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A one -newspaper district (also one-newspaper district ) is a district or an independent city in which the residents can only obtain information about local events from a single daily newspaper . The newspaper in question thus has a monopoly on local reporting in this area . The name has been known in Germany since the 1950s and due to the increasing press concentration in press history.

In more than half of the roughly 400 German (rural) districts and cities, only a daily local or regional newspaper appears . They are thus one-newspaper circles.


In 2006 there were a total of 353 daily newspapers in Germany with their own title, but many of them cooperate closely and are partly identical. All newspapers , with a common sheath appear to be, in the Mass Communication as Publizistische unit referred. In 2006 there were 137 of these units in Germany, which, in view of the wide range of collaborations, are seen as the best statistical approximation for the main editorial offices of newspapers and thus as a measure of journalistic diversity. The number of economically independent, competing units is much lower, since many newspapers are linked as journalistic units, especially due to the few large newspaper publishers .

As of May 2004, the daily taz presented a “one-newspaper circle” in a much-noticed series on the occasion of the planned liberalization of antitrust law for newspapers. This taz campaign is also often quoted outside of Germany in the fight against press concentration. The Federal Association of German Advertising Papers (BVDA) protested against them because its members did not feel that their publications were being noticed, although they would "essentially cover the local information needs of the population" . These publications are advertising journals , which, however, usually do not appear daily.

One-newspaper big cities

Large cities with only one local subscription newspaper (35):

Large cities with two subscription newspapers from the same publishing group (12):

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