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The coat ("coat part", "coat pages") is the supraregional part of a regional newspaper . It usually consists of the front page , politics, business news, national features and sports, and occasionally opinion pages .


The cover pages are often delivered to regional or local newspapers . Small local newspapers in particular are often unable to produce a so-called “ full newspaper” financially and in terms of personnel . Since the focus of these papers is on their local section, they obtain the national section from another, mostly larger and national newspaper, or run a joint editorial department with other newspapers.

It is also common for different smaller sheets from the same publisher to appear with the same cover pages. Through the practice of buying such coats , it happens that even competing local newspapers are identical in terms of content. A large part of the cloak therefore consists of reports from news agencies or reports from correspondents . The purchase of a coat often goes hand in hand with an advertising cooperation between a local newspaper and a national newspaper and is therefore also a means of increasing reach and market power. This is often associated with a loss of diversity of opinion .

Mantle editing

The main editorial team is responsible for national topics in regional newspapers. In the past there were almost exclusively full editorial teams who wrote and created all the articles for their publications themselves. Many regional and local newspapers now only have their own local editorial team , but no longer have a full editorial team. This means that they use the general editorial offices for the other departments outside the local department . This trend started during the concentration wave in the 1980s. Outer editorial offices usually supply several headers from so-called newspaper associations (amalgamation of several newspapers) with the departments of politics, economics, feature pages and sport. National newspapers that run their own full editorial team are called journalistic units. All titles that have the same newspaper cover are considered together as a single journalistic unit ; these have decreased from 225 to 138 in the period from 1954 to 2004.


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