Drama (film genre)

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A drama , sometimes also a film or television drama , is an unspecific genre designation in the film and television sector .


According to the ancient definition, drama is a genre of poetry and describes an action with distributed roles.

Other definitions of film drama in German are more limited. The German Foreign Dictionary (1999) quotes a sentence from the publication Die deutsche Filmindustrie by Karl Zimmigart from 1922: “The art of film soon thought about exploiting the sentimentality that is so inherent in German beings in an economical way. The film drama owes its creation to this consideration. "

For the Lexicon of Film Terms of the University of Kiel , the term drama is used in film criticism “as a collective term for films that are somewhere between melodrama and social drama . The film's most unspecific genre designation therefore includes, among other subgenres, romantic drama, period film , numerous historical melodramas, many court films , some adventure dramas and the like. At the center of the drama are characters who go through a life crisis, who are faced with a life-changing decision, who have to reform their lives due to loss, persecution, accidental luck or the like. "


Individual evidence

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  1. ^ "Period film" = German for example " historical film ", a film set in a certain historical era.