old Pauly falls in love with his acting teacher at school.

Tabu (Gohatto) (Japan 1999) - Director: E. Nagisa Oshima

Gay love among samurai in the Shogun era.

The Talented Mr. Ripley (The Talented Mr. Ripley) (USA / Italy 1999) - Director: Anthony Minghella

Tom Ripley ( Matt Damon ) secretly falls in love with the bon vivant Dickie ( Jude Law ). When he makes fun of him, Tom kills him in a boat and slips into a double role. When his game and the first murder are in danger of being exposed, he also kills his lover Peter ( Jack Davenport ).

Les terres froides (France 1999) - Director: Sébastien Lifshitz

The 20-year-old Djamel goes in search of his father. When he finds him, he also meets his gay half-brother ...

Trick (1999 United States) - Director: Jim Fall

Finding a place for an undisturbed one-night stand becomes an odyssey . With Tori Spelling .

Urban Feel (Kesher Ir) (Israel 1999) - Director: Jonathan Sagall

The bisexual Emanuel ( Jonathan Sagall ) forces himself into the marriage of his former girlfriend.

Because I am a girl (But I'm a Cheerleader) (United States 1999) - Directed by Jamie Babbit

Megan ( Natasha Lyonne ), a successful top student, is believed by everyone to be a lesbian and is sent to a reorientation camp by her parents. There she falls in love with the rebellious Graham ( Clea du Vall ), which is stopped by the camp leaders and the parents.



The Clueless (Le Fate Ignoranti) (Italy / France 2000) - Director: Ferzan Özpetek

After the accidental death of her husband Massimo ( Andrea Renzi ), Antonia ( Margherita Buy ) learns of his double gay life. She seeks out the mixed crowd to find out more about her husband's unknown side.

Before Night Falls (Before Night Falls) (United States 2000) - Director: Julian Schnabel

Biography of the Cuban gay writer and dissident Reinaldo Arenas ( Javier Bardem ). Johnny Depp in a supporting role as a transvestite.

Big Eden… a little miracle (Big Eden) (United States 2000) - Director: Thomas Bezucha

Henry, a successful New York artist, returns to his small hometown in Montana to grapple with his unrequited high school love for Dean, whose idealized image he has carried with him over the years. But there is also Pike, the shy Indian drugstore owner, who, to everyone's surprise, falls in love with Henry. And the whole town tries to bring the two together.

Billy Elliot - I Will Dance (UK 2000) - Director: Stephen Daldry

While the young Billy ( Jamie Bell ) is confronted with the prejudice that he is homosexual because of his preference for dancing, his friend Michael ( Stuart Wells ) actually develops homosexual tendencies.

Burning Money (Plata quemada) (Spain / France / Argentina / Uruguay 2000) - Director: Marcelo Piñeyro

Film based on a true story about a gay couple of robbers.

Center Stage (United States 2000) - Director: Nicholas Hytner

Film about twelve dance levels at the American Ballet Company. In addition to other storylines, there is also a gay relationship.

The Broken Hearts Club (The Broken Hearts Club) (United States 2000) - Director: Greg Berlanti

The film tells about the life of a group of gay friends in West Hollywood.

Common Ground (United States 2000) - Director: Donna Deitch

Episodic film with three stories on the subject of homosexuality.

Drift (Canada 2000) - Director: Quentin Lee

At a party, Ryan and Joel meet student Leo, who messes up their relationship.

Eban and Charley ( United Kingdom / United States 2000) - Director: James Bolton

After his mother dies, 15-year-old Charley lives with his tyrannical father. When he starts an illegal relationship with 29-year-old Eban and their families find out, they have to make a tough decision.

Felix (Drôle de Félix) (France 2000) - Directors: Olivier Ducastel , Jacques Martineau

HIV-positive Felix travels across France to find his father and meets many people in the process.

4 PM (Short, UK 2000) - Directed by Samantha Bakhurst , Lea Morement

The lesbian Jenna Watson spent the night with a woman and must have left the apartment by 4 a.m. The problem: the door is locked and you can't get out. At 4 a.m. the door opens, but her sex partner is not alone ...

The Next Best Thing (The Next Best Thing) (United States 2000) - Director: John Schlesinger

Abandoned Abbie Reynolds ( Madonna ) becomes pregnant by her gay friend Robert Whittaker ( Rupert Everett ).

The Girl (United States / France 2000) - Director: Sande Zeig

A young painter lives in a long-standing lesbian relationship. In a nightclub she meets a charismatic singer and emotions go on a roller coaster.

Girls United (Bring It On) (United States 2000) - Director: Peyton Reed

Conversations about the homosexuality of male cheerleaders. At the end of the film, two teenage cheerleaders get to know each other and flirt with each other.

Indifference (Likegyldighet) (short film, Norway 2000) - Director: Frank Mosvold

16-year-old Ole Petter believes in God, but doubts whether God believes in him too. He seeks advice from a priest ...

Iron Ladies (Satree lek) (Thailand 2000) - Director: Youngyooth Thongkonthun

Filming of a true story about a Thai volleyball team that consists of gays, transvestites and transsexuals and wants to take part in the national championships against all opposition from conservative officials. There they advance to audience favorites and are very successful in the tournament ...

Kilometer 0 (Km. 0) (Spain 2000) - Directed by Yolanda García Serrano , Juan Luis Iborra

On a hot summer day, seven couples meet in the Puerta del Sol , one of the central squares of Madrid. There are some mix-ups and unexpected encounters.

Krámpack - Nico and Dani (Krámpack) (Spain 2000) - Director: Cesc Gay

The teenagers Dani ( Fernando Ramallo ) and Nico ( Jordi Vilches ) want to finally lose their innocence during their summer vacation together. Dani would like to experience more than masturbation with Nico. Later, a writer and family friend appears, whom Dani admires and with whom he gets involved sexually.

Love me! (Germany 2000) - Director: Maris Pfeiffer

Kathrin is a happily married mother. After her son starts school, she starts an affair with his teacher Elena.

You love to draw (La Confusion des Genre) (France 2000) - Director: Ilan Duran Cohen

Alain ( Pascal Greggory ) takes turns having affairs with men and women. One day he gets his business partner Laurence ( Nathalie Richard ) pregnant , but he is just about to establish a relationship with the young gay Christophe ( Cyrille Thouvenin ).

The Sea (El Mar) (Spain 2000) - Director: Agustí Villaronga

Two boys had traumatic experiences when the Spanish Civil War broke out. When they meet again years later in a sanatorium, one of the two reveals his past as a hustler, which puts his deeply religious friend in a bind, because he feels drawn to him, which, however, contradicts his religion.

The Night Larry Kramer Kissed Me (United States 2000) - Director: Tim Kirkman

An episode film about the gay male experience in the big city.

No One Sleeps (Germany / United States 2000) - Director: Jochen Hick

Feature film about a medical student who pursues the thesis of the HIV virus generated by the military and who ends up investigating serial murders.

Just a question of love (Just a question of love) (Juste une question d'amour) (France, Belgium 2000) - Director: Christian Faure

When young Laurent falls in love with Cédric, he doesn't dare to tell his conservative parents that he is gay.

O Fantasma (Portugal 2000) - Director: João Pedro Rodrigues

Sergio falls in love with the older Joao, who does not reciprocate his feelings.

Paragraph 175 (documentary, United States 2000) - Directed by Rob Epstein , Jeffrey Friedman .

Documentation on the fate of the Rosa Winkel prisoners .

The Perfect Son (Canada 2000) - Director: Leonard Farlinger

A deadly disease reunites a man with his estranged brother.

Red Dirt (United States 2000) - Director: Tag Purvis

Even though he's only just 20 years old and actually wants to leave the provinces, Griffith has to take care of his sick aunt. When a stranger enters his life, his life takes an unexpected turn.

Painful Truth (The Truth about Jane) (United States 2000) - Director: Lee Rose

Jane fights for recognition after coming out. In doing so, she repeatedly comes across her homophobic mother.

Summer like Winter (Presque Rien) (France 2000) - Director: Sébastien Lifshitz

18-year-old Mathieu ( Jérémie Elkaïm ) falls in love with Cédric ( Stéphane Rideau ), who is of the same age, during his summer vacation . In the winter of the following year, Mathieu tries to kill himself after Cédric leaves him. The reasons for the separation are not shown in the film. The film tells of Mathieu's feelings when he came out and of his feelings during and after his first love.

Sordid Lives (United States 2000) - Director: Del Shores

Story of the Ingram family from a small Texas town. Ty, the son of the conservative Latrelle, is gay. Likewise her brother Earl "Brother Boy", who disguised as Tammy Wynette lives in a sanatorium and is supposed to be cured of his homosexuality there.
With Olivia Newton-John .

Urbania (United States 2000) - Director: Jon Shear

Charlie spends an autumn weekend in New York City, gaining a lot of experience.

Christmas at Home - Home for Christmas (Hjem til jul) (Short film, United States 2000) - Director: Frank Mosvold

On Christmas Eve, a daughter tells her parents that she is a lesbian.

Women Love Women (If These Walls Could Talk 2) (United States 2000) - Directors: Jane Anderson , Martha Coolidge

Episodic film (TV film) about the life of lesbian couples in 1961, 1972 and 2000. With Vanessa Redgrave , Marian Seldes , Michelle Williams , Chloë Sevigny , Sharon Stone , Ellen DeGeneres and others. a.

The WonderBoys (Wonder Boys) (United States 2000) - Director: Curtis Hanson

Tobey Maguire plays the young gay writer James Leer and Robert Downey junior plays the bisexual editor Terry Crabtree.

Back to go! (Germany 2000) - Director: Pierre Sanoussi-Bliss

When the dark-skinned German singer Sam ( Pierre Sanoussi-Bliss ) learns of his HIV infection, the world collapses for him. But he soon realizes that life goes on - he falls in love again and starts a kind of family consisting of his sometimes-yes-sometimes-no lover Rainer ( Dieter Bach ), his best friend Bastl ( Matthias Freihof ) and his youngest Affair Mike, in the crumbling splendor of the Wilhelminian style East Berlin.

Two women, a man and a baby (Austria 2000) - Director: Wolfgang Murnberger

Sandra and Iris have a happy lesbian relationship. Only when Iris expresses the wish for a baby and a sperm donor should be found does a relationship crisis develop.


All Over the Guy (United States 2001) - Director: Julie Davis

A straight woman and her gay buddy fall in love with two friends, one straight and the other gay. The result is two pairs of four friends who have to overcome the cliffs of their relationships together.

Baby stuff is a man's thing (Germany 2001) - Director: Uwe Janson

The brothers Malte and Arne find a baby in a phone booth. While searching for their mother, they come across the barmaid Belinda in a nightclub. However, this turns out to be transsexual and is therefore out of the question. In the further search, Malte throws more and more of his homophobia overboard and falls in love with Belinda.

Bobby (Germany 2001) - Director: Vivian Naefe

Bobby is a young man with Down syndrome. When his mother dies, there is a dispute over the custody of his sister Nanni and the homosexual brother Johannes, who lives with his partner Marc.

Breaking Up Really Sucks (Short, United States 2001) - Director: Jennifer McGlone

Two women fall in love, but get into an argument pretty quickly.

Circuit (United States 2001) - Director: Dirk Shafer

Independent feature film, the plot of which is set in the context of gay circuit parties .

Danny in the Sky (Canada 2001) - Director: Denis Langlois

Danny, the son of a gay father and a top model mother who died early, tries to find his identity in a world that absolutely wants to see him as a homosexual - be it because of his job as a stripper or because of his paternal "inheritance" or just because of its dazzling appearance ...

The Deep End (The Deep End) (United States 2001) - Director: Scott McGehee , David Siegel

Margaret Hall ( Tilda Swinton ) does everything possible to save her son Beau ( Jonathan Tucker ) from jail after his lover Darby Reese ( Josh Lucas ) dies in a car accident together.

Three Furies & a Warm Brother (Zus & Zo) (Netherlands 2001) - Director: Paula van der Oest

Three sisters try to prevent their brother from marrying a woman because they know he is homosexual.

The Fluffer (United States 2001) - Director: Richard Glatzer , Wash Westmoreland

Sean meets his crush, Johnny, while filming a gay porn movie. But Johnny is straight.

Friends (short film, Germany 2001) - Director: Jan Krüger

Johannes has found a new friend in Marco. The relationship between the two grows closer and closer and finally a decision has to be made.

Gasoline (Benzina) (Italy 2001) - Director: Monica Stambrini

The story of a lesbian couple who try to separate the conservative mother of one of the two.

Hormones and other demons (Hormoner og andre demoner) (short film, Norway 2001) - Director: Sara Johnsen

During a vacation trip, both Eduarda and her brother Kai fall in love with the attractive Lukas.

Kissing Jessica (Kissing Jessica Stein) (United States 2001) - Director: Charles Herman-Wurmfeld

The successful journalist Jessica Stein, who lives in New York, has never questioned her sexuality. When she meets Helen Cooper, the two women fall in love.

Lan Yu (PR China / Hong Kong 2001) - Director: Stanley Kwan

About the relationship between two men in Beijing.

Late Summer (Short, United States 2001) - Director: David Ottenhouse

A photographer remembers a very special summer he spent with his older cousin.

LIE - Long Island Expressway (LIE) (United States 2001) - Director: Michael Cuesta

Differentiated coming-of-age drama on Long Island.

Lost and Delirious (Canada 2001) - Director: Léa Pool

Dramatic youth film about the lesbian love of two teenagers. With Mischa Barton and Piper Perabo .

A Man Sees Pink (Le Placard) (France 2001) - Director: Francis Veber

The accountant François Pignon ( Daniel Auteuil ) is about to be fired. His gay neighbor ( Michel Aumont ) advises him to pretend he is also gay in order to prevent his release. Suddenly, his macho colleague Félix Santini ( Gérard Depardieu ) is no longer entirely clear about his sexual orientation.

Messiah (TV series) - The First Murders (UK 2001)

Mulholland Drive - Street of Darkness (Mulholland Dr.) (France / United States 2001) - Director: David Lynch

Diane moves to Los Angeles and falls in love with Camilla. Camilla is unfaithful to her with men and women. Jealousy and murder are the result. But nothing is what it seems - a typical David Lynch opus. With Naomi Watts and Laura Harring .

Out of the Closet, Off the Screen: The Life of William Haines (Documentary, United States 2001) - Directors: Fenton Bailey , Randy Barbato

Documentary about the American film star William Haines , who refused to deny his homosexuality and therefore had to end his film career in the early 1930s.

Same Sex Parents (Des parents pas comme les autres) (France 2001) - Director: Laurence Katrian

A classmate reveals that Olympe has two lesbian mothers. At first Olympe is angry with her mother, but it finally turns out that the truth is liberating.

Der Schuh des Manitu (Germany 2001) - Director: Michael Herbig

Parody of the Winnetou films from the 1960s with the gay Indian Winnetouch .

Selma & Sofie (short film, Sweden 2001) - Director: Mia Engberg

Selma falls in love with her swimming instructor Sofie.
The two actresses are also a couple in real life.

Are all nice men gay? (Germany 2001) - Director: Sibylle Tafel

In order to get a room from Mala, Carlo pretends to be gay. When she gets to know Michael and finds him likeable, he reveals to her that he is also gay. Eventually she learns that Carlo lied to her.

Street of Love (Tarik El Hob) (France 2001) - Director: Rémi Lange

The Algerian Karim is studying sociology in Paris. When doing a thesis on the subject of homosexuality, he realizes that he too is gay.

Sweet November (2001 United States) - Director: Pat O'Connor

Sara Deever's (Charlize Theron )’s two best friends are a couple and live together.

Tunten don't lie (Documentary, Germany 2001) - Director: Rosa von Praunheim

Documentation about the life of four Berlin queens (with Tima der Götlichen and Ovo Maltine )

Prelude with aftermath (Alternative title: Mein Vater, die Tunte ) (Germany 2001) - Director: Uwe Janson

Jan thinks his father is a worker on an oil rig. In reality he is gay and the owner of a nightclub. Now they both want to finally get to know each other. With an appearance by Walter Giller as an aging travesty artist.

Y Tu Mamá También - Lust for Life (Y tu mamá también) (Mexico 2001) - Director: Alfonso Cuarón

The teenagers Tenoch ( Diego Luna ) and Julio ( Gael García Bernal ) are very close friends. They persuade a mature woman to go to the beach with them. There it comes to a threesome , in which the two boys caress each other.

Trembling Before Gd (Trembling Before Gd) (documentation, United States 2001) - Director: Sandi Simcha DuBowski

Documentation about homosexuality in Orthodox Judaism.


AKA (UK 2002) - Director: Duncan Roy

The 18-year-old Dean is handsome and intelligent, but looking for himself. He meets an older gay man who desires him and a young prostitute. Can Dean Find Love?
The plot is told from three different perspectives.

All because of Benjamin (À cause d'un garçon) (France 2002) - directed by Fabrice Cazeneuve

16-year-old Vincent is popular with everyone and has a girlfriend. But he is really drawn to boys. One day the new classmate Benjamin shows up. First, Vincent tries to maintain the facade. But one day Benjamin is at Vincent's doorstep ...

An extraordinary affair (Germany 2002) - directed by Maris Pfeiffer

The family man and teacher Jochen Wenzel ( Hans-Werner Meyer ) discovered his love for the gay trainee teacher Tom Leuthner ( Matthias Walter ).

Ben & Arthur (United States 2002) - Director: Sam Mraovich

Ben and Arthur get married - much to the displeasure of Arthur's fanatical and religious brother, who believes Arthur is demon possessed.

Blue Gate Crossing (Lan se da men) (France / Taiwan 2002) - Director: Chin-yen Yee

Teenage friendship between a boy and a lesbian in Taipei.

Boat Trip (United States / Germany 2002) - Director: Mort Nathan

Friends Jerry ( Cuba Gooding junior ) and Nick ( Horatio Sanz ) want to go on a cruise to meet women. What they don't know: it is a gay cruise. Instead, they meet Lloyd ( Roger Moore ) and other gays and their view of gays is changing.

Breaking the Cycle (United States 2002) - Director: Dominick Brascia

Jason and Chad live together in a shared apartment. While Jason is always looking for new sexual adventures with Internet acquaintances, Chad is secretly in love with Jason.

Brothers (Austria 2002) - Director: Wolfgang Murnberger

In the first part of the trilogy, award-winning chef Ernstl Stadler ( Erwin Steinhauer ) and cook and imprisoned Wickerl Stadler ( Wolfgang Böck ) find out after their mother's funeral that they are only half-brothers. The gay male nurse Adrian Stadler was raised as a foundling by the same mother. The three different men come to the conclusion "And the three of me are still brothers".

Fruits of Love (Food of Love) (Spain / Germany 2002) - Director: Ventura Pons

Film adaptation of the novel "The Page Turner" by David Leavitt : Paul ( Kevin Bishop ), a handsome music student, works as a sheet music turner for the famous pianist Kennington ( Paul Rhys ). The two of them have a love affair, from which Kennington withdraws in order not to be compromised. Paul is left alone, but grown up.

Breakfast? (Short film, Germany 2002) - Director: Alexander Pfeuffer

Boris is looking for the man for life, while Till is afraid of a stable relationship.

Gay Propaganda (short film, United States 2002) - Directors: JD Disalvatore , Meredith Kadlec , Kurt Koehler , Lynnette M. Myers , James Edward Quinn , Jessica Zweiman

Parodies of great classic films - as gay / lesbian versions.
The classic films are parodied: Casablanc / Goodfellas as Goodfaigolas / Frankenstein and Young Frankenstein as Hung Frankenstein / From Here to Eternity as From Queer to Eternity / The Graduate as Gay Graduate / Taxi Driver / On Golden Pond as On Gay Golden Pond / The Breakfast Club as Gay Breakfast Club / Moonstruck as Gay Moonstruck / Reservoir Dogs as Reservoir Dykes .

Hand on the Pulse (Documentary, United States 2002) - Director: Joyce Warshow

Documentary about the founder of the Lesbian Herstory Archives .

Far from Heaven (Far from Heaven) (France / United States 2002) - Director: Todd Haynes

In America at the end of the 1950s, Cathy Whitaker ( Julianne Moore ) caught her husband Frank ( Dennis Quaid ) with another man. This goes into treatment, which is unsuccessful. Meanwhile, Cathy feels affection for the black gardener Raymond ( Dennis Haysbert ), but during this time they are not allowed to live together either.
Most successful independent film of the 2002 cinema year with over 70 awards

The Hours - From Eternity to Eternity (United States 2002) - Director: Stephen Daldry

The fate of three women from different generations who were influenced by Virginia Woolf's ( Nicole Kidman ) novel Mrs. Dalloway . In one episode, the lesbian Clarissa Vaughan ( Meryl Streep ) prepares an awards party for her childhood sweetheart, the gay, AIDS-infected Richard Brown ( Ed Harris ).

Kick it like Beckham (Great Britain / Germany 2002) - Director: Gurinder Chadha

Due to a misunderstanding, the mother ( Juliet Stevenson ) of the young soccer player Jules ( Keira Knightley ) suspects a lesbian relationship between her daughter and teammate Jess ( Parminder Nagra ). Jess's good friend Tony ( Ameet Chana ) is secretly gay.

The Laramie Project (United States 2002) - Director: Moisés Kaufman

The film describes the story of the theater group around Moisés Kaufman, who conducted many interviews in the hometown of the murdered man after the death of the gay student Matthew Shepard .

Life kills me (Vivre me tue) (France / Germany 2002) - Director: Jean-Pierre Sinapi

The brothers Paul and Daniel live on the outskirts of Paris. While the pizza driver Paul dreams of a life as a writer, his younger brother Daniel doesn't dare to come out as gay and ends up as an actor in a Hamburg sex revue, where his anabolic steroids consumption is his undoing.

Lysistrata (Lisístrata) (Spain 2002) - Director: Francesc Bellmunt

Film adaptation of the comic of the same name by Ralf König from 1987. The basis is the ancient Greek comedy Lysistrata , in which women refuse to accept men in order to end the long smoldering war between Athens and Sparta. With König (and in the film) the gays want to get their money's worth and get involved.

The Matthew Shepard Story ( United States 2002) - Director: Roger Spottiswoode

The film, shot based on an authentic case, depicts the trial for the murder of Matthew Shepard ( Shane Meier ) and his youth in flashbacks. It also deals with the homophobic actions of Baptist preacher Fred Phelps ( James Bearden ) in front of the courthouse.

My brother Leo (Tout contre Léo) (France 2002) - directed by Christophe Honoré

The gay Leo admits to his parents and two younger brothers that he is HIV positive. A trip to a former lover allows Leo and his brother Marcel to understand each other better ...

My real life in the provinces (Ma vraie vie à Rouen) (France 2002) - Directed by Olivier Ducastel , Jacques Martineau

16-year-old Etienne wants to be a figure skater. Finally he discovers his homosexuality.

Messiah (TV series) - Mine is Revenge (United Kingdom 2002)

Messiah (TV Series) - Vengeance Hour (UK 2002)

9 Dead Gay Guys (United Kingdom 2002) - Director: Lab Ky Mo

Comedy about two young Irish people who want to make a living in the London gay scene with love affairs. A suitor accidentally loses his life ...

O Beautiful (short, United States 2002) - Director: Alan Brown

After a gay student is beaten up by homophobic classmates and left in a field, one of the perpetrators returns remorseful.

The Rules of Attraction (The Rules of Attraction) (Germany / United States 2002) - Director: Roger Avary

College student Paul Denton ( Ian Somerhalder ) falls in love with straight Sean Bateman ( James Van Der Beek ).

Rip off my Clothes (Rasgue Minha Roupa) (short film, Brazil 2002) - Director: Lufe Steffen

A man is being exploited in São Paulo.

The most beautiful day of my life (Il Più bel giorno della mia vita) (Italy / United Kingdom 2002) - Director: Cristina Comencini

A normal family at first glance, but with a lot of problems. One of them is the gay son Claudio, who doesn't dare to admit his homosexuality.

Sommerblues (Summer Blues) (short film, Norway 2002) - Director: Frank Mosvold

When Mads and Kristian go on vacation with their friends, it turns out that Mads loves someone else ...

Under One Roof (United States 2002) - Director: Todd Wilson , Robin Feinberg

The young Asian Daniel lives with his very traditional mother in San Francisco. He has known for a long time that he is gay. Then he suddenly meets Robert and the two fall in love.

Walking on Water (Australia 2002) - Director: Tony Ayres

The Australian Gavin has AIDS. Family members and friends visit him and get involved in conversations and relationships with one another.

Who Killed Victor Fox? (Unconditional Love) (United States 2002) - Director: PJ Hogan

The world of the housewife Grace collapses when her husband first wants to get a divorce and then her favorite singer Victor Fox is murdered. On the spur of the moment, she travels from Chicago to England to attend the funeral. Then she discovers Victor Fox's best-kept secret: his lover Dirk. Together with him and her dwarf daughter-in-law, she goes in search of the murderer in Chicago's underworld.
With Kathy Bates , Rupert Everett , Jonathan Pryce , Dan Aykroyd , Meredith Eaton , Stephanie Beacham , Lynn Redgrave .

When Boys Fly (United States 2002) - Directors: Stewart Halpern , Lenid Rolov

Pseudo-documentary about the abysses of the glittering gay party world.

Wie die Karnickel (Germany 2002) - Director: Sven Unterwaldt Jr. - Script: Ralf König

Horst ( Michael Lott ) has just been left by his wife and his gay neighbor Sigi ( Sven Walser ) has just separated from his long-term lover. Both enjoy their new freedom separately.

Yossi & Jagger (Israel 2002) - Director: Eytan Fox

During the war in Israel, Yossi and Jagger discovered feelings for each other alongside their job as a soldier in the military.

The ten rules (The Ten Rules) (Short Film, USA 2002) - Director: Lee Friedlander

Comedy about the ten rules of being a lesbian.

The Mieze has two heads (La chatte à deux têtes) (France 2002) - directed by Jacques Nolot

Sex drama set in a Parisian porn cinema.

Two Sides of Love (Germany 2002) - Director: Bodo Fürneisen

After her husband's accidental death, Carola learns of his double life: He loved Tobias next to her. After an initial desperation, he is finally her greatest support in her grief.


Aus Liebe zu Tom (Germany 2003) - Director: Juliane Hohl

Wolfgang and Steff live happily together with their adopted son Tom. When Tom's birth mother suddenly appears and demands her son back, the two have to defend their family.

Blue Citrus Hearts (United States 2003) - Director: Morgan Jon Fox

Students Sam and Julian not only struggle with their teenage problems, but also with the feelings they develop for each other.

Brothers II (Austria 2003) - Director: Wolfgang Murnberger

In the second part, Wickerl falls in love with Iris, the mother of Ernstl's twins, who still loves them. Iris becomes pregnant again from Ernstl, but eventually comes together with Wickerl, who is also her beloved. Adrian himself stands between two men and is supposed to calm down his brothers' situation, which has now become confused.

Bulgarian Lovers (Los Novios búlgaros) (Spain 2003) - Director: Eloy de la Iglesia

The unfortunate gay love story between a Spaniard and a Bulgarian.

Cowboys & Angels (Ireland / Germany / UK 2003) - directed by David Gleeson

Comedy about a heterosexual civil servant who moves in with a gay fashion student.

DEBS (Short, United States 2003) - Director: Angela Robinson

Action comedy about four lesbian schoolgirls who are also secret agents.
A year later (2004) there was a remake (Spy Girls - DEBS) as a long version.

E-mail Express (short film, Germany 2003) - Director: Barbara Marheineke

Sebastian works in an advertising agency and has had a hot night. An email to his lover accidentally goes to all of his colleagues ...

Marriage Games (Germany 2003) - Director: Claudia Garde

When the young, gay Japanese Gen was threatened with expulsion from Germany, he found a woman in the restorer Rike who was willing to pretend to marry him so that he could get a residence permit. In order not to lose his friend Thomas, he accepts the offer despite initial scruples. But Rike tries to seduce Gen.

Angels in America (Angels in America) (United States 2003) - Director: Mike Nichols

Gay Problems in the Reagan Era. Al Pacino plays Roy Cohn, a conservative lawyer suffering from AIDS.

Fairies (Short, United States 2003) - Director: Tom Gustafson

Gay musical inspired by Shakespeare's Midsummer Night 's Dream .
In 2008 the same director published an extended version entitled Would the world be mine .

Far West (short film, France 2003) - Director: Pascal-Alex Vincent

Eric sings in a gay boy band. When he spends his holidays with his grandfather in the country, his friends Koko and Mika secretly follow him. But his grandfather has also changed ...

Goldfish Memory (Ireland 2003) - Director: Elizabeth Gill

The story of several gay, lesbian and straight people.

Gone, But Not Forgotten (United States 2003) - Director: Michael D. Akers

After Mark crashed on a climbing trip and woke up in the hospital, he lost memory. When the ranger Drew takes care of him, the two fall in love. But Mark's memory slowly returns and he has to choose between Drew and his previous life.

I don't know anyone - Alone Among Heteros (Documentation, Germany 2003) - Directed by Jochen Hick

Documentation about gay life in the province.

Iron Ladies 2 (Satree lek 2) (Thailand 2003) - Director: Youngyooth Thongkonthun

Continuation of Iron Ladies .

Latter Days (United States 2003) - Director: C. Jay Cox

The gay Christian ( Wes Ramsey ) leads a life that is mainly characterized by parties and changing male acquaintances. When he meets the Mormon Aaron ( Steve Sandvoss ), the two fall in love, which, however, has dire consequences for Aaron.

Mambo italiano (Canada 2003) - Director: Émile Gaudreault

Angelo Barberini ( Luke Kirby ), son of Italian immigrants in Canada, desperate to reveal to his parents his gayness and his relationship with his childhood friend Nino Paventi ( Peter Miller ), but in the end everything turns out differently than expected ...

Mil Nubes - Love Longing (Mil nubes de paz cercan el cielo, amor, jamás acabarás de ser amor) (Mexico 2003) - Director: Julián Hernández

17 year old Gerardo loves Bruno. When Bruno disappears from his life, it takes him a long time to cope with the loss.

Monster (Germany / United States 2003) - Director: Patty Jenkins

A true fact film about Aileen Wuornos ( Charlize Theron , who won an Oscar for the role in 2004 ) who has been a prostitute since she was a teenager. When she wants to commit suicide, she meets Selby ( Christina Ricci ) in a bar , who gives her new courage to live and the two fall in love. After Aileen kills several suitors, she is sentenced to death.

Moritz (Switzerland 2003) - Director: Stefan Haupt

After his mother comes to the hospital with a brain tumor, the two gay neighbors take care of 10-year-old Moritz. That doesn't go down well with everyone in the conservative village.

Party Monster (United States 2003) - Directed by Fenton Bailey , Randy Barbato

Based on a true story, film about the life of gay party host Michael Alig ( Macaulay Culkin ).

Precious Moments (Fremragende timer) (short film, Norway 2003) - directed by Jan Dalchow , Lars Daniel Krutzkoff Jacobsen

15-year-old Olav replies to a personal ad from someone in his mid-thirties. When the two meet in a hotel room, the police suddenly appear at the door.

Proteus - My love is your freedom (Proteus) (Canada / South Africa 2003) - Director: John Greyson , Jack Lewis

A gay love story set in South Africa in the early 18th century.

Seventeen - Girls Are Better Boys (Germany 2003) - Director: Hansjörg Thurn

Chico falls in love with Luca, who pretends to be a boy.

Sex Up - Boys Don't Have It Easy (Germany 2003) - Director: Florian Gärtner

The 17-year-old Sven notices that he is gay and at the end of the film he meets his classmate Horst.

Ein Sohn (Un fils) (France 2003) - Director: Amal Bedjaoui

An Arab immigrant in Paris doesn't know that his son Selim makes his living as a prostitute.

Conspiracy in the Berlin Express (Skenbart: En film om tåg) (Sweden 2003) - Director: Peter Dalle

Swedish thriller comedy, homage to murder on the Orient Express , victim and perpetrator become a lesbian couple in the end.

When Ocean Meets Sky (Documentary, United States 2003) - Director: Crayton Robey

Documentary about the history of Fire Island , a gay island off New York.

Wir (Germany 2003) - Director: Martin Gypkens

Episode film in which there is also a gay episode.

200 American (United States 2003) - Director: Richard LeMay

Conrad, the gay manager of an advertising agency in New York, cannot get away from his ex-lover Martin; nevertheless he gets involved with the Australian hustler Tyler, whom he also employs in his company. Conrad wants to refresh his relationship with Martin; meanwhile, Tyler falls in love with his department head Michael.


50 First Dates (United States 2004) - Director: Peter Segal

The character Doug Whitmore is initially portrayed as homosexual. However, towards the end of the film, he falls in love with Alexa, who is openly bisexual.

