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Allgäuer newspaper
Logo Allgäuer Zeitung - from August 2013 (PNG)
description Allgäuer subscription daily newspaper
Area of ​​Expertise Local newspaper
language German
publishing company Allgäuer Zeitungsverlag GmbH,
Headquarters Kempten
First edition 1945
Frequency of publication Monday to Saturday
Sold edition 68,279 copies
( IVW 2/2020, Mon-Sat)
Editor-in-chief Uli Hagemeier
executive Director Markus Brehm
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The Allgäuer Zeitung , AZ for short , is a daily newspaper for the Allgäu and Central Swabia region .

The edition is currently 68,279 copies. The local Kempten edition ( Kempter Tagblatt ) has a share of around 22,000 copies.


Predecessors of the same name

The foundation of the first paper, called the Allgäuer Zeitung , dates back to 1848, when Josef Huber - owner of the Köselschen Buchdruckerei - started the political daily Konstitutionelle Blätter from the Allgäu as a counterweight to the radical Kempter Zeitung . The newspaper was called Allgäuer Zeitung in 1853 at the latest. It was published by the Kösel publishing house as an “organ of Catholic journalism” with mainly church and religious reports that were particularly directed against Bismarck's cultural-political and church efforts. After the victory of Prussia over Austria in 1866 and with it the success of the Bismarck policy, the paper stopped its publication.

In 1874 the Allgäuer Zeitung , again in the Kösel Verlag , was re-established as a consciously Catholic press. From 1894 the Allgäuer Zeitung appeared twice a day for a few years.

In 1934 the Allgäuer Zeitung was discontinued as a result of the synchronization of the media during the National Socialist era and the regime-compliant Allgäuer Tagblatt , which had been published since 1933, became the only newspaper published in Kempten. The Allgäuer Tagblatt appeared for the last time on April 27, 1945 , when the American troops marched into Kempten.

The press in the Allgäu after the Second World War

After the end of the Second World War , all daily newspapers published by German publishers had to stop their publication. In September 1945, the US military government granted Caspar Rathgeb, who came from Ellwangen, license number 11 with the order to publish a daily newspaper for the entire Allgäu. He gave the new paper, which appeared for the first time on December 13, 1945, the name Der Allgäuer . Cologne-born Hans Falk took over the editorial management. In the first few years, the sheet was printed in Ferdinand Oechelhauser's printing house in Kempten. The seven district editions of the Allgäu were not published daily, as they are today, but only twice a week. Because at the beginning there was a lack of paper, employees and also gasoline for the distribution of the newspapers. From March 1951 the “Allgäuer” appeared six times a week.

Allgäuer newspaper

Despite the adversity of the post-war period, the Allgäuer Heimatverlag was able to move from the premises of Ferdinand Oechelhauser's printing house in Kempten to its own publishing and operating building at Kotterner Straße 64 in 1952 . In the early 1960s, Hans Falk then sold his share to Georg Fürst von Waldburg zu Zeil , who in turn was a partner in the Schwäbische Zeitung and the Schwäbischer Verlag media company . In 1967 Prince von Waldburg zu Zeil also took over the shares from Caspar Rathgeb and became the sole publisher of the Allgäu. Franz Josef Dazert , the prince's chief representative, took over the management.

Cooperation with Augsburg

The publisher of the Augsburger Allgemeine Zeitung , Curt Frenzel, saw the publishing activities in the region in such a way that his central position in Swabia could be in danger. Therefore he brought out four district editions of the Augsburger Allgemeine in the Allgäu . However, both sides quickly realized that only a cooperation would have a successful future for both publishers. The joint publication of a newspaper was therefore considered and the talks were also successfully concluded with the local publishers who worked together with the Allgäuer Heimatverlag. Finally, the Allgäuer Zeitungsverlag GmbH was founded and the Allgäuer Zeitung appeared as the headline with the cover section of the Augsburger Allgemeine , but with its own regional section and own local sections (home newspapers) in Buchloe, Füssen, Kaufbeuren, Kempten, Marktoberdorf, Memmingen and Weiler im Allgäu .

The first “Allgäuer Zeitung” in its present form appeared on October 1st, 1968.

In the following years the Allgäuer Zeitung continued to develop in association with the Augsburger Allgemeine . Some of the local publishing houses, which acted as editors of individual local editions, went into the Allgäuer Zeitungsverlag . In 2001 the publishers of the Allgäuer Zeitung Füssen and the Buchloer Zeitung , in 2004 the Allgäuer Zeitung Marktoberdorf and finally in 2005 the Memminger Zeitung were integrated into the Allgäuer Zeitungsverlag .

The Allgäu media center on Heisinger Strasse in Kempten has been based in the publishing house, editorial office, printing company and logistics department since 1998. In 1999 the publisher started its website . The news site www.allgä was launched in April 2020.


The Local newspaper , like most German newspapers in recent years to rest lost. The circulation sold has decreased by an average of 1.6% per year over the past 10 years. Last year it decreased by 2.2%. It is currently 68,279 copies, this number also includes paid e-papers and trial subscriptions. The share of subscriptions in the circulation sold is 88.7 percent.

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