Night in the museum

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German title Night in the museum
Original title Night at the Museum
Country of production United States ,
United Kingdom ,
original language English
Publishing year 2006
length 105 minutes
Age rating FSK 6
Director Shawn Levy
script Robert Ben Garant ,
Thomas Lennon
production Michael Barnathan ,
Chris Columbus ,
Shawn Levy
music Alan Silvestri
camera Guillermo Navarro
cut Don Zimmerman

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At night in the museum 2

Night at the Museum (AKA Night at the Museum ) is a comedy film directed by Shawn Levy from the year 2006 with Ben Stiller in the lead role. The plot is based on the children's book The Night at the Museum by the Croatian illustrator Milan Trenc, published in 1993 . In 2009 and 2014 the sequels were published Night in Museum 2 and Night in Museum: The Mysterious Tomb .


The unsuccessful dreamer Larry Daley lives in New York City . His divorced wife Erica threatens that he will no longer be able to see their son Nick if he continues to lead an unregulated life. So he takes a job as a night watchman at the Museum of Natural History and thinks he has found an easy job. Since the museum's business is bad, jobs are cut and the previous three older night watchmen Cecil, Gus and Reginald are fired.

Before starting his first night shift, Larry receives a manual from the former guards and their advice to "read the rules". His job as a night watchman is not to let anyone into the museum - but also not to let anyone out.

Shortly after sunset, Larry understands the meaning of this hint: Almost all of the exhibits in the museum leave their locations and begin to wander around the entire museum. The skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus Rex challenges him to retrieve ; Warlords, seafarers, wild animals, and Stone Age people make the museum unsafe, and Larry realizes that he underestimated the job.

He remembers the rules to be followed, but before he even got more than the first three ("Throw the bone," "Lock the lions before they eat you," and "Watch the keys, the monkey could use them." steal ”), the manual is stolen and torn up by Dexter, a capuchin monkey from the Africa department. So Larry has to face the evening events without help. Eventually he befriends Theodore Roosevelt's wax figure , who helps Larry and encourages him to continue his job when the latter considers quitting. Roosevelt reveals the museum's secret to Larry: a good 50 years ago, the golden tablet of Pharaoh Ahkmenrah was brought to the museum, and since then it has made all the creatures on display come to life night after night. Larry has to take care of them and is not allowed to let any of them escape because the rising sun would destroy them.

The next morning Larry is completely exhausted and disillusioned by the nightly experiences. He decides to quit the job. On his way home, however, he meets his son who, proud of his father's job, asks him for a tour of the museum. This moves Larry to withdraw his resignation, and so he does the next shift.

The next night, Larry tries to do everything better. During the day he used the time to collect information about the "museum residents" across all historical periods and how to deal with them. But this only brings problems: when he gives the cavemen a lighter, for example, they set themselves on fire with it. One of the prehistoric men breaks out of the museum, and Larry has to watch how he turns to dust in seconds in the rising sun.

The next day Larry is confronted by the museum director about the missing wax figure. He's so upset that he wants to fire Larry. Larry can, however, ask for a reprieve. In the evening he takes his son Nick to the museum to show him how the exhibits come to life and to impress him with it. But the exhibits remain lifeless. Larry discovers that Pharaoh Ahkmenrah's golden tablet, which is the cause of the awakening of the museum world, has been stolen.

When Larry and Nick find the tablet in the camp of the three former night watchmen, they are attacked by them and locked in the pharaoh's chamber. The three old people, angry about their release, have secretly broken into the museum and now want to take revenge by taking the valuable pieces with them and selling them. Meanwhile, at Larry's instruction, Nick activates the Pharaoh's tablet, whereupon the Pharaoh and the other museum residents come to life again. Larry lets them look for the three old night watchmen. When one of the night watchmen flees outside, several of the exhibits follow him. After a wild chase, the last of the crooks is caught. However, the exhibits are now scattered in all directions, and they are in danger of being turned to dust by the rising sun. Larry asks the Pharaoh for support, and with the help of the magic tablet he manages to guide the exhibits back to the museum before sunrise.

The next day, the museum director confronts Larry and shows him the television news with reports of strange occurrences in the park and museum, as well as footage showing the exhibits outside the museum. Larry claims not to know anything about it, but is fired anyway. But when the director sees the many museum visitors attracted by the television reports, he hires Larry back on without a word. The following night the whole museum celebrates a big party.

In the credits you can see the old three night watchmen, who are grateful that Larry did not betray them and now work as cleaning staff in the museum.


  • The film was shot in California , British Columbia and New York City . Among other things, exterior shots of the American Museum of Natural History are shown.
  • As of March 15, 2009, the film grossed US $ 574,480,841 worldwide, five times the estimated cost of production of US $ 110 million. As of February 2007, around 2.94 million visitors saw the film in Germany.
  • Ben Stiller's mother, Anne Meara, plays the role of Employment Officer Debby .
  • The cinema release in Germany was on December 27, 2006.


The German synchronization was based on a dialogue book and the dialogue direction by Simon Jäger on behalf of Interopa Film GmbH in Berlin , he himself took on the role of Ahkmenrah .

role Actress German voice
Larry Daley Ben Stiller Oliver Rohrbeck
Theodore Roosevelt Robin Williams Bodo Wolf
Nick Daley Jake Cherry Karl-Alexander Seidel
Cecil Fredericks Dick Van Dyke Jochen Schröder
Rebecca Hutmann Carla Gugino Marie Bierstedt
Gus Mickey Rooney Hans Teuscher
Reginald Bill Cobbs Jürgen Kluckert
Jedediah Owen Wilson Philipp Moog
Octavius Steve Coogan Tobias Kluckert
Sacajawea Mizuo Peck Magdalena Turba
Ahkmenrah Rami Malek Simon hunter
Dr. McPhee Ricky Gervais Piet Klocke
Elrica Kim Raver Ranja Bonalana
Don Paul Rudd Boris Tessmann
taxi driver Charlie Murphy Oliver Siebeck


The lexicon of international films describes the film as "only moderately entertaining comedy that neither demands the main actor nor the prominent supporting roles" and criticizes that "the charm of the story quickly fizzles out and only a few pretty gags remain."

Carsten Baumgardt criticized the script on as "outrageous". The director relies "on gross-engine [sic!] Slapstick". The film is still entertaining.

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