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Südkurier logo
description regional daily newspaper
publishing company Südkurier GmbH ( Germany )
Headquarters Constancy
First edition September 8, 1945
founder Johannes Weyl
Frequency of publication daily except Sundays
Sold edition 111,568 copies
( IVW 2/2020, Mon-Sat)
Editor-in-chief Stefan Lutz
editor Südkurier GmbH
Web link www.suedkurier.de
ZDB 1411183-4

The Südkurier ( spelling : SÜDKURIER ) is a regional daily newspaper based in Constance for the regions of northwestern Lake Constance , the Upper Rhine and the Black Forest . The paper appears six times a week in the Berlin format (since March 1, 2010; previously in the Rhenish format ). The circulation sold is 111,568 copies, a decrease of 24.7 percent since 2000. Since the end of 2013 , the publishing house has belonged entirely to the Pressedruck media group , the publisher of the Augsburger Allgemeine .


First years

1945 Founding of the Südkurier
1952 Purchase of the print shop at the fish market
1974 Purchase of Hotel Krone
1977 Renting Hotel Hecht
1980 Entry of the Holtzbrinck publishing group
1987 Participation in radio marine radio
1990 Start of production in a new print shop
1993 Relocation to a new publishing and editorial building
1996 Start online presence
2000 Foundation of Arriva GmbH
Foundation of Media Favoriten GmbH
2008 Takeover of ka-news GmbH
2010 Opening of the new print shop.
Format changeover
2011 The majority share of Südkurier GmbH goes to
Mediengruppe Pressedruck
2013 Complete takeover by Mediengruppe

Johannes Weyl (born August 28, 1904 in Kiel , † September 4, 1989 in Konstanz), former deputy head of the magazine department and authorized signatory at Ullstein Verlag (since 1934: Deutscher Verlag ), received the license to establish the company from the French occupation forces at the end of August 1945 of the south courier in Constance. The date of the first issue was September 8th, it was already sold the day before. Weyl also founded Südverlag as a book publisher in 1945 . Partners in the first Südkurier-Gesellschaft were - besides Weyl - the publisher Paul Christiani, the airship builder Hugo Eckener and the central politician Carl Diez .

The initial circulation of 100,000 copies increased rapidly to around 180,000 copies at the end of 1949, despite the paper shortage. Initially, only two issues per week with four pages appeared. From September 1948 the Südkurier appeared permanently three times a week, from the beginning of October 1950 four times, from the beginning of November 1952 five times a week and finally from the beginning of November 1953 on every working day .

The Südkurier was conceived as a journal that was not bound by party politics . He was quickly exposed to political pressure from parties that did not yet have their own party press . This was particularly true of the New Germany - Antifascist Movement for Democratic Construction in the French Zone . The outcome of the elections in France on October 21, 1945 - the Communists emerged as the strongest party - had an impact on press policy in the French occupation zone. The occupying power now decreed that representatives of four leading parties move into the editorial and publishing company of the Südkurier ( Hermann Fiebing , Hermann Dörflinger , Karl Julius Großhans , Rudi Goguel and Friedrich Munding ). Weyl was excluded from further collaboration as a publisher or editor in January 1946. This episode ended on December 29, 1948: the French occupying forces revoked the dissolution of the first Südkurier company and dissolved the second. Weyl received the license back and the Südkurier returned to his hands on February 1, 1949.

1949 to 1979

In 1949, the Südkurier reached readers in a distribution area that stretched to the Black Forest in the north, Lindau and Wangen in the east and the Upper Rhine in the west. At that time he operated 19 branches in this area.

September 1945 – February 1946
Fritz Harzendorf
editorial committee with representatives
from four parties
Summer 1949
Herbert C. Goldscheider
1949 – May 1950
Otto Häcker
Alfred Gerigk
Franz Oexle
1988 – August 1994
Gerd Appenzeller
September 1994–2005
Werner Schwarzwälder
2005 – January 2010
Thomas Satinsky
June 2010 – September 2010
André Uzulis
Since October 2010
Stefan Lutz

On April 5, 1952, Südkurier acquired the printing works in which it had previously been printed. The oldest part of the Marktstätte 4 / Am Fischmarkt 5 complex was rebuilt between 1958 and 1964. In this context, a new press was set up in 1959 . Regionally, the printing house developed into a pioneer in printing technology, especially in four-color printing . In 1965 the number of subscribers reached the 100,000 mark.

