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New press
Neue Presse (Hanover) .svg
description daily newspaper
publishing company Publishing company Madsack
First edition 1978
Frequency of publication daily except Sundays
Sold edition 55,000 copies
Editor-in-chief Bodo Kruger
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ZDB 1009800-8

Die Neue Presse (NP) is a daily newspaper for Hanover and the surrounding area. She is the successor of the social democratic newspaper Hannoversche Presse , which in turn was the successor to the popular will , and the Hannoversche Rundschau . The NP appears in the Madsack media group (whose largest limited partner is a media holding company of the SPD ), which publishes other daily and weekly newspapers throughout Lower Saxony , Schleswig-Holstein , Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania , Hesse , Saxony and Brandenburg .


Publishing company Madsack

The Hannoversche Presse , from which the Neue Hannoversche Presse (NHP) emerged, was once one with headers as far as Göttingen and Hann. Münden distributed newspaper owned by the SPD . Madsack-Verlag has held 100% of the shares in the newspaper since 1975, and the SPD still has a 23.1% stake in the Madsack Group through its media group dd_vg . In 1978 the newspaper was given a new profile as the Neue Presse to differentiate itself from the Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung , the market leader and flagship of the Madsack Group. The NP is neither a tabloid nor a bourgeois daily newspaper. The articles are mostly shorter and written in more emotional, somewhat simpler language than in the middle-class sister newspaper HAZ. There are big headlines and numerous pictures, but they are less sensational than in the tabloid media . The reports on politics, culture and economy are scarce; the sports section is as detailed as in a tabloid. NP and HAZ have a common advertising section. Advertisements are usually printed synchronously in both editions. The NP has its own full editorial team.

Editor-in-chief of Neue Presse has been Bodo Krüger since January 2013 , who succeeded Harald John . John had been editor-in-chief of the paper since July 2007, moved to the Berlin office of the Madsack media group as editor-in-chief in 2013 and was a member of the editorial team of the RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland (RND) from 2014 to 2015.

Since September 2007, the editorial office of the Neue Presse has been located in the media center on Stiftstrasse, near the former headquarters of the Hannoversche Presse on Goseriede. The editorial team won the German Local Journalist Prize of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung in 2009 and 2010 for its series from the city districts and local businesses . The Neue Presse has received several European Newspaper Awards for its exemplary design .

In the Hanover region , the Madsack Group is almost unrivaled in the field of local newspapers, as the two largest advertising papers also belong to the publisher. The independent Neue Deister-Zeitung appears only in Springe . Because of the participation of the SPD in the largest media group in Lower Saxony, CDU -near circles sometimes doubt that the reporting from the NP and HAZ is politically independent. However, the party has never been known to exert any influence.

Outside the urban area, the total editions of the NP and HAZ in the entire region are accompanied by daily so-called home newspapers. These report exclusively on cities and municipalities outside Hanover in the region. There are six editions that cover specific areas around the core city. There is an exchange between the editorial offices of the main papers and these local newspapers in order to avoid duplicates. The home newspapers appear in tabloid format . In the urban area, the city gazette (as issues north, east, south and west) is added once a week, which illuminates the events in the individual districts.

Full editorial teams work for each of the six local newspapers as well as for the Stadt-Anzeiger. Acquisition is only possible in conjunction with NP and HAZ, and only in the areas that the newspapers cover. The home newspapers are not available in the city center and the Stadt-Anzeiger are not available in the surrounding area.

The daily circulation of the NP is around 55,000, that of the HAZ around 145,000 copies.

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