Alexander (United States 2004) - Director: Oliver Stone

About the life of the bisexual Alexander the Great ( Colin Farrell ) and his friend Hephaistion ( Jared Leto ).

Brother to Brother (United States 2004) - Director: Rodney Evans

Feature film about Richard Bruce Nugent , a prominent gay writer from the Harlem Renaissance .

Brotherly Love (Le Clan) (France 2004) - Director: Gaël Morel

The story of three Algerian brothers, the youngest of whom falls in love with another boy.

Boomerang (Comme un boomerang) (short film, France 2004) - Director: Nicolas Brevière

Paul loves his friend, but has doubts whether he loves him as well.

Christopher and Gordy (short film, Norway 2004) - directed by Frank Mosvold , Tom Petter Hansen

Gay cartoon.

Connie & Carla (United States 2004) - Director: Michael Lembeck

Two unsuccessful singers observe a murder and therefore have to go into hiding. They disguise themselves as (male) travesty artists and become the stars of a travesty vue. One of the other travesty artists tries to come to terms with his (heterosexual) brother and when Connie falls in love with the brother, the situation escalates and they are finally discovered.

Crutch (United States 2004) - Director: Rob Moretti

16-year-old David is seduced by Kenny in his mid-thirties. Kenny is all about sex and he seduces David into drugs.

Deed Poll (Germany 2004) - Director: Ingo J. Biermann

A drug addicted sibling couple skins a bisexual call boy to make a deck of cards out of his skin.

De-Lovely - The Cole Porter Story (De-Lovely) (United States 2004) - Director: Irwin Winkler

The true story of songwriter Cole Porter ( Kevin Kline ), who is married to a woman but is secretly gay.

Denied (Canada 2004) - Director: David Paul Scott

Troy, who just graduated from high school, has fallen in love with his best friend, Merrick. But he doesn't want a relationship with Troy, which makes him difficult and makes him think about his life.

The Bear Club (Cachorro) (Spain 2004) - Director: Miguel Albaladejo

The gay dentist Pedro, who enjoys the Madrid nightlife, has to take in his 11-year-old nephew Bernardo and manages to reconcile his role as surrogate father with his life. Bernardo wants to stay with him, but the grandmother wants to fight for custody.

Dorian Blues (United States 2004) - Director: Tennyson Bardwell

When young Dorian discovers his homosexuality, his ultra-conservative father tries everything to change that. When this fails, he puts Dorian in front of the door, who then sets off for New York ...

Three boys, one girl, two weddings (3 garçons, 1 fille, 2 mariages) (France / Belgium 2004) - directed by Stéphane Clavier

Gay Laurent falls in love with his straight friend Dan. When Dan meets a woman he wants to marry, Laurent tries to do everything possible not to lose his boyfriend. In the end there are two weddings ...
This comedy was a great success in France.

Stupid Boy (Garçon stupide) (France 2004) - Director: Lionel Baier

Description of the inability of a young gay man to be emotionally satisfied due to his loveless childhood.
Film with an unusually open portrayal of the sex scenes of its prominent main character.

Eating Out (United States 2004) - Director: Q. Allan Brocka

Straight to Gwen ( Emily Brooke Hands ), straight Caleb ( Scott Lunsford ) poses as gay. But Gwen wants to pair him up with her gay roommate Marc ( Ryan Carnes ) - much to the displeasure of Caleb's gay roommate Kyle ( Jim Verraros ).
First part of the "Eating Out" series.

Ethan Mao (Canada / United States 2004) - Director: Quentin Lee

Eighteen-year-old Ethan is kicked out by his father after he finds a gay porn magazine on his son's. Ethan gets by as a hustler and meets Remigio on the street ...

A Home at the End of the World (A Home at the End of the World) (United States 2004) - Director: Michael Mayer

Bobby Morrow ( Colin Farrell ) falls in love with his ex-boyfriend again.

Finally sex! (Germany 2004) - Director: Klaus Knoesel

17-year-old Saskia finally wants sex. She falls in love with Christoph. Now her best gay friend Hannes tries to bring the two together. He also falls in love with Christoph.

Feuille (China 2004) - Director: Youxin Yang

Love story between a French woman and a Chinese woman.

Formula 17 (Taiwan 2004) - Director: Chen Yin-jung

The romantic farm boy Chou T'ien-Tsai comes to the big city to meet a male Internet group in person for the first time.

Captured - A love behind bars (Germany 2004) - Director: Jörg Andreas

After being convicted, the credit card fraudster Dennis ends up in a prison in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, where he falls in love with fellow inmate Mike. Together they fight for their love.

Girls Club - be careful! (Mean Girls) (United States 2004) - Director: Mark Waters

The best friend of the protagonist Cady Heron Lindsay Lohan is openly gay. Likewise, her best friend Janis is mistakenly referred to as a lesbian at the beginning. At the end of the film, however, it turns out that this rumor was unfairly spread at the school.

The Graffiti Artist (United States 2004) - Director: James Bolton

Nick is a graffiti sprayer. When he meets another sprayer, more than friendship develops between them.

Grande école - Sex is a world of its own (Grande école) (France 2004) - Director: Robert Salis

Paul discovers his homosexuality at an elite school.

Harry and Max (United States 2004) - Director: Christopher Münch

16-year-old Max admires his older brother Harry, who is a member of a pop group. During a camping holiday, the two get closer.

The Homolulu Show (short film, Norway 2004) - Director: Frank Mosvold

The gay married couple Henry and Martin have different opinions about straight marriages and other things. This comedy plays with stereotypes.

Imaginary Heroes (United States / Germany / Belgium 2004) - Director: Dan Harris

Emile Hirsch plays Tim, the gay son of Sandy Travis ( Sigourney Weaver ) in this family tragic comedy .

Kinsey - The Truth About Sex (Kinsey) (United States 2004) - Director: Bill Condon

The film depicts the life and work of the revolutionary sexologist Alfred Charles Kinsey ( Liam Neeson ), who, among other things, researches homosexuals and has an affair with his bisexual university assistant Clyde Martin ( Peter Sarsgaard ).

La mala educación - Bad education (La mala educación) (Spain 2004) - Directed by Pedro Almodóvar

Enrique ( Fele Martínez ), an aspiring director in Madrid in the 1980s, is confronted with shared gay experiences in a Catholic boarding school when his childhood friend Ignacio ( Francisco Boira ) unexpectedly visited .

Lonely 15 (short film, Norway 2004) - Director: Frank Mosvold

Gay cartoon.

Men like us (Germany 2004) - director: Sherry Hormann

When Ecki ( Maximilian Brückner ) discovers that he is gay, he is thrown out of his soccer team. He demands revenge and sets up a gay soccer team for a game against his former team.
Originally, the film was supposed to be called "Lattenknaller" because of the ambiguity of the corresponding football expression, but this was too risky for those responsible, so the title "Men like us" was chosen.

Seafood (Crustacés et coquillages) (France 2004) - Directors: Olivier Ducastel , Jacques Martineau

Martin ( Edouard Collin ) visits his straight friend Charly ( Romain Torres ), with whom he is in love , during the holidays . Charly's mother senses the tension and interprets it as her son's upcoming coming-out. Father Marc ( Gilbert Melki ) is not at all happy about it. But then the gay plumber Didier ( Jean-Marc Barr ) turns up, who has a very special connection to his father.

My Summer of Love (United Kingdom 2004) - Director: Paweł Pawlikowski

"Tomboy" Mona ( Natalie Press ) and the wealthy boarding school student Tamsin ( Emily Blunt ) fall in love.

Mysterious Skin - Under the Skin (Mysterious Skin) (Netherlands / United States 2004) - Director: Gregg Araki

Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays Neil McCormick, a gay prostitute who was molested as a child. His life crosses that of the same age Brian Lackey ( Brady Corbet ), with whom he shares a sad secret.

Oranges (short film, Australia / United States 2004) - Director: Kristian Pithie

Two boys talk to each other after a bicycle accident. The older one brags about his experiences with girls. But is that just a facade?

Poster Boy (United States 2004) - Director: Zak Tucker

Henry Cray is the gay son of a right-wing conservative US senator who is fleeing his family to college, where he can live openly and freely. There he meets Anthony. When Anthony learns who Henry's father is, he tries to hurt Henry in a speech at college by outing his son. But then the two develop feelings for each other ...

Prom Queen : The Marc Hall Story (Canada 2004) - Director: John L'Ecuyer

Marc Hall ( Aaron Ashmore ) plans to partner with his boyfriend to high school prom. But the Catholic high school is against it. Based on a true story from Canada.

Rainbow Pride (Documentary, United States 2004) - Director: Marie-Jo Ferron

Documentary about the history of the rainbow flag.

Saved! - The High School Missionaries (Saved!) (United States 2004) - Director: Brian Dannelly

Dean Withers ( Chad Faust ) is gay and attends a traditionalist Christian high school. A friend tries to convert him to heterosexuality, and his father sends him to a re-education institution when he learns of his son's orientation.

Saving Face (United States 2004) - Director: Alice Wu

The 29-year-old Chinese-born New Yorker Wilhelmina Pang is under pressure from her family to finally get married. But she loves a woman.

Strange Bedfellows (Strange Bedfellows) (Australia 2004) - Director: Dean Murphy

Vince and Ralph pose as a gay couple for tax breaks.

Slutty Summer (United States 2004) - Director: Casper Andreas

When Markus comes home, he finds his friend in bed with another man.

Sommersturm (Germany 2004) - Director: Marco Kreuzpaintner

Tobi ( Robert Stadlober ) is secretly in love with his best friend Achim ( Kostja Ullmann ). In the summer rowing camp, the two meet Leo ( Marlon Kittel ) and the members of his gay rowing club from Berlin, which ultimately leads to Tobis coming out.

Spy Girls DEBS (DEBS) (United States 2004) - Director: Angela Robinson

Parody of 3 angels for Charlie with a quartet of agents in good school uniforms and lesbian quarreling between friend and foe.
Long version of the short film of the same name from 2003.

Stille Landschaft (Stille landskap) (short film, Norway 2004) - Director: Rahman Milani

In a Norwegian landscape, a Norwegian and an Iranian teenager fall in love. When they are caught, the Iranian family cannot accept their son's homosexuality and there are also great difficulties at school.

Styx (short film, Germany 2004) - Director: Falk Chrysologus Ulbrich

Marc and Adrien live together in the country. Since Adrien feels constricted, he secretly wants to go to Berlin to work as a disc jockey. He meets his friend on the ferry and they discuss their love and their different life plans.

Sugar (Canada 2004) - Director: John Palmer

The young Cliff meets a gay prostitute.

The 24th Day (United States 2004) - Director: Tony Piccirillo

Dan ( James Marsden ) infected a sexual partner with AIDS at the one-night stand and he takes bitter revenge.

Touch of Pink (Canada / UK 2004) - Director: Ian Iqbal Rashid

A gay remake of the Doris Day classic That Touch of Mink ( That Touch of Mink ).

(T) Raumschiff Surprise - Period 1 (Germany 2004) - Director: Michael Herbig

Three queens in space are supposed to save the world from being conquered by Mars.

True Love (United States 2004) - Director: Michael J. Saul

Seven short stories about growing up gay in the USA and looking for true love.

Walk on Water / Walk over water (Israel / Sweden 2004) - directed by Eytan Fox

Axel Himmelman ( Knut Berger ) is the focus of the Mossad as the homosexual son of a Nazi .

What use is love in thoughts (Germany 2004) - Director: Achim von Borries

The young people Paul Krantz ( Daniel Brühl ) and Günther Scheller ( August Diehl ) decide to kill themselves when they no longer feel love for one another and to take those with them to death who they have robbed of their love. Günther shoots his friend Hans Stephan ( Thure Lindhardt ) after discovering him in bed with his sister Hilde Scheller ( Anna Maria Mühe ). Based on a true story from 1927.

When I'm 64 - Late Love (When I'm Sixty-Four) (United Kingdom 2004) - Director: Jon Jones

Two men on the verge of retirement fall in love.

Wild Side (France / Belgium / UK 2004) - directed by Sébastien Lifshitz

A transsexual prostitute returns home from Paris to help his dying mother - with two lovers in tow ...

You I Love (Ya lyublyu tebya) (Russia 2004) - directed by Olga Stolpovskaja , Dmitry Troitsky

In what is now Moscow, Vera's partner Tim (both yuppies ) begins a wild sex affair with a Kalmuck casual worker . Vera is drawn into a bizarre love triangle.

Target audience (Target Audience) (Short Film, USA 2004) - Director: David Kittredge

Two friends fall asleep in front of the television. They take action on a commercial for homosexuality ...


20 centrimetros - 20 centimeters (20 centímetros) (Spain 2005) - Director: Ramón Salazar

Transsexual Marieta, who was born a man, works as a prostitute to earn the money for her gender reassignment surgery. When she falls in love with a man who loves her with her penis, she doesn't know how to decide.

Adam & Steve (United States 2005) - Director: Craig Chester

The film tells the story of a straight and a homosexual couple in New York.

Almost Normal (United States 2005) - Director: Marc Moody

A gay man in the midst of his midlife crisis wishes not to be any different. Suddenly he finds himself transported back to his school days, but in a world where homosexuality is the norm and heterosexuality is considered deviant.

At the end of the rainbow (documentary, Germany 2005) - directed by Jochen Hick , Christian Jentzsch

Documentation about gay worlds in politically restrictive Europe.

Andersrum (Germany 2005) - directed by Mark Keller , Heiner Lauterbach

Foundling Ferdinand (Mark Keller) is raised by a gay couple ( Heinz Hoenig and Rolf Zacher ). He's straight, but since his beloved thinks he's gay, he wants to give up his behavior. A macho who has just left his girlfriend helps him and discovers his soft side a little.

Arie (short film, Italy / Germany 2005) - Director: Gianluca Vallero

The dancer Vittorio falls in love with his choreographer, but he is in love with another man.

Breakfast on Pluto (Ireland / UK 2005) - Director: Neil Jordan

The young Irishman Patrick ( Cillian Murphy ), illegitimate son of a priest, becomes a transvestite "kitten" and is looking for his birth mother.

Brokeback Mountain (United States 2005) - Director: Ang Lee

Love story between the cowboys Ennis ( Heath Ledger ) and Jack ( Jake Gyllenhaal ), which begins in America in the 1960s and lasts until the 1980s.
Oscars for "Best Director", "Best Adapted Screenplay" and "Best Music".

Brothers (Comme un frère) (France 2005) - Directors: Bernard Alapetite , Cyril Legann

Sébastien moves from the country to Paris and enjoys gay life in Paris. When a friend of his village tries to visit him, his emotional world gets mixed up.

Brothers III - On the Way of St. James (Austria 2005) - Director: Wolfgang Murnberger

Adrian's partner has passed away and he is in a crisis of meaning. He sets out on the Way of St. James to Santiago de Compostela. Wickerl fears a suicide at the end of the path and so the poorly health-impaired accompanies his little brother. Ernstl joins his brothers after a cocaine affair in Spain.

CRAZY (CRAZY) (Canada 2005) - Director: Jean-Marc Vallée

The first 20 years of the life of the gay Zachary, who grew up in a Catholic family and with a homophobic father.

Capote (United States 2005) - Director: Bennett Miller - Oscar for Best Actor

Philip Seymour Hoffman plays the gay writer Truman Capote .

Communicator (short film, Germany 2005) - Director: Björn Schürmann

The outing of a gay youth in front of his Star Trek obsessed father.

Cycles of Porn - Sex / Life in LA - Part 2 (Documentation, Germany 2005) - Director: Jochen Hick .

Documentation about the production of gay porn films and the subjective factor of the actors in the business.

Dare (short film, United States 2005) - Director: Adam Salky

The introverted Ben is secretly in love with Johnny. When he drives Johnny home, the two end up in the swimming pool.

The Night Owl (Ronda nocturna) (Argentina / France 2005) - Director: Edgardo Cozarinsky

The young hustler Víctor drifts from one fleeting encounter to the next in the streets of Buenos Aires. It is All Saints Day, the night on which, according to legend, the dead return to earth. Victor feels persecuted. Symbol-laden essay film .

The time that remains (Le temps qui reste) (France 2005) - Director: François Ozon

The 30-year-old gay fashion photographer Romain ( Melvil Poupaud ) learns that he is terminally ill with cancer.

A wedding for three (United States / United Kingdom / Germany 2005) - Director: Ol Parker

Rachel ( Piper Perabo ) and the florist Luce ( Lena Headey ) meet on the way to the wedding anniversary . It's love at first sight.

Simple People (Germany 2005) - Director: Thorsten Näter

After his son and wife catch him flinging with a man, a family man confesses to his long-hidden homosexuality.

Eleven Men Out (Strákarnir okkar) (Iceland / Finland / United Kingdom 2005) - Director: Róbert I. Douglas

Story about a gay soccer team

Falscher Bekenner (Germany 2005) - Director: Christoph Hochhäusler

The 19-year-old school leaver Armin is looking in vain for an apprenticeship and his place in life. In his spare time he writes fake letters confessing to the authorities about attacks. As disoriented as he is in everyday life, his sexuality is also confused. In addition to attempts to get close to a girl, Armin's true or dreamed-of sexual encounters with dominant, strange men in motorcycle clothing are shown.

FAQs (United States 2005) - Director: Everett Lewis

After gay India, who has had a hard time without a permanent residence on the streets of Los Angeles, wishes that every gay hater gets what they deserve, a big, armed drag queen with a heart for homeless gays suddenly appears.

Fish Can't Fly (documentary, United States 2005) - Director: T. Joe Murray

Documentary about homosexuals and ex-ex-gays in the field of tension with their religion. The title is a quote from Peterson Toscanos father.

Fucking Different (Germany 2005)

It reports what ideas lesbians have about the sexuality of gays and vice versa. 14 short films by gay and lesbian filmmakers.

Gay Sex in the 70s (documentary, United States 2005) - Director: Joseph F. Lovett

Documentary film with eyewitness interviews about gay life in New York in the 1970s.

Gigolo (short film, Germany / Switzerland 2005) - Director: Bastian Schweitzer

A gay prostitute of Arab origin gets lost in Parisian high society.

Good Boys (Yeladim Tovim) (Israel 2005) - Director: Yair Hochner

Two teenage male hustlers who buy in Tel Aviv spend a night together. In the harsh prostitute environment, a love affair between them seems to have no future.

Innocent (Canada / Hong Kong 2005) - Director: Simon Chung

Gay Eric from Hong Kong is traveling with his family to Canada on vacation. Once there, he realizes that his family really wants to emigrate. At first he misses his friend, but then he learns to appreciate the free life in the West.

Katzenball (Switzerland 2005) - directed by Veronika Minder

Documentary that won the Teddy Award 2005 - Best Documentary Film , the Bern Film Prize 2005 - Documentary Film and the Zurich Film Prize 2005 .

Keller - Teenage Wasteland (Germany / Italy / Austria 2005) - Director: Eva Urthaler

The 16-year-old rebellious boys Sebastian ( Sergej Moya ) and Paul ( Ludwig Trepte ) try to sweeten their everyday lives with one test of courage after the other. In the derailing situation of a kidnapping, Sebastian feels strong jealousy because Paul falls in love with the victim Sonja ( Elisabetta Rocchetti ) and does not notice Sebastian's expressions of love.

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang (United States 2005) - Director: Shane Black

The actor Harry Lockhart ( Robert Downey junior ) prepares for his next role with the gruff, gay private investigator Perry van Shrike (nickname Gay Perry ) ( Val Kilmer ).

Loggerheads (United States 2005) - Director: Tim Kirkman

Outsider Mark Austin ( Kip Pardue ) watches endangered turtles and falls in love with George (Michael Kelly).

Lonely Child (Canada 2005) - Director: Pascal Robitaille

William films many moments of his life in order to later have souvenirs from his own past. That's why he also films the two-day camping trip with his young lover Médéric and the time they spend with another gay couple. He continues to film even when Médéric cheats on him with another man.

A Love to Hide (Un amour à taire) (France 2005) - Director: Christian Faure

Paris 1942. Jean and Philippe have to hide their love in Nazi-occupied France.

Macho im Schleudergang (Germany 2005) - Director: Edzard Onneken

Macho Tom Kostner poses as a homosexual in order to have a better chance of getting a job at a women's magazine in the last-ditch. There he falls in love with Andrea, who is having an affair with the editor-in-chief. Andrea sees Tom as her best friend to cry on.

Men, Heroes, Gay Nazis (Documentation, Germany 2005) - Director: Rosa von Praunheim

Documentary about gay men who are openly politically right.

The Masseur (Masahista) (Philippines 2005) - Director: Brillante Mendoza

Iliac works in a massage parlor where the gay clients get more than a normal massage. After his father dies, he has to rearrange his life.

Matrimonium (United States 2005) - Director: Michael D. Akers

To win a million dollars on a television show, straight Malcolm must convince his family and friends that he wants to marry gay Spencer.

The Mostly Unfabulous Social Life of Ethan Green (United States 2005) - Director: George Bamber

A young man tries to reconcile his professional career and his search for a lover.

Night Swimming (short film, United States 2005) - Director: Daniel Falcone

On his final summer vacation before college, the punk Otter and his best friend Darby are on their way to a rock concert in New York. You have a flat tire on the way ...

Rent (United States 2005) - Director: Chris Columbus

Life and Love in the Times of AIDS. Screen adaptation of the Broadway musical Rent , based on the opera La Bohème .

Right by me - At my side (Rainbow boy… Rung tua thii paet khawng khwaam rak) (Thailand 2005) - Director: Thanyatorn Siwanukrow

The young Thai man Nat is in love with his school friend Tat. However, he is in love with the sporty Ek who has a girlfriend. When Nat and Tat go to the gay and lesbian youth group "Bangkok Rainbow", Ek suddenly appears ...
Is inspired by the novel "Rainbow Boys" by US writer Alex Sanchez.

Gay mothers without nerves (Alternative title: Queens ) (Reinas) (Spain 2005) - Director: Manuel Gómez Pereira

After the introduction of same-sex marriage in Spain, three gay couples want to attend a first mass wedding of gay and lesbian couples. When they invite their mothers, a tumultuous chaos ensues.

Screaming Queens: The Riot at Compton's Cafeteria (Documentary, United States 2005) - Directors: Victor Silverman , Susan Stryker

Documentary about the resistance of a group of crossdressers in San Francisco in 1966.

Sex Up - I could already again (Germany 2005) - Director: Florian Gärtner

Max moved to Berlin as a student and is taking his first steps as a “beginner” in the Berlin gay scene.

Sissy Frenchfry (Short, USA 2005) - Director: JC Oliva

The gay Sissy Frenchfry competes against the intolerant newcomer Bodey in the election for the student council.

Starcrossed (short film, United States 2005) - Director: James Burkhammer

Two brothers are attracted to each other.

Stubbe - Case by case: Harte Kerle (Germany 2005) - Director: Bernhard Stephan

Commissioner Stubbe is investigating the death of wrestler Walter Beckenkamp, ​​who was shot. His friend Horst Wegener is deeply affected by the death, and Stubbe immediately discovers that they both had a same-sex relationship .

The King and the Clown (Wang-ui namja) (South Korea 2005) - Director: Lee Jun-ik

In the 16th century, a street theater actor in Korea stood between the king's advances and his love for a fellow actor.

Transamerica (United States 2005) - Director: Duncan Tucker

The hustler Toby ( Kevin Zegers ) travels through the USA with his transsexual father ( Felicity Huffman ).
Golden Globe for Best Actress (Felicity Huffman)

TransGeneration (Documentary, United States 2005) - Director: Jeremy Simmons

8-part documentary about four transsexual college students.

Why George? (United States 2005) - Director: David Lowell Sonkin

Zach and his wife Sam live happy lives. Zach wants his wife to have a lesbian experience too. But one day Sam actually falls in love with a woman.


2:37 (Australia 2006) - Director: Murali K. Thalluri

When a toilet door at a school was forcibly opened at 2:37 p.m., the bloodied corpse of a person who had apparently committed suicide was found there. Flashbacks tell the story of six high school students who are eligible as victims, including two homosexual students, one of whom was outed and ridiculed and the other trapped in his role as a womanizer.

Another Gay Movie (United States 2006) - Director: Todd Stephens

Gay high school students Andy ( Michael Carbonaro ), Nico ( Jonah Blechman ), Jarod ( Jonathan Chase ) and Griff ( Mitch Morris ) bet on who will be the first to lose their innocence before entering college.
Gay American Pie Parody - Like a Hot Apple Pie . Appearances of various gay celebrities, u. a. Richard Hatch, Darryl Stephens and Scott Thompson .

Big Bang Love, Juvenile A (46-okunen no koi) (Japan 2006) - Director: Takashi Miike

Young men arrested for murder, Shiro Kazuki and Jun Ariyoshi, meet in prison. Their background and tragic relationship are told in a stylized, futuristic setting.

Boy Culture (United States 2006) - Director: Q. Allan Brocka

A successful callboy ( Derek Magyar ) describes in a series of confessions his entangled erotic relationships with his two roommates Andrew ( Darryl Stephens ) and Joey ( Jonathon Trent ) and with Gregory ( Patrick Bauchau ), an older suitor.

Broken Sky (El Cielo dividido) (Mexico 2006) - Director: Julián Hernández

Low-dialogue, poetic film about gay boys' first love.

The Bubble - A Love in Tel Aviv (Ha-Buah) (Israel 2006) - Director: Eytan Fox

Love story of two gay men in Tel Aviv. Your problem: one is a Jew, the other is an Arab.

Chance 'High School Adventure (The Curiosity of Chance) (United States / Belgium 2006) - Director: Russell P. Marleau

An eccentric gay teenager gathers loads of friends to make a difference in his school.

Coming Out with Obstacles (Le Ciel sur la tête / Times have been Better) (France 2006) - Director: Régis Musset

When Jeremy reveals to his allegedly liberal parents that he lives with a man, they are shocked.

The Conrad Boys (United States 2006) - Director: Justin Lo

Story Charlie, a 19-year-old half-orphan who is torn between his responsibility for 9-year-old brother Ben and his love for Jordan.

Cowboy Junction (United States 2006) - Director: Gregory Christian

A married man starts an affair with a gay cowboy in front of his wife.

Cut Sleeve Boys (United Kingdom / Hong Kong 2006) - Director: Ray Yeung

Ashley and Melvin are two gay Chinese people over 30 who live in London and are annoyed about getting old.
Cut Sleeve Boys is a term commonly used in China for gay men. The expression "cut off the sleeve" goes back to a legend according to which Emperor Ai von Han cut off his sleeve so as not to wake his lover, Dongxian, who was sleeping on it.

Deutschmänner (Germany 2006) - Director: Ulli Baumann

Two straight men pretend to be a gay couple so that one of them can get a residence permit.

Dying for Denmark (short film, Germany 2006) - Director: Lukas Hermann

The two nameless protagonists, an eccentric asthmatic with a tendency towards self-destructive mania and a submissive milk boy, could not be more different, and yet they are inseparable. As she narrows the intensity of the relationship more and more, a desperate attempt to save her love becomes fatal. This low-budget film project derives its authenticity from its experimental camera work and ends in a final scene of disturbing morbidity.

East Side Story (United States 2006) - Director: Carlos Portugal

When a new resident moves to a Latin American residential area in east Los Angeles, one of the other residents falls in love with him.

Eating Out 2 (Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds) (United States 2006) - Director: Phillip J. Bartell

After Marc leaves Kyle, he shows an interest in Troy, but who pretends to be straight. But Marc is also interested in Troy and there are also entanglements from members of an "ex-gay" group.
Second part of the "Eating Out" series.

Eternal Summer (Sheng xia guang nian) (Taiwan 2006) - Director: Leste Chen

The story describes the school years of the two friends Jonathan and Shane, whose friendship slowly turns into love - which even the "disruptive factor" in the person of a girl who first falls in love with one and then the other cannot affect.

Fabulous! The Story of Queer Cinema (Documentary, United States 2006) - Directors: Lisa Ades , Lesli Klainberg

Documentation about the history of gay and lesbian film.

Fat Girls (United States 2006) - Director: Ash Christian

Shy and overweight high school student Rodney Miller ( Ash Christian ) dreams of a theater career on New York's Broadway and falls in love with his teacher, Seymour Cox ( Jonathan Caouette ).

Férfiakt (Hungary 2006) - Director: Károly Esztergályos

The gay screenwriter Tibor is around 50 and appears to be maintaining his marriage to his wife. One day he met a young fan of his works, with whom he went to his apartment, where something was mixed into his drink.

The Whisper of the Moon (Austria 2006) - Director: Michael Satzinger

The gay couple Jannis and Patrick discover a political plot that has already claimed several lives.
Visually, the film breaks new ground: the main actor intervenes, draws and erases into the picture, rewinds the film and lets the film continue differently, etc.

Goodboys (Short, United Kingdom 2006) - Director: John Lochland

15-year-old Sam falls in love with his best friend in the educational institution.

Heart Matters (Gray Matters) (United States 2006) - Director: Sue Kramer

Coming out of the lesbian Gray ( Heather Graham ).

The History Boys - Learn For Life (United Kingdom 2006) - Director: Nicholas Hytner , Actor: Alan Bennett

A group of students prepare for the Oxford College exam.
Homosexuality at school is not the main topic, but the film deals with it in detail, multifaceted and in part autobiographical.

Somehow something like that (Alguma Coisa Assim) (short film, Brazil 2006) - Director: Esmir Filho

Caio and Mari roam Sao Paulo at night. When Caio kisses a man in a club, the night takes an unusual turn.

Little Miss Sunshine (United States 2006) - Directed by Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris

The gay Marcel Proust specialist Frank ( Steve Carell ) has to travel through the United States with his sister's family to enable her daughter Olive to take part in a beauty contest.

Long-Term Relationship (United States 2006) - Director: Rob Williams

Tired of the one-night stands, Glenn ( Matthew Montgomery ) responds to a classified ad from Adam ( Windham Beacham ) looking for a long-term partnership.

Loving Annabelle (United States 2006) - Director: Katherine Brooks

Loving Annabelle explores the complexity of love and the struggle for it between a young teacher ( Diane Gaidry ) in a Catholic boarding school and one of her students ( Erin Kelly ). Both women have every reason to hide their feelings, but they still embark on the journey into an affair that is destined to change their lives forever.

No Regret - In the shadow of love (Huhwihaji anha) (South Korea 2006) - Director: Hee-il Leesong

The gay South Korean call boy Su-min and his client Jae-min find their relationship under difficult circumstances.

No Night Is Too Long ... a fatal passion (No Night Is Too Long) (United Kingdom / Canada 2006) - Director: Tom Shankland

The bisexual student Tim has many affairs. When he meets the gay archeology professor Ivo, he seems to really fall in love for the first time. But then he meets Isabel.

The Night Listener - Der nächtliche Lauscher (The Night Listener) (United States 2006) - Director: Patrick Stettner

The gay radio host Gabriel Noone ( Robin Williams ) tries to help an HIV-infected and allegedly sexually abused 14-year-old caller on his program.

Nina's Heavenly Delights (Nina's Heavenly Delights) (United Kingdom 2006) - Director: Pratibha Parmar

Against her mother's advice, Nina takes over the family restaurant in Glasgow. When she wants to win a cooking competition with Lisa, affection develops between the two.

Phoenix (United States 2006) - Director: Michael D. Akers

Dylan seems to be leading the perfect life: he has a good job, a great apartment, and is in a happy relationship with Ken. But at his birthday party, Ken received a call whereupon he suddenly had to leave the party and never return.

Poltergay (France 2006) - Director: Éric Lavaine

Marc and Emma buy an old house to live there. But Marc notices strange occurrences. He finally finds out that the house used to be a gay club, but it was destroyed in a fire in the 1970s. Five visitors from that time are up to mischief today as ghosts, but in the end they help Marc to get his girlfriend back, who is getting further and further away from him.

Queer Duck: The Movie (United States 2006) - Director: Xeth Feinberg

Animated cartoon about a gay drake who leaves his lover to marry the female raptor Lola Buzzard. With the voices of Tim Curry and David Duchovny .

Scenes of a Sexual Nature (United Kingdom 2006) - Director: Ed Blum

The film shows seven couples, including one gay couple, one afternoon in London's Hampstead Heath Park .

Black Sheep (Germany / Switzerland 2006) - Director: Oliver Rihs

Shortbus (United States 2006) - Director: John Cameron Mitchell

Film about the New York club of the same name, which offers various couples a platform to come to terms with their problems. This is also the case with a gay couple, one half of whom would like to bring a "breath of fresh air" into the relationship after several years of monogamy.

Still (short film, United States / Indonesia 2006) - Director: Lucky Kuswandi

A gay boy runs away from home to find himself.

Summer (Short, United Kingdom 2006) - Director: Hong Khaou

According to an old adage, a wish should come true if one succeeds in catching a leaf falling from a tree in flight. The 16-year-old Leung wishes to kiss his friend Will ...

