RTL Saturday night

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Television series
Original title RTL Saturday night
Country of production Germany
original language German
Year (s) 1993-1998
Atlantic Media,
Pacific Productions ,
MINT Media GmbH
genre Comedy
production Jacky Dreksler ,
Barbara Ahland-Dreksler ,
Roland Kaiser ,
Hugo Egon Balder ,
First broadcast November 6, 1993 on RTL Television

RTL Saturday night was a television - comedy series, from 6 November 1993 to 23 May 1998 to RTL aired. RTL Saturday Night was the first major comedy series show on German television - it was loosely created based on the model of the well-known American comedy show Saturday Night Live and, like this, broadcast on late Saturday evening.

The show

The series was produced by Hugo Egon Balder and Jacky Dreksler . The regular cast consisted of Wigald Boning , Olli Dittrich , Esther Schweins , Stefan Juergens , Tanja Schumann and Mirco Nontschew . Sabine Aulmann was still there in the first broadcasts, but she left the crew after a short time. In 1995 Tommy Krappweis and 1997 Mark Weigel joined them. The studio band "RTL Saturday Night AllStars" under the direction of Martin Ernst was there from the start . Numerous German actors appeared as guests, sometimes foreign ones like Mel Brooks and practically all the important German comedians of the time. "RTL Saturday Night" thus offered new comedians such as Rüdiger Hoffmann , Ingo Appelt and Hennes Bender the opportunity to present them to an audience of millions.

Regular skits

The series had a firm bouquet of skits , some of which still enjoy cult status today - including Far Out , Kentucky Screams Fuck , Two Chairs - One Opinion , Fairy Tale Man , Longing a Toe, and the Saturday Night News with the sports show satire Spocht and the running gag "Karl Ranseier is dead".

Kentucky screams fuck

Kentucky Screams Fuck was a sketch series from 1996 to 1997. The first sketch ran on October 5, 1996.

The title refers to the American fast food chain Kentucky Fried Chicken . The roughly two-minute skits were accordingly also played in a fast food restaurant and consisted of dialogues between the seller and his employees and customers. The actors were mostly Stefan Jürgens as a salesman, Tanja Schumann as an employee and Olli Dittrich as a customer.

The dialogues get their comedy from deliberate spinning of letters (especially from so-called spoonerisms ) and always end with the phrase "He / she screwed that up (again)" (cleverly threaded). The series was inspired by an advertising campaign by McDonald’s , in which cars were raffled with slogans such as “Dol hir den Polo ” and “Bauter lunte Polos” . Many of the distortions of really everyday formulations used in the skits lead to statements with a strong sexual reference, such as "loud cunt" and "may I boob you at the counter here?" Some of these interchangeable letters became so popular that they were or are part of everyday language and youth language even years after the RTL program was discontinued .

Two chairs - one opinion

In the interview parody Two Chairs - One Opinion , Wigald Boning spoke to Olli Dittrich , who portrayed the guest in this interview in many disguises and masks. The success of the series, for which Boning and Dittrich received an Adolf Grimme Prize in 1995 , was based on the high quality of the masks and Olli Dittrich's ability to transform as an actor.

The alleged guests were often celebrities or people from history, such as Franz Beckenbauer , Boris Becker , Giovanni Trapattoni , Georg Hackl , Michael Jackson , Rudolf Scharping or Adolf Hitler , but also fictional characters such as Meister Proper , the Kasperle and especially for this series fictional characters that sometimes returned. These include the Hamburg pimp Mike Hansen, the limited boxer Butsche Roni, the gay fashion designer Jacques Gelée (possibly a parody of Rudolph Moshammer ), the exaggeratedly funny ski instructor Gigi Hofleitner (“Super, Burschi!”) And King Butterbrot I (the head of state the garage door islands).

Well known is the sketch in which Olli Dittrich, sitting on his back on a horse, parodies Boris Becker in a sheik's robe (“Such a horse, it only has one horsepower!”). Boris Becker was one of his favorite victims.

Each episode ended with Boning's sentence "Stay tuned - I don't give a damn about you!", A modification of a phrase by RTL presenter Olaf Kracht : "Stay tuned, I'm counting on you."

