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Piet Klocke (born December 20, 1957 in Bremen ) is a German musician , cabaret artist , author and actor .


Klocke moved to the High School of Amsterdam , where he played two years in various funk and soul bands as a guitarist. His return to Essen went hand in hand with the publication of his first volume of poems and aphorisms . The founding of the avant-garde music theater Kamikaze Orkester followed . Committed to the idea of ​​the Amsterdam “Hauser Orkater” ( Rob en Dick Hauser , Thijs van der Poll , Alex , Marc and Vincent van Warmerdam , Jim van der Woude and others), expressive and absurd theater, drama and all kinds of music were mixed. At this time Klocke developed the figure of the "absent-minded professor".

This was followed by the founding of the NDW band Gesundes Volksempfinden and the EBM band The Tanzdiele and thus performances together with Einstürzende Neubauten and Defunkt . From The dance floor that appeal to DAF and Die Krupps oriented, then went Jazz - / Funk band The dance thieves out. As a result, Klocke produced the record doll made of glass with Carmen Gaspar and released several solo albums under his own name.

At the same time his film and television music activity began. He wrote the music for the two-part TV thriller Der Leibwächter (WDR, 1989), whose director Adolf Winkelmann was awarded the Adolf Grimme Prize , and for the film Peng! You are dead! , also with Winkelmann as a director. In addition to 35 film and television music productions, Klocke recorded several sound carriers. The theme song for the movie Bang! You are dead! (Kino and WDR) made it into the charts.

Klocke plays the role of the absent-minded professor Schmitt-Hindemith, master of Anakoluth , who doesn't finish any of his sentences, associates himself with absurd stories and, when applauded, admonishes his audience: “It's all running out of your time!” Participation in the show RTL Saturday night and 7 days, 7 heads as well as at the Arosa Humor Festival brought the breakthrough as a comedian.

In an interview, Klocke named the German cabaret artist Werner Finck as one of his role models. During an appearance on a talk show, he also named Loriot as a role model.

In 2003 the actor played in the remake of Erich Kästner's Das fgende Klassenzimmer , in 2005, alongside Christiane Hörbiger and Armin Rohde, Wachtmeister Dimpfelmoser in The Robber Hotzenplotz, and in 2007 Professor Bunsen van der Dunkel in the short film Mondmann .

1995 saw the CD release of the stage program HipHop for employees (together with the jazz saxophonist Simone Sonnenschein alias Angelika Kleinknecht) under the title "Das geht alles von Ihr Zeit!" The main thing about the program is that he stepped in as a substitute to perform the stage program of someone else - Piet Klocke. In 2007 the CD Puffy Egborn II or failure as a path followed! (Music, text, programming and mix: Piet Klocke).

Klocke lives in Rellinghausen .

Cabaret programs (selection)

  • HipHop for employees - a musical final evening at the VHS (1999)
  • Life is beautiful - please! (2009-2013)
  • Appearances as Professor Schmitt-Hindemith, at his side Angelika Kleinknecht (with Simone Sonnenschein )


Characteristic are his seemingly unfocused manner, influenced by constant association, and often not finishing sentences, as well as his eccentric appearance at a height of 1.96 m.


Filmography (selection)

Movie and TV

Film music

  • 1982: Banana Paul
  • 1983: leitmotif
  • 1983: The night and its price
  • 1984: Hur and Holy
  • 1984: Guide through the world
  • 1986: 585 kilohertz
  • 1987: Monopoly
  • 1987: Bang! You are dead!
  • 1989: The dead do not live alone
  • 1989: The bodyguard
  • 1989: The Man with the Trees
  • 1990: Wedding
  • 1991: super jam
  • 1991: Who's Afraid of Red, Yellow, Blue?
  • 1992: Different circumstances
  • 1992: Everything is a lie
  • 1993: north curve
  • 1993: clear cutting
  • 1994: girlfriends
  • 1995: fear
  • 1996: Jump



  • Healthy People's Sensation - Healthy People's Sensation (LP, 1981)
  • Piet Klocke - o'lala (LP, 1982)
  • The Tanzdiele - Follow the guides! (LP, 1982)
  • The Tanzdiele - Music Music Music (7 ", 1982)
  • Die Tanzdiebe - Live (LP, 1982)
  • Carmen - glass doll (LP, 1982)
  • Carmen - It's cold (7 ", 1982)
  • Piet Klocke - Slaves of Love (LP, 1983)
  • Piet Klocke - Hua Hua Tschy Tschy (7 ", 1983)
  • Piet Klocke - Slaves of Love (7 ", 1983)
  • Picture This - Bang! You Are Dead (EP, 1987)
  • Piet Klocke - Life Is A Sample (Die Leichte + die Schwere Welt) (CD, 1988)
  • Piet Klocke - It's Only Football (Maxi-CD, 1994)
  • Piet Klocke - HipHop for employees (a musical final evening in the VHS) (CD, 1995)
  • Piet Klocke - Luder (MCD, 1997)
  • Piet Klocke - It all depends on your time (CD, 1997)
  • Piet Klocke - Adventure in a Diopter Suit (2xCD, 2000)
  • Piet Klocke - Puffy Egborn II or failure as a way! (CD, 2006)


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