Sun Kissed (United States 2006) - Director: Patrick McGuinn

The young writer Teddy retires to a lonely house to finish his first novel. There he meets the mysterious Leo, whom he finally seduces.

Notes on a Scandal (Notes on a Scandal) (United Kingdom 2006) - Director: Richard Eyre

Aging cynic ( Judi Dench ), who fears loneliness, spins perfidious intrigues to bind a naive younger colleague ( Cate Blanchett ) to herself.

Tan Lines (Australia 2006) - Director: Ed Aldridge

Midget spends time surfing and partying on the beaches of Australia. When his best friend's gay brother shows up, they both fall in love.

Time Will Tell (Short, Australia 2006) - Director: Kelly West

Farewell in the rape field.

To a Tee (United States 2006) - Director: Matt Riddlehoover

A writer falls in love with the wrong man.

The Daughters of the Chinese Gardener (Les Filles du botaniste) (France / Canada 2006) - Director: Dai Sijie

Two young Chinese women fall in love with China in the 1980s, but cannot really live their love, are ultimately charged and executed for subversive activities.

Vacationland (United States 2006) - Director: Todd Verow

Joe grew up in a small village in the US state of Maine. However, he wants to get out of the village petty bourgeoisie and study art in the big city. He falls in love with Andrew, who is, however, with the leader of the cheerleaders. What he doesn't know: Andrew is also gay and in love with Joe ...

Wild Tigers I Have Known (United States 2006) - Director: Cam Archer

Logan ( Malcolm Stumpf ) is an outsider with different interests than his schoolmates, is teased and sometimes beaten up for it and sometimes lives in a dream world. He falls in love with the cool outsider Rodeo ( Patrick White ) and the two become friends. The infatuation lets Logan invent the character Leah, who seduces Rodeo in long phone calls, which ends when Rodeo urges Leah to see.

The Yacoubian Building (Egypt 2006) - Director: Marawan Hamed

Various stories from different people who live in one house. Hatim Rasheed is the editor of a French language newspaper. He is gay and lives with a farm worker whose wife and child come to Cairo and receive financial support. However, the lover leaves him after his young son dies. Hatim Rasheed is eventually strangled by a second potential lover.


On the Other Side (Germany 2007) - Director: Fatih Akin

The story of two women, one German and one Turkish, who fall in love.

Back Soon (US 2007) - Director: Rob Williams

Aspiring actor Logan and former drug dealer Gil both view themselves as straight. Nevertheless, the two find each other.

Bangkok Love Story (Pheuan… Guu rak meung waa) (Thailand 2007) - Director: Poj Arnon

The story of a policeman who falls in love with a professional killer.

Billy - An angel to fall in love (An Angel Named Billy) (United States 2007) - Director: Greg Osborne

When his father finds out that Billy is gay, he throws him out. Without money and without knowing where to go, Billy hitchhikes to the big city. There he found an ad in a café for James, who was also gay and was looking for someone to look after his father Mark, who recently had a stroke. Billy accepts and he not only learns a lot about life, but also finds a deep bond with Mark and eventually falls in love with James.

Bræðrabylta (short film, Iceland 2007) - Director: Grímur Hákonarson

The love story of two gay wrestlers.

Bramadero (short film, Mexico 2007) - directed by Julián Hernández

A passionate encounter in Mexico City.

Chanson of love (Les Chansons d'amour) (France 2007) - directed by Christophe Honoré

Ismaël and Julie have a happy relationship until Julie brings Alice into the relationship. Finally, the young Erwann comes into play, who pulls Ismaël out of his lethargy.

Chuck and Larry - As fire and flame (I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry) (United States 2007) - Director: Dennis Dugan

Firefighters Chuck ( Adam Sandler ) and Larry ( Kevin James ) pose for life insurance benefits as a gay couple. As they get to know other gays, their image of homosexuality begins to change.

Chuecatown (Boystown) (Spain 2007) - Director: Juan Flahn

Victor is a real estate agent in Chueca , a district of Madrid. He wants to turn the district into a gay district in order to benefit from the high incomes of gay double earners. To do this, he murders elderly residents in order to rent their apartments to gay couples. But one day a gay couple finds out about him and he ends up facing many persecutors.

Clapham Junction (UK 2007) - Director: Adrian Shergold

36 hours in the lives of several gay men in Clapham, south London.

Cover (United States 2007) - Director: Bill Duke

After a New Year's Eve murder case, suspicion falls on a woman who has found out that her husband has cheated on her with a man.

A Jihad for Love (A Jihad for Love) (documentation, United States / United Kingdom / France / Germany / Australia 2007) - Director: Parvez Sharma

Documentation about homosexual Muslims, their self-doubt and persecution.

Ex Drummer (Belgium 2007) - Director: Koen Mortier

Three men, all of whom have a handicap, want to start a band and are looking for a drummer. But this manipulates his bandmates.

Float (Bahamas 2007) - Director: Kareem Mortimer

The painter Jonny falls in love with a local on a trip to an exotic island.

A Four Letter Word (United States 2007) - Director: Casper Andreas

Luke has sex with others all the time. When he meets Stephen, he falls in love for the first time.

Freeheld (short documentary, United States 2007) - Director: Cynthia Wade

The documentary deals with the case of the policewoman Laurel Hester, who developed lung cancer after 23 years of service. In the last year of her life, Hester fought for her partner Stacie to receive the pension payments that a male partner would be entitled to after Hester's death.
In 2008 the film received the Oscar for best documentary short film. In 2015 this case was filmed as a feature film; see Freeheld - every love is the same .

Breakfast with Scot ( Canada 2007) - Director: Laurie Lynd

The 11-year-old orphan boy Scot suddenly appears at the door of the perfectly adapted gay couple Ed and Sam. You want to talk him out of his enthusiasm for perfumed hand creams and pastel-colored clothing and instead get him excited about ice hockey.
Good mood comedy that raises the questions of what is normal and how to be honest with yourself.

HerzHaft (short film, Germany 2007) - Director: Martin Busker

15 year old Felix is ​​in love with his 34 year old soccer coach Ralph. One day Felix's mother finds out.

I Can't Think Straight (UK 2007) - Director: Shamim Sarif

Tala has already dropped several weddings, which infuriates her very traditional mother. When she meets her ex-boyfriend Ali and his new girlfriend Leyla, the two women fall in love.

In the Name of the Bible (For the Bible Tells Me So) (Documentary, United States 2007) - Director: Daniel G. Karslake

Documentary on the relationship between religion and homosexuality in the United States, showing how religious right suppresses homosexuals and punishes them as second-class people.

Kali Ma (short film, United States / India 2007) - Director: Soman Chainani

To defend her son against a ruffian, an Indian mother turns into a fury; award-winning short film.

Kiss the Bride (United States 2007) - Director: C. Jay Cox

Matt and Ryan split ten years ago, and Matt moved to the big city to work for a gay magazine. He has never forgotten his childhood sweetheart Ryan and so all further relationships have failed. When he learns that Ryan wants to marry a woman, he makes his way to his former hometown to prevent that.
Gay version of my best friend's wedding .

Cuba and the night - two homelands (Dos patrias, Cuba y la noche) (Documentation, Germany 2007) - Director: Christian Liffers

Hidden documentary about gay life in Cuba.

The Love of Siam (Rak haeng Siam) (Thailand 2007) - Director: Chukiat Sakveerakul

Story about the shy love between the two boys Tong (Mario Maurer) and Mew (widow Hiranyawongkul).

Lucky Blue (short film, Sweden 2007) - Director: Håkon Liu

Young Olle lives with his father on a campsite. When Kevin, who is the same age, visits one summer, the boys fall in love.

Mr Right 22 (short film, Germany 2007) - Director: Reza Rameri

Shy Adam has his first internet date.

Naked Boys Singing (United States 2007) - Directors: Robert Schrock , Troy Christian

Filming of the musical of the same name.

Oh Tannenbaum (Germany 2007) - Director: Matthias Tiefenbacher

After a burst pipe in an apartment building, the gay couple David and Stevie, together with their neighbor Rita ( Jutta Speidel ) and their mother and grandson, have to spend Christmas Eve in the penthouse of the grumpy landlord Dr. Wagner ( Günther Maria Halmer ) spend.

The Picture of Dorian Gray (United States 2007) - Director: Duncan Roy

Film adaptation of the Oscar Wilde novel " The Portrait of Dorian Gray ", which also clearly shows the homosexual allusions.

Quemar las naves (Mexico 2007) - Director: Francisco Franco Alba

19-year-old Helena takes care of her terminally ill mother and her younger brother Sebastian, who falls in love with their classmate Juan at a Catholic school.

Pure taste (Germany 2007) - Director: Ingo Rasper

The son of a traditional textile salesman falls in love with his toughest, young, ambitious competitor. Edgar Selge , Florian Bartholomäi and Roman Knižka can be seen in the leading roles .

Rock Haven (Canada 2007) - Director: David Lewis

18-year-old Brady lives with his mother in a small coastal town. Both are strictly religious, but when the 19-year-old Clifford shows up in town, feelings develop between the two young men that bring Brady into a conscience conflict with his faith.

Save Me (United States 2007) - Director: Robert Cary

A young gay man is forced to attend a Christian re-education camp. With Chad Allen and Robert Gant .

Look me in the eye, little one (Documentary, Germany / Finland / Netherlands / Australia 2007) - Director: André Schäfer

Documentation about the history of gay and lesbian film.

The Secrets (Ha-Sodot) (France / Israel 2007) - Director: Avi Nesher

The story of two young women who find each other in an orthodox culture.

Shelter (2007 United States) - Director: Jonah Markowitz

In San Pedro, California, the young Zach has given up his dream of studying art in order to earn money in a diner and take care of Cody, his sister Jeanne's son. When he meets the surfer Shaun and the two fall in love, Jeanne reproaches her brother seriously and forbids Shaun from contact with Cody. But Zach doesn't want to choose between his nephew Cody and his friend Shaun and tries to convince his sister.
Award-winning film about a gay relationship that is far from exaggerated clichés.

The Simpsons - The Movie (United States 2007) - Director: David Silverman

Monty Burns' secretary, Waylon Smithers, has more than friendship for his boss. Also, Patty Bouvier is a lesbian.

Southern Baptist Sissies (United States 2007) - Director: Del Shores

The story of four gay teenagers who grew up in a Baptist church.

Spinnin ' (Spain 2007) - Director: Eusebio Pastrana

The gay couple Gárate and Omar live happily in Madrid. When they want a child, their life becomes turbulent.

Death at a Funeral (Death at a Funeral) (United Kingdom 2007) - Director: Frank Oz

At the funeral service of a middle-class family, the secret lover of the deceased appears as a blackmailer, which leads to all sorts of entanglements and funny situations.

Straight (Germany 2007) - Director: Nicolas Flessa

Jana has two lovers: Nazim and David. Eventually, Nazim and David fall in love but don't know how to tell their friends.

Redirect to happiness (Holding Trevor) (United States 2007) - Director: Rosser Goodman

The handsome, intelligent Trevor finds himself in an unhealthy relationship with drug addict Darrell. When his friend is in the hospital for an overdose, Trevor meets Ephram there. After a romantic evening, Trevor decides to break up with Darrell, but when Darrell shows up at a party unannounced, the situation gets out of hand and Trevor has to make some decisions.

The hidden world (The World Unseen) (South Africa / United Kingdom 2007) - Directed by Shamim Sarif

Two women have a dangerous relationship in apartheid South Africa.

Water Lilies - The track of love (Naissance des pieuvres) (France 2007) - Director: Celine Sciamma

The story of several schoolgirls who have their first love and also have lesbian experiences.

Le Weekend (Short, UK 2007) - Director: Timothy Smith

A French film student spends a weekend in London, where he has completely new experiences.

Whirlwind (United States 2007) - Director: Richard LeMay

After being rejected, Drake takes his frustration out on his gay friends.

Die Wilden Hühner und die Liebe (Germany 2007) - Director: Vivian Naefe

The sequel to the youth film Die Wilde Hühner is about the love life of the 5 girls. Wilma ( Jette Hering ) falls in love with her classmate Leonie ( Svea Bein ), which causes some complications in the clique. In the end, however, the gang of girls stays together.

We were witnesses (Alternative title: Die Zeugen) (Les témoins) (France 2007) - Director: André Téchiné

A group of friends, including two men who are in a relationship, witness the outbreak of the AIDS epidemic in Paris in the early 1980s and how the light-heartedness of life gives way to constant fear.

XXY (Argentina / France / Spain 2007) - Director: Lucía Puenzo

Alex is 15 and intersex. The family has already moved from Buenos Aires to Uruguay by the sea to escape the talk. When the mother invites a surgeon friend and the question arises whether one should make a gender reassignment, Alex meets 16-year-old Alvaro, the son of the guests.


3-Day-Weekend (United States 2008) - Director: Rob Williams

Every year the gay couple Simon and Jason meet with their old friend Cooper and his respective partner in a remote luxury mountain hut. When each of them has to bring a single, the mountain idyll is turned upside down.

All My Life (Toul omry) (Egypt 2008) - Director: Maher Sabry

Due to the homophobic attitude of Egypt, this film had to be shot in secret.

Amor crudo (short film, Argentina 2008) - directed by Juan Chappa , Martín Deus

On the last day of school, two friends spend the whole day together. There are unspoken secrets in the room.

Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild (United States 2008) - Director: Todd Stephens

Continuation of Another Gay Movie . The friends from the first part meet again.
Some of the roles from the first part are performed by new actors.

Antarctica… lets hearts melt (Antarctica) (Israel 2008) - Director: Yair Hochner

Four young gays and one lesbian are looking for love in Tel Aviv.

Antonio's Secret (Ang lihim ni Antonio) (Philippines 2008) - Director: Joselito Altarejos

15 year old Antonio is gay. After a night of love with his buddy, he tells his friends that he's gay. When his uncle is at the door one day, a lot changes for Antonio.

Arizona Sky (United States 2008) - Director: Jeffery London

Jake and Kyle grew up together in rural Arizona. They fall in love, but then Jake's family moves to California. After 15 years, Jake returns to see Kyle again.

The Art of Being Straight (United States 2008) - Director: Jesse Rosen

Two college friends question their careers and sexuality.

The Baby Formula (Canada 2008) - Director: Alison Reid

A lesbian couple wants a biologically distinct child.

Between Love & Goodbye (United States 2008) - Director: Casper Andreas

The French Marcel falls in love with Kyle in New York. When his visa expires, a marriage of convenience with the lesbian Sarah is supposed to solve the problem.

Bookends (United States 2008) - Director: Matt Riddlehoover

Eight friends meet to celebrate a birthday. There are some romantic tangles as the celebration progresses.

Boy meets Boy (short film, South Korea 2008) - Director: Kim-Jho Gwang-soo

Min-Soo falls in love with the athletic Seok-i on the bus.

The Boy Next Door (short film, United States 2008) - Director: Gregor Schmidinger

When a gay callboy visits his customer in his hotel room, he has to leave for a moment. Suddenly the door to the next room opens and the customer's son appears, who had a nightmare. This encounter makes the callboy think about his own life.

Chefs Delicacies (Fuera de carta) (Spain 2008) - Director: Nacho García Velilla

The gay chef Maxí wants his hip restaurant to finally get a star. Not only his head waitress Alex and the suddenly appearing children from his failed marriage ensure the hustle and bustle, but also his new neighbor, who immediately arouses Maxí's interest.

Ciao (United States 2008) - Director: Yen Tan

After Mark dies in a car accident, his friend Jeff finds out that Mark was having an affair with the Italian Andrea. Eventually Jeff and Andrea get closer too.

A Day at the Beach (cartoon, United States 2008) - Director: Veronique Courtois

Brad and Sally want to spend a day at the beach. Things happen there that were not planned.

Dog Tags (United States 2008) - Director: Damion Dietz

Marine Nate meets gay Andy. A romance develops between them.

The Village Teacher (Venkovský učitel) (Czech Republic 2008) - Director: Bohdan Sláma

The teacher Petr ( Pavel Liška ) ended his relationship with his girlfriend in Prague because he was gay and moved to the country. There he befriends Marie ( Zuzana Bydžovská ) and falls in love with her son ( Ladislav Sedivý ). He gets a visit from his ex-boyfriend ( Marek Daniel ), who stands for everything unexplained in the past.

Dream Boy (United States 2008) - Director: James Bolton

15-year-old Nathan falls in love with the 17-year-old boy next door, Roy, who has a girlfriend but also falls in love with Nathan. After their relationship is discovered, their love is put to the test.
Based on a novel by Jim Grimsley .

The first day of winter (Il primo giorno d'inverno) (Italy 2008) - Director: Mirko Locatelli

The shy Valerio is the outsider at his school and is only teased by everyone. However, his classmates excite him and he secretly watches them in the shower. One day he realizes that the popular Dani is having sex with his friend Matteo. Valerio begins to blackmail the two ...

Echte Wiener - Die Sackbauer-Saga (Austria 2008) - Director: Kurt Ockermüller

Mundl's granddaughter, Petra Sackbauer ( Hilde Dalik ) is with Margot ( Doris Hindinger ). In a side glance report on the fashion show by her and her mother Irmi ( Liliana Nelska ), she is shown cuddling with Margot. Father Karli ( Klaus Rott ) is of the opinion that “the two woaman sisters” should exercise more restraint. Likewise at the birthday party for Mundl.

Evet, I want! (Germany 2008) - Director: Sinan Akkuş

In addition to three other couples from different cultures who are willing to marry, Emrah of Turkish origin also has to teach his family his relationship with the German Tim.

The great taboo - homosexuality and football (documentary, Germany 2008) - director: Aljoscha Pause

Documentation about homosexuality in football.

Half Past Ten (Germany / United Kingdom 2008) - Director: Sascha Bachmann

An alcoholic and his wife ( Kerstin Linnartz ) fall in love with the same man ( André Schneider ). Based on Marguerite Duras ' novel In the summer at half past ten . The second fictional film with a bisexual theme from Vivàsvan Pictures.

Jay (Philippines 2008) - Director: Francis Xavier Pasion

Gay TV producer Jay wants to make a documentary about a murdered gay teacher of the same name.

Jonathan - Die Passion (Chemin de croix) (Short film, France 2008) - Director: Cyril Legann

The teenager Jonathan wants to escape from the dreary world of his Parisian high-rise estate. But it gets to people with ulterior motives.

The Wild Ones (The Young & Evil) (Short Film, USA 2008) - Director: Julien Breece

A teenager intentionally trying to become infected with HIV runs into an AIDS activist.

Kambyo (Philippines 2008) - Director: Joselito Altarejos

Licht und Schatten (Between Something & Nothing) (United States 2008) - directed by Todd Verow

Joe is studying art at a prestigious college. He is poorer than the other students, but happy. One night he meets the male hustler Ramon, with whom he falls in love.

The Lost Coast (United States 2008) - Director: Gabriel Fleming

When a group of friends roam San Francisco on Halloween night, two of them are confronted with their sexuality.

Mama is at the hairdresser's (Maman est chez le coiffeur) (Canada 2008) - Director: Léa Pool

In Quebec in 1966, the mother of three children learns that her husband is having a relationship with a man. She leaves her family who have to deal with the situation.

Mamma Mia! (United States / United Kingdom / Greece 2008) - Director: Phyllida Lloyd

Sophie's possible father, Harry, meets a young man at the bachelorette party and comes out as homosexual during Sophie's wedding ceremony.

The Man Who Loved Yngve (Mannen som elsket Yngve) (Norway 2008) - Director: Stian Kristiansen

Norway, 1989: 17-year-old Jarle ( Rolf Kristian Larsen ) is very popular at school and has a girlfriend. One day Yngve ( Ole Christoffer Ervag ) comes to class. Jarle can hardly believe it at first, but he can no longer fool himself. He fell in love with Yngve.

Meet the Spartans (Meet the Spartans) (United States 2008) - Director: Aaron Seltzer , Jason Friedberg

Persiflage of 300 , in which the Spartians are portrayed as gay and their king as bisexual.

Milk (United States 2008) - Director: Gus Van Sant

A film adaptation of the true story of the United States' first openly gay politician, San Francisco City Council, Harvey Milk. The film suggests that the murderer's repressed homosexuality was partly responsible for his murder.

Mulligans (Canada 2008) - Director: Chip Hale

When Tyler invites his old college friend Chase over, a secret from the past emerges that brings Tyler's family into serious trouble.

Newcastle (Australia 2008) - Director: Dan Castle

The brothers Jesse and Fergus try to escape the dreary everyday life by surfing. When the gay Fergus starts a relationship with another surfer and his older brother Victor shows up, the situation escalates.

Patrik 1,5 (Sweden 2008) - Director: Ella Lemhagen

Göran and Sven decide to adopt a child. The adoption agency's promise says “Patrik 1.5”, they are happy and get everything for this age. Unfortunately, this was a typo and suddenly a 15-year-old homophobic boy with a criminal past stands at the door. The couple is facing a turbulent time in which they even split up temporarily.

Pedro (United States 2008) - Director: Nick Oceano

The story of the gay Cuban Pedro Zamora, who became an AIDS activist after emigrating to the USA, became one of the first HIV-positive media characters as a member of the MTV series The Real World and died at the age of 22.

Private lessons (Élève libre) (Belgium / France 2008) - directed by Joachim Lafosse

Jonas is studying for an exam with his mother's three adult friends. They also initiate him into the world of sex.

Raging Sun, Raging Sky (Rabioso sol, rabioso cielo) (Mexico 2008) - directed by Julián Hernández

Kieri falls in love with Ryo, but suddenly he is gone.

Give me your hand (Donne-moi la main) (France / Germany 2008) - Director: Pascal-Alex Vincent

The two brothers Antoine and Quentin are living apart because one of them is homosexual.

Sappho - love without borders (Sappho) , also summer love (Ukraine 2008) - director: Robert Crombie

The newly married couple Sappho and Phil are on their honeymoon on the Greek island of Lesbos. There they meet the Russian archaeologist's daughter Helene, with whom Sappho falls in love. A love triangle begins.

Sikil (Philippines 2008) - Director: Roni Bertubin

Love triangle between two men and a woman.

Tagaytay - A Filipino Summer (Philippines 2008) - Director: Adolfo Alix Jr.

JP and William used to be a couple but are now both married. When they meet again after years in a country house, the old feelings flare up again.

Tatort: ​​Liebeswirren (Germany 2008) - Director: Tobias Ineichen

Follow the ARD series Tatort : Fritz Alt is waiting in his local pub for his friend Gerd, who, however, is married to a woman who is not allowed to know anything about his double life. When Fritz is discovered murdered on a construction site shortly afterwards, the investigation begins.

Thirteen or So Minutes (Short, United States 2008) - Director: William Branden Blinn

Lawrence and Hugh are both straight and both have girlfriends. But suddenly the two of them have sex.

Tote Schwule - Lebende Lesben (Germany 2008) - Director: Rosa von Praunheim

Sequencing of interviews with older gays and younger lesbians.

Walang Kawala (Philippines 2008) - Director: Joel Lamangan

When his wife returns from a job abroad and wants to get pregnant, the fisherman Joaquin has to face his homosexuality.

Were the World Mine (Were the World Mine) (United States 2008) - Directed by Tom Gustafson

Shy Timothy falls in love with the rugby team captain. When he is supposed to play the puck in Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream at the school theater, he gets a magical love potion that makes everyone fall in love with the first person they see.
Gay musical inspired by Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream.
Long version of the short film "Fairies" from 2003.

Watercolors (United States 2008) - Director: David Oliveras

The shy student Danny falls in love with Carter, who is popular with everyone. When Carter got on the radio, his friends got wind of the matter.

Brideshead Head (Brideshead Revisited) (United Kingdom 2008) - Director: Julian Jarrold

A gay student in Oxford falls in love with a straight student who is drawn to the gay student because of the gay student's financial independence and sense of culture. The film paints a picture of the time between the two world wars.
Based on a novel by Evelyn Waugh .

[Untitled] (Germany 2008) - Director: Elmgreen and Dragset

A short film that shows two men kissing. The film was shown from 2008 to 2010 in a permanent loop in the memorial for the homosexuals persecuted under National Socialism and replaced by a new film in 2010 according to the memorial planning.


All You Need Is Love - My daughter-in-law is a man (Germany 2009) - Director: Edzard Onneken

Hans ( Andreas Helgi Schmid ) wants to marry his friend Nicki ( Manuel Witting ) in his home village in Bavaria . His divorced parents ( Jürgen Tonkel and Saskia Vester ), who knew nothing about his homosexuality, are initially completely shocked, and the villagers also react with prejudice and exclusion. But in the end the two can get married at the Dorfalm as planned.

Ander (Spain 2009) - Director: Roberto Castón

Love story between the Basque farmer Ander (Joxean Bengoetxea) and a Peruvian immigrant, José (Christian Esquivel).

Die Aussteiger (Germany 2009, from the project Berlin - corner Bundesplatz ) - directed by Hans-Georg Ullrich and Detlef Gumm

Portrait of the unconventional cohabitation of Hans Ingebrand and Reimar Lenz .

Be Mine (US 2009) - Directed by Dave Padilla , Steven Vasquez

A gay man about to get married recalls the time when he had never kissed a man.

The Big Gay Musical (United States 2009) - Directors: Casper Andreas , Fred M. Caruso

Paul (Daniel Robinson) and Eddie (Joey Dudding) are the leading actors in the gay musical "Adam and Steve" "and they are also close in their private lives. When Eddie’s conservative parents visit, the chaos begins.

The Portrait of Dorian Gray (Dorian Gray) (UK 2009) - Director: Oliver Parker

Film adaptation of the Oscar Wilde novel " The Portrait of Dorian Gray ", which also shows Dorian Gray's homosexual affairs.

Blood Friendship (Austria 2009) - Director: Peter Kern

Gustav ( Helmut Berger ) falls in love with the neo-Nazi Alex ( Harry Lampl ), who reminds him of his youth in the Hitler Youth .

Brotherhood (Broderskab) (Denmark 2009) - Director: Nicolo Donato

Two neo-Nazis fall in love and have to decide what is more important to them: their gay-hating neo-Nazi group or their love for one another.

Brüno (United States 2009) - Director: Larry Charles

Mockumentary about a gay Austrian ( Sacha Baron Cohen ) trying to become famous.

Chi l'ha visto - where are you? (Chi l'ha visto) (Germany 2009) - Director: Claudia Rorarius

The gay Gianni, who grew up with his mother in Berlin, wants to go to Italy to find his father. He gets to know Paul.

Contracorriente - Against the Current (Contracorriente) (Peru / Colombia / France / Germany 2009) - Director: Javier Fuentes-León

The young, handsome fisherman Miguel lives with his wife Mariella in a strictly religious Peruvian fishing village. But he has a secret affair with the artist Santiago, who is despised by all the villagers because he is openly homosexual and rejects religion.

Crush (United States 2009) - Director: Michael J. Saul

A story of four gay couples.

Dance Flick - The very last dance film (United States 2009) - Directed by Wayans Brothers

Dance movie parody with a gay basketball player.

Dare - don't be afraid. Just do it! (Dare) (United States 2009) - Director: Adam Salky

When Alexa falls in love with Johnny, her friend Ben notices that he, too, has feelings for Johnny, which he reciprocates.

David's Birthday (Il compleanno) (Italy 2009) - Director: Marco Filiberti

Two couples spend their summer on the beach. When the son of one of the couples appears, he causes unknown feelings in the man of the other couple.

You shall not love (Einayim Pkuhot / Eyes Wide Open) (Israel / France / Germany 2009) - Director: Chaim Tabakman

An ultra-Orthodox Jew gets into serious conflict with his community and family when he takes in a young yeshiva student and falls in love with him.

Eating Out 3: All You Can Eat (United States 2009) - Director: Glenn Gaylord

After Marc and Kyle die, Kyle's mother, Helen, takes in her nephew Casey. When Casey falls in love with Zack, he and Tiffani try to find out more about Zack with an online profile for which they use the identity of Tiffani's ex-boyfriend Ryan. When Ryan suddenly reappears, the chaos is perfect.
Third part of the "Eating Out" series.

End of Love (Oi do chun) (Hong Kong / China 2009) - Director: Simon Chung

When gay prostitute Ming is targeted to be made straight through religiously motivated brainwashing, he recalls his relationship with Yen.

An Englishman in New York (UK 2009) - Director: Richard Laxton

The life of Quentin Crisp (portrayed by John Hurt ).
As early as 1975, John Hurt played the role of Quentin Crisp in the film How to Live Your Life .

Fig trees (Figg Trees) (documentation, Canada 2009) - Director: John Greyson

Documentary about the united fight of activists against AIDS worldwide.

Le fil - The trace of our longing (Le fil) (France / Belgium 2009) - Director: Mehdi Ben Attia

The young architect Malik returns to his mother Sara ( Claudia Cardinale ) in Tunisia. She really wants to marry him off, but Malik falls in love with the gardener Bilal.

The Fish Child (El niño pez) (Argentina / France / Spain 2009) - Director: Lucía Puenzo

Lala, who lives in Buenos Aires, is in a relationship with the family's 20-year-old housemaid, Guayi. You dream of a life in Paraguay. But there is a secret about their relationship ...

From Beginning to End (Do Começo ao Fim) (Brazil 2009) - Director: Aluizio Abranches

Incestuous love story between two half brothers.

Ghosted (Germany / Taiwan 2009) - Director: Monika Treut

Sophie from Hamburg travels to Thailand to process the death of her lover Ai-ling. There she meets the mysterious journalist Mei-li.

Greek Pete (UK 2009) - Director: Andrew Haigh

A year in the life of a London call boy.

Hannah Free (United States 2009) - Director: Wendy Jo Carlton

The film based on the play of the same name by Claudia Allen shows the lifelong relationship between the adventurous Hannah ( Sharon Gless ) and the rather calm Rachel.

Heavenly Touch (Philippines 2009) - Director: Joel Lamangan

Rodel and Jonard work in a gay massage parlor. They fall in love, but the boss of the massage parlor suppresses his "boys" and forces them to do things they don't want ...

Hollywood, je t'aime (United States 2009) - Director: Jason Bushman

The gay Jerome flees from his newly-in love ex-boyfriend from the pre-Christmas Paris to Hollywood.

House of Boys (Luxemburg / Germany 2009) - Director: Jean-Claude Schlim

In 1984 the Luxembourgish student Frank travels to Amsterdam. There he enjoys his life as a dancer in the “House of Boys” night club. His world of sex, dance and music comes to an abrupt end when word spreads that there is a new disease called AIDS.

I Killed My Mother (J'ai tué ma mère) (Canada 2009) - Director: Xavier Dolan

16-year-old Hubert ( Xavier Dolan ) has recently been in a relationship with his classmate Antonin ( François Arnaud ). Since his parents separated, he has lived with his mother, with whom he has more and more arguments. She happens to find out in the tanning salon from his friend's mother that her son is gay.

I Love You Phillip Morris (United States 2009) - Director: Glenn Ficarra , John Requa

The family man Steve Russell ( Jim Carrey ) is highly intelligent, but always comes into conflict with the law. When he arrives in prison, he falls in love with fellow inmate Phillip Morris ( Ewan McGregor ). After he is released, Russell tries to break out several times to be with his friend.
Based on a factual novel by Steve McVicker .

I Shot My Love (Documentary, Israel / Germany 2009) - Director: Tomer Heymann

Documentation about the life of the Israeli filmmaker Tomer Heymann with his German friend Andreas Merk in Israel.

The boy with the bright eyes (The Boy with the Sun in His Eyes) (United States 2009) - Director: Todd Verow

Just Say Love (United States 2009) - Director: Bill Humphreys

Two men discuss their dreams and a possible future together.

God's children (Children of God) (Bahamas 2009) - Director: Kareem Mortimer

The handsome but shy art student Johnny is shown out by his father after he has come out as gay. On the island of Eleuthera he meets the self-confident musician Romeo and love develops between the two.

Lesbian Vampire Killers (United Kingdom 2009) Director: Phil Claydon

Horror comedy; in which Fletch and Jimmy take a trip to Cragwich, where they meet four attractive students. But soon some of them will be turned into lesbian vampires.

The declaration of love (breeding) (short film, Netherlands 2009) Director: Margien Rogar

Erik goes swimming with Sofie and her father. While Sofie is in love with Erik, he is only interested in Sofie's father.

Mary Lou (Tamid oto Chalom) (Israel 2009) - Director: Eytan Fox

18-year-old Meir travels to Tel Aviv from the provinces to find his mother. There he quickly became a star as drag queen Mary Lou .
The film was originally produced for television in four parts.

Messiah (TV series) - The Nine Circles of Hell (UK 2009)

Miss Kicki (Sweden / Taiwan 2009) - Director: Håkon Liu

Seventeen-year-old Viktor travels to Taiwan with his mother, who wants to meet an Internet friend there personally. While her Internet acquaintance does not turn out to be what his mother expected, Viktor meets Didi, a Taiwanese of the same age. A love relationship develops between the two.