Boning said in an interview that it was about portraying people who "basically have a blast".

Saturday night news

Based on the model of the British program Not the Nine O'Clock News and Rudi's Tagesshow , this part of RTL Saturday Night itself became the model for subsequent programs, for example Friday Night News . In the original "Saturday Night Live" the ski was called "Weekend Update".

The news was announced by Hans Meiser , who played the melody on a xylophone with glasses sitting slightly crooked and an implied mischievous grin, and was presented by Esther Schweins and Stefan Jürgens . News of the Week was parodied in a comedic way. In most cases, real headlines from politics, business and social life were taken up, which were then fictionally and bizarre changed and given a punch line at the end. There were also other news areas.

Wigald Boning's contributions consisted of opinion polls on “current topics”, in which he took up mostly unsuspecting pensioners in an external report and with a certain regularity (“The Chancellor warned against deformations in the eyes when watching increased television consumption. Have you seen anything like this in yourself? , Square eyes? ").

Another category was the “ Spocht ” with Olli Dittrich (see below). Most of the news was rounded off by “ Wetter, Wetter, Wetter ” with Mirco Nontschew. This bizarre form of weather forecast was devoid of any content and, in the real sense, only a number revue by Nontschew, consisting of nonsense and stand-up comedy elements, which contained the topic of weather. In the last season (1997-1998) Mark Weigel replaced Juergens as anchorman. There was a new studio there and the rubric was then called “GNN - Gute Nacht News”, as a reference to CNN .

Karl Ranseier

Karl Ranseier is a fictional person who was regularly honored in a funeral speech as part of the Saturday Night News from Stefan Juergens. The figure was invented by Jacky Dreksler, from whose private album Ranseier's photo, which was always shown at the beginning of the column, also comes. The name "Ranseier" is an idea of ​​Hugo Egon Balders.

Under the heading "Karl Ranseier is dead", the stories about Karl Ranseier always consisted of an obituary about himself and his work. This always began with the sentence: "Karl Ranseier, probably the most unsuccessful [...] of all time, [...]" . Here, references were often made to (sometimes significant, sometimes absurd) inventions or discoveries in contemporary history that allegedly came from Karl Ranseier, but were stolen from him by the person officially considered the inventor, who gained fame and recognition through the theft.

Ranseier's stories found many imitators and became independent. Ranseier's picture was also used as a portrait of the long-standing phantom member of the Bundestag, Jakob Maria Mierscheid - albeit with glasses. As a homage, Karl Ranseier is dead ... appears in the command line when the computer game Sacred 2 is started .

In the very last broadcast of RTL Saturday Night, Stefan Jürgens appeared as Karl Ranseier as part of a sketch, introduced himself as the most successful angel of all time, who, as one can deduce from his closing words, simply always as the most unsuccessful person of all time being reborn in the respective category.


A monologue on a stability ball sitting Olli Dittrich. Here he worked a lot with word games in order to literally interpret the sport in question. The monologue always began with the introduction "Meal, news from Spocht", followed by the sport that was dealt with in the article. The Finnish exceptional winter sports enthusiasts Anlainen and Lasse Antreten as well as the long-lost Fikki Hyäänen were often worth reporting. Not to forget “Pucki is gone” and “ Franzi van Almsick is just too slow”. Another example: “Formula 1 ... dispute about having children: Jacques Villeneuve , his wife only eight!” There were also other memorable sayings, such as: “ René Weller is returning to the boxing ring. He left his handbag there. ”Or:“ Car poke. A special honor for René Weller. He's finally allowed to sit in the front. ”Or:“ Bernhard Langer has trouble with the Animal Welfare Association, he hit an eagle. ”Every time during the program there was a comment from ... me , for whom Dittrich was awkward at the ball turned around and mostly threatened to fall off.

Ali Bengali

Ali Bengali is an Indian sage, played by Olli Dittrich, who oracles . During his performance he sits in a snake basket and wears a pillow as a turban .