After the district reform in Baden-Württemberg in 1973 , the Südkurier expanded its distribution area. This was done through local editions , including for Titisee-Neustadt and Friedrichshafen . The company expanded its room capacities in Konstanz by purchasing the neighboring Hotel Krone (1974) and renting the Hotel Hecht (1977).

The foreseeable change in the media - private radio and private television were under discussion -, the unresolved question of succession and expected cost increases made Weyl look for a partner since the mid-1970s. In 1979 this seemed to have been found: Johannes Weyl and Georg von Holtzbrinck agreed on the entry of his publishing group , initially as a minority shareholder, later as a majority shareholder.

1980 to 1995

Südkurier / Konstanz printing company

After purchasing 25 percent of the shares in 1980, Holtzbrinck's entry did not go smoothly, but kept the courts busy until the Karlsruhe Higher Regional Court ruled in 1985 that the contracts for the takeover by the Stuttgart publishing house were legal. At the end of 1985, Weyl resigned from his position as publisher and managing director of Südkurier GmbH due to old age.

Two managing directors appointed by the Georg von Holtzbrinck publishing group modernized the Südkurier's publishing concept , its corporate structures and the production conditions. At the same time, they reduced costs. In 1986 the groundbreaking ceremony for a new print shop took place in the Oberlohn industrial estate , and the first Südkurier edition was printed there on February 6, 1990. In 1990 Holtzbrinck took over the Südkurier completely.

In order to keep the editorial office and publishing house on the one hand and printing on the other hand spatially together, the Südkurier moved into a new publishing building in 1993, which since then has once again formed an overall structural complex with the printing house.

Overall, by the mid-1990s, the regional newspaper developed into a media and service company that, in addition to daily newspapers, also produced advertising papers and many other printed products. The delivery of newspapers and brochures was also part of this - organized as a separate GmbH . In addition, the Südkurier group of companies entered radio in 1987 with a stake in Radio Seefunk ; It was sold in 2018. In 1992, the Südkurier founded the Auf Draht call center , which focused on the publishing industry.

Since 1996

In 1996, the media company started its activity as an Internet service provider and content provider with the online service SKOL.de (abbreviation for SüdKurier OnLine ). In 2000, this led to the establishment of a new subsidiary, Media Favoriten GmbH , which initially expanded SKOL.de into a regional portal, but from 2002 focused on making Südkurier content available online; in April 2003 SKOL.de was renamed to www.suedkurier.de . The Südkurier has also been available as an ePaper since 2003 .

At the beginning of 1999, Südkurier took over psg - Press and Distribution Service Baden-Württemberg GmbH , a direct delivery company , which had been in existence for 15 years . In the same year, Anzeiger Südwest was founded to organize the business with advertising papers. Südkurier and Badischer Verlag founded Arriva GmbH in 2000 in order to use the joint logistics capacities of the newspaper deliverers for mail delivery. In 2007 Arriva was sold to the Pin Group ; Badischer Verlag and Südkurier bought the company back in October 2008 . On July 1, 2008, the media company took over the majority in ka-news GmbH , which publishes the Karlsruhe online daily newspaper ka-news .

The opening of the new printing plant was celebrated at the end of February 2010. Since then, the newspaper has been printed on a machine that no longer needs water (manufacturer: Koenig & Bauer ). At the same time, the newspaper switched to the Berlin format . Since 2010 it has also been possible to use Südkurier apps for mobile applications.

The Augsburg-based company Mediengruppe Pressedruck acquired the majority in Südkurier GmbH (51 percent) in 2011 , and the remaining shares were taken over two years later. In mid-2013, Südkurier organized its digital edition as paid content .

At the end of October 2013, a new combined heat and power plant went into operation, the energy of which is used by the print shop.

In addition to expanded offers for readers, Südkurier GmbH also created special offers for traders , such as a digital business directory (today Regiostars ) or solutions for commercial websites (professional homepage) , as well as for tourists and tourism professionals (since 2002, for example, bodenseeferien.de ). Südkurier took over a newspaper in the neighboring Swiss town of Kreuzlingen at the end of 2017: the Kreuzlinger Zeitung . In 2018, the media company integrated Info Kommunal Verlags GmbH ; this company produces community and official gazettes.