The Mission (La mission / Mission Street Rhapsody) (United States 2009) - Director: Peter Bratt

17-year-old Jes has a boyfriend, but his homophobic, choleric father is not allowed to know. When his father finds out by chance that his son is gay, he freaks completely, whereupon his son breaks off contact in order to live his own life. When Jes falls victim to an anti-gay hate crime, his father begins to rethink his attitude.

Mr. Right (UK 2009) - Director: David Morris , Jacqui Morris

Comedy about three gay couples wondering how their relationships should go on.

Oy Vey! My Son Is Gay !! (United States 2009) - Director: Evgeny Afineevsky

The Hirschs, a Jewish family from New York, want to help their son Nelson finally find a wife. Little did you know that Nelson is gay and lives with the Latino Angelo. When Nelson finally comes out, it causes turbulent confusion.

Permanent Residence (Yong jiu ju liu) (Hong Kong 2009) - Director: Scud

The sporty and successful Ivan meets the revealing Windson and falls in love with him. But Windson is straight. Nevertheless, the two spend a lot of time together and slowly get closer.

Plan B (Argentina 2009) - Director: Marco Berger

After the end of his relationship, Bruno tries to get his ex-girlfriend back by pretending that he is now gay. He approaches Pablo and suddenly notices that he feels more for Pablo.

Plein Sud - On the way to the south (Plein Sud) (France 2009) - Director: Sébastien Lifshitz

The 27-year-old Sam travels to the south of France, where he meets Matthieu and his sister Lea. Matthieu falls in love with Sam and tries to seduce him.

Prayers for Bobby (United States 2009) - Director: Russel Mulcahy

A true story about Bobby Griffith, who is not accepted as he is, especially by his Bible-faithful mother Mary Griffith ( Sigourney Weaver ) and her church, is encouraged to become heterosexual, feels misunderstood, unloved and commits suicide. After his death, Mary goes through a metamorphosis, changes her beliefs and becomes a respected activist for the rights of gay and lesbian youth and a helper for their parents.

Protect Me from What I Want (Short, UK 2009) - Director: Dominic Leclerc

After having sex with Daz, the Indian student Saleem, who lives with his parents in Leeds, feels guilty.

Redwoods (United States 2009) - Director: David Lewis

The gay couple Everett (Brendan Bradley) and Miles (Tad Coughenour) live with an autistic foster son in the middle of nature. When Miles goes on a long trip to see his parents with the foster son, Everett meets the gay Chase (Matthew Montgomery) ...

Tailwind (Germany 2009) - Director: Jan Krüger

A gay couple goes on a bike ride in the countryside.

Sagwan (Philippines 2009) - Director: Monti Parungao

Alfred is a tour guide in the Philippines. Soon he can live out his romantic feelings for his friend Eman.

Sea Purple (Viola di mare) (Italy 2009) - Director: Donatella Maiorca

Sicily in the second half of the 19th century: Angela and Sara fall in love. When Angela is about to marry a man, she decides to cut her hair short and to marry her friend Sara as Angelo.

Sex, Party and Lies (Spain 2009) - Director: Alfonso Albacete , David Menkes

Nico and Toni spend an exciting last summer on the threshold of adulthood.

Shank (United Kingdom 2009) - Director: Simon Pearce

The brutal gang member Cal tries to hide his homosexuality and live it out with anonymous sex. One day his gang realizes he's gay ...

A Single Man (United States 2009) - Director: Tom Ford

After the death of his partner, life has lost all meaning for the gay George ( Colin Firth ). He decides to take his own life. On his last day, he meets his good friend Charley ( Julianne Moore ) again and talks to one of his students. As the day progresses, he begins to doubt his decision.
Based on a novel by Christopher Isherwood .

Breaking taboos - The new way of homosexuality in football (Documentary, Germany 2009) - Director: Aljoscha Pause

Documentation about homosexuality in football.

Trip through the Night (Two young men) (short film, United States 2009) - directed by Sam McConnell

When Will sneaks into Salt Lake City's only gay bar with a fake ID, a turbulent evening begins.

Make the Yuletide Gay (Make the Yuletide Gay) (United States 2009) - Director: Rob Williams

Olaf and Nathan are openly gay at their university. However, Olaf's parents don't know about it. When Olaf drives home for Christmas and Nathan suddenly stands in the door, a turbulent Christmas party begins with many surprises.

The crazy love life of Simon Eskenazy (La folle histoire d'amour de Simon Eskenazy) (France 2009) - Director: Jean-Jacques Zilbermann

The Muslim transvestite Naïm falls in love with the gay Jewish clarinetist Simon Eskenazy, who, however, lives with the philosopher Raphaël. When Simon takes in his sick mother, Simon's former wife shows up with their son and Naïm sneaks into the household as a substitute sister, the chaos is perfect.

Wrecked -… abgef *** ed (Wrecked) (United States 2009) - Directors: Bernard Shumanski , Harry Shumanski

The dreamy Ryan is looking for great love. He thinks he found this in Daniel.



4 more years - Election campaign 'differently (Fyra år till) (Sweden 2010) - Director: Tova Magnusson-Norling

The popular politician David Holst, leader of the Liberals, is considered a favorite in the election of the new Swedish prime minister. But he loses the election and ends up in the opposition. Suddenly he falls in love with a man - of all people, an openly gay politician from the opposing party.

Alex and the Lion (Germany 2010) - Director: Yuri Gárate

A Berlin screwball comedy about a couple of men dancing around each other who only really find each other after small detours.

Amphetamine (Amphetamine) (Hong Kong 2010) - Director: Scud

The fitness trainer Kafka meets the finance manager Daniel, who is returning to Hong Kong from Australia. They fall in love and are convinced that their love can bridge any differences between the two.

BearCity (United States 2010) - Director: Douglas Langway

Summer in New York: Young Tyler (Joe Conti) has just moved to town to pursue an acting career. To earn money, he also works as a waiter. Although he looks very different himself, he likes tall, hairy men and makes new friends quickly.
First part of the "BearCity" series.

Beginners (United States 2010) - Director: Mike Mills

Based on his own experiences, Mills tells the story of the illustrator Oliver ( Ewan McGregor ), whose 75-year-old father ( Christopher Plummer ) came out after the death of his mother - to whom he was married for 44 years. Shortly afterwards, the father is diagnosed with incurable cancer. But he continues to live his new life without apologies or regrets.

Black Swan (United States 2010) - Director: Darren Aronofsky

When Nina ( Natalie Portman ) and Lily ( Mila Kunis ) get back late at night, they have sex in Nina's apartment.
Oscar for "Best Actress".

Christopher and Heinz - Eine Liebe in Berlin (Christopher and His Kind) (United Kingdom 2010) - Director: Geoffrey Sax

Film about the Berlin years of the writer Christopher Isherwood .

Dirty Girl (United States 2010) - Director: Abe Sylvia

At the provincial college in Oklahoma, precocious Danielle shows everyone what she thinks of authority and prohibition. That brings her a transfer to the remedial class. One more reason to leave everything and to roar off with fellow sufferer Clark, whom she does not respect, but whose car she can use. Danielle is looking for her father, whom she only knows from hearsay. Clark flees from a father who sees him as a disappointment. On the way, both get to know and understand each other.

Drama - Can Life Be a Stage? (Drama) (Chile 2010) - Director: Matias Lira

The story of three theater students who experimented with their lives and relationships on the streets of Santiago to gain experience for the stage.

Drei (Germany 2010) - Director: Tom Tykwer

Hanna and Simon are a happy couple until they both fall in love with the same man.

Dunno Y Na Jaane Kyun… (India 2010) - Director: Sanjay Sharma

A budding actor throws morals overboard to advance in the film industry.
This is the first Indian film depicting a gay couple since India's gay ban was lifted in 2009. The start of the film was postponed several times following death threats from homophobes. The Indian censorship authority continues to prevent publication.

Echte Wiener 2 - Die Deppat'n und die Gspritzt'n (Austria 2010) - Director: Barbara Gräftner

Mundl's granddaughter Petra Sackbauer ( Sigrid Spörk ) is with Margot ( Doris Hindinger ). Neighbors in the garden inherited from Franz Vejvodas are the retired violinist of the Vienna Philharmonic Clemens Rischka ( Günter Tolar ) and his friend Sascha.

Elena Undone (United States 2010) - Director: Nicole Conn

Elena has been married to a conservative, homophobic pastor for 15 years. When she meets the openly lesbian author Peyton, the two fall in love.

Der Freund (L'ami) (short film, Switzerland 2010) - Director: Adrien Kuenzy

The 20-year-old Andreas falls in love with another man.

Gaze (Documentary, United States 2010) - Director: Matt Riddlehoover

Documentation about the work of queer artists.

The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister (The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister) (United Kingdom 2010) - Director: James Kent

Anne Lister, who lived between the 18th and 19th centuries, records her love for women in her diary.

Heartbreakers (Les amours imaginaires) (Canada 2010) - Director: Xavier Dolan

Marie and her good friend Francis get to know the young Nicolas at a party, whom they both like straight away. But Nicolas plays with the two of them while their love for him grows bigger and bigger.

Howl - Das Geheul (Howl) (United States 2010) - Directors: Rob Epstein , Jeffrey Friedman

History of the gay poet Allen Ginsberg and the Beat Generation of artists who worked for the legalization of homosexuality and cannabis products and the abolition of censorship after the Second World War.

I don't want to go back alone (Eu Não Quero Voltar Sozinho) (short film, Brazil 2010) - Director: Daniel Ribeiro

The blind Leonardo falls in love with his new classmate Gabriel.
Based on this short film, the same director with the same actors published a long version of the story in 2014 under the title Today I go home alone (Original: “Hoje Eu Quero Voltar Sozinho”).

Is It Just Me? (United States 2010) - Director: JC Calciano

A gay columnist is flirting with another man online. Due to a mistake, his counterpart gets the wrong picture, which leads to some mix-ups.

Jitters - Butterflies in Your Belly (Órói) (Iceland 2010) - Director: Baldvin Zophoníasson

After kissing another boy, a 16-year-old Icelander can no longer suppress his feelings.

KickOff (UK 2010) - Director: Rikki Beadle Blair

A gay soccer team has to play against a straight team.

The Kids Are All Right (United States 2010) - Director: Lisa Cholodenko

The lesbian couple Jules ( Julianne Moore ) and Nic ( Annette Bening ) had children through an anonymous sperm donation. Suddenly, the children's biological father appears.
The film was honored with the Teddy Award 2010 as best gay and lesbian feature film at the Berlinale .

Little True Lies (Les petits mouchoirs) (France 2010) - Director: Guillaume Canet

After the serious traffic accident of a mutual friend, several conflicts break out among his friends. Including a conflict between Max and the gay Vincent.

Lucias Reise (La Llamada / Il richiamo / The Call) (Italy, Argentina 2010) - Director: Stefano Pasetto

The story of the lesbian couple Lea and Lucia.

Men al dente (Mine vaganti) (Italy 2010) - Director: Ferzan Özpetek

Tommaso ( Riccardo Scamarcio ), who would like to become a writer, finally wants to come out to his family. But his also gay brother Antonio ( Alessandro Preziosi ) gets ahead of him.

Man in the bathroom - Diary of a gay love (Homme au bain) (France 2010) - Director: Christophe Honoré

The filmmaker Omar ( Omar Ben Sellem ) and his friend Emmanuel ( François Sagat ) live together in a high-rise housing estate outside Paris. When Omar has to fly to New York to see his film, Emmanuel forces him to sleep with him one last time. This makes Omar so angry that he ends the relationship. When he leaves Paris for New York, both partners try to prove to each other that they no longer love each other.

A Marine Story (United States 2010) - Director: Ned Farr

The lesbian officer Alex is dismissed from the service of the US Marine Corps and does not initially know how to proceed.

Mein Leben im Off (Germany 2010) - Director: Oliver Haffner

Frank dreams of a breakthrough as a writer, while his partner Akim dreams of having a foster child together. When Frank meets Kathrin, it messes up his life.

One Night in Rome (Habitación en Roma) (Spain 2010) - Director: Julio Médem

Two women go on a sexual adventure in a hotel room in Rome.

Role / Play (United States 2010) - Director: Rob Williams

Soap opera actor Graham Windsor is outed on the internet and loses his job. While fleeing from the press on vacation, he met the gay activist Trey Reed.

Sascha (Germany 2010) - Director: Dennis Todorović

A 19-year-old migrant who lives in Cologne falls in love with his piano teacher ( Tim Bergmann ).

Das Schmuckstück (Potiche) (France 2010) - Director: François Ozon

The fact that son Laurent Pujol ( Jérémie Renier ) is gay is never explicitly mentioned, but it soon becomes clear through various details. He enters into a relationship with Paul who is unwittingly his half-brother.

Stonewall Uprising (Documentary, United States 2010) - Directors: Kate Davis , David Heilbroner

Documentation about the Stonewall riots.

Strapped (United States 2010) - Director: Joseph Graham

During a sexual adventure in an apartment, a young prostitute learns a lot about life and love.

Toast (United Kingdom 2010) - Director: SJ Clarkson

Biography about the youth of the British celebrity chef Nigel Slater ( Freddie Highmore ). He discovers his homosexuality and falls in love with the son of the pub owner while working as a cook in the village pub.

Triple Standard (short film, United States 2010) - Director: William Branden Blinn

A homophobic ex-basketball star realizes he's gay himself.

Violet ... is looking for Mr. Right! (Violet Tendencies) (United States 2010) - Director: Casper Andreas

Violet is a typical "gay mom" who spends her whole life with her gay friends. What is missing is the man for life. When her friends join in the search, things get turbulent.

Worried About the Boy (United Kingdom 2010) - Director: Julian Jarrold

Film about the life of Boy George .

Wir sind die Nacht (Germany 2010) - Director: Dennis Gansel

The story about the vampire Louise who has been looking for love for centuries. When she meets Lena, she thinks she has found her. But Lena falls in love with the police officer Tom and Louise becomes jealous.

You Should Meet My Son! (USA 2010) - Director: Keith Hartman

A conservative mother wants her gay son to stop going through life alone. After all attempts to arouse his interest in women have failed, she starts looking for a man for her son.

Back to Happiness (Como Esquecer) (Brazil 2010) - Director: Malu di Martino

The lesbian literary professor Julia cannot get over the separation from her great love Antonia. To cheer her up, her gay friend Hugo travels to the country with her. When she met the fun-loving Helena there, Julia reconsidered her backward-looking view of life.


On the Search - Looking for Simon (Germany / France 2011) - Director: Jan Krüger

When the young German doctor Simon disappears in Marseille, his mother Valerie ( Corinna Harfouch ) and his ex-boyfriend Jens go in search of him.

August (United States 2011) - Director: Eldar Rapaport

Jonathan and Troy were a happy gay couple for three years - until Troy moved from Los Angeles to Spain. After Jonathan took a long time to cope with the end of the relationship, he met Raul and was happy again. But suddenly Troy returns ...

Ausente (Argentina 2011) - Director: Marco Berger

The story of a student who falls in love with his swimming instructor.
The film was honored with the Teddy Award 2011 as the best gay and lesbian feature film at the 61st Berlinale .

Beauty (Skoonheid) (South Africa / France / Germany 2011) - Director: Oliver Hermanus

François is in his 40s, married and lives in Bloemfontein, South Africa. When his daughter gets married, he meets the young Christian and falls head over heels in love with him.
The film was nominated for the 84th Academy Awards (Oscars) in 2012 in the category “Best Foreign Language Film”.

The Better Life (Elles) (France / Germany / Poland 2011) - Director: Małgorzata Szumowska (as Malgoska Szumowska)

While researching prostitution among female students, the journalist Anne ( Juliette Binoche ) gets closer to her two interviewees and begins to grapple with her relationship with her husband Patrick and her own sexuality.

Bloomington (United States 2011) - Director: Fernanda Cardoso

Jackie, famous from television, is attending a public college for the first time. There she meets the attractive teacher Ms. Catherine Stark. Something quickly develops between them and some hurdles arise.

The Boy Who Couldn't Swim (Drengen der ikke kunne svømme) (Short film, Denmark 2011) - Director: Anders Helde

Two young people in Copenhagen are trying to find the mother of one of them. In doing so, they not only find themselves, but also each other.

Break My Fall (United Kingdom 2011) - Director: Kanchi Wichmann

The lesbian couple Liza and Sally live in a shack in east London. They coke, keep their heads above water with odd jobs and dream of a great music career with their band 'Blanket'. But their relationship is bad.

Buffering… it's loading (Buffering) (United Kingdom 2011) - Directors: Darren Flaxstone , Christian Martin

When a young gay couple goes broke, they film their sex lives to make money on the internet.

Bumblefuck, USA (2011 United States) - Director: Aaron Douglas Johnston

After her gay friend Matt's suicide, Alexa travels from Amsterdam to Iowa, USA, because she wants to understand the reasons for his suicide. There she falls in love with the artist Jennifer.
"Bumblefuck" means something like "In the ass of the world". With the film, director Aaron Douglas Johnston dealt with the suicide of his gay cousin Matthew Lee Johnston, with whom he grew up in a small town in Iowa.

Bunny (short film, Canada 2011) - Director: Seth Poulin

The love story of Kyle and his friend David, who has Alzheimer's disease.
The film was awarded as the best short film at the 28th Torino GLBT Film Festival.

Carnaval (short film, Switzerland 2011) - Director: Adrienne Bovet

One night changes the lives of Margaux, Louisa and Théo.

Cibrâil - Eine Liebe in Berlin (Germany 2011) - Director: Tor Iben

The Turkish-born Cibrâil lives with his girlfriend in Berlin and earns his living as a police officer. When his girlfriend's openly gay cousin visits them, Cibrâil has to admit that he has feelings for him.

Cloudburst (Canada / United States 2011) - Director: Thom Fitzgerald

Stella ( Olympia Dukakis ) and Dotty ( Brenda Fricker ) have long been happily in a lesbian relationship in Maine. One day, Dotty's granddaughter arranges for her grandmother to come to a nursing home. Stella picks them up from the home and the two of them drive to Nova Scotia in Canada to get married there, so that Stella can prevent Dotty's admission.

La dérade (short film, France 2011) - Director: Pascal Latil

The young sailor Simon fell in love with the literature student François. When he has to go back to sea, they make love one last time in the dunes of the Atlantic coast.

Big Girls (Germany 2011) - Director: Axel Ranisch

Sven lives with his mother Edeltraut, who is suffering from dementia. While he works during the day, the carer Daniel takes care of her. When Edeltraut disappears, the two start looking for her and discover their feelings for each other.

Eating Out 4: Drama Camp (United States 2011) - Director: Q. Allan Brocka

Zack and Casey's relationship is in crisis. A breath of fresh air should come back into the relationship in an acting course. But there are many temptations waiting there ...
Fourth part of the "Eating Out" series.

Eating Out 5: The Open Weekend (United States 2011) - Director: Q. Allan Brocka

Zack and his new friend Benji go on vacation to a gay resort in Palm Springs, California. Meanwhile, Zack's ex-boyfriend Casey is also planning his vacation at the same facility. Since the situation is uncomfortable for him, he asks his buddy Peter to play his friend for one weekend. But then Benji starts flirting with Peter and Zack notices that he still has feelings for Casey.
Fifth part of the "Eating Out" series.

eCupid (United States 2011) - Director: JC Calciano

The gay advertising man Marshall is afraid of his 30th birthday and has the feeling that his seven-year relationship with his friend Gabriel has long since become routine. In order to add variety to his life, he tries out the dating service "eCupid" - without realizing the consequences that will have.

Family dreams (The Other Family / La Otra Familia / Sueños de Familia) (Mexico 2011) - Director: Gustavo Loza

The gay couple Jean Paul and Chema take care of seven year old Hendrix, whose drug addict mother Nina is in drug withdrawal therapy. The little boy quickly grows dear to the two of them. When Patrick, an ex-boyfriend of Nina, wants to sell the child to pay off his drug debts, Jean Paul and Chema want to do everything in their power to save the boy, to be good parents and to make him happy.

The First Time - Unconditional Love (Germany 2011) - Director: Timmy Ehegötz

A story about the first great love between 17-year-old Billy and 19-year-old Nick, which threatens to fail ...

A Heaven for Queers (United States 2011) - Director: Alexander Grigorenko

Two young men need to be clear about their feelings for one another against the background of their evangelical Christian upbringing.

I Want to Get Married (United States 2011) - Director: William Clift

Gay Paul (Matthew Montgomery) has a good job, a house, lots of friends. Only a steady relationship is missing for his happiness. Since the opening of marriage for same-sex couples is to be abolished in California, he wants to find a man and get married in time.

Jamie and Jessie are not together ( 2011 United States) - Director: Wendy Jo Carlton

Romantic comedy with musical singing and dancing about two lesbian roommates in Chicago, one of whom will move to New York in two weeks and the other wants to tell her that she is in love with her.

Judas Kiss (United States 2011) - Director: JT Tepnapa

Science fiction drama about a young gay man who travels back in time.

Kiss me - Kyss mig (Kyss mig) (Sweden 2011) - Director: Alexandra-Therese Keining

Shortly before their wedding, Mia falls in love with her new stepsister Frida.

LA-LA Land (Going Down in LA-LA Land) (United States 2011) - Director: Casper Andreas

Young Adam wants to be an actor. But he has to learn that his great body is more interesting than his artistic talent.

Let My People Go (France 2011) - Director: Mikael Buch

Originally from France, Ruben and his Finnish husband Teemu live an unspectacular but happy life in the small Finnish town of Oulu. When the postman Ruben is supposed to hand over a consignment of money to a neighbor, he dies. The suspicious Teemu then puts Ruben in front of the door, whereupon he flies to his family in Paris. But everything goes wrong there too, and Ruben moves from one absurd situation to the next.

Longhorns (United States 2011) - Director: David Lewis

1982 at a university in Texas: A student has gay sex fantasies and meets with an openly gay fellow student.

Lost in Paradise (Hot boy noi loan và câu chuyen ve thang Cuoi, cô gái diem và con vit) (Vietnam 2011) - Director: Ngoc Dang Vu

Khoi travels to Saigon from the Vietnamese province and is robbed there by the gay couple Dong and Lam. When Dong and Lam split up, Lam and Khoi fall in love and Lam tries to make amends for the theft. But Dong tries to destroy the relationship.
The first Vietnamese film dedicated to homosexuality.

The Love Patient (United States 2011) - Director: Michael Simon

Paul invents a serious illness to get his ex-boyfriend Brad back.

Making the Boys (Documentary, United States 2011) - Director: Crayton Robey

Documentary about the making of the American movie The Boys in the Band from 1970, which is considered a gay movie classic.

My brother the Devil (My Brother the Devil) (United Kingdom 2011) - Director: Sally El Hosaini

19-year-old Rashid deals and is a member of a gang. While 14-year-old Mo admires him for this, Rashid wishes for a different life for his younger brother. When his best friend is murdered by a rival gang, he looks for a serious job and meets the photographer Sayyid. Meanwhile, Mo slips into crime and is shocked to find out about Rashid's departure from the gang and his homosexuality.

Noordzee, Texas (Belgium 2011) - Director: Bavo Defurne

The boy Pim falls in love with the older boy next door, Gino, who initially seems to reciprocate his feelings.

Off Shore (Germany 2011) - Director: Sven J. Matten

Andi, who has just finished his studies, travels to the Canary Island of Fuerteventura to find his father there, whom he only knows from photos and who lives there as a dropout. When he comes into contact with a group of surfers, he first flirts with the surf instructor Tina. But when he meets the surfer Pedro, he falls head over heels in love with him.

The One (The One / Love's A Funny Thing) (United States 2011) - Director: Caytha Jentis

Daniel (Jon Prescott) has been hiding his homosexuality for years and now even wants to marry a woman (Margaret Anne Florence) so as not to endanger his career. When he sees his former college friend Tommy (Ian Novick), who is openly gay, again, the two spend a night together. Tommy, who doesn't really believe in solid relationships, falls in love with Daniel.

Parada (Serbia / Croatia / Slovenia / Macedonia / Montenegro 2011) - Director: Srđan Dragojević

The tragic comedy deals with LGBT rights in the former Yugoslavia.

Pariah (United States 2011) - Director: Dee Rees

Young African American Alike feels comfortable spending time with her lesbian friend Laura, and gradually realizes that she is also gay. However, she has to hide this from her mother Audrey, who cannot accept homosexual connections because of her religiosity.

Private Romeo (United States 2011) - Director: Alan Brown

Romeo and Juliet in a military academy where two cadets fall in love.

Romeos (Germany 2011) - Director: Sabine Bernardi

The film tells the extraordinary love story of the 20-year-old Lukas, who was born as a girl and who fights determinedly and cleverly to live the way he should.
Initially, the FSK wanted to give the film an age rating of 16 and over, on the grounds that the presentation could confuse young viewers and lead to disorientation in sexual self-discovery. Since judgments were made here with different standards than for heterosexual topics, the director, the film distributor and the Bundestag member Volker Beck had lodged a complaint and demanded a reassessment. The release was eventually reduced to twelve years.

Sal (United States 2011) - Director: James Franco

The last day in the life of Sal Mineo , one of the first openly gay actors in Hollywood, to his murder.

Sister Mary (United States 2011) - Director: Scott Grenke

A homophobic cop has to work with a young, gay colleague to convict a murderous nun.

Stadt Land Fluss (Germany 2011) - Director: Benjamin Cantu

Marko is a trainee in a large agricultural company in the Brandenburg province. He is rather closed to his colleagues and they consider him a loner. When the new intern Jacob started working for the company, the two young men became friends and finally fell in love.
During the 61st Berlinale 2011, the film won the city magazine's “Victory Column” reader award.

Sur le départ (short film, France 2011) - directed by Michaël Dacheux

Two 17-year-old friends who grew up together in the south of France and fell in love have to separate because one wants to live in Paris while the other wants to stay in the provinces. Over the years they keep visiting each other, but they also find that they are slowly becoming estranged from each other.

Tatort: ​​Murder in the First League (Germany 2011) - Director: Nils Willbrandt

Follow the ARD series Tatort : The professional footballer Kevin Faber has received death threats since he spoke out in favor of a stadium ban against hooligans. When he is found dead, his colleague and best friend Ben Nenbrook is first targeted by the investigators. Eventually, it turns out that while the victim was married to a woman, she was actually gay. Ben Nenbrook is also gay, which he tries to hide out of fear. The next suspicion leads to the hooligan scene. When Ben Nenbrook comes out after the murder has been solved, he is received with applause at the next game.

This Is What Love in Action Looks Like (Documentary, United States 2011) - Director: Morgan Jon Fox

Documentary about "Love in Action" in Memphis (Tennessee), an organization of the ex-gay movement that wants to change the sexual orientation of homosexuals. The machinations of such offers are examined using the example of 16-year-old Zach, who was sent there by his parents and many other victims.

Tomboy (France 2011) - Director: Celine Sciamma

Ten-year-old Laure pretends to be a boy in front of her new friends after moving. She enjoys her new identity as Mikael, who plays soccer and with whom the girl Lisa falls in love. But maintaining this double life proves difficult.

Our Paradise (Notre paradis) (France 2011) - Director: Gaël Morel

An aging male hustler finds an injured boy and nurses him back to health at home. They fall in love, hit the streets together, steal from and kill their suitors until they can only escape from Paris.

Four Men and a Wedding (A Wedding Most Strange) (United Kingdom 2011) - Director: Trevor Garlick

When Danny's rich father dies, his gay son is only supposed to get the fortune if he is married within two weeks. So he advertises on the Internet to quickly find a man who is serious about him.

Vito (Documentary, United States 2011) - Director: Jeffrey Schwarz

Documentary about the life of the gay American activist Vito Russo.

Walk a Mile in My Pradas (United States 2011) - Director: Joey Sylvester

The gay Steve wishes that the homophobic straight Tony finally stop his discriminatory slogans and wishes that he was gay. Suddenly Tony is gay and Steve is straight.

We Once Were Tide (Short, UK 2011) - Director: Jason Bradbury

Anthony and Kyle spend one last night together before Kyle has to leave Anthony to travel to his seriously ill mother.

Weekend (United Kingdom 2011) - Director: Andrew Haigh

Russell longs for a man to spend the rest of his life with. When he meets Glen, he seems to have found this man. But after a failed relationship, Glen has no interest in a permanent bond. But Russell does not give up.

Time of Decision (Abrupt Decision) (United States 2011) - Director: Paul Bright

Denis and Milosz have been a happy gay couple for many years. Suddenly they suffer several strokes of fate that put their relationship to a severe test: Denis loses his job, his mother is hospitalized with a stroke and he learns about an affair with Milosz. Before deciding how their life together should go on, Denis decides to give his life a new meaning by taking in needy dogs and thus saving them from certain death.

Luckily it stays in the family (On ne choisit pas sa famille) (France 2011) - Director: Christian Clavier

Kim leads a happy life in Paris with her friend Alex. When the two want to adopt a child in Thailand, Alex's brother César has to serve as a pseudo-husband, which causes turbulent entanglements.


Any Day Now (United States 2012) - Director: Travis Fine

Travesty artist Rudy Donatello ( Alan Cumming ) and undouted homosexual prosecutor Paul Fliger ( Garret Dillahunt ) take care of a 14-year-old boy with Down syndrome after his drug addict mother is arrested. When they want to adopt Marco, a fight with the authorities begins.

The Apple Tree (Short, United States 2012) - Director: Matthew Ladensack

When Gabe and Jonathan fell in love in the 1940s, the social situation at the time meant that they had to hide their love and be secretly together. After Jonathan dies years later and Gabe has to go to a retirement home, he has to pretend again.

Atomic Age (L'âge atomique) (France 2012) - Director: Héléna Klotz

Rainer falls in love with his best friend Victor, who initially only has eyes for women. After a long night, the two finally confess their true feelings.

Azul y no tan rosa (Venezuela, Spain 2012) - Director: Miguel Ferrari

The young, successful photographer Diego leads a happy life until his partner is in a coma after a tragic accident.

BearCity 2 (BearCity 2: The Proposal) (United States 2012) - Director: Douglas Langway

It's summer again, and Tyler (Joe Conti) has been dating once-relational Roger for some time. And who would have thought: Roger is the one proposing to Tyler. When the newly engaged couple go on a trip to Provincetown with their friends, however, old and new acquaintances crowd between them.
Second part of the "BearCity" series.

Call Me Kuchu (Documentary, United States 2012) - Director: Katherine Fairfax Wright , Malika Zouhali-Worrall

Documentation about homosexuality in Uganda.

Cloud Atlas (Germany / United States 2012) - Directors: Tom Tykwer , Andy Wachowski , Lana Wachowski

One of the six individual fates told is about the young, homosexual composer Robert Frobisher ( Ben Whishaw ). He leaves his friend Rufus Sixsmith ( James D'Arcy ) and writes him regularly letters on how he can find a job as an artistic assistant for the old composer Vyvyan Ayrs ( Jim Broadbent ).

Consentement (short film, France 2012) - Director: Cyril Legann

In a luxury hotel, the page Anthony is seduced by a rich guest and finds himself in the middle of an erotic role play.

Don't Ever Wipe Tears Without Gloves (Torka aldrig tårar utan handskar) (Sweden 2012) - Director: Simon Kaijser

Three-part television film about Benjamin and Rasmus, who met and fell in love in Stockholm in the early 1980s. But after the initial happiness you hear more and more about a new disease called AIDS and eventually Rasmus also falls ill.

Elliot Loves (Elliot Loves) (United States 2012) - Director: Terracino

The 21-year-old Elliot is looking for the man for life. But he always gets to the wrong people.

The Falls - Love Can't Be Sin (The Falls) (United States 2012) - Director: Jon Garcia

The two young Mormons RJ and Chris are sent on a mission trip together. Although homosexuality is a grave sin for Mormons, the two fall in love.
The film has two sequels in 2013 and 2016.

Frauensee (Germany 2012) - Director: Zoltan Paul

In the Brandenburg hinterland, Rosa visits her lover Kirsten to get certainty about their relationship. When the two take Evi and Olivia, a young lesbian couple, into their home, the two relationships are put to the test.

Gayby (United States 2012) - Director: Jonathan Lisecki

Jenn finally wants to have a child in her mid-30s. But since she hasn't had a boyfriend for a long time, she asks her gay friend Matt to have a child with her. While the two are trying to have a child, Jenn meets another man and sleeps with him.

Tales from the neighbor's bed (Scenes from a Gay Marriage) (United States 2012) - Director: Matt Riddlehoover

A single gay man secretly overhears his gay neighbors. Suddenly he notices that one of the two is not loyal.
In 2014 there was a sequel called More Stories from the Neighbor's Bed .

