Daily indicator in Holzminden

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Daily indicator in Holzminden
Logo of the daily scoreboard in Holzminden
description regional daily newspaper
publishing company Printing and publishing house Hüpke & Sohn Weserland-Verlag GmbH
First edition 1777
Frequency of publication working days
Sold edition 8577 copies
( IVW 2/2020, Mon-Sat)
Editor-in-chief Constanze Mahnkopf
editor Constanze Mahnkopf, Gerlinde Mahnkopf
Web link www.tah.de

The Daily Anzeiger Holzminden (TAH) is a local daily newspaper in the Holzminden region . It is published by the printing and publishing house Hüpke & Sohn Weserland-Verlag GmbH and has a sold edition of 8,577 copies. At the same time, the TAH is the official bulletin of the city of Holzminden and the district of Holzminden, the tax office and other authorities.


The Daily Anzeiger Holzminden was founded by the court printer of the Corvey Abbey , Johann Georg Herrenkind, in 1777.

From 1785 the weekly newspaper with the title “Holzmindisches Wochenblatt” is printed. The collaborator of the Holzminden monastery school , Theodor Christoph Grotrian , acts as the editor . Justus Heinrich Bohn was mentioned as the printer for the newspaper. In 1786 the post office clerk August Heinrich Raabe, grandfather of the poet Wilhelm Raabe, became the editor of the newspaper, later followed by Heinrich Friedrich Wiedemann.

The "Holzmindisches Wochenblatt" was initially discontinued in 1795. Two years later, the newspaper was reprinted and subsequently appeared with other names, including the title “Holzmindisches Kreisblatt”. From 1871 Carl Hüpke, as the initiator and printer owner, publishes the “Holzmindener Anzeiger”, which appears three times a week, as a competition paper. After a few changes to the title, the title “Daily Anzeiger” was retained and the newspaper also appeared on Sundays. With the acquisition of the "Holzmindisches Kreisblatt" by the Hüpke family in 1908 under Hugo Hüpke, the two newspapers Holzmindener Kreisblatt and Daily Anzeiger became the Daily Anzeiger Holzminden .

The head of the press office of the Free State of Braunschweig filed a complaint on the basis of essays against the government by the former Prime Minister of Braunschweig and subsequently a non-party member of the state parliament, Sepp Oerter , and the TAH was briefly banned in September 1923 under the law for the protection of the republic . In 1930 the edition was 5,200.

In February 1933, the newspaper the property is deprived of the Official Journal for the authorities of the district town of Holzminden under the publishing director Hans-Joachim Hüpke and during Nazism some issues can be suppressed to, among other things by the editor of the law came to a complete DC circuit of the press. In the autumn of 1943, the daily display in Holzminden was confiscated and merged with the National Socialist Lower Saxony daily newspaper (NTZ). In the period that followed until the end of World War II in 1945, only the National Socialist Lower Saxony daily was published in Holzminden and the surrounding area. Hans-Joachim Hüpke returned from the war seriously wounded and no longer took notice of the management of the publishing house.

In the autumn of 1949, the new beginning of the newspaper began under the same name under the management of Erna Hüpke († 1986), the wife of Hans-Joachim Hüpke. The first edition after the end of World War II appeared on November 1, 1949. Before that, there was an unsalable sample number on October 22, 1949. Around 1957 Friedrich Decher was editor-in-chief of the Tages Anzeiger with a circulation of around 8,000 copies.

In 1960 Hans-Joachim Hüpke died and his son-in-law Kuno Mahnkopf (1932–2013) took over the positions of editor-in-chief of the daily newspaper Holzminden and the managing director of the publishing house Hüpke & Sohn.

On July 1, 1972, the Hüpke & Sohn publisher officially took over the Holzminden edition of the Neue Hannoversche Presse (NHP) . In November 1977 the first edition of the weekly newspaper (the advertising paper) “Schaufenster” appears.

Since 1981, the Tages Anzeiger has been the annual organizer of the press and beer festival (PreBie) in the town hall of Holzminden together with the Allersheim brewery .

In 1986 a new printing and publishing center was built in the Bülte industrial estate in Holzminden for the equivalent of 9 million euros. From 1987, the TAH first appears in the offset printing rather than in high-pressure process .

In 1998, the sold circulation in the 1st quarter was 12,523 copies.

In July 2000 the daily newspaper Holzminden appears for the first time under www.tah.de with an online edition. Later on, spending was cut. In October 2008 the first edition of the advertising paper “WAS - Weserbote am Saturday” appears.

On January 27, 2013 the longtime publisher and editor-in-chief Kuno Mahnkopf passed away.

In 2017 the edition was 10,250 copies.


  • 70% printing and publishing house Hüpke & Sohn Weserland-Verlag GmbH, Holzminden (Publishing director: Andreas Homburg)
  • 30% publishing company Madsack GmbH & Co. KG, Hanover


  • 24.4% Gandersheimer Kreisblatt GmbH & Co. (by printing and publishing house Hüpke & Sohn Weserland-Verlag GmbH)
  • 7.5% printing and publishing company H. Hofmann GmbH & Co. KG, Seesen (by printing and publishing house Hüpke & Sohn Weserland-Verlag GmbH)
  • 1.0% Göttinger Tageblatt GmbH & Co. KG (by printing and publishing house Hüpke & Sohn Weserland-Verlag GmbH)
  • 0.595% Funk & Fernsehen Nordwestdeutschland GmbH & Co.KG (including radio ffn ), (by printing and publishing house Hüpke & Sohn Weserland-Verlag GmbH)

Advertising papers

In addition to the TAH, two free advertising sheets are also distributed, which also contain excerpts from the content of the Daily Gazette. The shop window appears weekly on Wednesdays with a circulation of 52,000 pieces and is also distributed in the town of Höxter with surrounding towns and the town of Dassel with surrounding towns. The Weserbote on Saturday (WaS) appears as a household newspaper weekly on Saturdays with a circulation of 30,000 copies and contains several retail advertising brochures.

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