A touch of mink

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German title A touch of mink
Original title That Touch of Mink
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 1962
Director Delbert man
script Stanley Shapiro
Nate Monaster
production Martin Melcher
Stanley Shapiro
music George Duning
camera Russell Metty
cut Ted J. Kent

A Touch of Mink is an American comedy film directed by Delbert Mann from 1962 and starring Doris Day and Cary Grant .


Cathy Timberlake is on her way to an interview to finally put an end to her unemployment when rich and self-centered businessman Philip Shayne's Rolls-Royce drives through a puddle, splattering her with dirty water and ruining her coat.

She goes to a vending machine restaurant to complain to her friend and living partner Connie, who works there. The bully who just drives on is a wealthy, handsome bachelor who offers Cathy a job as a secretary in return. She accepts the proposal to accompany him on his next business trip ... But it ends in a fiasco.

As soon as she landed in Bermuda , Cathy is haunted by the delusions that every hotel guest and every local would see that she and Philip Shayne are not married. With so much excitement, Cathy gets a rash on her face. The doctor called diagnosed the rash as something that only happens to newlyweds.

The next day they fly back home, both of them rather embarrassed, which especially Roger, Shayne's financial advisor, likes, who has been working with Philip for a long time in a love-hate relationship and who is a bundle of nerves. But Cathy can no longer think of anyone other than Philip and flies back to Bermuda without further ado, from where she calls Philip so that he comes to try again.

Cathy is so nervous that she drinks a whole bottle of whiskey and, when Philip arrives, falls drunk from the balcony. This trip also goes in the pants. Roger gleefully goes back to his psychiatrist, Dr. Gruber, but unfortunately tells him the whole story in first-person form, from Cathy's point of view. So the psychiatrist thinks Roger is homosexual.

Back at home with her friend Connie, she decides to send Cathy home to Upper Sandusky with her family to relax. But Cathy refuses, and stares gloomily for days. Then she gets a job offer in a bank, but when she learns that Philip Shayne had got her this job, she causes an unbelievable mess there and runs away.

Philip, who has been unconsciously in love with Cathy for a long time, sends Roger to her home. Roger is welcomed, but beaten by Conny and the housekeeper with brooms, vases and a dog. He tries his luck a second time and is successful after being cleared up because of the mix-up with Philip. Together they come up with a plan to outsmart Philip.

Cathy goes out with Beasley, a loathsome guy from the labor exchange who has kept an eye on her for a long time, hoping Philip will follow her. She goes to the bathroom at every gas station just to buy time. Meanwhile, Roger goes back to Philip, who is roasting in the sauna, and tells him where and with whom Cathy is going out. Then Philip runs to the next taxi wearing only a towel and follows her.

At the motel, first he and then Roger accidentally disturb the wrong couple before he finds Cathy and doesn't give her back.

The honeymoon takes her to Bermuda again. Philip, however, now married, gets the same nervous rash as Cathy - still unmarried - had. A year later, Cathy and Philip Shayne are walking their baby and Roger when Dr. Gruber reappears after a long recovery stay. When he sees the secretary with the baby, he falls into his delusions again.


“After ' Bettgeflüster ' and ' Ein Pajama für Zwei ', the third variation of a recipe for success with Doris Day: a cheerful, comedic game with frivolity that is always clean despite all the coquetry. The film draws its real joke from the subplot, exaggerated into bizarre, which breaks the love story and caricatures it in the most delicious way. "

Guest appearance

Some of the New York Yankees' players made a guest appearance : Mickey Mantle , Roger Maris and Yogi Berra .

The scene at American Express includes a product placement for Univac .



The cinema release in the Federal Republic of Germany was on December 14, 1962, the German television first broadcast on May 27, 1971 on ARD .

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