So Close to Heaven (Al cielo / To Heaven) (Argentina 2012) - Director: Diego Prado

When the shy Andrés meets the charismatic guitarist Álex, he immediately feels drawn to him. For the first time he escapes his strict Catholic family and experiences his first gay kiss.

Homophobia (short film, Austria 2012) - Director: Gregor Schmidinger

Homophobia is a short film that addresses the difficulties of homosexual men in the Austrian armed forces.

How to Survive a Plague (Documentary, United States 2012) - Director: David France

Documentation about the history of the AIDS epidemic in America and how activists had to fight against disinterest, bureaucracy and homophobia.
Nominated for the Oscar 2013 in the category "Best Documentation".

I Want Your Love (United States 2012) - Director: Travis Mathews

After living happily in San Francisco for ten years, gay Jesse has to move back to the provinces because he can no longer afford life in the city. He's having one last big party when he's leaving.

The Invisible Men (Gvarim bilti nir'im) (Documentary, Israel / Netherlands 2012) - Director: Yariv Mozer

Documentary about three gay Palestinians who had to flee their homeland and live underground in Israel.

Les Invisibles (documentary, France 2012) - Director: Sébastien Lifshitz

Documentation that portrays the lives of older homosexual men and women.
Winner of the César 2013 in the category “Best Documentary”.

Yes I do! (I Do) (United States 2012) - Director: Glenn Gaylord

The gay photographer Jack is from the UK but lives and works in New York. When his visa is not extended, he has to leave the country. But he finds a solution: he and his lesbian friend Ali marry so that he can stay. While Jack has always been content with short affairs, he suddenly meets Mano, who turns out to be the great love of his life.

Jackpot (Short, United States 2012) - Director: Adam Baran

A gay teenager finds some gay porn magazines. When thugs harass him, the actors from the magazines come to life and help him.

Beyond the Walls (Hors les murs) (Belgium / Canada / France 2012) - Director: David Lambert

The young pianist Paulo, who actually lives with a woman, ends up in bed with the Albanian Ilir after a night of partying. The two meet more and more often and when his girlfriend throws him out because of it, Paulo moves in with Ilir. While Ilir is not at all enthusiastic about it at first, they finally decide to stay together forever. But suddenly Ilir has to go to prison.

The Young James Dean - Joshua Tree, 1951 (Joshua Tree, 1951: A Portrait of James Dean) (United States 2012) - Director: Matthew Mishory

Film about the young James Dean on the cusp of great success as an actor, which also illuminates his homosexuality.

Keep the Lights On (United States 2012) - Director: Ira Sachs

New York in 1998 - Danish filmmaker Erik meets lawyer Paul over the phone. A sexual adventure turns into a relationship. But Paul is a drug addict.
The film won the Teddy Award for best film at the Berlinale 2012 .

Laurence Anyways (Canada / France 2012) - Director: Xavier Dolan

Laurence Alia works as a literature teacher and writes poetry and short stories on the side. One day he confesses to his girlfriend that he feels like a woman in the wrong body, but still wants to stay with her.

Love or Whatever (United States 2012) - Director: Rosser Goodman

Corey has everything he could wish for: a career, a sister who is also his best friend and a great relationship with his boyfriend. When his boyfriend leaves him for a woman, Corey has to rearrange his life and eventually finds a new love.

Men to Knutschen (Germany 2012) - Director: Robert Hasfogel

The slightly crazy Tobias and the straightforward Ernst are a happy couple. Until the day that Ernst's childhood friend Uta shows up. She tries by all means to manipulate the relationship between the two. Things soon get completely out of control.
The first film of the film production 'Ente Kross Film', which only wants to produce feature films with a gay theme.

Margarita (Canada 2012) - Directed by Dominique Cardona , Laurie Colbert

When the lesbian nanny Margarita loses her job, a development begins that ultimately leads to her expulsion.

The Men Next Door (United States 2012) - Director: Rob Williams

A gay man feels torn between two other men who suddenly turn out to be father and son.

Mixed Kebab (Belgium / Turkey 2012) - Director: Guy Lee Thys

The 27-year-old Turk Ibrahim lives with his conservative family in Antwerp, Belgium. Since he is gay and loves the Belgian Kevin, he leads a double life. When this is discovered, events come to a head ...
Producer, director and screenwriter Guy Lee Thys knows from personal experience that homosexuality is still a major problem in the Turkish and North African communities in Belgium and that homophobic violence is increasing. The idea for the film came to him when he read a statistic in a newspaper that 90 percent of young Belgians have no problem with homosexuality, while 90 percent of young Muslims living in Belgium reject homosexuality.

Morgan (United States 2012) - Director: Michael D. Akers

The paraplegic Morgan falls in love with Dean.

On the Road - Unterwegs (On the Road) (United States / France / Great Britain / Brazil / Canada / Argentina 2012) - Director: Walter Salles

After the death of his father, the budding writer Sal met the life-hungry Dean Moriarty. Both become friends and a little later they set off on a road trip west together. Always with the next stage in mind, both of them savor the intoxication of life to the full and go in search of freedom and true love.
Based on the novel of the same name by Jack Kerouac .

Out in the Dark (Out in the Dark) (Israel / United States 2012) - Director: Michael Mayer

The Palestinian student Nimr meets the Israeli lawyer Roy while visiting his friend Mustafa, who lives illegally in Israel, in Tel Aviv. Although there is a spark between the two, Nimr fights against his feelings. If his homosexuality were to become public in his homeland, not only would his future at the university be endangered, but his life would also be in danger. On a later visit, the two spend a night together, but Nimr's ultra-conservative brother Nabil is waiting for him at home.
The film won the audience award at the 28th Torino GLBT Film Festival.

A Perfect Ending (United States 2012) - Director: Nicole Conn

When Rebecca meets the prostitute Paris, the two women fall in love.

Prora (short film, Switzerland 2012) - Director: Stéphane Riethauser

17-year-old Jan from Germany spends his holidays with 18-year-old Matthieu from France in Prora on the Baltic island of Rügen. After a night of partying, the two get closer.

Sassy Pants (United States 2012) - Director: Coley Son

Bethany wants to get away from her mother and to her father. But now he lives with a young gay man and so Bethany gets to know a completely new world.

The Sex of Angels (El sexo de los ángeles) (Spain 2012) - Director: Xavier Villaverde

When Bruno meets Rai on the beach, a relationship develops between the two men, despite Bruno's relationship with Carla. But Carla also begins a relationship with Rai; When she learns of the secret relationship between the two men, her world begins to shake. She wonders if she should get involved in a three-way relationship or end both relationships.

Silent Youth (Germany 2012) - Director: Diemo Kemmesies

The young Marlo is visiting Berlin, where he meets the student Kirill. At first they roam the city together several times, but slowly love develops between the two.

Skinny (The Skinny) (United States 2012) - Director: Patrik-Ian Polk

Five gay friends celebrate a reunion weekend in New York.

Sleepless Knights (Caballeros Insomnes) (Germany 2012) - Director: Stefan Butzmühlen , Cristina Diz

The gay Carlos spends the summer with his family in Extremadura, Spain. There he falls in love with the policeman Juan.

Speechless (Wu yan) (China / Hong Kong 2012) - Director: Simon Chung

When a naked young man from the West is found in a small Chinese town who does not say a word, he is first taken to a hospital. There the nurse Jiang falls in love with him and a romance begins between the two men. When the stranger is about to be transferred to a closed asylum, Jiang escapes with him and tries to get his secret out of it.

Street of the bad guys (Bad Boy Street) (United States 2012) - Director: Todd Verow

In Paris, an older gay man takes a drunk young American he finds on the street home with him. Romantic feelings develop between the two. What the older one does not know: his guest is famous.

Tatort: ​​Alter Ego (Germany 2012) - Director: Thomas Jauch

Follow the ARD series Tatort : The gay student Kai is found murdered in his apartment; naked and only covered with a cloth. First of all, his ex-boyfriend Lars is targeted by the investigators. But finally the traces lead to a high-tech company, where Kai did an internship.

Teens Like Phil (Short, United States 2012) - Directed by Dominic Haxton , David Newman

Gay teenager Phil is brutally bullied at his school.

Two Weddings and a Funeral (Du Bunui Gyulhonsikgwa Han Bunui Jangryesik) (South Korea 2012) - Director: Jho Kwang-soo Kim

A gay man and a lesbian woman get married to hide their sexuality. While trying to deceive parents and co-workers, they also seek great love.

Father's Days - Grandpa Over Night (Germany 2012) - Director: Ingo Rasper

36-year-old Basti meets 17-year-old Dina, who claims to be his daughter. Since she already has a baby, Basti would already be a grandfather. He turns to his father Lambert ( Heiner Lauterbach ), who just realizes that he is gay and likes the Greek nektarios.

Vattnet (short film, Netherlands 2012) - Director: Marco van Bergen

James leads a lonely life in the castle where his parents run a hotel. When a couple of Swedish soccer players are guests at the hotel and one of them gets injured, James develops feelings for him.

What you don't say (Come non detto) (Italy 2012) - Director: Ivan Silvestrini

The 25-year-old Mattia (Josafat Vagni) has kept his homosexuality a secret from his family for years and now wants to move to Spain with his friend Eduard (José Dammert). But the farewell dinner with the family is developing differently than planned ...

Welcome to New York (Short, United States 2012) - Director: Steven Tylor O'Connor

The story of five young people and their first experiences in New York City.

Westerland (Germany 2012) - Director: Tim Staffel

The German Turk Cem saves the life-weary Jesús from suicide on the beach of Sylt. The two fall in love and begin a fateful relationship.

White Frog (United States 2012) - Director: Quentin Lee

When his older brother Chaz dies in a traffic accident, 15-year-old autistic Nick learns that his brother was gay.

Yossi (Ha-Sippur Shel Yossi) (Israel 2012) - Director: Eytan Fox

Continuation of the film Yossi & Jagger : Ten years after the death of his friend, Yossi is a respected cardiologist in Tel-Aviv. But he still mourns his old friend. On a trip to the sea he meets the young soldier Tom, a fun-loving, self-confident man who makes no secret of his homosexuality. When the two fall in love, the question arises how Yossi will deal with it.


Aleksandr's Price. Love is not free! (Aleksandr's Price / Simple Moves) (United States 2013) - Directors: Pau Masó , David Damen

A few years after Aleksandr moved to the United States of America with his mother and sister from Russia to find their father and lead a better life, his mother dies. Eventually he slips into the sex scene.

Antes de Palavras (short film, Brazil 2013) - Director: Diego Carvalho Sá

The two friends Celio and Dario get closer.

Around the Block (Australia / United States 2013) - Director: Sarah Spillane

When the bisexual teacher Dino Chalmers ( Christina Ricci ) starts a job at a school in Sydney's problematic Redfern district, she also wants to revive her relationship with Kate.

Beautiful Love (Monster Pies) (Australia 2013) - Director: Lee Galea

At a Melbourne high school, the outsider Mike and the new student Will are supposed to work together on a new interpretation of Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet". The two get closer.

Blue is a warm color (La vie d'Adèle) (France 2013) - directed by Abdellatif Kechiche

The young Adèle experiences her first great love with the somewhat older student Emma.
The film received at the Film Festival in Cannes 2013 the Palme d'Or . For the first time in the history of the festival, the award went not only to the director, but also to the two main actresses.

Boygame (short film, Sweden 2013) - Director: Anna Nolskog

15-year-old John and Nicholas are scared of their first sex with a girl. So they start experimenting with each other.

Bridegroom (Documentary, United States 2013) - Director: Linda Bloodworth-Thomason

Documentary about Shane Bitney Crone , who wanted to marry his partner Tom Bridegroom after the marriage ceremony in California. When his partner suddenly dies, Shane's family refuses to attend his partner's funeral.
In May 2012, on the occasion of the first anniversary of his partner's death, Bitney Crone posted an approximately 10-minute video entitled “It could happen to you” in which he tells his story. This attracted a lot of attention and so director Bloodworth-Thomason, who had already met the couple personally, suggested that he produce a longer documentary.

Burning Blue (United States 2013) - Director: DMW Greer

The young fighter pilot Dan has everything he has wanted: a career in the Navy, a handsome fiancee and a good buddy. After an exciting night with a colleague, however, he gets into an identity crisis and when the public finds out about it, a merciless hunt begins.

Caged (Uitgesproken) (short film, Netherlands 2013) - directed by Dylan Tonk , Lazlo Tonk

When David discovers that his best friend Niels is gay, he has to learn to overcome his homophobic prejudices.

Capital Games (United States 2013) - Director: Ilo Orleans

Steve and Mark are both fighting for the same job. But after a night together, nothing is like it was before.

Concussion (United States 2013) - Director: Stacie Passon

The lesbian family mother Abby also works as a call girl Eleanor.

Cupcakes (Israel 2013) - Director: Eytan Fox

By chance, the gay kindergarten teacher Ofer and five friends are supposed to represent Israel in the international music competition “UniverSong”.
Despite the other title, the fictional music competition is clearly recognizable as a Eurovision Song Contest .

Dallas Buyers Club (2013 United States) - Director: Jean-Marc Vallée

In the mid-1980s, homophobic Ron Woodroof ( Matthew McConaughey ) found out that he was infected with HIV and that he would not have long to live. Looking for help, he starts a drug that is not approved in the US but helps him smuggle out of Mexico. When he also provided other infected people, mostly homosexuals, with the drug and got to know the transsexual Rayon ( Jared Leto ), his homophobic attitude slowly began to change.

Donna Leon - On Faith and Faith (Germany 2013) - Director: Sigi Rothemund

The bailiff Araldo Fontana only lives his homosexuality in secret and becomes a murder victim. Inspector Guido Brunetti interrupts his vacation to investigate and finds the murderer.
Crime film in the Donna Leon series .

Eastern Boys - Terminus Paris (Eastern Boys) (France 2013) - Director: Robin Campillo

Daniel in his late fifties wants to make use of young Marek's love services at the Gare du Nord in Paris. A love and finally a father-son relationship develops.

Easy Abby (United States 2013) - Director: Wendy Jo Carlton

Abby is in her mid thirties and lives in Chicago. She enjoys the nightlife and one-night stands, and she doesn't believe in solid relationships. But then she meets Danielle and everything changes.
The full-length feature film is based on a web series of the same name .

The Falls 2 - Testament Of Love (United States 2013) - Director: Jon Garcia

The 2012 sequel to The Falls - Love Can't Be Sin : After a few happy months together, Chris and RJ go their separate ways. Five years later, RJ is openly gay with Paul, while Chris is now married to Emily, with whom he also has a daughter. When the two meet again at a funeral, they realize that they still have feelings for each other.
A third and final part followed in 2016.

Fire Island '79 (short documentary, United States 2013) - directed by Todd Verow , Patrick McGuinn

The gay filmmaker Chase Hook committed suicide on December 31, 1979. His conservative family destroys all of his films. It wasn't until years later that Super8 films appeared on his last vacation on Fire Island , an island off New York that is popular with gays.

Five Dances (United States 2013) - Director: Alan Brown

The young Chip goes to New York City to realize his dream of becoming a ballet dancer. When his family wants him to return to them in the provinces and he falls in love with another dancer, he is torn between his family on the one hand and his career and love on the other.

Freier Fall (Germany 2013) - Director: Stephan Lacant

Marc's life seems perfect: he has a promising career in the police force and a baby is on the way. When he meets his colleague Kay, the two fall in love.

The Stranger at the Lake (L'inconnu du lac) (France 2013) - Director: Alain Guiraudie

In summer Franck regularly comes to a swimming lake that serves as a cruising meeting place. There he befriends the older, stout Henri. Physically, however, he feels drawn to the attractive Michel. He starts an affair with Michel, even though he has watched him drown his previous lover.

GBF (United States 2013) - Director: Darren Stein

After the gay Tanner has been outed by his classmates, three girls want him as their best friend - as GBF, Gay Best Friend.

Geography Club (United States 2013) - Director: Gary Entin

A group of students with different sexual orientations form a club together to share their feelings and experiences.

Geron (Gerontophilia) (Canada 2013) - Director: Bruce La Bruce

18-year-old Lake is slowly realizing that he is attracted to much older men. When he meets 80-year-old Mr. Peabody in the nursing home where he works, he falls in love with him. When this becomes known, Mr. Peabody is sedated and restrained to the bed. Lake frees him and drives him across Canada to fulfill his last wish: to see the Pacific again.

The Happy Sad (United States 2013) - Director: Rodney Evans

Aaron and Marcus have been a happy couple for six years. One day they decide to have an open relationship with no idea what they are getting into.

Hawaii (Argentina 2013) - Director: Marco Berger

Martín, who wants to go to Buenos Aires, is looking for a temporary job in the house of the young author Eugenio. When the two discover that they were friends in their childhood, a relationship develops that goes far beyond friendship.

Homophobia (short documentary, Germany 2013) - Director: Till Wiedemann

Short documentation that deals with the consequences and effects of homophobia in Germany. Among other things, Ole von Beust speaks of his youth experiences.

I feel disco (Germany 2013) - director: Axel Ranisch

The teenager Florian does not correspond to the ideas of his father: he is fat, unsportsmanlike and gay. Florian's mother mediates between the two and supports her son in his “unmanly” hobbies. So she dances with him in the apartment in costumes to pop music. But one day she has a stroke and father and son have to learn to get along.

In Bloom (United States 2013) - Director: Chris Michael Birkmeier

It's summer in Chicago; Kurt and Paul have been a happy couple for two years. When Kurt meets Kevin, he leaves Paul. But despite the new love, he feels emptiness.

In the Name of… (W imię…) (Poland 2013) - Director: Małgorzata Szumowska

Father Adam takes over a small congregation in the Polish province. With his great commitment, he quickly gained the sympathy of the community members. But when he meets a young man who is considered an outsider, he has to face his homosexuality, which is not hidden from the community.
Winner of the Teddy Award 2013 in the category "Best Film".

Now Now Now (short film, Germany 2013) - Director: Christin Freitag

Fabian and his buddies torment the gay Jacob. But Fabian doesn't want to continue like this ...

Kill Your Darlings - Junge Wilde (Kill Your Darlings) (United States 2013) - Director: John Krokidas

Biography of the university years of the gay American poet Allen Ginsberg ( Daniel Radcliffe ), one of the most important poets of the Beat Generation .

Kissing Drew (Short, Canada 2013) - Director: Philip J. Connell

A gay student is bullied by the boy he's secretly in love with.

La partida - The Last Game (La partida) (Spain / Cuba 2013) - Director: Antonio Hens

Reinier and Yosvani live in a suburb of Havana and try to escape their poverty-stricken everyday life with the dream of a great career as a footballer. When Yosvani's shoes are stolen and Reinier tries to prevent this, a friendship develops between the two, which ultimately leads to their first kiss and sex together. While the married Reinier earns money as a prostitute for his family and already knows sex with men, this is completely new for Yosvani.

Last Summer (2013 United States) - Director: Mark Thiedeman

Luke and Jonah have been inseparable friends since childhood and have been in a platonic relationship. They part ways after school.

Liberace Behind the Candelabra (United States 2013) - Director: Steven Soderbergh

The pianist and entertainer Liberace ( Michael Douglas ) lives in Las Vegas with Scott Thorson ( Matt Damon ), who is almost 40 years his junior .
Based on the 1988 autobiographical novel "Behind The Candelabra - My Life with Liberace" by Scott Thorson.

Love letters from a stranger (Snails in the Rain / Shablulim Ba'geshem) (Israel 2013) - Director: Yariv Mozer

Tel Aviv in the summer of 1989: Boaz, a young linguistics student, receives anonymous love letters from another man, which make him question his heterosexuality.
Based on the novel "The Garden of Dead Trees" by Yossi Avni-Levy .

Little Gay Boy (France 2013) - Director: Antony Hickling

The story of a gay boy from birth to his teenage years, where he discovered his sexuality and eventually met his father.

Lose Your Head (Germany 2013) - directed by Stefan Westerwelle , Patrick Schuckmann

After the Spaniard Luis has separated from his friend, he travels to Berlin for a weekend party. There he meets the mysterious and unpredictable Ukrainian Viktor. By chance, Luis finds out that he looks like Viktor's ex-boyfriend Dimitri, who has disappeared without a trace. Despite his doubts about Viktor, Luis is drawn more and more into his wake. But he keeps discovering new traces that make him doubt Viktor.
The film is inspired by the story of a young Portuguese who disappeared.
At the 2013 Berlinale, the film was shown in the “Panorama” section.

Mi amigo Jaime (short film, Spain 2013) - Director: Alejandro Beltrán

Dani falls in love with his good friend Jaime.

More than friendship (Germany 2013) - Director: Timmy Ehegötz

Mia, Lukas and Jonas are inseparable, one heart and one soul since childhood, ready to leave their mark on the world - even as lovers. But their ménage-à-trois finds little approval in an exclusive society that shows hardly any respect or tolerance ... The trio's unbroken love of life is put to a severe test when a stroke of fate leads the intimate community on a final, shared adventure.

My Private Go-Go (Getting Go, the Go Doc Project) (United States 2013) - Director: Cory Krueckeberg

Video blogger Doc is obsessed with the New York go-go dancer Go. He gets closer to his idol under the pretext of making a documentary.

Naked As We Came (United States 2013) - Director: Richard LeMay

Elliot and his sister Laura are called to their mother Lilly, who is doing very badly. Once there, they meet Ted, a young author who takes care of Lily's household. Conflicts break out over the next few days, but affections develop between Elliot and Ted.

Nothing like before (Germany 2013) - Director: Oliver Dommenget

16-year-old gay Daniel is accused of molesting and murdering a young boy just because he was seen near the crime scene. Although he protests to be innocent, a hunt for him and his family begins by neighbors and the media.

O Melhor Amigo (short film, Brazil 2013) - Director: Allan Deberton

On a Saturday, Lucas and Felipe go to the beach together, where more is emerging between the two.

Above it's still (Boven is het stil) (Netherlands / Germany 2013) - Director: Nanouk Leopold

A Dutch farmer in his 50s pushes his sick father upstairs to die. When he hires a new servant, he comes out.
The film won the “Best Feature Film Award” at the 28th Torino GLBT Film Festival.

Out in East Berlin (Documentation, Germany 2013) - Directors: Jochen Hick , Andreas Strohfeldt

The documentary outlines the everyday life of 13 homosexual women and men in the GDR. Although unpunished since 1968, homosexuality remained a taboo there.

Peyote (Mexico 2013) - Director: Omar Flores Sarabia

The shy Pablo is fascinated by Marco, who is a few years older than him. When they go on a trip to the Mexican desert together, their feelings for one another are revealed.

Pit Stop (United States 2013) - Director: Yen Tan

The openly gay Ernesto and the covertly gay Gabe both have to cope with the homophobia of the other in a small, Texan working-class town.

The Poetess (Flores Raras) (Brazil 2013) - Director: Bruno Barreto

The true story of the love affair between the American poet Elizabeth Bishop and the Brazilian architect Lota de Macedo Soares.

Ronny & I (Short, USA 2013) - Director: Guy Shalem

A young man discovers his sexuality and love for his best friend.

Rosie (Switzerland 2013) - Director: Marcel Gisler

The 40-year-old gay author Lorenz Meran ( Fabian Krüger ) has to return from Berlin to his hometown in Switzerland to organize the care of his old mother ( Sibylle Brunner ). His own problems also catch up with him. But one day love (Sebastian Ledesma) knocks on his door.

Don't say who you are! (Tom à la ferme) (Canada / France 2013) - Director: Xavier Dolan

After his partner dies, young copywriter Tom travels to the country to attend his partner's funeral. There he is shocked to find that nobody knows who he is and that his partner's mother must not find out that her son was gay.

Salvation Army (L'armée du salut) (France / Morocco / Switzerland 2013) - directed by Abdellah Taïa

In Casablanca, the young, gay Abdellah tries to find his place in his family and in society.

Solo. You never know who you will take home with you ... (Solo) (Argentina 2013) - Director: Marcelo Briem Stamm

Manuel and Julio try to cope with their failed ex-relationships through a passionate relationship.

Test (United States 2013) - Director: Chris Mason Johnson

Frankie is the newest and youngest member of a modern ballet group. When Todd helps him with the preparations, a friendship develops between the two that grows deeper and deeper. But problems also arise.

Deep Water (Floating Skyscrapers / Plynace wiezowce) (Poland 2013) - Director: Tomasz Wasilewski

The competitive swimmer Kuba leads a life between swimming training, his girlfriend Sylwia and his mother Ewa. But he also secretly has sex with men. When he met Michal in an art gallery and fell in love with him, he was looking for a way to lead a self-determined, free life.

Toeing the Line (Short, United States 2013) - Director: William Branden Blinn

Zach and Lamar have long been good friends. But one day more happens between the two of them.

Triple Crossed (United States 2013) - Director: Sean Paul Lockhart

A man is said to kill another even though he promised a friend on his deathbed that he would protect him.

Tru Love (Canada 2013) - Director: Kate Johnston , Shauna MacDonald

The 37-year-old, lesbian Tru has had several short relationships, but it is difficult for her to get involved with someone for longer. When her best friend Suzanne receives a visit from her widowed mother Alice, Tru and Alice develop a deep love that is completely new to both of them.

Truth (United States 2013) - Director: Rob Moretti

The mentally ill Caleb meets Jeremy over the Internet and falls head over heels in love with him. As he tries to hide his own illness and past from Jeremy, he becomes entangled in a web of lies and Jeremy finds himself trapped.

Tumbledown (United States 2013) - Director: Todd Verow

When Mike and Jay invite the bartender Rick for a weekend in the mountains, an emotional roller coaster ride of drugs, alcohol and sex begins.

Turtle Hill, Brooklyn (United States 2013) - Director: Ryan Gielen

For his 30th birthday, Will and partner Mateo invite some friends who cause some confusion.

Wastelands (short film, Netherlands 2013) - Director: Marco van Bergen

The lonely teenager Marc is secretly in love with Olaf. When the two of them go camping, Marc initially raises hopes, but these are suddenly shaken.

West Hollywood Motel (United States 2013) - Director: Matt Riddlehoover

A wide variety of people meet in a motel and learn a lot about love, sex and the meaning of life.

Zwei Mütter (Germany 2013) - Director: Anne Zohra Berrached

Film drama about a woman couple who want to start a family.


4 Moons (Cuatro lunas) (Mexico 2014) - Director: Sergio Tovar Velarde

Four stories of men of different generations who want to discover and live their homosexual love.

Aban and Khorshid (Short, United States 2014) - Directed by Darwin Serink

The story of two men who are executed for love.
Inspired by true events.

Alex & Ali (Documentary, United States / Turkey 2014) - Director: Malachi Leopold

The American Alex lived with Ali from 1967 to 1977 in Persia, today's Iran. They meet again after 35 years.

Appropriate Behavior - Easy naughty (Appropriate Behavior) (United States 2014) - Director: Desiree Akhavan

The well-to-do family of the young exiled Iranian Shirin does not know that she is a lesbian. When her friend Maxine separates from her, events roll over and her life becomes more turbulent, while Shirin seeks her position in the world.

Barrio Boy (Short, United States 2014) - Director: Dennis Shinners

A hairdresser falls in love with a stranger.

Boulevard (United States 2014) - Director: Dito Montiel

Aging bank clerk Nolan Mack ( Robin Williams ) has been married to a woman for more than 25 years. When he meets a young gay callboy, his life changes suddenly.

Boys Like Us (France / Austria 2014) - Director: Patric Chiha

After his partner left the bookseller Rudolf, he wanted to return from Paris to his homeland, a small town in the Austrian Alps. His two best friends, the actor Gabriel and the waiter Nicolas, accompany him to help him through this difficult phase. But life in the provinces poses great challenges for the three of them and they have many turbulent adventures to endure.

Camp Belvidere (Short, United States 2014) - Directed by Astrid Ovalles , Oriana Oppice

The friendship between rose and gin slowly turns into a passionate love.

Children 404 (documentary, Russia 2014) - Directors: Askold Kurov , Pavel Loparev

Documentation about the life of young homosexuals in Russia after the introduction of the “Laws against Homo Propaganda” from 2011.
The premiere of the film in Moscow in April 2014 was disbanded by the police.

Coming In (Germany 2014) - Director: Marco Kreuzpaintner

The gay hairdresser Tom ( Kostja Ullmann ) is supposed to bring out one for women after a successful men's shampoo. To do research, he begins to work under a pseudonym in a shabby salon, where he develops feelings for a colleague.
Slightly modified remake of the 1997 film of the same name.

The Dark Place (United States 2014) - Director: Jody Wheeler

Keegan has an unusual gift: he can remember everything. When he goes to his mother's house with his boyfriend, he notices that she is newly married. His new step brother tries to seduce him.

Dohee - Anyone Can Run Away (South Korea 2014) - Director: July Jung

The young girl Dohee is mistreated by her father and bullied by her classmates. The police officer Youngnam, who has been transferred from Seoul to Yeosu, takes care of them. When Youngnam tells Dohee that she is a lesbian herself, Dohee's father uses this information to report Youngnam and assign the abuse to her.

The Third (El tercero) (Argentina 2014) - Director: Rodrigo Guerrero

The 22-year-old Fede met an older gay couple on the Internet. After spending the night together, he discovered a new form of love.

Darker Than Deepest Night (Più buio di mezzanotte) (Italy 2014) - Director: Sebastiano Riso

14 year old Davide is just discovering his homosexuality. When his brutal father tries to force him into hormone therapy, Davide escapes from home. He ends up on the street where he falls in love with a prostitute. When the clique, which is now his family, visits the concert of the legendary drag queen “Louvre”, Davide is enthusiastic and realizes that he too wants to become a drag queen.
The film is based on the teenage years of the Italian drag queen "Fuxia", who appears in a supporting role as the drag queen "Louvre".

Feriado (Ecuador / Argentina 2014) - Director: Diego Araujo

After saving a man from an attack, complicated feelings develop between the two men.

Foreign Relations (short film, United States / Greece / Croatia 2014) - Director: Reid Waterer

On a Mediterranean group trip, shy Tom ends up in a room with a Greek and affection develops.

Forever yours (Je suis à toi) (Belgium / Canada 2014) - Director: David Lambert

The young Argentinian Lucas desperately wants to get out of his old life. That is why he offers himself in gay video chats: he wants to see whoever sends him a ticket. When the Belgian baker Henry sees this, the older, corpulent man hopes for a relationship and sends Lucas the coveted ticket. But after their arrival there are initial tensions, as Henry expects help in the bakery in addition to the relationship and Lucas is looking for more freedom.

Futuro Beach (Praia do Futuro) (Brazil / Germany 2014) - Director: Karim Aïnouz

While on vacation in Brazil, Konrad loses his friend Heiko in a swimming accident. After falling in love with the lifeguard Donato, who couldn't help, he takes him to Germany, where Donato has to build a whole new life and is no longer the respected lifeguard. Years later, Donato's little brother, who has now grown up and had to save a long time for the flight, comes to Germany to confront his former role model, who has left the family.

Gabriel (short film, Spain / Germany 2014) - Director: Benjamin Chimoy

The 32-year-old Spaniard Gabriel lives a long way from his conservative family, together with his partner Lars in Germany. He regularly remembers his childhood and youth.

Gardenia - Before the Last Curtain Falls (Documentary, Germany / Belgium 2014) - Director: Thomas Wallner

A group of gay and transsexual travesty artists between 60 and 70 years of age experienced a great success with the show "Gardenia"; they will tour all five continents with the show for two years. The documentation shows excerpts from the show and tells the stories of the artists, who all lead moving lives and look back on changeable biographies.

Girltrash: All Night Long (United States 2014) - Director: Alexandra Kondracke

The lesbian musicians Daisy and Tyler have to make it to a music competition on time. However, her car breaks down and when Monique appears, the chaos is perfect.

Good Morning (Short, Canada 2014) - Directors: Stephen Dunn , Peter Knegt

After his 30th birthday party, a man spots a 17-year-old on his sofa and can't remember anything. He begins to question his sexual identity.

The secret friend (Hidden Away) (A escondidas) (Spain 2014) - Director: Mikel Rueda

The two youngsters Ibrahim and Rafa fall in love, but have to hide their love.

Today I'm going home alone (Hoje Eu Quero Voltar Sozinho) (Brazil 2014) - Director: Daniel Ribeiro

The blind Leonardo falls in love with his new classmate Gabriel.
The film is based on the short film “ I don't want to go back alone ” (2010) by the same director, who was able to win the same actors for the long version.
The film won the award for best feature film at the 28th Teddy Award at the Berlinale 2014.

I Am Syd Stone (Short, Canada 2014) - Director: Denis Theriault

After his success in Hollywood, a young man returns to his homeland to bring an old relationship back to life.

