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A film comedy or a film amusement game is a film genre in the tradition of theater comedy , in which the viewer is to be made to laugh . The genre has numerous sub-genres, for example black comedy , action comedy, horror comedy, crime comedy, musical comedy, romantic comedy , screwball comedy , slapstick comedy, mistaken comedy , tragic comedy , fantasy comedy or science fiction -Comedy. Furthermore, numerous variations can be found, for example the culture clash comedy or the lederhosen film .


Film comedies already appeared in the era of silent films , when they relied primarily on visual humor and therefore emphasized the slapstick elements. Prominent actors of this era were Charlie Chaplin , Harold Lloyd and Buster Keaton .

When sound film replaced silent film in the 1930s, slapstick was expanded to include humorous dialogues and linguistic jokes . This brought many new comedians into the business, who often appeared as a group or comedian duo , such as Abbott and Costello , the Three Stooges , Laurel and Hardy or the Marx Brothers . There were also comedians like WC Fields , Mae West and Jack Benny , who built their success primarily on their language skills.

In the 1950s and 1960s, the genre Commedia all'italiana was popular in Italy .


Black comedy

Action comedy

In the action comedy, funny things are mixed with action. The subgenre became a distinct art in North America in the 1980s when comedians like Eddie Murphy started taking on more action-oriented roles like Just 48 Hours and Beverly Hills Cop . Often times, films of this type are buddy films .

Horror comedy

In the horror comedy, the usual horror film is mixed with humorous approaches, such as in Scream! , Frankenstein Junior , The Little Horror Shop and Scary Movie .

Detective comedy

The crime comedy is the representation of a crime story with the means of a comedy. At the center of the action there is usually a crime that is solved at the end.

Love comedy

Love comedy is a subgenre of comedy film and love film. The plot is about a funny love story, as in My Made-up Wife , Myself is the Bride and The Prince of Zamunda .

Slapstick comedy

Mix-up comedy

In the comedy of confusion, people are mistaken for other people because of their actions or appearances.


The tragicomedy describes a drama in which there are also comic events in addition to the tragic, for example in Forrest Gump .

Fantasy comedy

The fantasy comedy is a comedy in which there is magic or supernatural powers. Examples are Night at the Museum , Being John Malkovich , Shrek - The Daredevil hero and Groundhog Day .

Science fiction comedy

The science fiction comedy is a comedy with elements of the science fiction film . The actions mostly take place in the future, for example as in Back to the Future , Galaxy Quest - Planless Through Space , (T) Spaceship Surprise - Period 1 and Men in Black .


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