In every issue, Ali Bengali greets the audience with “Shiri-Biri dear viewers!” And introduces himself not only as a guru and snake charmer , but also as a yogurt teacher and oracle whip . Then he proclaims a series of rhyming two-line lines that contain a moderately instructive statement. He reads this from a coffee grinder after briefly turning the crank. The last time he looked into the mill, the sentence “Oh, a quatrain! That must be the final oracle! " This is then for example:

Who looks toad in the anus,
sees dead flies, well digested.
Whoever continues to stare,
shouldn't be surprised if he pukes.

The Mente brothers - Ali & Rudi

“Die Gebrüder Mente” was a loose series of short skits and played jokes with Stefan Juergens and Mirco Nontschew, mostly in the form of non-verbal and gestural comedy. There was no special theme, and neither did - as the title suggests - a pair of brothers. The only recurring element was a "Yibbie, Yibbie" sound effect, which appeared again and again in the sketches in various places. Most of the time the "Yibbie" had no concrete meaning, but it was meant to represent a frog. In a Mente episode, both watch “Yibbie” jumping out of a solarium cabin. In a later butcher's sketch, Tanja Schumann orders “Yibbie” shank.

After a few years, the mente skits disappeared. Instead, Juergens and Nontschew performed live in front of the audience and conducted humorous dialogues on a specific topic (e.g. cooking, chess, music). Juergens acted in the role of the prudent enlightened person who tries to explain a certain matter to Nontschew. Nontschew always played the naive ignoramus who goes into Jürgens' theses with his own bizarre logic and turns them upside down, which usually brings Jürgens to the edge of despair. The roles were distributed according to the classic pairing of stupid August and white clown , Kermit and Grobi or Herricht & Preil .

Other regular skits

Wigald's World (Boning)

Wigald Boning in a Nemo, in which he reports on specific locations, events and objects, while most of the impromptu complete nonsense out telling (eg mating habits of umbrellas, Wigalds wine tasting etc.).

Olliwood (Dittrich)

Cinema section in which Olli Dittrich presents short parodies of well-known film classics. The actual film title is either taken literally (“ The Silence of the Lambs ” - Olli yells “Calm!” In the midst of a flock of sheep) or humorously modified (“fighting dog Galactica” instead of fighting star Galaktika ).

"Pop Lyrik" (Dittrich)

As a smoking art critic Hajo Schröter-Naumann, Dittrich usually reads well-known songs and lyrics in the pompous and emphatic manner of a literary work and then evaluates them.

Fairytale Man (Nontschew)

Mirco Nontschew disguised as a pirate with eye patch over his mouth, Plush - Parrot on hand and hook prosthesis on his shoulder standing on an oversized paper boat that travels to medieval music into the picture, and tells in front of a South Seas - or castle backdrop (usually Moritzburg ) hair-raising Nonsense. Running gag: He always asks "What do you say, Frank, whom I can call 'little talking hook that sits on the shoulder'?"

The little political corner (Nontschew, Boning, Krappweis)

In a stylized corner of the room, the trio discusses current federal and world politics in a very confined space with nonsense dialogues and pokes fun at them. Nontschew is the moderator, while Boning and Krappweis represent his two discussion partners "Mr. Schall" and "Mr. Rauch"; the names were introduced in the first edition as a literal translation of “names are sound and smoke”.

Derrick (Jürgens and Krappweis)

Jürgens and Krappweis in masquerade and outfits by Stephan Derrick and assistant Harry Klein from the crime series, which is also named Derrick . Conceived as a parody of the series, in which each sentence ends with the first name of the other and very often the (fictional) phrase “Harry, get the car” is coined.

Far out - trends from the USA (Nontschew and Krappweis)

Nontschew and Krappweis as crazy trendsetters “Pain” and “Splatter”, who present the latest trend sports from the USA to the audience (“Extreme-… ing”, for example “Extreme- Reise-nach-Jerusalem ing”, “Extreme-vor-den -Zug-Schmeißing "," Extreme- Birkenstocking "," Extreme-Pissing "," Street- Chess "," Toasting "or" Extreme- IKEA ing "). The whole thing usually ends with the death of the moderators.

Schreinemakers her sister live or Schreinemakers her sister TV (Schumann)

Parody of the famous TV talk show Schreinemakers Live or Schreinemakers TV . Tanja Schumann in a masquerade and outfit by Margarethe Schreinemakers, who caricatures their monotonous and never-ending rhetoric. In the 95th episode (4th season) the real Margarethe Schreinemakers was a guest.