I am the happiness of this earth (Yo soy la felicidad de este mundo) (Mexico 2014) - Director: Julián Hernández

The gay director Emiliano wants to make a film about a famous Mexican ballet dancer when he falls in love with the dancer Octavio. After meeting the callboy Jazen, he begins to question his feelings for Octavio.

Ich will dich (TV film, Germany 2014) - Director: Rainer Kaufmann

Two middle-aged heterosexual women who are in partnerships with men meet and fall in love. You start a relationship.

The Imitation Game (The Imitation Game) (United States 2014) - Director: Morten Tyldum

Biography of the film about the British mathematician and logician Alan Turing ( Benedict Cumberbatch ), who contributed to the victory of the Allies in World War II by deciphering the German Enigma coding and who is considered one of the pioneers of computer science. After the Second World War, he was convicted of his homosexuality and forced to undergo chemical castration. He subsequently committed suicide in 1954 at the age of 41.

Jongens (Netherlands 2014) - Director: Mischa Kamp

The two 15-year-old youth winners ( Gijs Blom ) and Marc belong to the same sports club and want to take part in an athletics championship. Suddenly more than friendship develops between the two.
At the international children's film festival "Lucas" in Frankfurt am Main, the film received the special prize in autumn 2014, which was awarded by a jury of 14 to 16 year old students.
The film was initially produced for Dutch television and broadcast on the children's channel “Zapp”, but was subsequently shown in the cinema after positive reactions from the audience and critics.

Kayla and Kyle (Short, UK 2014) - Director: Andrew Rooke

Kyle is a young transgender woman-to-man. His mother wants him to hide this from the rest of the family and continue to live as a woman.

Kissing Darkness (United States 2014) - Director: James Townsend

A group of young gays who are bored of gay life in Los Angelos want to forego this year's Pride weekend and instead go on a camping trip in the woods.

Der Kreis (Switzerland 2014) - Director: Stefan Haupt

It tells the story of the Zurich underground organization “Der Kreis”, which campaigned for gay rights from the 1940s to the late 1960s, organized regular festivals for gays from all over Europe and also the trilingual magazine of the same name The circle issued. One focus of the film is the story of the young teacher Ernst Ostertag, who fell in love with the travesty artist Röbi Rapp in 1958.

The Last Straight Man (United States 2014) - Director: Mark Bessenger

After the hidden gay Lewis has sex with his straight best friend Cooper, whom he is secretly in love with, after a night of partying, the two decide to meet in this hotel room that same night every year. Over the years, they realize how they and their relationship are changing.

Lilting (UK 2014) - Director: Hong Khaou

After the death of his partner Kai ( Andrew Leung ) in a traffic accident, Richard ( Ben Whishaw ) only has memories of their time together. Since Kai's Cambodian-Chinese mother knew nothing about her son's homosexuality and Richard only considers Richard to be a roommate, Richard slowly tries to approach her.

Love goes strange ways (Love Is Strange) (United States / France 2014) - Director: Ira Sachs

After the elderly couple Ben ( John Lithgow ) and George ( Alfred Molina ) marry, George loses his job. The sudden lack of money forces her to sell her home and changes her life.

Liz in September (Liz en Septiembre) (Venezuela 2014) - Director: Fina Torres

As every year, the lesbian Liz travels to the Caribbean with some friends on the occasion of her birthday. But this year is something different: Liz is fatally ill, which she hides from the others. When she meets a woman who interests her, things roll over.

More stories from the neighbor's bed (More Scenes from a Gay Marriage) (United States 2014) - Director: Matt Riddlehoover

Continuation of stories from the neighbor's bed from 2012.

Midnight (short film, Australia / United States 2014) - Director: TR Wilkinson

A gay couple tries to see if they can live in an open relationship.

An Afternoon (En eftermiddag) (short film, Denmark 2014) - Director: Søren Green

One afternoon Mathias and Frederik get closer.

The Normal Heart (United States 2014) - Director: Ryan Murphy

A gay activist was fighting for awareness about HIV and AIDS in the early 1980s.
The film is based on the 1985 play of the same name, The Normal Heart , written by Larry Kramer , who also wrote the screenplay for the film.

Olya's Love (documentary, Austria / Russia 2014) - director: Kirill Sakharnov

Documentary about a lesbian couple who are fighting against state and social homophobia in Russia.

Out to Kill (United States 2014) - Director: Rob Williams

After a young gay man is found dead, only one of his friends believes in murder and hires a private detective.

Patong Girl (Thailand / Germany 2014) - Director: Susanna Salonen

Felix spends his vacation in Thailand with his family. There he falls in love with the Thai woman Fai. When she confesses that she used to be a man, Felix doesn't know how to react.

Pierrot Lunaire (Germany / Canada 2014) - Director: Bruce LaBruce

A young woman from a poor family who regularly disguises herself as a man falls in love with a girl from better circles. While the girl succumbs to seduction, her father exposes the fraud and forbids further meetings. Pierrot does not want to accept this, however, and comes up with the plan to convince the beloved's father of her “manhood”.

Pink Pact (Do Lado de Fora) (Brazil 2014) - Director: Alexandre Carvalho

A group of gay youth wants to go to the Gay Pride Parade in São Paulo. When they experience homophobic aggression there, they make a pact that each of them will come out by the next Pride event.

Pride (UK 2014) - Director: Matthew Warchus

The film tells the true story of gay rights activists who showed solidarity with striking miners in Great Britain in the 1980s to demonstrate against unemployment and welfare cuts in the Thatcher era. At first the trade unionists want nothing to do with the gays and lesbians, but eventually they accept their help.

QORDS Camp (short documentary, United States 2014) - Directors: Rick Dillwood , Carrie Hart

Short documentary about a summer camp where music is supposed to build a queer community.

Just for Men (Date and Switch) (United States 2014) - Director: Chris Nelson

Friends, Michael and Matty, want to have their first sex before their high school prom. That's when the heartthrob Matty reveals to his friend that he's gay. Although Michael is straight and is very surprised at first, he supports his best friend.

Der Samurai (Germany 2014) - Director: Till Kleinert

A trans woman terrorizes a village.

Sand Dollars (Dólares de arena) (Dominican Republic / Mexico / Argentina 2014) - directed by Israel Cárdenas , Laura Amelia Guzmán

An older European woman falls in love with a younger Dominican woman.

The Secret Path (UK 2014) - Director: Richard Mansfield

At the beginning of the 19th century, Theo and Frank hide from the British Navy in an abandoned house. There they develop feelings for one another.

Sex, Politics, and Sticky Rice (short documentary, United States 2014) - Director: Tina Takemoto

Five Asian-American lesbians talk about their lives and political engagement in the San Francisco Bay Area since the 1980s.

Showboy (Short, Australia 2014) - Director: Samuel Leighton-Dore

After the unexpected death of his mother, the young footballer Julian not only has to support his unemployed, depressed father, but also tries to hide the fact that he is gay and appears in travesty shows in his free time.

The Skeleton Twins (United States 2014) - Director: Craig Johnson

The gay waiter Milo Dean moves in with his sister Maggie after attempting suicide. At home, his past catches up with him when he meets his former teacher and lover, Rich, who now has a son and a girlfriend.

Something Must Break (Nånting måste gå sönder) (Sweden 2014) - Director: Ester Martin Bergsmark

The androgynous Sebastian, who plays with his female identity as Ellie , falls in love with Andreas, who stresses that he is not gay, but is fascinated by Sebastian / Ellie.

Der Spalt - Mind Control (Germany 2014) - Director: Kim Schicklang

Alex is in his early twenties and has no perspective. She lives in the hopelessness of a society that neither knows nor accepts people like her. By chance, Alex meets the photo reporter Christian, but is completely overwhelmed by his advances. What does Christian actually see in Alex? A feminine man or is it the woman?

Speed ​​Walking (Kapgang) (Denmark 2014) - Director: Niels Arden Oplev

Denmark, mid-1970s: After 14-year-old Martin lost his mother, he had to see how he got along with his father and brother. He finally wants to make out with his classmate Kristine. But when he practices for it with his best friend Kim, he realizes that he feels drawn to Kim.

Sturmland (Viharsarok) (Hungary / Germany 2014) - Director: Ádám Császi

Szabi and Bernard play together on a soccer team. When Szabi goes back to Hungary because he inherited a house there from his grandparents, he met Áron there and fell in love with him. But suddenly Bernard appears, who has always been in love with Szabi.

Such Good People (United States 2014) - Director: Stewart Wade

When a gay couple takes care of someone else's house, they discover a secret room with tons of cash. Since the owners of the house die on their journey, they both believe they have reached the destination of all their dreams.

Talking to My Mother (Short, United States 2014) - Director: Leon Le

A young American of Chinese descent struggles with the conflict between his personal happiness as a gay man and the love of his mother, who wants to hold on to her cultural tradition.

The 10 Year Plan (United States 2014) - Director: JC Calciano

The two gays Myles and Brody are best friends, but otherwise completely different. While the romantic Myles is looking for the man for life, Brody is looking for quick sex. They both plan to start a relationship if they are still singles in ten years. When they are still out of relationships almost ten years later, they do everything they can to prevent their pact from coming true.

Tiger Orange (United States 2014) - Director: Wade Gasque

In a small California town, two gay brothers have to cope with their father's death.

To Be Takei (Documentary, United States 2014) - Director: Jennifer M. Kroot

Documentary about the Japanese-born American actor George Takei and his path from actor to activist for homosexual equality.

Tomorrow (Short, United States 2014) - Director: Leandro Tadashi

On New Year's Eve in 1999, two friends, Clark and Trevor, wondered what direction their friendship would take.

Triangles - Witnesses of the Holocaust (Documentary, United States / France 2014) - Director: Ann P. Meredith

The documentary tells the stories of victims of National Socialism, including homosexual victims.

Velociraptor - love again! (Velociraptor) (Mexico 2014) - Director: Chucho E. Quintero

In a Mexican city, people believe in the imminent end of the world. The straight Diego wants to fulfill his dearest wish of his good friend, the gay Alex: sex between the two.

From Girls and Horses (Germany 2014) - Director: Monika Treut

After coming into conflict with the law several times, 16-year-old Alex has to go to a horse farm. At first she doesn't like it there at all, but the openly lesbian riding instructor Nina makes Alex think about her own life. When Kathy, a vacationer from a rich family, arrives, Alex and Kathy fall in love.

Xenia - A New Greek Odyssey (Xenia) (Greece, France, Belgium 2014) - Director: Panos H. Koutras

The gay teenager Danny and his older, straight brother Ody are looking for their father and want to take part in the casting show "Greek Superstar".

You & I (Germany 2014) - Director: Nils Bökamp

The photographer Jonas takes his best friend Philip with him to a photo project in the Uckermark. Straight Jonas has no problems with Philips' homosexuality. When the Polish hitchhiker Boris joins them, the close relationship between the two is upset.

Zomer - Let's get out! (Zomer) (Netherlands 2014) - Director: Colette Bothof

The young people in a small Dutch village spend their summer every year by a small lake next to a power station. When 16-year-old Anne meets Lena, who has just moved to the village, a love develops between the two.

Two Faces (short film, Germany 2014) - Director: Christian Schäfer

U-19 Bundesliga player, popular with the team, steadfast friend. - Everything seems to be going well for 18 year old Jonathan. But only until his secret gradually comes to light and his facade collapses: Jonathan is secretly gay. A huge problem for him, because now sport reveals its ugly face when no one on the pitch wants to understand that football and being gay can also go together.
First feature film co-produced by the DFB with the intention of addressing homosexuality in German football. Nominated for the German Young Talent Award 2015.


4th Man Out (alternatively: Fourth Man Out) (United States 2015) - Director: Andrew Nackman

In a small town, a car mechanic comes out to his best friends as gay. At first they don't know how to deal with it, but gradually they get used to it.

After School (Short, United States 2015) - Director: Sam Greisman

15-year-old Jack faces his growing affection for his best friend Danny.

Akron Love Now (Akron) (United States 2015) - Directed by Sasha King , Brian O'Donnell

When the students Benny and Christopher get to know each other, they immediately like each other. The two fall in love on vacation together. But in the small town of Akron, it quickly emerges that there is a tragic connection between the two families that has to do with Benny's older brother being killed in an accident as a child. The love between Benny and Christopher is put to the test.

All About E (Australia 2015) - Director: Louise Wadley

After finding a lot of money, a young lesbian woman has to flee. At the same time she tries to build a relationship with another woman.

All the Others Were Practice (United States 2015) - Director: Brian Tolle

Jôrge is looking for his dream man. His friends and colleagues help him with this.

La belle Saison - Eine Sommerliebe (La Belle Saison) (France / Belgium 2015) - Director: Catherine Corsini

In France in the 1970s, 23-year-old Delphine moved from her parents' farm to Paris in order to escape narrow-minded rural morals. There she meets the extroverted Carole, with whom she is involved in the women's rights movement. Eventually the two women fall in love. However, when Delphine's father dies and she has to go back to the country to help her mother, the young relationship is put to the test.

The Blue Hours (Austria 2015) - Director: Marc Jago

The mute prostitute Jean offers men sex for money. When he meets a transsexual call girl, he falls in love with her.

Caracas, eine Liebe / From Afar (Desde allá) (Venezuela / Mexico 2015) - directed by Lorenzo Vigas

The 50-year-old Armando, who is looking for young men in the slums of Caracas to undress for him, meets the 17-year-old Elder, who actually wants to rob him. But a relationship develops between the two men.

Carol (UK / United States / France 2015) - Director: Todd Haynes

In New York in the 1950s, the young department store saleswoman Therese ( Rooney Mara ) falls in love with the attractive Carol ( Cate Blanchett ). As their friendship deepens, Carol's husband tries to question her qualifications as a mother.

Chemsex (Documentary, UK 2015) - Directors: William Fairman , Max Gogarty

Documentary about substance abuse in the London gay scene.

Closet Monster (Canada 2015) - Director: Stephen Dunn

Oscar wants to go to New York City after the end of his senior year at school. But he still has to face his own life. Ever since he witnessed an older gay classmate being raped as a child, he has been traumatized and has problems with his own homosexuality. His father's homophobic sayings make it even harder for him. His best friend and hamster eventually help him face his fears.

Daddy (United States 2015) - Director: Gerald McCullouch

Colin in his mid-forties falls in love with a much younger colleague.

The Danish Girl (UK / United States / Belgium / Denmark / Germany 2015) - Director: Tom Hooper

The story of the Danish artist Lili Elbe ( Eddie Redmayne ), who was born a man and was the first person to undergo gender reassignment surgery.

Departure (UK / France 2015) - Director: Andrew Steggall

The 15-year-old Elliot travels with his mother Beatrice from England to the south of France to prepare the previous holiday home for sale. When he discovered the Frenchman of the same age, Clément, while bathing at the reservoir, he fell in love with him.

Desire Will Set You Free (Germany 2015) - Director: Yony ​​Leyser

The young American author Ezra falls in love with the Russian stick boy Sasha and experiences the Berlin underground scene with him.

The Dream Children (Australia 2015) - Director: Robert Chuter

Steven lives a very superficial life that doesn't really fill him. When his partner brings a child into the relationship, all of that changes. But suddenly the two have to fight for their family happiness.

Dreams from Strangers (Non accettare i sogni dagli sconosciuti) (Italy 2015) - Director: Roberto Cuzzillo

The Italian competition swimmer Massimo and the Russian translator Vladimir fall in love. But while the cheerful, open-minded Massimo does not want to hide his love for Vladimir, he is much more fearful and wants to keep his sexuality a secret against the background of Russian developments.

Driving Not Knowing (United States 2015) - Directors: Benjamin R. Davis , Dylan Hansen-Fliedner , Jay Jadick , Dane Mainella

A falling out gay couple tries to rekindle their relationship. But the past is not so easy to forget.

Drown (Australia 2015) - Director: Dean Francis

Lifeguard Lenny leads a carefree life. When a new colleague named Phil shows up and turns out to be gay, Lenny's life turns upside down.

Eisenstein in Guanajuato (Mexico / Netherlands / Belgium / France / Finland 2015) - Director: Peter Greenaway

When the Russian filmmaker Sergei Mikhailovich Eisenstein travels to Mexico, he falls in love with a man for the first time.

Equal Justice Under Law (Short Documentary, United States 2015) - Director: Dan Goldes

This short documentary shows how the US opening of marriage was recorded on June 26, 2015 in Castro Street, San Francisco's gay district.

Family obliges (Germany 2015) - Director: Hanno Olderdissen

The half-Jew David wants to marry his friend Khaled of Arab origin. But Khaled's homophobic family and David's mother are against it. When a pregnant woman stands in front of the door and claims that the child is from David, the situation threatens to get out of control.

Familienfest (Germany 2015) - Director: Lars Kraume

For Hannes Westhoff's 70th birthday, his family meets in the grand Berlin house of the grumpy head of the family. Among them is his gay son Frederik with his partner Vincent, who suffer from homophobia.

Freeheld (Freeheld) (United States 2015) - Director: Peter Sollett

After the policewoman Laurel ( Julianne Moore ) becomes fatally ill, she fights to ensure that her partner Stacie ( Ellen Page ) receives the same pension payments after Laurel's death as a male partner.
The film is based on a true case. See also the documentary of the same name from 2007: Freeheld (2007) .

A friend Birthday (Henry Gamble's Birthday Party) (United States 2015) - Director: Stephen Cone

Henry celebrates his 17th birthday with his friends. At the pool party in their parents' garden, it becomes more and more clear to the others that Henry is gay.

Front Cover (United States 2015) - Director: Ray Yeung

When a gay couturier collaborates with a well-known foreign actor, the two of them embark on a journey of self-awareness.

Forever One (Io e lei) (Italy 2015) - Director: Maria Sole Tognazzi

The restaurant owner Marina lives with the architect Federica, who was previously married to a man and has an adult son. Despite their intense relationship, Federica struggles to stand by their love.

Gayby Baby (Documentary, Australia 2015) - Director: Maya Newell

Documentation about the lives of four children who all have homosexual parents.

The Girl King (Finland / Germany / Canada / Sweden / France 2015) - Director: Mika Kaurismäki

The story of Kristina of Sweden, who ascended the throne in 1632 at the age of five and took over the business of government at the age of 18. When she later began an affair with Countess Ebba Sparre, she abdicated at the age of 28 in order to lead a self-determined life.

Same love, wrong love?!? - Homophobia in Europe (documentary, Germany / France 2015) - Director: Peter Gerhardt

Documentation about homophobia in Europe.

Golden (short film, Germany 2015) - Director: Kai Staenicke

This film, which does not use any language at all, tells the story of a young man who is an outsider because of his golden skin and hair until he meets another young man who does the same and who he falls in love with.

In the Grayscale (En la gama de los grises) (Chile 2015) - Director: Claudio Marcone

At work, the architect Bruno met a gay teacher and a love developed between the two.

Holding the Man - Live to love (Holding the Man) (Australia 2015) - Director: Neil Armfield

The real story of Timothy Conigrave and John Caleo, who have been a couple since high school and who later develop HIV.
Based on the autobiography "Holding the Man" by Timothy Conigrave.
A documentary about the couple was also published in 2016 under the title “Remembering the Man”.

Jenny's Wedding (United States 2015) - Director: Mary Agnes Donoghue

Jenny ( Katherine Heigl ) wants to marry her friend Kitty ( Alexis Bledel ) against the bitter resistance of her conservative parents .

Jess & James (Argentina 2015) - Director: Santiago Giralt

After James falls in love with Jess, the two set off on a trip through Argentina. On the way they fork up Tomás, who travels on with them.

Kiss Me, Kill Me (United States 2015) - Director: Casper Andreas

When Dusty confronts his unfaithful friend, a heated argument develops. When he returns later, his friend is murdered and Dusty is the prime suspect.

Lichtes Meer (Germany 2015) - Director: Stefan Butzmühlen

When the young Marek hired as a seaman in training on a container ship, he fell in love with his colleague Jean.

Life Is a Moment (Dunno Y 2) (India 2015) - Director: Tonje Gjevjon , Sanjay Sharma

The young Pakistani Aryan is set to marry his fiancée soon. But although he likes her very much, he is also drawn to men. Since the family has to go to Norway for business, the engagement party has been moved there. But when he meets the Indian Ashley in Norway, the two fall in love and Aryan has to clean the table.

Like You Mean It (United States 2015) - Director: Philipp Karner

The Austrian Markus tries to start a career in the film business under the name Mark in the USA. But so far there has been no success and his relationship with the musician Jonah has also hit rock bottom. A call from his sister from Austria threatens to throw his life off course for good.

Loev (India 2015) - Director: Sudhanshu Saria

The young Sahil is only annoyed by his partner Alex. He's all the more looking forward to a weekend with his best friend Jai, who lives in Manhattan and is now returning to India for a few days on a business trip. Although there was more between the two, it is difficult for them to get along again.

London Spy (Great Britain 2015, 5-part TV film) - Director: Jakob Verbruggen

Five-part television film: When the London warehouse worker Danny ( Ben Whishaw ) meets Alex after a night of partying, the two men become friends and finally fall in love. When Alex is found dead, Danny learns that his friend was actually a secret agent and he begins to investigate the true circumstances of his death.

Looking for Rohmer / Seek McCartney (France / China 2015) - directed by Chao Wang

After his partner McCartney is killed, his Chinese partner Li travels with his ashes to France to give them to his former partner's mother and ex-girlfriend.

Me Him Her (United States 2015) - Director: Max Landis

Cory visits his old friend Brendan, who has made it to some fame as a series actor, in Hollywood to help him come out. But there are some intricacies that throw the two into chaos.

Meier Müller Schmidt (Germany 2015) - Director: Sebastian Peterson

Julian Meier ( Ferenc Graefe ), Kasimir Müller ( Jules Armana ) and Max Schmidt ( Nicolás Artajo ) live together in a shared flat in Berlin. After Casimir fell in love with a man for the first time and had unprotected sex with him, he was afraid that he might have contracted HIV. Since he doesn't dare to have an HIV test, Julian offers to accompany him, but suddenly Kasimir has disappeared.

My Brother, the Hero (How to Win at Checkers (Every Time)) (Thailand / Indonesia / United States 2015) - Director: Josh Kim

After the death of her parents, the 11-year-old Oat fears that his gay older brother Ek will be drafted into the Thai military. And indeed: while Ek's partner Jai does not have to go to the military because of his wealthy parents, Ek, who earns just enough to live as a barman in a male bar, is drafted.

Nasty Baby (United States / Chile 2015) - Director: Sebastián Silva

The gay artist Freddy really wants to raise a child with his partner Mo.

Né Giulietta né Romeo (Italy 2015) - Director: Veronica Pivetti

After coming out, 16-year-old Rocco struggles with his parents' acceptance.

Noam (short film, Israel 2015) - Director: Boaz Foster

16-year-old Noam wants to apply for a piece of school theater despite his parents' disapproval. When he enters the backstage area of ​​the theater, he not only falls in love with the theater atmosphere, but also with Shay, who is also applying for the role.

North Mountain (Canada 2015) - Director: Bretten Hannam

A hunter falls in love with a fugitive impostor and helps him with corrupt police officers.

One Kingdom, One Love (documentary, Netherlands 2015) - Director: Sebastiaan Kes

Documentation about activists from the three Caribbean islands of the Kingdom of the Netherlands who visit the “Amsterdam Pride” to point out that they are still being oppressed there.

Only for Forever (short film, United States 2015) - Director: Nia Phillips

After Marlee stole Nora's wallet, she can't keep the money because she fell in love with Nora.

Oriented (Documentary, Israel / Great Britain 2015) - Director: Jake Witzenfeld

Documentary accompanying three gay Palestinians who tried to fathom their national and sexual identity in Tel Aviv during the Israel-Gaza conflict in 2014.

Paternity Leave (United States 2015) - Director: Matt Riddlehoover

A man finds out that he is pregnant by his partner and suddenly is considered a medical miracle.

Portrait of a Serial Monogamist (Canada 2015) - Directors: John Mitchell , Christina Zeidler

A lesbian woman in her 40s leaves her longtime friend for another woman. But she is not interested in a permanent bond.

The Queen of Ireland (documentary, Ireland 2015) - Director: Conor Horgan

Documentary about Rory O'Neill , better known as drag queen Panti Bliss, who became an activist in Ireland in the successful fight to open marriage.

Raven's Touch (United States 2015) - Directors: Marina Rice Bader , Dreya Weber

When Kate goes camping in the forest with her two children, she meets the reclusive artist Raven. At first Raven reacts very harshly, because she is concerned about the unspoiled nature, but eventually the two women get closer.

San Cristóbal (short film, Chile 2015) - Director: Omar Zúñiga Hidalgo

Lucas and Antonio fall in love in a Chilean fishing village. But the village environment makes love difficult.
In 2019 the same director released a long version of the film under the title “Los Fuertes” (Eng. “The Strong”).

Don't look at me like that (Germany 2015) - Director: Uisenma Borchu

When Iva meets her neighbor Hedi, they fall in love. But with Hedi the love quickly subsides and when she meets Iva's father, she is immediately captivated by him.

A beautiful gift (En underbar jävla jul) (Sweden 2015) - Director: Helena Bergström

Simon and Oscar, both 27 years old, have been a couple for three years. Together with their close friend Cissi, they want to have a child. Since the parents of the two men do not yet know anything about it, they should find out at Christmas that they will soon be grandparents.

Seashore (Beira-Mar) (Brazil 2015) - Directors: Filipe Matzembacher , Marcio Reolon

Two boys on the verge of growing up explore their relationship.

Soft Lad (Great Britain 2015) - Director: Leon Lopez

A young man has a secret affair while his partner struggles with his sexuality.

Der Staat gegen Fritz Bauer (Germany 2015) - Director: Lars Kraume

The story of the gay public prosecutor Fritz Bauer ( Burghart Klaußner ), who helped track down Adolf Eichmann in post-war Germany and started the first Auschwitz trial.

Steel (Canada 2015) - Director: Sven J. Matten

The television journalist Daniel suffers from anxiety. When he meets the young Alexander, the two begin a relationship.

Stonewall (United States 2015) - Director: Roland Emmerich

Danny Winters was involved in fighting in Greenwich Village on the evening of June 27, 1969 and was arrested. After his release from police custody, his parents drive him out and Danny flees to New York, where he hopes for a liberated gay life. Winters finds himself in the wild seventies, which are teeming with corrupt police officers and homeless youth. Winters met Ed Murphy, the owner of the Stonewall Inn, in New York and witnessed not only the Stonewall uprising, but also the first official Gay Pride March in 1970.

The Summer of Sangaile (Sangailes vasara) (Lithuania / France / Netherlands 2015) - Director: Alanté Kavaïté

17-year-old Sangaile wants to become a pilot and falls in love with another girl.

The Surface (United States 2015) - Director: Michael J. Saul

At a flea market, young Evan comes across a box with an old Super 8 camera and rolls of film. The films show two teenagers who are close friends. He manages to locate one of the two: Peter is now in his forties and they quickly become friends. When a relationship develops between them, Evan has to decide whether to give up his previous relationship in return.

Tab Hunter Confidential (Documentary, United States 2015) - Director: Jeffrey Schwarz

Documentary about Tab Hunter (1931 - 2018), who was an American youth idol in the 1950s - successful with his films and music. But what nobody knew: the good-looking heartthrob was actually gay. The documentary traces Tab Hunter's life and career using earlier film and television clips and numerous interviews with former colleagues and contemporary witnesses. The 80-year-old Tab Hunter also speaks in detail and tells about his life and career, for which he had to deny himself.

That's Not Us (United States 2015) - Director: William Sullivan

A gay couple, a lesbian couple and a straight couple want to enjoy the last days of summer together in a beach house. In doing so, they find that despite their different sexuality, the task of maintaining love is the same for everyone.

Those People (United States 2015) - Director: Joey Kuhn

In New York's affluent Upper East Side district, the young painter Charlie finds the man of his dreams in an older pianist. But Charlie has long been in love with his best friend Sebastian, who is involved in a financial scandal.

Toro (Germany 2015) - Director: Martin Hawie

The Polish-born Piotr works as a callboy in Germany. But although he offers his love services to women, he is secretly gay and saves the money he has earned so that he can go back to Poland. He hopes that his great love Victor will accompany him.

Unter der Haut (Switzerland 2015) - Director: Claudia Lorenz

After 18 years of marriage, the family man Frank falls in love with a man.

Four get a child (Germany 2015) - Director: Matthias Steurer

The literature professor Neele and her partner, the dental technician Steff, want to raise a baby together and decide on artificial insemination. However, this leads to a mix-up and instead of the original sperm donor they get the sperm of the gay Kalle, who also wants to have a child with his husband Jens. When Kalle and Jens propose to raise the child together, Neele and Steff are anything but enthusiastic.

Viva (Ireland / Cuba 2015) - Director: Paddy Breathnach

After the death of his mother and after his father left the family, the gay Cuban Jesús learned to look after himself at an early age and earns a living as a hairdresser. During his work in a travesty club, where he is supposed to take care of the wigs, the desire to act as a drag queen grows in him. When he gets the chance, he meets his father, who recognizes his son and reacts aggressively. Nevertheless, they both move in together and try to get closer again.

Water Boyy (Thailand 2015) - Director: Rachi Kusonkusiri

Nam is a good swimmer in high school but has a difficult relationship with his father, the swimming instructor who has a relationship with a young man. He surrounds himself with a lot of friends and girls, but is indifferent and mostly preoccupied with himself. When Meung, also a good swimmer, moves in with him, the boys fall in love.

While You Weren't Looking (South Africa 2015) - Director: Catherine Stewart

After the end of apartheid politics, all of South Africa is in a state of upheaval. At the time, a black real estate agent was cheating on her white partner and her daughter was dating a young woman who did not want to commit to her sexual identity.

How Beautiful You Are (Beautiful Something) (United States 2015) - Director: Joseph Graham

The story of four gay men and their experiences in one night.

Winning Dad (United States 2015) - Director: Arthur Allen

A young man is planning a vacation to introduce his friend to his homophobic father.

Wish for Tomorrow (Australia 2015) - Director: Pierre-Nicolas Panasci

Michael, 24, and James, 28, fall in love. When they want to tell their parents about their relationship, it ends dramatically.
Based on a true story.

Where are you going, Habibi? (Germany 2015) - Director: Tor Iben

The young Turkish German Ibrahim tries to hide his homosexuality from his parents. When he meets the petty criminal Alexander, he messes up Ibrahim's world.

The Year We Thought About Love (Documentary, United States 2015) - Director: Ellen Brodsky

A group of young LGBTQ people would like to stand up for their sexual identity in a youth theater play. When the assassination of the Boston Marathon takes place near their rehearsals, the members are even more determined to share their stories with others.


1985 (short film, United States 2016) - Director: Yen Tan

1985: Adrian, suffering from AIDS, tries to hide the symptoms of his illness.
The short film was released as a feature film by the same director under the same title in 2018.

At Second Sight (Lazy Eye) (United States 2016) - Director: Tim Kirkman

Dean is in his late 30s and lives as a graphic designer in Los Angeles. One day he receives an email from Alex with whom he had a great summer 15 years ago, but which he has never heard of since then. When the two meet again, the old passion flares up again. But the earlier doubts and questions about the years in between come back quickly. At the end of a weekend, the two finally have to decide whether they want to try again together.

Aus der Haut (Germany 2016) - Director: Stefan Schaller

After 17-year-old Milan tries to kiss his best friend and is turned away by him, he drives his parents' car drunk and overturns the vehicle. He survived the accident without major damage, but when his parents find a suicide note from him, they become very worried. When he admits to himself and his parents that he is gay, he begins to find his own way.

BearCity 3 (United States 2016) - Director: Douglas Langway

Roger tries to get back together with Tyler. But Jay tries to prevent that. Meanwhile, Fred's work on a documentary about the bear scene comes to a standstill as Brent's baby preparations get in the way.
Third part of the "BearCity" series.

Before the Fall (United States 2016) - Director: Byrum Geisler

Gay version of Jane Austen's novel Pride and Prejudice (Pride and Prejudice).

Below Her Mouth (Canada 2016) - Director: April Mullen

Fashion editor Jasmine is happily engaged. But when she meets the roofer Dallas in a club, the two fall in love. When her fiancé finds out about the affair, Jasmine has to decide.

Boys (Short, United States 2016) - Director: Eyal Resh

When two friends spend the night together, they notice that they feel more for each other.

Bromance (Como una novia sin sexo) (Argentina 2016) - Director: Lucas Santa Ana

Three friends, who have known each other since their youth, go camping by the sea. While Adrian and Santiago are having fun on the beach, Daniel prefers to roam around with his video camera alone. When Adrian disappears with Julieta, Daniel is alone with Santiago and has to face his feelings for him.

