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Ruhr news
description German daily newspaper
publishing company Ruhr-Nachrichten Verlag & Co. KG
Headquarters Dortmund
First edition March 1, 1949
Frequency of publication daily, Monday to Saturday, on Sundays, digitally Sold circulation: 109,149 copies
Editor-in-chief Wolfram Kiwit, Jens Ostrowski, Moritz Tillmann
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Ruhr Nachrichten , or RN for short , is the title of a regional daily newspaper based in Dortmund . The Ruhr Nachrichten belongs to Lensing Media . With a sold circulation of 109,149 copies, the Ruhr Nachrichten is the only daily newspaper that is produced by an in-house editorial team and is based in Dortmund. Together with the Hellweger Anzeiger published in the district of Unna , the Ruhr Nachrichten has a sold circulation of 133,784 copies.

Since February 1, 2013, the local parts of the newspaper Westfälische Rundschau published by the Funke Mediengruppe in the cities of Dortmund, Lünen and Schwerte have also been produced by the editorial offices of Ruhr Nachrichten. Background: Since the takeover of the business by the publishing heir Lambert Lensing-Wolff in 1999, the media company had intensified its cooperation with the competitor Funke Mediengruppe, with the liquidation of the traditional medium Westfälische Rundschau and the dismissal of 120 editors, this cooperation was achieved in January 2013 a new quality. Detailed information on the restructuring of the company can be found at: Lensing Media .


Lensing Carée publishing house Ruhr Nachrichten

The foundation stone for the Ruhr Nachrichten was laid at Christmas 1875. At that time the Tremonia Zeitung appeared for the first time under the leadership of the two brothers Heinrich and Lambert Lensing. At first they were content with a sample number of 3,000 newspapers, this number rose to 48,000 copies by the beginning of the Nazi era. This made the newspaper one of the 25 largest privately owned German newspapers. The National Socialists allowed the newspaper to survive in order to demonstrate freedom of the press, but it was no longer Lambert Lensing who made the decisions, but an SA Obergruppenführer. This happened as a result of repeated critical reports in the newspaper, which was even banned several times for a few days. The last edition appeared in April 1945.

It then took four years before the Lensing publishing house received a license to publish a newspaper again. The Ruhr Nachrichten appeared on March 1, 1949 , initially with a print run of 120,150 copies. In 1949 the neighboring Dorstener Volkszeitung (later renamed Dorstener Zeitung ) and the Halterner Zeitung were added, which today form an economic unit with the RN.

Born in Dortmund, Florian Lensing-Wolff joined the management of the media company in 1957. After the death of his uncle Lambert Lensing in 1965, he assumed sole responsibility. Florian Lensing-Wolff directed the fortunes of the media company Lensing for more than 40 years, he died on February 4th 2011 at the age of 80. Wolfram Kiwit, editor-in-chief of Ruhr Nachrichten , described him in an obituary as an “old school publicist”. In 1999, Lambert Lensing-Wolff, the son of Florian Lensing-Wolff, took over the management, to which Christoph Sandmann and Hans-Christian Haarmann also belong.

After the business takeover by Florian Lensing-Wolff, Ruhr Nachrichten and the media company went through a long phase of restructuring. In 2006 the employees of the publishing house were outsourced to independent, non-collective bargaining companies. The contracts of the employed photo editors were terminated, they were forced into the status of a professional independence.

Managing Director Lambert Lensing-Wolff came under public criticism in January 2007 when the entire 19-person local and sports editorial staff of the Münsterschen Zeitung was dismissed. In 2014, the Aschendorff Group took over the Münstersche Zeitung, which had previously been published by Medienhaus Lensing , as part of a restructuring merger.

The Ruhr Nachrichten receives a large part of its unique visitors online through extensive sports coverage. Here the medium has a strategic partnership with Borussia Dortmund . The Ruhr Nachrichten are partners, official: media, of publicly traded Bundesliga club.

At the cooperation partner BVB, Sascha Figge succeeded Josef Schneck as press spokesman, officially: Director of Communication, in the summer of 2012 as deputy head of sport and head of online sport at Ruhr Nachrichten . The previous press spokesman Josef Schneck was also editor-in-chief and employee of Ruhr Nachrichten until 1997, and from 1997 to 2012 he was press officer of BVB. His successor, Sascha Fligge, was already working in Schneck's department for Borussia Dortmund, and in 2002 he moved from there to the sports department of the Ruhr Nachrichten in order to be the successor to long-time editor Klaus Bäcker, initially primarily responsible for reporting on the club. With Schneck's departure into professional retirement, Fligge returned to the Bundesliga team in 2012 as his successor.

The Ruhr Nachrichten is marketed by Mediakombi NRW , headed by cooperation partner Funke Mediengruppe .

Since October 2017, the Ruhr Nachrichten has been receiving its national content from the editorial network Germany .

Distribution area

The Ruhr Nachrichten appears in Dortmund , Schwerte , Castrop-Rauxel , Lünen , Werne , Herbern , Selm , Nordkirchen , Olfen , Witten and Bochum . In Herbern, Nordkirchen and Olfen there are no longer any local editorial offices or offices.

As of April 1, 2006, the publisher discontinued local editions in the cities of Kamen , Gladbeck , Gelsenkirchen and Bottrop .

In the summer of 2014, the media house Lensing announced that it would close its editorial offices in the cities of Bochum and Witten on October 31 of that year.

With the coat of RN appear as head sheet the Dorstener newspaper in Dorsten , Schermbeck , Erle , Raesfeld and Kirchhellen and Halterner newspaper in Haltern am See .


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