Brother Gottfried and the singing prayer bumps Fresenia and Martha (Jürgens, Schumann and Schweins)

Schumann and Schweins as nuns , who, musically accompanied by Stefan Jürgens as friar on a keyboard, sing well-known songs with new texts with a Catholic theme, which are mostly sexual. Later only Jürgens appeared in front of a live audience as the dismissed brother Gottfried. In his monologues, which he always began with “Da gucken se, ne?”, He related with naive infantility about events in his various jobs. He had to accept it after he was thrown from the monastery. Everything usually ends in destruction and chaos.

Scenes from a marriage or Senen from a toe (Jürgens, Schumann and Dittrich)

Schumann and Jürgens in sketches on the subject of marriage. After the end of "Kentucky Schreit Ficken" then converted into "Senen einer Zehe" with the cast Schumann and Dittrich. Same topic, but because of the spinning letters with additional sexually touched punchlines taken from the "Kentucky" sketches.

Beep! (Schweins and Schumann - parody of Peep! With Verona Feldbusch )

Parody of the Feldbusch talk show. Schweins as a caricature of Feldbusch with a high head voice and feigned debility, Schumann as Dolly Buster with an oversized cleavage in quiz clips. In one episode, Schweins and show guest Feldbusch played a mirror image double moderation.

Teleshopping (Nontschew and Schweins)

Parody of moderated permanent commercials

A terrible ... family (Boning, Dittrich, Schumann and Schweins)

Parody of the popular sitcom " A Terribly Nice Family ". The quartet in a setting that almost corresponds to the series, but alternating with a different theme in the title ("... holy family", "... invisible family")

Hobbythek (Dittrich)

Dittrich parodies Jean Pütz , his empty phrases ("I have something prepared!", "... and that's why I go over there now!") And the show he is moderating. In one episode, the real Jean Pütz was a guest.

Wilhelm's Week (Jürgens)

Jürgens as Wilhelm Wilhelmsen in a parody of talk show host Roger Willemsen , where his intellect and scientific rhetoric is exaggerated.

The Doofen (Boning and Dittrich)

The singing duo, which was reactivated for Saturday night , was so well received by the RTL audience with their bizarre comedy songs that they released the albums Songs that the World Doesn't Need and Melodies for Melons and the singles Mief! (Take me now, even if I stink!) And Jesus even made the charts.

MTV's Greatest "Hätts" (Schweins)

Schweins as Kristiane Kacker (later changed to Kristiane Wacker , due to a complaint from Backer), a parody of MTV's Greatest Hits and the presenter Kristiane Backer . This was always followed by the corruption of a music act or music video known at the time (for example Mirco Nontschew as Bruce Springsteen in Streets of Philadelphia ; the Saturday Night Ensemble as "Jackson Pfeif" ( Jackson Five ); " Stiebel Eltron " John ( Elton John ); Nontschew as "Prünz" ( Prince ) etc.)

The Wall (Boning and Dittrich)

Boning and Dittrich approach a waist-high wall from both sides in mock slow motion in front of a live audience. After you have placed your hands on it almost simultaneously, a very quick dialogue on a specific topic follows (for example one to twelve; all sentences begin with "that"; the last word of the previous sentence is the first word of the next sentence after the "that." “; ...), in which one sentence follows the other.

RTL Comedy Night

From October 2005 to January 2006 a new edition of the program ran under the name RTL Comedy Nacht with the comedians Sina-Valeska Jung , Sven Nagel , Christoph Schechinger , Adriana Zartl , Jürgen Bangert , Rüdiger Brans , Carolin Kebekus , Attik Kargar , Johannes Flöck and Antonia von Romatowski as Angela Merkel. The recordings began on October 14, 2005. The first broadcast took place on October 15, 2005. Due to only moderate audience ratings, RTL stopped the program on January 7, 2006.


In 1994 the series won the Bavarian TV Prize , the Lion from Radio Luxemburg and the Bambi . In 1995, Wigald Boning and Olli Dittrich received the Adolf Grimme Prize for the sketch series Two chairs - one opinion .


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