BWOY - The Boy from Kingston (bwoy) (United States 2016) - Director: John G. Young

Brad, who recently lost his son, tries to distract himself by joining a gay dating site. When he meets the half-old Jamaican Yenny in video chat, an erotic tension quickly develops between the two. When Yenny reveals to him that he wants to leave his home country and live in the USA, Brad has to decide how to deal with it.

Carlos Jauregui: The Unforgettable Fag (Documentary, Argentina 2016) - Director: Lucas Santa Ana

Documentary about Carlos Jauregui, the most famous Argentine LGBT activist of the 1980s and 1990s.

Cas (Netherlands 2016) - Director: Joris van den Berg

Pepijn and Sjors have been a happy couple for seven years. When the two men let the student Cas spend the night on their sofa, it upset their relationship.

Certain Women (United States 2016) - Director: Kelly Reichardt

Episodic film with three segments, the third is about young Jamie who feels lonely as a worker on a remote ranch in Montana. When she drives into town one day and meets the lawyer Beth, a tender bond slowly seems to develop between the two, through which Jamie opens up.

Curmudgeons (Short, United States 2016) - Director: Danny DeVito

The grumpy widower Jackie ( Danny DeVito ) and his roommate Ralph ( David Margulies ) fall in love in the retirement home. After an injury Ralphs, the two are separated from what they suffer very much. But when they finally get back together, they come out to their grandchildren.

A Date for Mad Mary ( Ireland 2016) - Director: Darren Thornton

After six months in prison for a violent crime, the irascible young Mary is disappointed with all that has changed in her environment. When she is looking for someone to accompany her best friend's wedding, she falls in love with a woman.

Do You Take This Man (United States 2016) - Director: Joshua Tunick

Daniel and Christopher want to get married. But many things happen before their wedding that they can get through only with the help of their family and friends.

Esteros (Argentina / Brazil / France 2016) - Director: Papu Curotto

Matias and Jeronimo have known each other since early childhood. One day they realize that they feel more for each other. But a move by Matias' father brings the two apart. When Matias returned to his former home with his girlfriend more than ten years later and met Jeronimo there, the old feelings were awakened again.

Fair Haven (United States 2016) - Director: Kerstin Karlhuber

After trying to suppress his homosexuality for religious reasons, a young man returns to his family's farm. But when he meets an old friend, he can no longer ignore his true feelings.

The Falls 3: Covenant of Grace (United States 2016) - Director: Jon Garcia

Third and final part of the “The Falls” trilogy (2012, 2013): Chris finally finds the strength to separate from his wife and visit his former missionary fellow RJ in Portland. The two get closer again, but decisions by their church put the relationship of the two to the test again.

The Color of Winter (El Color de un Invierno) (Argentina 2016) - Director: Cecilia Valenzuela Gioia

When the 21-year-old film student Lucia returned to her hometown Salta during the semester break, she was hit by panic attacks. She slowly realizes that she finally has to stand by herself. When her gay friend Gabriele introduces her to Olivia, Lucia finally finds the strength to come out.

Die Geschwister (Germany 2016) - Director: Jan Krüger

The real estate manager Thies lets himself be seduced by the young Pole Bruno, who is looking for a home, and lets him and his sister Sonja live free of charge in an empty apartment. But the situation between the three is more complicated than expected.

Handsome Devil (Ireland 2016) - Director: John Butler

Conor is new to boarding school and has to share a room with Ned. An unexpected friendship soon developed between the 16-year-old loner Ned and the flagship athlete Conor. When her English teacher, who supports her musical interest, encourages her to take part in a talent competition, Conor has to decide whether to continue cultivating his image as an athlete or stick to his new love for music.
The film won the Festival Award for Best Irish Feature Film and Butler at the Dublin International Film Festival at the Dublin Film Critics Circle Awards 2017.

Happy Birthday, Marsha! (Short film, United States 2016) - Directors: Reina Gossett , Sasha Wortzel

In the hours leading up to the Stonewall riots, the two friends and transgender activists Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera had no idea that they would make history a few hours later.

Secret Kisses ( Meringues Cachés ) (France 2016) - Director: Didier Bivel

16-year-old Nathan falls in love with Louis, a boy from his class. When the two kiss at a party, they are secretly photographed. When the photos appear on the Internet, the two experience rejection and are bullied.

Herzstein (Hjartasteinn) (Denmark / Iceland 2016) - Director: Guðmundur Arnar Guðmundsson

Summer vacation in a remote fishing village in Iceland: four school friends enjoy the first warm rays of sunshine. One day Thór falls in love with Beta. Because he doesn't know how to get closer to her, his friend Kristján helps him. Kristján has to admit that he feels more than friendship for Thór, because his affection for his best friend is growing stronger. But Thór initially distances himself from Kristján.
The film was awarded the “ Queer Lion ” at the Venice Film Festival and Guðmundur Arnar Guðmundsson at the “Tromsø Internasjonale Filmfestival” 2017 with the Don Quixote Prize.

Jamie (Short, UK 2016) - Director: Christopher Manning

Jamie longs for a relationship. One day he meets Ben and the two spend the afternoon together.

Jonathan (Germany 2016) - Director: Piotr J. Lewandowski

Jonathan is in his early 20s and has his hands full looking after his cancer-stricken father and running the farm. When an old friend of his father's shows up, it comes to light that the two used to be lovers.

Kater (Austria 2016) - Director: Klaus Händl

Andreas and Stefan live happily with their tomcat Moses in an old house in the Viennese vineyards. An outbreak of violence by Stefans puts their relationship to the test.

King Cobra (United States 2016) - Director: Justin Kelly

Biopic based on the life of Brent Corrigan about the aspiring gay porn actor Corrigan, for whom two producers walk over corpses.

A Kiss (Un bacio) (Italy 2016) - Director: Ivan Cotroneo

When the gay Lorenzo comes to a new school in the Italian province, he is bullied by most of his classmates. But when he finds two other outsiders, he finally made friends he can open up to.

Looking - The Movie (United States 2016) - Director: Andrew Haigh

Patrick returns to San Francisco to attend the wedding of Agustín and Eddie. There Patrick also has to choose between his two ex-friends Kevin and Richie.
Final film of the television series " Looking ".

Looping (Germany 2016) - Director: Leonie Krippendorff

19-year-old Leila realizes that she is a lesbian. After she was raped by a man, she sees no other way out than to go to a mental hospital to deal with her trauma. There she gets to know two other women, whom she gets closer physically and feels happiness for the first time.

Love is love? When Your Love Is Forbidden (Love Is All You Need?) (United States 2016) - Director: Kim Rocco Shields

Film utopia that turns reality upside down: What is it like to live in a world where homosexuality is the standard and heterosexuality is frowned upon or even persecuted by some people ?!

With Seventeen (Quand on a 17 ans) (France 2016) - Director: André Téchiné

Damien ( Kacey Mottet Klein ) and Tom ( Corentin Fila ), two rival classmates who constantly attack and fight each other, slowly grow closer when Tom is temporarily admitted to Damien's family because of his mother's hospitalization. They quickly notice that they feel more for each other than they initially want to admit.
In 2016 the film won the “International Grand Jury Prize” at the LGBT film festival Outfest in Los Angeles, Kacey Mottet Klein received the “Golden Swann” for the best male new discovery of the year at the 2016 Cabourg Romantic Film Festival and Corentin Fila at the Festival 2 Valenciennes 2016 the "Prix d'interprétation masculine".

Die Mitte der Welt (Germany / Austria 2016) - Director: Jakob M. Erwa

The 17-year-old Phil ( Louis Hofmann ) lives with his mother and twin sister. When Nicholas ( Jannik Schümann ) comes to school, Phil falls in love with him. Nicholas seems to reciprocate Phil's feelings, but also poses many puzzles to him.
Presentation and awards at film festivals in Germany, Austria, Russia and the USA.

Moonlight (United States 2016) - Director: Barry Jenkins

The story of a young, gay African American whose development is shown from adolescent to young adult.
Multiple awards, u. a. with three Oscars (eight nominations).

Mother's Day: Love Isn't Child's Play (Mother's Day) (United States 2016) - Director: Garry Marshall

Episodic film that combines several interrelated love stories. Including the story of the lesbian couple Gabi and Max.

O Porteiro do Dia (short film, Brazil 2016) - Director: Fábio Leal

After Marcelo only knew the doorman Márcio by greeting, the two suddenly come closer.

Other People (United States 2016) - Director: Chris Kelly

Because his mother decides to stop her cancer treatment and die with dignity, David moves back home for a year. There he has to learn to get along with his family as a gay son.

The Pass (UK 2016) - Director: Ben A. Williams

Jason is a professional footballer in the English Premier League. The night before his first major international game, he and his teammate Ade kiss.
Based on the play of the same name by John Donnelly.

Pushing Dead (United States 2016) - Director: Tom E. Brown

Film about the injustice of the US health system: The unsuccessful writer Dan is gay and HIV positive. Fortunately, his health insurance pays for essential but expensive medicines. When his mother gave him $ 100 for his birthday and pays it into his account, his account balance is over $ 70 and the health insurance company refuses to continue paying for his medication. But he lacks nearly $ 3,000 for his medication.

Remembering the Man (documentary, Australia 2016) - Directors: Nickolas Bird , Eleanor Sharpe

Documentary about Tim Conigrave and John Caleo, who were a couple since their school days and who later developed HIV.
Based on the autobiography "Holding the Man" by Timothy Conigrave.
A feature film about the couple was also released in 2015 under the title “Holding the Man”.

Retake (United States 2016) - Director: Nick Corporon

A lonely man ( Tuc Watkins ) hires a call boy ( Devon Graye ) to relive a journey from his past.

Shared Rooms (United States 2016) - Director: Rob Williams

Three interconnected stories of gay men looking for family, love and sex.

Sign (Short, United States 2016) - Director: Andrew Keenan-Bolger

The story of the relationship between the hearing Ben and the deaf Aaron.

Taekwondo (Argentina 2016) - directed by Marco Berger , Martín Farina

When Germán is invited by Fernando, his Taekwondo training partner, to spend the summer together in a villa, he immediately accepts because he has been secretly in love with Fernando for a long time. Little does he know that there will be numerous other friends of Fernando, and they have no idea that Germán is gay.

Take me for a Ride (UIO: Sácame a Pasear) (Ecuador / Mexico / Colombia 2016) - Director: Micaela Rueda

The outsider Sara is avoided by her classmates. When the fun-loving Andrea joins the school class, the two fall in love.

The Pickpocket (Agassi) (South Korea 2016) - Director: Park Chan-wook

A wealthy heiress falls in love with a petty criminal in 1930s Korea.

Teenage Kicks (Australia 2016) - Director: Craig Boreham

17 year old Mik has problems in his family; He only finds support with his best friend Dan. When Dan falls in love with a girl, Mik has to admit that he is in love with Dan.

Four Days in France (Jours de France) (France 2016) - Director: Jérôme Reybaud

Pierre leaves his partner and travels across France to get to know the country and its people. He's always looking for other gays with a dating app.

Wild Awakening (Salvaje despertar) (Spain 2016) - Director: Joan Fermí Martí

The openly gay Toni and his sister Emma run a farm. Her co-worker Aaron is secretly gay and is afraid that his father Ramon, who also works on the farm, will find out about it.

You'll Never Be Alone (Nunca vas a estar solo) (Chile 2016) - Director: Álex Anwandter

After his son is the victim of homophobic violence, Juan (Sergio Hernández) struggles to pay the hospital's high bills while trying to seize his last chance to become his boss's companion at the factory. This prompts him to question his own life critically and he wants to save his son at all costs.
Director Alex Anwandter, who also wrote the script, was inspired for this film by the murder of the young, gay Chilean Daniel Zamudio Vera , who was first cruelly tortured as a victim of a homophobically motivated hate crime and later died of serious injuries in hospital.


120 BPM / 120 Beats Per Minute (120 battements par minute) (France 2017) - Director: Robin Campillo

In France in the early 1990s, the Paris group of the Act Up organization fought to raise awareness about HIV and AIDS and how to protect them from them. Among them are two young men who fall in love with each other.
The film was awarded the Grand Jury Prize, the FIPRESCI Prize of International Film Critics and the Queer Palm at the Cannes International Film Festival 2017.

1:54 (Canada 2017) - Director: Yan England

16-year-old Tim has withdrawn more and more since his mother's untimely death. He and his best friend Francis, who has just come out as gay, are constantly harassed by brutal classmate Jeff. And Tim, too, is slowly beginning to question his own sexuality. Eventually Tim starts again with his former hobby, running, and tries to take Jeff away from the starting place in a competition; but every means to prevent it is fine.
The film sparked a broad social discussion in Canada about the bullying of gay, bisexual, trans and intersex youth in school.

The 34th (documentary, Ireland 2017) - Directed by Linda Cullen , Vanessa Gildea

Documentation that shows a decade of efforts to achieve equality between gays and lesbians, including opening up marriage.

A Place To Be (En Algun Lugar) (Mexico / United States 2017) - Director: Tadeo Garcia

Abel and Diego, two young men who live in the USA, fall in love. But when it comes out that Diego is staying illegally in the USA, their love is put to a severe test.

About Us (Sobre Nós) (Brazil 2017) - Director: Mauro Carvalho , Thiago Cazado

Two students experience their first love.

Al Berto (Portugal 2017) - Director: Vicente Alves do Ó

Summer 1975 in Portugal: Shortly after the Carnation Revolution and the fall of the dictator Caetano, the young gay artist Al Berto returns from exile in Belgium to his small hometown by the sea. There he falls head over heels in love with the young villager João Maria. Together they enjoy life to the fullest and look to the future full of hope. But the gay couple meets with resistance.
Based on a true story, the film shows the life of the Portuguese poet Al Berto , who is considered one of the great voices of homosexual poetry worldwide.

Anker der Liebe (Anchor and Hope) (Spain / Great Britain 2017) - Director: Carlos Marques-Marcet

Eva and Kat lead a happy life beyond all constraints on a London houseboat. When Eva confronts Kat with her desire to have children, she initially reacts negatively, as she fears that this will end her unconventional life. But when Kat's best friend Roger from Barcelona comes to visit, she begins to change her mind.

Atomic Blonde (USA 2017) - Director: David Leitch

In the Hollywood action thriller, the two agents Lorraine ( Charlize Theron ) and Delphine ( Sofia Boutella ) meet shortly before the fall of the Berlin Wall and fall in love. Unfortunately, they are fighting on different sides, which puts both in great danger.

Axolotl Overkill (Germany 2017) - Director: Helene Hegemann

16-year-old Mifti has lived in a shared apartment in Berlin with her older half-siblings Annika and Edmond since her mother's death. Mifti messes with anyone who tries to prescribe her and she decides to grow up on her own. So far, however, she has only taken responsibility for her pet, an axolotl. One day Mifti develops an obsession with Alice, a woman who is much older than she is.

Beach Rats (United States 2017) - Director: Eliza Hittman

Frankie, an aimless teenager who lives on the outskirts of Brooklyn, is having a miserable summer. First his father died, and then his mother urged him to finally find a girlfriend. Frankie tries to escape the desolation of his family life by flirting with older men online. When this is no longer enough for him, he seeks contact with other boys on the beach and at the same time begins a relationship with a young woman. Frankie's attempt to fulfill his different longings equally, however, has consequences.

Becks (United States 2017) - Director: Elizabeth Rohrbaugh , Daniel Powell

After breaking up with her friend, Brooklyn folk musician Becks moves back to her hometown of St. Louis to find herself again. When she gives guitar lessons to the shy Elyse there, a relationship develops between the two women.

Being Okey - When love becomes crime (Being Okey) (Documentation, Switzerland 2017) - Directors: Nadia Lanfranchi , Nina Oppliger

Eleven years ago, the gay Okey and his friend barely escaped death in a brutal attack in their home village in homophobic Nigeria. Okey flees to Switzerland, where he hopes to live in safety and dignity. But Switzerland does not want to grant asylum. Between the constant fear of being deported and the hope of a life in security and freedom, a new asylum questioning is imminent, which will determine his life.

Body Electric (Corpo Elétrico) (Brazil 2017) - Director: Marcelo Caetano

The gay Elias works as an assistant to the managing director in a large tailor shop in São Paulo. He enjoys his life, partying on the beach, having sex with other men, and spending time with friends. When he befriends a colleague who is also gay and spends a lot of time with him, his superiors demand that he better separate work and private life. So he has to decide what is more important to him: career or friends.

Boy Undone (Memorias de lo que no fue) (Mexico 2017) - Director: Leopoldo Laborde

After meeting in a gay club, two young men spend the night together. But the next morning one of the two can no longer remember who he is and so begins a search for his identity.

The Cakemaker (Israel / Germany 2017) - Director: Ofir Raul Graizer

The confectioner Thomas has a secret relationship with the Jewish Oren, who keeps coming to Berlin from Israel, where he is married to a woman, to visit Thomas. After Oren dies suddenly and unexpectedly, Thomas travels to Jerusalem to find Oren's wife there and he begins to work in her café.

Call Me by Your Name (Italy / France / United States / Brazil 2017) - Director: Luca Guadagnino

The 17-year-old Jewish-American teenager Elio spent the summer of 1983 with his family in a small northern Italian town, where he was often bored and mostly occupied with music. He begins a sexual relationship with the young French woman Marzia. One day his father, who is an art historian and archeology professor, lodges the 24-year-old American student Oliver in their house, who is to assist him for a few weeks as part of his doctorate. A cautious love develops between Elio and Oliver.
The film received the Oscar for best adapted screenplay in 2018 .

The Carmilla Movie (Canada 2017) - Director: Spencer Maybee

Vampire love story between student Laura and Carmilla, a vampire based on the web series Carmilla .

Dating My Mother (United States 2017) - Director: Mike Roma

Danny is gay and has a very close bond with his mother. When she looks for a new partner on the Internet while his search for a partner is not very successful, his whole life is mixed up.

The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson (Documentary, United States 2017) - Director: David France

Documentary about the life and mysterious death of Marsha P. Johnson, an icon of the Stonewall riots. In addition to historical interviews, many current interviews with friends and former companions are shown.

Dieter Not Unhappy (Germany 2017) - Director: Christian Schäfer

The idiosyncratic, single art book printer and publisher Dieter Burchart ( Christoph M. Ohrt ) takes a liking to his new young assistant Johannes ( François Goeske ). The exact nature of Dieter's feelings for Johannes remains unspoken, but homoerotic tendencies cautiously sound through.

Dream Boat (Documentary, Germany 2017) - Director: Tristan Ferland Milewski

Documentation from a gay cruise along the east coast of Spain.

Ein Weg (Germany 2017) - Director: Chris Miera

Andreas and Martin have been a happy couple for many years. When their son Max comes of age and leaves the parental home, the two plunge into a crisis and question their relationship.

Everything is Free (United States 2017) - Director: Brian Jordan Alvarez

The American painter Ivan receives a visit from his friend Christian and his younger brother Cole in Colombia. Although Cole claims not to be gay, a relationship develops between Ivan and Cole. But how will Christian react to that? And can Cole stand by his feelings for Ivan?

For you there should be roses forever (Chi salverà le rose?) (Italy 2017) - Director: Cesare Furesi

Giulio is well over 70 and lives happily with his long-time partner Claudio, who is however confined to bed due to an illness. But for a long time he has been plagued by great financial worries that he tries to hide from his partner so that he does not worry. Can the daughter and the grandson help them?

God's Own Country (UK 2017) - Director: Francis Lee

Johnny Saxby is a young sheep farmer who lives on a Yorkshire farm in the early 1920s. When he and the Romanian migrant worker Gheorghe, whom he recently hired, work in a paddock in a remote part of the moorland and they have to spend the night in a stone house where they share the straw to sleep on, the two feel next to them a friendly one also a physical attraction.

Grace and Betty (Short, United States 2017) - Director: Zoe Lubeck

When 23-year-old Grace tries to come out as a lesbian to her grandma Betty, she discovers something she didn't expect.

Happy Cruise (Happiness Adjacent) (United States 2017) - Director: Rob Williams

Gay Hank and bisexual Kurt get to know each other on vacation and quickly develop an interest in each other. But Kurt is married to a woman who has no idea of ​​her husband's bisexuality.

Heartland (United States 2017) - Director: Maura Anderson

After her friend dies of cancer, Lauren moves back to live with her mother in her small hometown in Oklahoma. But her mother still cannot accept that her daughter is a lesbian. When Lauren's older brother Justin and his girlfriend Carrie return to their hometown to open a winery there, Lauren and Carrie get closer.

Hooked (United States 2017) - Director: Max Emerson

18-year-old Jack works as a hustler, but is also very much in love with his friend Tom. Still, his impulsive nature often endangers their relationship. The gay Matt, who is married to a woman and has not yet come out, takes Jack from New York to Miami to help him.

Die Hütte am See (A Moment in the Reeds) (Finland / Great Britain 2017) - Director: Mikko Makela

The young Leevi left his Finnish homeland to study in Paris. When he spends the summer at home with his conservative father to help him with a renovation, the young architect Tareq, who recently came from Syria as a refugee, is supposed to help. After the father travels to town on business for some time, the two men get closer and develop feelings for each other.

In a Heartbeat (animation short, United States 2017) - Directed by Beth David , Esteban Bravo

A student is in love with another student but does not dare to confess his feelings to him. The tide turns only after an incident.
The 4-minute animated film was Beth David and Esteban Bravo's graduation project for their studies at an art school in Florida, USA. Within a short period of time, the film achieved great fame on the Internet and has received numerous awards.

Kept Boy (United States 2017) - Director: George Bamber

Interior designer and reality show star Farleigh Knock loves to surround himself with beautiful things, including the attractive Dennis. When Dennis turns 30, Farleigh gives him an ultimatum: Dennis either looks for a job or has to move out. Then Dennis seeks his luck with other men.

Love, Cecil (Documentary, United States 2017) - Director: Lisa Immordino Vreeland

Documentation about the gay photographer, costume designer, set designer, writer, painter and illustrator Cecil Beaton , who designed the costumes for classics of Hollywood cinema and who was one of the most famous photographers of the 20th century. As a creative all-rounder, he was friends with numerous celebrities from show business and the art scene.

Luft (Germany / France 2017) - Director: Anatol Schuster

Manja lives with her Kazakh family in an apartment block on the outskirts of the city, Louk comes from a middle-class doctor's household. A first love develops between the two girls.

Man in an Orange Shirt (UK 2017) - Director: Michael Samuels

Originally a two-part TV film, which is also broadcast in one piece.
During the Second World War, the two Army Captains Michael and Thomas get closer. Because of the social and legal ban on homosexuality, Michael decides to marry his childhood friend Flora. Thomas is arrested for living out his sexuality and later moves to France, heavily affected by the long prison term. Flora finds Thomas' love letters to her husband shortly before the birth of her son, but out of love for him and fear of imminent arrest, she decides to stay with him and never talk about it again.
60 years later, the widowed Flora lives with her grandson Adam. When, after a number of hidden one-night stands, he finally begins a relationship with the London architect Steve, the anger that has been suppressed for decades breaks out of her. She can ultimately end her grief and make up with Adam.

The Marriage (Albania 2017) - Director: Blerta Zeqiri

Bekim and Anita want to get married. But then Nol appears, who was Bekim's secret lover during the war in Kosovo and is still in love with Bekim.

Marvin (Marvin ou la belle éducation) (France 2017) - Director: Anne Fontaine

The sensitive Marvin is bullied every day at school, insulted as a "fagot" and threatened. His family doesn't give him any support either. Only his teacher, Madame Clément, gives him support. When he discovered his love for the theater through her, he escaped the French provinces and ended up in Paris, where he felt free for the first time and brought his youth to the stage as a young adult.

My life with James Dean (Ma vie avec James Dean) (France 2017) - Director: Dominique Choisy

The young director Géraud Champreux travels to the French Channel coast to present his gay debut film My Life with James Dean . While he waits for a call from his ex-boyfriend, who is also the main actor in the film, everything goes wrong. When the 15-year-old projectionist falls in love with him and the film is slowly finding its audience, Géraud discovers his love for this region of France.

My wonderful West Berlin (Documentary, Germany 2017) - Director: Jochen Hick

Documentation about the Berlin LGBTI subculture and its development from the 1950s to 2017.

Million moments of happiness (A Million Happy Nows) (United States 2017) - Director: Albert Alarr

After starring in a soap opera for 20 years, Lainey Allen, 49, stopped extending her contract and moved to a beach house in Southern California with her partner Eva Morales. When she is diagnosed with Alzheimer's, Eva tries to support her as best she can.

Monument of Pride (Monument van Trots) (Documentary, Netherlands 2017) - Director: Sebastiaan Kes

Documentation about the world's first memorial for the lesbian and gay victims of the Nazi era and the Second World War, which was inaugurated on September 5, 1987 in Amsterdam.

More Than Only (United States 2017) - Director: Michelle Leigh

A young gay man learns to love himself and to allow love from others, despite his father's rejection.

My Days of Mercy (Mercy) (Great Britain / United States 2017) - Director: Tali Shalom Ezer

A proponent ( Kate Mara ) and an opponent ( Ellen Page ) of the death penalty fall in love.

Nobody's Watching (Nadie nos mira) (Argentina / Spain / Colombia / Brazil / United States 2017) - Director: Julia Solomonoff

The Argentine Nico has given up his home in Buenos Aires, his role in a television series and his relationship with the producer of the series to start a film project in New York. But when nothing comes of it, he has to keep his head above water with odd jobs and only his sexual adventures bring variety to his dreary everyday life.

Novitiate (United States 2017) - Director: Maggie Betts

The young Cathleen Harris decides to dedicate her life to God and joins a monastery. During her training as a nun, she began to have doubts about her decision, not only because of the old-fashioned, strict methods of the abbess, but also because she fell in love with Sister Emanuel, with whom she had an intimate experience.

The Ornithologist (O Ornitólogo) (Portugal 2017) - Director: João Pedro Rodrigues

The ornithologist Fernando is looking for wild black storks in the pristine north of Portugal. After his kayak is swept away by the rapids and he almost drowns, two apparently friendly Chinese pilgrims rescue him from the river. However, they only pretend that they are willing to help and when Fernando wakes up in the morning, the lesbian women have tied him to a tree and want to castrate him. When he can free himself and gets further and further into the forest, Fernando's journey becomes increasingly strange and he meets a mute goatherd who seduces him.
Rodrigues was named best director in the main competition at the Locarno International Film Festival 2016 .

Pihalla - Off to New Shores (Pihalla) (Finland 2017) - Director: Nils-Erik Ekblom

When Miku travels to the Finnish countryside with his parents, he gets to know Elias, the boy next door, who is the same age. The two spend a lot of time together and enjoy the summer. When Elias kisses Miku, Miku also realizes that he feels more for Elias and that he will have a great summer.

Prom King, 2010 (United States 2017) - Director: Christopher Schaap

A young man vacillates between his homosexuality and the heterosexual ideals of the classic films he loves.

Rift (Rökkur) (Iceland 2017) - Director: Erlingur Thoroddsen

Gunnar gets a strange call from his ex-boyfriend Einar, who calls him scared from his family's remote log cabin because he feels he is not alone. To calm him down, Gunnar drives to him, which quickly breaks open old wounds. Eventually, Gunnar realizes that strange things do happen.

Saturday Church (United States 2017) - Director: Damon Cardasis

Ulysses, 14, is a shy boy and is bullied at school. After his father's death, he lives with his working mother Amara, younger brother Abe, and his conservative and bossy Aunt Rose in the New York City of the Bronx. Ulysses is just beginning to explore his identity and sexuality, steals nylons, wears his mother's shoes and takes refuge in a world full of fantasy. His aunt will not tolerate this and will leave him out of the apartment. When he meets a transgender community that takes him to "Saturday Church", a program for LGBTQ youth, he meets like-minded people there and finally finds himself.

Scotty and the Secret History of Hollywood (Documentary, United States 2017) - Director: Matt Tyrnauer

Documentation about the bisexual Scotty Bowers , who after his time as a marine first worked as a gas station attendant and then from the 1940s in Hollywood as a callboy and later also as a pimp offered his services to gay actors, among others.
Based on the 2012 autobiography "Full Service: My Adventures in Hollywood and the Secret Sex Lives of the Stars".

Seventeen (Austria 2017) - Director: Monja Art

17-year-old Paula lives in the Lower Austrian province and is secretly in love with her school friend Charlotte. But she is with Michael. To distract herself, Paula starts a relationship with Tim, but she has no idea that Charlotte has feelings for her too.

So auf Erden (Germany 2017) - Director: Till Endemann

John is a preacher in a free church. When he and his wife Lydia take in the drug addict street musician Simon, they want to dissuade him from his homosexuality. But finally, long suppressed feelings awaken in Johannes.

Sodom (UK 2017) - Director: Mark Wilshin

At his bachelorette party, 20-year-old Will meets the charismatic Michael. Both are immediately attracted to each other, but after sex does, Will feels guilty and is afraid that this one night will change his whole life.

Something Like Summer (United States 2017) - Director: David Berry

Ben and Tim were a secret couple at school. As they get older, their friendship becomes complicated.

Love and Wut (Germany 2017) - Director: Ulrich Zrenner

Due to a slain young man (Marcel Gewehr) and an injured family father ( Janek Rieke ) in a Wiesbaden park, Chief Public Prosecutor Bernd Reuther ( Rainer Hunold ) and the criminal police are investigating the gay milieu and the families of the two victims.

Tatort: ​​Amour Fou (Germany 2017) - Director: Vanessa Jopp

Follow the ARD series Tatort : The investigator duo Nina Rubin and Robert Karow from Berlin are looking for the murderer of the gay teacher Enno Schopper. His husband Armin assumes a homophobic background.

Tom of Finland (Finland 2017) - Director: Dome Karukoski

Biography of the gay artist " Tom of Finland ".

TommyTeen18 (short film, Netherlands 2017) - Director: Vincent Fitz-Jim

Tommy finally wants sex with another man. A dating app seems to be the solution.

Turn It Around (short film, Netherlands 2017) - Director: Niels Bourgonje

15-year-old Bram falls in love with Florian at a party. But so far nobody knows that Bram is gay.

Disobedience (Disobedience) (Ireland / UK / USA 2017) - Director: Sebastián Lelio

Ronit comes from a Jewish Orthodox family in London, but lives alone as a photographer in New York. She is considered the "black sheep" of the family. When her father, a revered rabbi, dies, Ronit returns to London for the funeral services. There she learns that her childhood friend Esti, with whom she once had a romance, has married Dovid, who is to become the new rabbi of the community. While Dovid is preparing for the new tasks, Ronit and Esti spend a lot of time together and the old feelings flare up again.

The Untold Tales of Armistead Maupin (Documentary, United States 2017) - Director: Jennifer M. Kroot

Documentation about the gay writer Armistead Maupin and his nine-volume series of novels " Stadtgeschichten " (English original title: "Tales of the City"), where the history of San Francisco over several decades is described using the example of the residents of a house , including topics such as sexual orientation Get attention.

Crazy About Cécile (Embrasse-moi!) (France 2017) - Director: Océane Michel , Cyprien Vial

Océane Rose Marie enjoys life to the fullest: she has many friends and likes to party. When she happened to meet the photographer Cécile while jogging, she fell head over heels in love with her. But Cécile is completely different; she is more reserved and prefers to stay at home.

The wound (The Wound) (South Africa 2017) - Director: John Trengove

During the painful healing process as part of an ancient, traditional xhosaic initiation ritual, the 17-year-old Kwanda is ostracized by many of the others, but Xolani, a shy boy from the village, offers him his help. His friend Vitcha seems suspicious of the newly formed close bond between the two, and he tries to turn the other growing men against them.


1985 (United States 2018) - Director: Yen Tan

A few years ago, gay Adrian fled his strictly religious parents from Texas to New York in order to lead a freer, more self-determined life. After contracting AIDS, which was fatal in 1985, he returns home to see his parents one last time and to have a word with them.
This film is the further development of the short film of the same name by the same director from 2016.

A Very English Scandal (UK 2018, 3-part TV movie) - Director: Stephen Frears

Three-part television film about the Thorpe affair in England in the 1970s: After Jeremy Thorpe ( Hugh Grant ) took over the presidency of the Liberal Party in 1967, his political career seems unstoppable. What the public does not know: The married Thorpe has a secret affair with the stable boy Norman Scott ( Ben Whishaw ), who is eleven years his junior . When he feels worse and worse and more and more rumors arise, the situation escalates and Norman Scott is threatened with a gun. Thorpe is ultimately forced to resign.

Alex Strangelove (United States 2018) - Director: Craig Johnson

Alex is popular with everyone, has a girlfriend, and is highly regarded as a Head Boy. While everyone around him only thinks about sex, he doesn't seem to be interested in it. But suddenly he gets to know another boy who arouses feelings in him and makes him question his sexuality.

Benjamin (UK 2018) - Director: Simon Amstell

The young filmmaker Benjamin has had many relationships. When he meets Noah before the premiere of one of his films, everything is different.

