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The relaunch (English for 'reintroduction', composed of the prefix re = 'again' or 'new' and the noun launch = 'start' or ' launch ') denotes on the one hand the reintroduction or new application, on the other hand the revision and improvement of a product already on the market .

Examples of a relaunch in terms of revising and improving a product launched on the market are:

  • Redesigned packaging
  • New layout of a newspaper or magazine
  • Revision of a website
  • New version of a computer program
  • New generation of cell phones
  • Start of a new film series, the content of which continues an older series.

Such a revision and improvement can serve to stop the - expected or already occurred - decline in sales in the maturity stage of the product life cycle . Other reasons can be a changed customer taste (requirement for a changed design), legal requirements and regional peculiarities.

Not every relaunch is successful. The customers who have been added or won back are often confronted by a group of customers who reject the innovation, prefer the old product or turn away from the product entirely.

Concrete examples

The VW New Beetle from 1997, on the other hand, has so little in common with its model VW Beetle that one does not speak of a relaunch, but of retro design .

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