David in Wonderland

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Original title David in Wonderland
Country of production Germany
original language German
Publishing year 1998
length 103 minutes
Director Moriz Seibert
script Moriz Seibert
production Frank Heschke ,
Helmut Weber
music Andreas Koebner
camera Markus Hausen
cut Sue Nicholls

David in Wonderland is a German drama from 1998 . It is about the clash of two young people from completely different worlds - Michael, a 16-year-old boy from a rich family and David, the youngster of the same age from the fictional, strictly religious farming community of the Jacobians .


In the film, Michael and his friends take a jaunt across the country in his mother's BMW , where David and his herd of cows get in their way, which leads to an accident. Michael subsequently befriends David, visits him in the religious community and lets him live with him when he runs away. He introduces him to the world of modernity and really lets David be a teenager. On the other hand, the rich pupil is taught what friendship is.

The Jacobins in the film were modeled on the Amish (clothing and denying modern equipment and working methods) and the Hutterites (living in community of property and name ).


“A parable debut film that pleads for trust, respect and tolerance towards other forms of life. The subtle play of the young leading actors, the careful camera and the sensitive music make the film an experience. "

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