Best Man (Short Film, Austria / Germany 2018) - Director: Florian Forsch

Being bullied is everyday life for shy teenager Kevin. When the older Benny helps him one day, Kevin tries to be close.

Bohemian Rhapsody (United States / Great Britain 2018) - Director: Bryan Singer , Dexter Fletcher

Biography of Freddie Mercury , from forming the band Queen to appearing on Live Aid in 1985, six years before his death.

Boy Erased - The Prodigal Son (Boy Erased) (United States 2018) - Director: Joel Edgerton

The 19-year-old pastor's son Jared is gay. When he reveals himself to his strictly religious parents, they send him to a re-education camp, where he is supposed to be "cured" of his homosexuality. But there people are only manipulated and instilled with guilt, self-hatred and shame. And so Jared has to decide whether he wants to please his parents or whether he recognizes his true identity.
The film is based on the autobiography "Boy Erased: A Memoir" by the 1985 born author Garrard Conley.

Can You Ever Forgive Me? (United States 2018) - Director: Marielle Heller

Biography of lesbian writer Lee Israel: Manhattan in 1991 - Formerly acclaimed biographer Lee Israel cannot pay her rent and medical expenses for her sick cat because of writer's block. She also pissed off all friends. She begins to forge alleged letters from well-known authors and sell them at high prices. When she meets the gay drug dealer Jack, he becomes her accomplice.

Carmen & Lola (Carmen y Lola) (Spain 2018) - Director: Arantxa Echevarría

Lola wants to break out of the life of her Roma family. In contrast, Carmen, Lola's cousin's fiancée, dreams of a traditional Roma life. When the two fall in love, they have to choose between tradition and family or love.

Colette (UK / United States / France / Hungary / Netherlands 2018) - Director: Wash Westmoreland

The film shows the story of the French writer and journalist Colette (1873–1954) who, despite her marriage to a man, begins a relationship with a woman.

Corbin Nash (United States / United Kingdom 2018) - Director: Ben Jagger

As the villain of the film, Corey Feldman plays a drag queen who, in collaboration with her partner, provides the vampire community with new victims. The eponymous vampire hunter gets in their way.

Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on Foot (United States 2018) - Director: Gus Van Sant

Late 1970s: The gay Donnie lives the life of a hippie, but is financially independent through an inheritance. His Alcoholics Anonymous group meets regularly in his villa, where many people share their problems, fears and worries with the others.

Drive Me Home (Italy 2018) - Director: Simone Catania

One day, the gay truck driver Tino meets his childhood best friend, with whom he grew up in the Sicilian province, from where both of them always wanted to escape. They are now 30 years old and have long since lost contact. The reunion shows them that much is still unsaid between them and needs to be clarified. So the two drive together on the streets of Europe.

He Loves Me (He Loves Me) (Greece / Great Britain 2018) - Director: Konstantinos Menelaou

After the relationship of a gay couple has been in crisis for some time, the two travel to a small Greek island to find each other again in the seclusion of nature.

The Heiresses (Las herederas) (Paraguay 2018) - Director: Marcelo Martinessi

Chela and Chiquita have been a couple for over 30 years. Although both come from wealthy families, they are now financially poor and are forced to sell parts of their valuable furniture. When Chiquita even has to go to prison, Chela tries to organize her life on her own. When she met the young, cheerful Angy, the Chela lured her out of her passivity and she found new courage to face life.

Euforia (Italy 2018) - Director: Valeria Golino

The gay Matteo leads a carefree, but also superficial life. When his older brother Ettore fell seriously ill, he took him in. The two dissimilar brothers try to get to know each other better, but Ettore's illness continues to progress.

The Favorite (The Favorite) (Great Britain / Ireland 2018) - Director: Giorgos Lanthimos

Queen Anne of England secretly has a lesbian relationship with her confidante Lady Sarah. When the young Abigail comes to the court as a maid, a relentless duel begins for the ruler's favor.

Fiertés - Courage to Love (Fiertés) (France 2018, 3-part TV film) - Director: Philippe Faucon

The three-part television film is set in France from 1981 to 2013 and depicts the increasing liberalization of homosexuality in France based on a love story between two men and the previous coming-out of the younger one (Victor). Victor discovered his homosexuality in the early 1980s and shortly thereafter met the much older Serge, who was later diagnosed with HIV infection.

Giant Little Ones (Canada 2018) - Director: Keith Behrman

The two students Franky and Ballas have been best friends and the stars of the swimming team since childhood. When the two get closer in a drunk state, everything changes: Ballas doesn't want anything to do with Franky anymore and the rumor mill in the school is seething.

The Happy Prince (Germany / Belgium / Italy / Great Britain 2018) - Director: Rupert Everett

After the writer Oscar Wilde ( Rupert Everett ) was convicted in Great Britain of his homosexuality, he spends his last days under an assumed name in Paris, where he is only a shadow of himself.

Hard Paint (Tinta Bruta) (Brazil 2018) - directed by Filipe Matzembacher , Marcio Reolon

Pedro makes his living by striping on webcam for other men. When he realizes that someone is imitating his shows, he meets with him, but this has far-reaching consequences.

The Honey Garden - The Secret of Bees (Tell It to the Bees) (Great Britain 2018) - Director: Annabel Jankel

In a small Scottish town in the 1950s, doctor Jean Markham falls in love with Lydia Weekes, the mother of her young patient Charlie.
The film is based on the bestseller "The Honey Garden" by Fiona Shaw .

Howard (Documentary, United States 2018) - Director: Don Hahn

Documentary about Howard Ashman , who wrote the music for several Disney films together with Alan Menken . He died in 1991 at the age of 40 of his HIV infection, whereupon his partner at the time accepted the Oscar for his lyrics to the film Beauty and the Beast .

The Ice King (Documentary, UK 2018) - Director: James Erskine

Documentary about the gay figure skater John Curry , who became Olympic champion, world champion and European champion in 1976. After he actually wanted to take ballet lessons as a child, which his father forbade him, he succeeded in giving figure skating a seldom seen elegance and artistic expression. He died of complications from AIDS in 1994 at the age of 44.

Ideal Home (Ideal Home) (United States 2018) - Director: Andrew Fleming

TV chef Erasmus ( Steve Coogan ) and friend Paul ( Paul Rudd ) actually live a carefree life, but often fight. One day, a 10-year-old boy stands in front of their door and the two of them find out that this is Erasmus' grandson, whom he had never suspected before. The boy keeps them both busy and brings new momentum to their relationship.

Jonas - Forget Me Not (Jonas) (France 2018) - Director: Christophe Charrier

The 33-year-old Jonas wanders through the city and is repeatedly caught up with his past. At that time he fell in love with his classmate Nathan as a teenager and discovered his sexuality with him. One fateful night, however, threw him off course.

José (Guatemala 2018) - Director: Li Cheng

19-year-old José lives with his mother in one of the poorest and most dangerous areas in the world: Guatemala City. While his mother's life mainly consists of church and selling sandwiches, José roams the streets. One day he met a migrant from the Caribbean, for whom he developed deep feelings.

Just Friends (Gewoon vrienden) (Netherlands 2018) - Director: Ellen Smit

Joris and Yad are in love, but first have to clarify the difficult relationship with their mothers.

Kanarie (Canary) (South Africa 2018) - Director: Christiaan Olwagen

When 18-year-old Johan had to start his military service in South Africa in the mid-1980s, being included in the “Canaries” soldiers' choir saved him from the dreaded drill. When he falls in love with one of his singing comrades, he begins to question the repressive system of order around him.

Konsequenzen (Posledice) (Slovenia / Austria 2018) - Director: Darko Štante

After ending up in a reformatory for young people, 17-year-old Andrej falls in love with the brutal Zeljko. But he first tries to hide his feelings and pretends to be straight.

L Bomb (Lez Bomb) (United States 2018) - Director: Jenna Laurenzo

The lesbian Lauren finally wants to come out to her family on Thanksgiving and introduce them to her friend Hailey. When Austin, the roommate of the two, unexpectedly shows up at the party and is mistaken for Lauren's friend, while Lauren's brother starts flirting with Hailey, the chaos is perfect.

Landrauschen (Germany 2018) - Director: Lisa Miller

When the funky Toni returns to her home village in the Swabian province after studying in Berlin without money or a job, it is difficult for her to gain a foothold again. But the openly lesbian Rosa gives her support and finally the two fall in love.

The Life Before Me (Germany 2018) - Director: Anna Justice

25 years ago Cornelius left his then girlfriend Julia to live with Frank. After Julia fled to the USA at the time, she is now returning and wants to live in the former common house, which puts the relationship between Cornelius and Frank to the test.

Lizzie (United States 2018) - Director: Craig William Macneill

Fall River in 1892: Lizzie Borden begins a relationship with Bridget Sullivan, the family's young Irish maid. After the violent death of her father and stepmother, Lizzie is suspected of murder.

Love, Simon (United States 2018) - Director: Greg Berlanti

17-year-old Simon is gay but has not yet come out. When he discovers that someone else from his school has come out anonymously on the Internet, he tries to contact him. But suddenly it becomes public that Simon is gay and he has to deal with the situation.
The film served as inspiration for the television series " Love, Victor " (2020), which takes place in the same city and school, but tells the love story of the unouted Victor and the openly gay Benji with a new cast.

Luciérnagas (Mexico / United States 2018) - Director: Bani Khoshnoudi

The gay Ramin fled his native Iran, where he was threatened with persecution as a gay man. He finally ends up in Mexico: he misses the people who were important to him, but he is finally free.

The Girl with the Red Hair (Para Aduma) (Israel 2018) - Director: Tsivia Barkai Yacov

17-year-old Benny lives with her father, a devout religious scholar, in the Jewish community of Silwan in eastern Jerusalem. She has been feeling overwhelmed by her father's religious dogmatism for a long time, and when she meets Yael, who is the same age, and develops feelings for her, she finally questions her belief.

Marilyn (Argentina / Chile 2018) - Director: Martín Rodríguez Redondo

17 year old Marcos has just finished school with very good grades. He has long been drawn to men, but the situation in the Argentine provinces seems hopeless for him. When he disguises himself as a woman to dance with men and is blown up, the situation becomes almost unbearable for him. When he moves to town with his parents and meets Federico there, he finally seems to get the long-awaited first love.

Mario (Switzerland 2018) - Director: Marcel Gisler

Mario is at the beginning of his career as a professional footballer. When newcomer Leon joins his team, he is initially just a competitor. But when the two young men move into an apartment together, they notice that they harbor more than just collegial and friendly feelings for one another; they fell in love with each other. This is not hidden from their colleagues either and they have to choose between a career and their love.

My best friend (Mi mejor amigo) (Argentina 2018) - Director: Martín Deus

Lorenzo is a quiet teenager who lives with his parents and younger brother in the Argentine part of Patagonia. When one day Caíto, the son of friends of his parents, moves in with them, Lorenzo quickly becomes friends with him. Eventually, more than friendship develops between the two and Lorenzo learns the real reason Caíto had to move out of his home.

The Miseducation of Cameron Post (Great Britain / United States 2018) - Director: Desiree Akhavan

After losing her parents in a car accident, Cameron Post had to move to Montana to live with her conservative aunt, uncle, and grandmother. When she slowly discovers her homosexuality in her new home and her new legal guardians catch her having sex with the prom queen, Cameron is sent to a so-called "conversion camp", where the "correct gender role" is to be returned to her.

Mom + Mom (Mamma + Mamma) (Italy 2018) - Director: Karole Di Tommaso

Karole and Alessia want nothing more than a child. Since they cannot fulfill their desire to have children in their home country, Italy, they travel to Spain to be artificially fertilized in Barcelona.

My Big Crazy Italian Wedding (Puoi baciare lo sposo) (Italy 2018) - Director: Alessandro Genovesi

The Italian Antonio lives in Berlin. Not only does he have to teach his family that he is gay, but also that he will soon marry Paolo. When his mother insists on a grand, traditional wedding, tumultuous entanglements take their course.

Nina (Poland 2018) - Director: Olga Chajdas

The teacher Nina and her husband Wojtek want to save their marriage by having a child with the help of a surrogate mother. With the openly lesbian Magda they also find a surrogate mother, but then Nina falls in love with Magda.

Nurejew - The White Crow (The White Crow) (Great Britain / France / Serbia 2018) - Director: Ralph Fiennes

Biography of the bisexual ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev , who died of complications from AIDS in 1993 at the age of 54 .

The Perfection (United States 2018) - Director: Richard Shepard

After ten years, the cellist Charlotte is returning to her former music school, which she had to leave at the time. There she meets her successor Lizzie, who is now famous. Charlotte and Lizzie travel to Shanghai together, where they go to clubs and have a night of love. The next day, Lizzie falls ill, and it soon becomes apparent that Charlotte may not like Lizzie as much as initially assumed.

Postcards from London (UK 2018) - Director: Steve McLean

The beautiful Jim comes to London from the provinces to experience big city life. After he was robbed and had to sleep on the street, he ended up in the city's red light district, where he was trained to be a classy callboy for well-off men. He quickly becomes one of the most sought-after call boys in town, but it quickly becomes apparent that he is too sensitive for this job.

Rafiki (Kenya 2018) - Director: Wanuri Kahiu

The young women Kena and Ziki both live in Kenya's capital Nairobi. When they fall in love, it becomes difficult for them in this extremely homophobic country.
The film was initially banned in Kenya and was only allowed to be shown for a week after a lawsuit.

Refugees under the Rainbow (Documentation, Germany 2018) - Director: Stella Deborah Traub

The story of Yusuf, Ritah and William, who flee from Uganda to Germany to stop being persecuted for their sexuality and whose journey is marked by violence, hope and disappointment.

Sauvage (France 2018) - Director: Camille Vidal-Naquet

The 22-year-old Leo works as a prostitute. But in reality he is looking for love and security.

The Sex Pact (Blockers) (United States 2018) - Director: Kay Cannon

The three friends Julie, Kayla and Sam make a pact: They want to lose their virginity on the night of the prom. Sam joins in and chooses her classmate Chad as a partner, even though she is a lesbian but has not yet found the courage to come out.

Snapshots (United States 2018) - Director: Melanie Mayron

Rose is 85, widowed and lives in a remote house by the lake. Over the weekend she receives a visit from her daughter Patty and her granddaughter Allison, who, as a surprise, had an old film from the 1960s developed for her grandmother. The old photos bring back Rose's memories of the time when she was still a young woman and when she met and fell in love with the free-spirited, extroverted photographer Louise while on vacation ...

Socrates (Brazil 2018) - Director: Alexandre Moratto

After the sudden death of his mother, the gay teenager Socrates is left alone. He cannot pay the rent, is too young for a job and his mother’s former boss refuses him his mother’s outstanding salary. But he doesn't give up hope for a better life.

Sorry Angel (Plaire, aimer et courir vite) (France 2018) - Director: Christophe Honoré

France in 1993: The Parisian writer Jacques is in his 30s and has many friends. In Brittany he meets the 22-year-old Arthur and the two fall in love, so that Arthur moves to Jacques in Paris. But Jacques is infected with HIV, which was still a death sentence at the time.

Stum (Tongue-Tied) (Short film, Norway 2018) - Directors: David Bonecker , Eilidh Gow

Sondre and Elias go to school in Stavanger, Norway. When one of the two goes to England for an internship, their love is put to the test.

Tackling Life (Documentation, Germany 2018) - Director: Johannes List

Documentation about the Berlin Bruisers, Germany's first gay rugby team. The members talk about their different life paths that have led them to the team, the fight against prejudice and the feeling of belonging that their team offers them.

Teddybär (Ursinho) (short film, France / Brazil 2018) - director: Stéphane Olijnyk

The overweight, introverted "teddy bear" lives with his father in a tiny apartment in a poor district of Rio de Janeiro. He keeps his head above water with occasional jobs as a cleaning man and the only escape from his dreary everyday life are his visits to a gay sauna, although he doesn't just want sex, but is looking for love. When he meets a prostitute, he falls in love with him.

Un frère (France 2018) - Director: Victor Habchy

15-year-old Tom spends the summer in a holiday home with his parents and little sister. When another family arrives with their 17-year-old son Felix, the two boys have their first sexual experiences with each other.

Our Child (Germany 2018) - Director: Nana Neul

When Ellen and Katharina have a child through an artificial insemination, Katharina's happiness seems perfect. But when Katharina dies in a car accident, Ellen has to fight for the child.

Vita & Virginia (Ireland / Great Britain 2018) - Director: Chanya Button

Set in England in the 1920s, the love story based on true facts between the two authors Vita Sackville-West and Virginia Woolf .

We are thr3e (Somos tr3s) (Argentina 2018) - Director: Marcelo Briem Stamm

Nacho and Ana meet at a party and are equally likeable. When Sebastian arrives, Nacho and Ana initially only want to spend one night with him. But Sebastian has long wanted a three-way relationship with a man and a woman.

Wild Nights with Emily (United States 2018) - Director: Madeleine Olnek

Depiction of the long-unknown lesbian relationship between the American poet Emily Dickinson (1830 - 1886) and her childhood friend and later sister-in-law Susan Gilbert.

Yulia & Juliet (short film, Netherlands 2018) - director: Zara Dwinger

The two prison inmates Yulia and Juliet fall in love. But Juliet is due to be released soon, which puts their relationship to the test.

Between Summer and Autumn (Germany 2018) - Director: Daniel Manns

When Lena meets her brother's new friend, the two women are equally sympathetic. Eventually they fall in love, but after the summer Lena wants to go to Argentina. When she comes back two years later, the two women meet again.


50 Years after Stonewall (Documentary, Germany 2019) - Director: André Schäfer

Documentation that lets politicians and artists have their say on the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall uprisings, to shed light on what has been achieved so far, particularly in Europe.

As we danced (And Then We Danced) (Sweden / Georgia 2019) - Director: Levan Akin

As a student at the Academy of the Georgian National Ballet, Merab pursues his dream of becoming a professional dancer. When Irakli joins the class, there is initially competition between the two young men, but this quickly gives way to deeper affection. But in the homophobic environment of school, the two have to keep their love a secret.
The Swedish-born director with Georgian roots had to secretly shoot the film in Georgia because the conservative government was hostile to the project and he was insulted and threatened on the Internet.
The film was submitted by Sweden as an entry for the Academy Awards 2020 in the category “ Best International Film ”.

Athlete (Athlete: Ore ga kare ni oboreta hibi) (Japan 2019) - Director: Takamasa Oe

After his wife wants to divorce him, the swimming instructor Kohei gets to know the young Yutaka, who earns money on the Internet as a cam boy and is unouted to his parents. The two men begin to feel more for each other.

Bathroom Stalls & Parking Lots (United States 2019) - Director: Thales Corrêa

After seeing a guy he loves on a dating app, Leo searches San Francisco nightclubs with friends Donnie and Hunter to find him.

The Blonde (Un rubio) (Argentina 2019) - Director: Marco Berger

Gabriel has just moved to live with his colleague Juan on the outskirts of Buenos Aires. At first he tries to resist Juan's cautious advances, but eventually the two begin a purely sexual relationship, which slowly develops into a deep, tender love.

The Ground Under Your Feet (Austria 2019) - Director: Marie Kreutzer

Lola tries to reconcile her stressful career as a business consultant, the relationship with her boss Elise and the care for her sister who lives in psychiatry.

Bonnie & Bonnie (Germany 2019) - Director: Ali Hakim

When Yara meets Kiki on the street, the two women immediately fall in love. But Yara's conservative Albanian family is not allowed to know about it.

Cousins (Primos) (Brazil 2019) - Director: Mauro Carvalho , Thiago Cazado

Lucas lives as an orphan in the Brazilian provinces with his godly aunt Lourdes. When Mario, freshly released from prison, arrives, he messes up the honest household and the two boys begin to feel more for each other and begin a relationship.

Downton Abbey (United Kingdom 2019) - Director: Michael Engler

One of the subplots of the historical drama deals with the homosexuality of the butler Thomas Barrow, as has already been done several times in the series.

Elisa and Marcela (Elisa y Marcela) (Spain 2019) - Director: Isabel Coixet

The true story of the two teachers Elisa Sánchez Loriga and Marcela Gracia Ibeas, who have been a couple since their school days, but which they must keep a secret, and who marry in Spain in 1901 when one of the two pretends to be a man.

End of the Century (Fin de siglo) (Argentina 2019) - Director: Lucio Castro

Ocho meets the Spanish filmmaker Javi while on vacation in Barcelona. After a one-night stand, the two discover that they met 20 years ago and that their relationship is deeper than initially assumed.

My Mother's Friend (Germany 2019) - Director: Mark Monheim

Viktoria is the mother of a son named Jan, who later confesses her feelings and falls in love with the young Rosalie. When the two decide to have a child together, Jan, Viktoria's son, is to be registered as the sperm donor for the child.

From Zero to I Love You (United States 2019) - Director: Doug Spearman

Peter constantly has affairs with men who are actually married to women. His father and future stepmother want him to finally find a man with whom he can have a steady relationship. But then he meets Jack, who has been happily married to a woman for many years and has two children.

Gay Chorus Deep South (Documentary, United States 2019) - Director: David Charles Rodrigues

Documentation about the journey of the more than 300-strong San Francisco gay male choir "San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus" to the conservative southern states of the USA.
The film won the Audience Award for Best Documentary at the 2019 Tribeca Film Festival .

Get Lucky - Sex changes everything (Germany 2019) - Director: Ziska Riemann

Six teenagers spend their first vacation without parents together by the sea with Aunt Ellen's. Although the sex counselor is otherwise very relaxed, she initially sets strict rules because she is responsible for the three boys and three girls. But they only have sex in their heads. So David, one of the six teenagers, falls in love with the surf instructor Noah and the two quickly get closer.

The Glittering Prawns (Les crevettes pailletées) (France 2019) - Director: Cédric Le Gallo , Maxime Govare

The gay water polo team "The glittering shrimp" wants to take part in the Gay Games . After a homophobic interview statement, the vice swimming world champion Matthias Le Goff is forced by his association to train the team. But since they are less interested in winning, but rather want to have a great time, this is difficult at first.

Greta (Brazil 2019) - Director: Armando Praça

The hospital in Fortaleza, Brazil is so overcrowded that the 70-year-old male nurse Pedro smuggles the young, wounded Jean, who is under police surveillance on suspicion of murder, home to give his bed to his transgender friend Daniela. A relationship begins between Pedro and Jean, but what are Jean's goals and what is the truth about himself?

In the Silent Loud (Documentary, Germany 2019) - Director: Therese Koppe

Documentation about the lesbian couple Erika Stürmer-Alex and Christine Müller-Stosch , who are both 81 and have been a couple for over 40 years. Together they look back on their lives and what they experienced.

Label Me (short film, Germany 2019) - Director: Kai Kreuser

The wealthy Lars pays the Syrian refugee Waseem for sex. But Waseem only allows things that he can reconcile with his heterosexuality. As the friendship between the two of them deepens, problems arise in Waseem's refugee accommodation.

Last Ferry (United States 2019) - Director: Jaki Bradley

Young attorney Joseph travels from New York to Fire Island , a gay island off the New York coast that is pretty empty in the off-season. When he flirts with a man there, the man robbed him and Joseph witnessed a murder. Eventually Joseph ends up in Cameron's house and slowly integrates into his circle of friends. When he falls in love with Cameron, the night of horror is almost forgotten, but the killer is very close to him.

Sorrow and Glory (Dolor y Gloria) (Spain 2019) - Director: Pedro Almodóvar

The gay director Salvador Mallo ( Antonio Banderas ) looks back on his life.
The film is largely autobiographical and tells the life of Pedro Almodóvar.

Madame (Documentation, Switzerland 2019) - Director: Stéphane Riethauser

Documentation in which Stéphane Riethauser uses old films to tell his grandmother his own story of how, as a gay teenager, he was unable to recognize his own homosexuality for a long time.

Matthias & Maxime (Canada 2019) - Director: Xavier Dolan

The two long-time friends Matthias and Maxime suddenly fall in love.

Mein Begleiter (The Accompanist) (United States 2019) - Director: Frederick Keeve

Jason is in his early 50s and works in a ballet studio as a pianist who accompanies the training of the students on the piano. There he falls in love with the much younger Brandon, who is still in a relationship with Adam.

Moffie (South Africa / United Kingdom 2019) - Director: Oliver Hermanus

Nicholas has known for a long time that he is different from the others. When all young white men in South Africa had to do two years of military service in 1981 to defend the apartheid regime, Nicholas faced his greatest horror. A tender relationship develops between him and another recruit in the hope that this will go undetected.

Nevrland (Austria 2019) - Director: Gregor Schmidinger

17-year-old Jakob is struggling with an anxiety disorder that makes life increasingly difficult for him. One night he met the 26-year-old artist Kristjan in a sex cam chat. Finally Jakob gathers all his courage and meets with Kristjan.

Orfeos Traum (Germany 2019) - Director: Tor Iben

Philipp and Enis know each other from the gym. While student Enis has a girlfriend, Philipp lives into the day and is secretly in love with Enis. When Philipp wins a trip to the Greek island of Corfu and Enis accompanies him there, the two men get closer.

Portrait of a young woman in flames (Portrait de la jeune fille en feu) (France 2019) - Director: Celine Sciamma

In the 18th century a painter is supposed to portray a young woman from a good family so that she can be married. Slowly the two get closer.

El Príncipe (Chile / Argentina / Belgium 2019) - Director: Sebastián Muñoz

Because of his problems with his own sexuality, Jaime kills his best friend. When he goes to jail for this, he learns the importance of love.

Queer Lives Matter (short documentary, Germany 2019) - Director: Markus Kowalski

Short documentary about LGBTI activists in Turkey, Morocco, South Africa, India and Greece.

Rocketman (UK 2019) - Director: Dexter Fletcher

The film tells the life story of Elton John .

Rosamunde Pilcher: The Bride of My Brother (Germany / Great Britain 2019) - Director: Marco Serafini

Marc and Sam have been a happy couple for a long time. But they have to hide their love as Marc is a professional soccer player and is afraid of losing his career if his relationship with a man goes public. When he meets his old childhood friend Emma, ​​who was left pregnant by her boyfriend, he asks her to play his alibi wife. But she is in love with Charles without realizing that he is Marc's half-brother.
TV film from the ZDF series “Herzkino” based on the short story “A walk in the snow” by Rosamunde Pilcher .

The "Gay Paragraph" - Story of a Persecution (Documentation, Germany 2019) - Director: Marco Giacopuzzi

Documentation about Paragraph 175, which was responsible for the persecution of homosexuals in Germany from the establishment of the German Empire in 1871 until 1994.

The Strong (Los Fuertes) (Chile 2019) - Director: Omar Zúñiga Hidalgo

Lucas doesn't yet know exactly what he would like to do in his life. While visiting his sister in a remote fishing village in southern Chile, he meets Antonio and the two fall in love.
The film is the long version of the short film "San Cristóbal" by the same director from 2015.

Tatort: ​​Kaputt (Germany 2019) - Director: Christine Hartmann

Follow the ARD series Tatort : A gay police officer who lived with his unmarried partner is murdered during an operation.

Temblores (Guatemala / France / Luxembourg 2019) - Director: Jayro Bustamante

When Pablo arrives at his family home outside Guatemala City, his devout, evangelical family is appalled that he has fallen in love with a man, Francisco, who leads a free, carefree life. When the two move in together, the family does everything possible to dissuade Francisco from his true identity.

We Both (Deux) (France / Luxembourg / Belgium 2019) - Director: Filippo Meneghetti

Nina and Madeleine have had a secret lesbian relationship for decades. When Madeleine suffers a stroke, their secret relationship faces new challenges.


Ammonite (UK 2020) - Director: Francis Lee

In England in the 1840s, the fossil collector Mary falls in love with Charlotte, the wife of a Scottish geologist.

Are We Lost Forever (Sweden 2020) - Director: David Färdmar

After Hampus and Adrian split up, Hampus is relieved that the stressful relationship is over. But Adrian is sad to have lost the love of his life.

The Boys in the Band (United States 2020) - Director: Joe Mantello

A group of gay friends get together to celebrate one of them’s birthday together.
After the film of the same name from 1970 (in Germany under the title Die Harten und die Zarten ), this is the second adaptation of the Broadway play of the same name by Mart Crowley from 1968. The film only features gay actors (including Matt Bomer , Zachary Quinto , Jim Parsons , Andrew Rannells ), who also played their roles in the 2018 Broadway revival of the play on its 50th anniversary. In addition to the full cast, the director of the Broadway revival could also be won for the film.

Charlatan (Czech Republic / Ireland / Slovakia / Poland 2020) - directed by Agnieszka Holland

Jan Mikolášek lived in Czechoslovakia in the totalitarian 1950s and is considered a "healer", which is why long lines form in front of his house every day. When František promised him loyalty with his application, he became his assistant. From now on they also share the bed.

Falling (Canada / Great Britain / Denmark 2020) - Director: Viggo Mortensen

The widower Willis Peterson, bitter after the loss of two wives, moves from his farm in the country to Los Angeles to live with his gay son John, his husband and their daughter. When John and his sister Sarah get together to organize the care of their father, they are faced with the influence of their homophobic father on their lives.

Futur Drei (Germany 2020) - Director: Faraz Shariat

Parvis is the son of two exiled Iranians and has to do social hours in a housing project for refugees. There he met the Iranian siblings Banafshe and Amon. Amon's sister quickly notices that her brother likes Parvis and so she helps a little so that the two get closer. After a night of partying together, Amon and Parvis have their first kiss.
The film was honored with the Teddy Award as “Best Feature Film” at the Berlin International Film Festival 2020 .

A secret love (A Secret Love) (documentation, United States 2020) - Director: Chris Bolan

Documentary about Terry Donahue and Pat Henschel, who were a couple for over 65 years but could never tell anyone that they were lesbian for fear of rejection and reprisals. It was not until the age of 80 that the two women came out to their families.

Kiss me kosher (Kiss Me Before It Blows Up) (Germany / Israel 2020) - Director: Shirel Peleg

The Jewish Shira and the German Maria have been a couple for a long time. When they want to get married and their families meet, it causes a lot of turmoil.

Kokon (Germany 2020) - Director: Leonie Krippendorff

14-year-old Nora lives the typical life of a teenager in Berlin. When she falls in love with the somewhat older Romy from her school, she realizes that she is a lesbian.

Minyan (United States 2020) - Director: Eric Steel

Coming from a Russian immigrant family, 17-year-old David begins to act out his homosexuality in the East Village scene. It is the time when HIV and AIDS are just emerging. The book " Giovanni's Room " by James Baldwin , which David has to read for school, brings him closer to a bartender with whom he begins an affair.

Neubau (Germany 2020) - Director: Johannes Maria Schmit

Markus is torn between his life in the provinces, where he lovingly takes care of his two grandmothers in need of care, and the desire for a big city life in Berlin. When he falls in love with Duc, that makes things even harder.

Only half the story (The Half of It) (United States 2020) - Director: Alice Wu

The shy Ellie Chu is commissioned by Paul Munsky to write a love letter to her fellow classmate Aster Flores for a fee. Ellie accepts because of financial difficulties, although she is reluctant to do the job because she is in love with the local pastor's pretty daughter.
The film was named "Best Feature Film" at the Tribeca Film Festival .

Stage Mother (Canada 2020) - Director: Thom Fitzgerald

Ever since her only son Ricky came out as gay, the devout Texan Maybelline has hardly had any contact with her son. After he dies while performing at his travesty club in San Francisco, Maybelline takes over the club despite their prejudices. Through personal contact with the drag queens and her son's life partner, she slowly begins to change her view of the world.

Summer of '85 (Été 85) (France 2020) - Director: François Ozon

The summer vacation of 1985 has begun. While on vacation in Normandy, 16-year-old Alexis falls in love with another boy.

Tatort: ​​No Pity, No Mercy (Germany 2020) - Director: Felix Herzogenrath

Follow the ARD series Tatort : When 17-year-old Jan is found dead, the investigation quickly focuses on his school environment. Jan was gay and had a relationship with his school friend Paul. As a result, the two of them were bullied and threatened by several classmates.

The Thing About Harry (United States 2020) - Director: Peter Paige

The openly gay Sam and the model athlete Harry go to the same high school, but don't think much of each other. When they are forced to go to an engagement party together, they slowly become friends. The beginning friendship quickly turns into love.

Uncle Frank (United States 2020) - Director: Alan Ball

In 1973, gay Frank Bledsoe, professor at New York University, and his 18-year-old niece Beth traveled from Manhattan to Creekville. The funeral of the family patriarch Mac takes place in his small hometown.


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  • - Manuela Kay: A cage full of scars , March 4, 2006 - About lesbian and gay films in Hollywood and Europe.
  • - Queer Media Database: Database of films with gay, lesbian and transsexual topics.
  • - Sissy: German online magazine devoted to films with "non-heterosexual" content.

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