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Wolfgang J. Koschnick (born September 16, 1942 in Danzig ) is a German publicist and book author specializing in media and marketing .


Koschnick grew up in Bremen and studied economics and political science in Kiel , Houston (Texas) and Berlin and graduated as a political scientist. As a journalist he worked in the USA for the Boston Globe and numerous other newspapers and magazines, and later also from Germany. He was head of the international department at the Institute for Demoscopy Allensbach and editor-in-chief of the special-interest magazines Horizont , ZV + ZV and Copy .

Wolfgang J. Koschnick has lived with his family in Allensbach on Lake Constance since the 1970s .


He is u. a. Author of the three-volume Focus-Lexikon, advertising planning , media planning , market research, communication research , media research , the associated Focus-Lexicon Austria and the Focus-Lexicon Switzerland as well as the six-volume German-English / English-German Focus Encyclopedic Dictionary Marketing, Management, Market Communication . In total he has written or edited more than 50 books in several languages. His Dictionary of Marketing was published in English in Great Britain and his Dictionary of Social and Market Research in the USA .

Wolfgang J. Koschnick turned against attempts to regulate the Internet at an early stage and, in 1997, considered it technically and legally not feasible to block offers with pornographic or racist content.

After his retirement, Koschnick worked as a media and advertising-critical commentator in his publication Der große Betrug (2013) and in articles for Heise Verlag . Koschnick analyzes common myths about advertising and deals with all facets of the advertising world.

“Advertising was once considered a high art of communication. Today it has degenerated into the obtrusive siege of a reluctant audience. It is as annoying as a bunch of ticks. Just stupid advertising. This cannot have a beneficial effect, it can only generate rejection and hatred. "

- Wolfgang J. Koschnick 

In his also from 2013 in Heise magazine thirty-part series of articles published, democracy in the end? Koschnick presents his critical understanding of democracy on the basis of individual theses on the "decline of the developed parliamentary party democracies " and on the role of business, associations, clergy and politics in the social reality of reunified Germany, which, in his view, has a similar effect on the " End ”of the“ human ideal of democracy ”.

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