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Augsburg General
Augsburger Allgemeine (01.2020) .svg
description Subscription daily newspaper with a national cover section and 24 local editions
publishing company media group pressedruck and Allgäuer Zeitungsverlag
Headquarters Augsburg (north edition); Kempten (south edition)
First edition October 30, 1945 as the Schwäbische Landeszeitung
Frequency of publication working days
Sold edition 290,332 copies
( IVW 2/2020, Mon-Sat)
Range Print edition: 730,000 readers / day of publication

Website: 20 million visits / month million readers

(Print: Media Analysis 2019; Web: IVW 03/20)
Editor-in-chief Gregor Peter Schmitz
editor Ellinor Holland (†), Günter Holland (†), Alexandra Holland
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ZDB 2102368-2
Aerial view of the media center on Curt-Frenzel-Strasse in Augsburg
The publishing house of the Augsburger Allgemeine on Curt-Frenzel-Straße.

The Augsburger Allgemeine , formerly Augsburger Allgemeine Zeitung , or AZ for short , is one of the largest Bavarian subscription newspapers. It is the only local newspaper in Augsburg (see Einzeitungskreis ).

It belongs to the media group pressedruck under the leadership of Augsburg-based Presse-Druck- und Verlags-GmbH. Together with its local editions, it has a sold circulation of 200,036 copies, a decrease of 20.5 percent since 1998. In association with the Allgäuer Zeitungsverlag , which, according to Kressreport , is 50% owned by Augsburger Allgemeine, the sold circulation is 268,315 copies. The main distribution area of ​​the Augsburger Allgemeine is the Bavarian Swabia and the adjacent parts of Upper Bavaria . In 2007/2008 the newspaper was the largest subscription daily newspaper in Bavaria.

Important editors were Curt Frenzel and Günter Holland . Gregor Peter Schmitz has been the editor-in-chief since the beginning of 2018, succeeding Walter Roller . Predecessors were Markus Günther (from November 2009) and Rainer Bonhorst (from 1994 to 2009). Gregor Peter Schmitz's deputies are Andrea Kümpfbeck (coordination of local editions) and Yannick Dillinger (digital strategy). Sarah Schierack (digital editor), Margit Hufnagel (politics and business), Michael Stifter (politics and business), Tobias Schaumann (litigation) and Rudi Wais (head of the service) are also members of the editor-in-chief. Andreas Schmutterer has been the publishing director of Augsburger Allgemeine since November 1st, 2015.


A forerunner of the newspaper was the Allgemeine Zeitung, founded in 1798 by Johann Friedrich Cotta in Tübingen .

It appeared from 1807 to 1882 in Augsburg, where it became one of the most important German-language daily newspapers of the time. She had a conservative orientation. The archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann published his excavation results in the Turkish Hissarlık ( Troy ) in the Allgemeine Zeitung and in the London Times . Alfred von Reumont wrote around 1500 articles for the paper in more than fifty years. For a few years Adolphe Thiers wrote for the newspaper under the pseudonym “The French Correspondent” Heinrich Heine also worked as a Paris correspondent for the newspaper from 1832, and Richard Wagner published a number of articles and obituaries there. Ferdinand Gregorovius reported for the “Allgemeine” in the 1850s, initially from Corsica in a few articles about the history and culture of the island, later from his adopted home Rome also about political events of the Risorgimento .

The Allgemeine Zeitung had been published in Munich since 1882 ; the last edition under this title appeared there on March 1, 1925.

After the Second World War, which gave 12 US - Army Group initially of 13 July 1945 to 23 October 1945 the Augsburg Gazette out. It was then handed over to the German editors Curt Frenzel and Johann Wilhelm Naumann ("License No. 7") and appeared from October 30, 1945 as the Schwäbische Landeszeitung , from November 1, 1959 as the Augsburger Allgemeine .

editorial staff

In the central editorial office in Augsburg and in 16 local editorial offices, around 180 editors create blanket and local news for the print and digital editions of the Augsburger Allgemeine and their home newspapers.

The editorial team researches, writes and publishes news, reports, interviews and comments, including multimedia, every day from 6 a.m. to midnight. Pictures, films, podcasts or interactive services such as live blogs and voting determine the digital offer. Another “early bird” of the newspaper is the newsletter from editor-in-chief Gregor Peters Schmitz “SECHS um 6”.

In addition, the national part of the Allgäuer Zeitung is produced in Augsburg . A constant exchange of content also takes place with the Main-Post and the Südkurier . The editorial team is divided into the departments Politics, Economics, Bavaria and World, Culture and Journal and Sport. The digital editorial office is also located in Augsburg. Daily newspaper production is coordinated at the news desk, and cross-media links are also made at the news desk and in all local editorial offices.


The Augsburger Allgemeine , like most German newspapers in recent years to rest lost. The number of copies sold has fallen by an average of 1.3% per year over the past 10 years. Last year it decreased by 2.3%. It is currently 290,332 copies. The share of subscriptions in the circulation sold is 87.4 percent.

Development of the number of copies sold


As of July 2019, nine editors work in the digital editorial office in Augsburg. To this end, a seven-person conversion management system has currently been installed that deals with the development of digital subscriptions and reach.