Edition development

Circulation development up to 2015

The Südkurier started in 1945 with a circulation of 100,000 copies. In 1946 it peaked at more than 182,000 pieces. The currency reform led to a significant drop in sales. In 1965, the circulation again exceeded the threshold of 100,000 copies. At the turn of the millennium, almost 150,000 copies were sold, since then the circulation has fallen, a trend of almost all German daily newspapers .

The circulation sold has decreased by an average of 1.6% per year over the past 10 years. Last year it decreased by 2.5%. It is currently 111,568 copies. The share of subscriptions in the circulation sold is 83.9 percent.

Newspaper and Business Today

Editorial offices of the Südkurier

The newspaper is editorially managed by the chief editor based in Konstanz. The editorial offices for

  • On-line
  • Politics and Background
  • economy
  • Culture
  • Sports and regional sports
  • Special topics

Südkurier maintains local editorial offices in the following locations:

Range of services

The Südkurier GmbH offers its customers the following range:

  • Daily newspapers: The Südkurier publishes 17 local editions together with the local newspaper Alb-Bote
  • Advertising Papers: These are legally indicator Southwest GmbH organized
  • Official and municipal gazettes: Info-Kommunal Verlags-GmbH is responsible for this
  • ka-news as a news portal for the Karlsruhe area, responsible is ka-news GmbH
  • Digital business models, media and online services for business customers : These are the media favorites , Society for interactive communication mbH offered
  • Private postal services - Südkurier GmbH holds half of the shares in arriva GmbH
  • Distribution and delivery services, in particular for brochures and advertising papers, via Direkt-Kurier Zusatz GmbH
  • Delivery of unaddressed press products, promotional mailings, catalogs and special forms of advertising via psg Press and Distribution Service Baden-Württemberg GmbH
  • Printing of newspapers, advertising supplements, magazines and brochures by Druckerei Konstanz GmbH
  • Production as well as digital and offset printing of printed matter, advertising material and special products by werk zwei, Print + Medien Konstanz GmbH
  • Services before the actual printing such as ad and page production as well as printing plate production with the help of MediaPro Medienproduktion und Service GmbH
  • Call center services by the publisher's own Auf Draht Telefon- und Direktmarketing GmbH

Involvement, management and staff

The media group Pressedruck , by its own account the seventh largest newspaper company in Germany, is the sole shareholder of Südkurier GmbH .

Michel Bieler-Loop and Peter Selzer have been managing directors of Südkurier GmbH since October 2019 . The editor-in-chief is Stefan Lutz.

According to Südkurier GmbH , the number of employees is over 800.

Reception and commitment


Friedrichshafen: "Südkurier" in the shopping basket of a market visitor ("Market women group" by Ingo Koblischek, bronze, 2002)

The Südkurier has been honored several times:

  • The Konrad Adenauer Foundation awarded the newspaper the 1st prize of the German Local Journalist Prize 2010 for its relaunch concept . Awards for 2012 ( history category ), 2014 ( society category ) and 2015 ( people category ) also went to the newspaper.
  • The WAN-IFRA (World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers) spoke to Südkurier for his media project Class! 2011 a special prize from the World Young Reader Prize .
  • Thanks to its design achievements in the years 2012 to 2016, Südkurier was one of the winners of the European Newspaper Award .


In October 2013, the media and advertising expert Wolfgang Koschnick criticized the Südkurier . An interview with him about his book critical of advertising was not published because the Südkurier was apparently afraid of losing advertisers. An editor of the newspaper informed him of this in writing. Koschnick criticized the behavior of the editor and the Südkurier as "submission to advertising". On October 19, 2013, the media magazine Zapp took up the case.

In 2016, an editor who had criticized the mayor of Konstanz several times in the newspaper was warned and transferred to the office . The background is the concern that the city administration could fail as an advertiser or even publish an official journal . The editor-in-chief, on the other hand, gave the reason that the editor had repeatedly not adhered to the four-eyes principle .

"Corporate Social Responsibility"

The readership has been committed to this facility since the aftercare clinic Tannheim was founded (1997). By the end of 2016, following calls for the newspaper, she donated more than 7 million euros. The Südkurier has been honored for its continuous support with the 2008 Media Prize of the German Childhood Cancer Follow-up Care.



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