Head sheet

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Head sheet (also: Mantelzeitung or Nebenausgabe ) are called local newspapers that get the supraregional cover from the main sheet of the publisher , usually a regional newspaper , and only produce the local section themselves. The name comes from the newspaper head , the mostly typographically emphasized title design, since the title pages of the attached papers mostly differ only in their own head. The opposite of a header is a full newspaper .

Thanks to the local reporting, the newspaper achieves a high level of reader loyalty even in areas for which it is not profitable to have its own editorial team on national topics.

Examples of headers in Germany are the Ebersberger Latest News of the Süddeutsche Zeitung , the Tölzer Kurier of the Münchner Merkurs or the Weißenburger Tagblatt of the Nürnberger Nachrichten ; in Switzerland z. B. the Thuner Tagblatt of the Berner Zeitung or the Obwaldner Zeitung of the Luzerner Zeitung are mentioned.