Augsburger Allgemeine has been running an editorially managed website since 2001. This replaced an Internet offer that had been operated automatically since 1997.

In August 2019 , was ranked 16th in the AGOF ranking of German news portals . According to this, the online presence recorded 4.74 million unique users .

Newspaper titles supplied by the editorial department of the Augsburger Allgemeine

In Bavarian Swabia

Name of the local edition Distribution area Edition
Aichacher news Aichach , northeastern district of Aichach-Friedberg 5819
Augsburg General
City Edition Augsburg ( AS )
Remote Edition Augsburg ( AF )
City of Augsburg 85.975
Augsburg general
district edition
District of Augsburg , Neusäß , Gersthofen , Stadtbergen
Donauwörther newspaper Donauwörth , southern district of Donau-Ries 14,216
Danube newspaper District of Dillingen , Dillingen 12,975
Friedberger General Friedberg , western district of Aichach-Friedberg 11,857
Günzburger Zeitung Günzburg , northern district of Günzburg 13,421
Illertisser newspaper Illertissen , southwestern district of Neu-Ulm 8553
Mindelheimer Zeitung Mindelheim , northern district of Unterallgäu 12,811
Central Swabian news Krumbach , southern district of Günzburg 7045
Neu-Ulmer Zeitung Neu-Ulm , northern district of Neu-Ulm 8228
Great news Nördlingen , northern district of Donau-Ries 10,669
Schwabmünchner General Schwabmünchen , southern district of Augsburg 13,784
Wertinger Newspaper Wertingen 3676

In Upper Bavaria

Name of the local edition Distribution area Edition
Landsberger Tagblatt Landsberg am Lech , Landsberg am Lech district 14,013
Neuburger Rundschau Neuburg an der Donau , district of Neuburg-Schrobenhausen , Ingolstadt , south-western district of Eichstätt 8443

Awards and outstanding positions from the editorial team

  • German-French Journalist Award 2020, category "Text" for the volunteer project "Europe 2019. A Journey", Elisa-Madeleine Glöckner, Veronika Lintner, Jonas Voss and Julian Würzer
  • Lead Award 2019 in silver, category newspaper regional, editor-in-chief Gregor Peter Schmitz
  • Theodor Wolff Prize 2019, “Local Opinion” category; Editor-in-chief Gregor Peter Schmitz
  • Journalist Award of the Federal Association of German Dairy Farmers eV 2019, Category Print, Stephanie Sartor
  • Journalist Prize “Pro Honorary Office - Hermann Wilhelm Thywissen Prize 2019” to René Lauer
  • Veltins Lokalsportpreis 2019: 3rd place to Maximilian Czysz for "World Cup duel"
  • Medium Magazin: Journalist of the year 2018, regional editor-in-chief for Gregor Peter Schmitz
  • Lead Awards 2018: Journalist of the Year, regional newspaper, award for Gregor Peter Schmitz
  • European Newspaper Award 2018: Eight awards, including three for issues of the weekend journal, two infographics on the subject of wolves and Christmas, pages on the World Cup and the Olympic Games, and the children's newspaper for the 10th birthday of the Capito editorial team
  • Jury member of the Oldenburg Children's and Youth Book Prize, Birgit Müller-Bardorff
  • Dr. Georg Schreiber Prize 2017; Steffi Brand for the series "Our Food"
  • Konrad Adenauer Foundation: German Local Journalist Award 2016, Category History; Maximilian Czysz for “In Search of Traces. The secret forest Kuno "
  • Research grant “Dive into Science”, 2014–2016, Robert Bosch Foundation; Matthias Zimmermann
  • 2015 Journalism Prize from Ireland Tourism in the “Regional Daily Newspapers” category to Luzia Grasser, local editor at Neuburger Rundschau, for the hiking report on the Wild Atlantic Way “To shudder beautifully”.
  • Media Prize “Medicine, People, Technology”, March 2015, from Charité Berlin and Medtronic; Philipp Schröders
  • World Paddle Award, May 2015, special award for commitment to canoeing; Peter Deininger, Fred Schöllhorn
  • Medium-Magazin, January 2015, 4th place among the regional authors of German newspapers; Stefanie Heckel
  • Bavarian Environmental Medal, November 2014; Dorothea Schuster
  • 1st place travel award of the Deutsche Bahn, 2014; Bastian Sünkel
  • Journalist Award of the Bavarian Hunting Association, January 2014; Manuela Mayr, Christian Imminger and Jörg Sigmund
  • Literature Prize of the District of Swabia, 2013; Richard Mayr
  • Journalist Prize of the German Nutrition Society, 2013; “When students cook for students”, Melanie Lippl
  • Bavarian Order of Merit, 2013; Uli Bachmeier
  • Dr. Georg Schreiber Media Prize , 2013; “The food of our students”, editorial office Mindelheim
  • Siebenpfeiffer Prize , 2012; Detlef Drewes
  • Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen Prize, 2012, focus on food waste; Economy department with Sonja Krell, Stefan Stahl, Dr. Michael Kerler and Detlef Drewes


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