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Carolin Kebekus, 2019

Carolin Kebekus (born May 9, 1980 in Bergisch Gladbach ) is a German comedian , singer , voice actress , actress and television presenter .


Carolin Kebekus grew up as the daughter of a social worker and a bank clerk in Cologne-Ostheim . Her younger brother David is also a comedian. In 1999, after graduating from high school, she joined the Freitag Nacht News as an intern , whose co-producer Hugo Egon Balder got her to take acting lessons. In 2002 Kebekus completed an internship at 1 Live .

Her parodies of Tokio Hotel singer Bill Kaulitz in the Friday Night News brought Kebekus the breakthrough on television and in April 2006 led to insults and threats from fans of the group. From September 2006 until the show was canceled in December 2006, Kebekus was part of the team of moderators for the Freitag Nacht News around Ingo Appelt .

In 2007, Kebekus played in the RTL Sitcom Kinder, Kinder mit. She took part in discussions on the comedy talk show a . A. wg - an answer is requested from Comedy Central and has had several guest appearances (for example as Jennifer Lopez parodist) on the programs Friday Night News , RTL Comedy Night , What are you watching ?! , Quatsch Comedy Club and Fritz & Hermann . She was part of the recurring cast of the improvised show Frei Schnauze . In 2008 she took part in the RTL sketch comedy series WunderBar . In 2009, the comedy show Die Hochzeitcrasher ran on ProSieben , in which Kebekus played tricks on wedding guests alongside Max Giermann and Hanno Friedrich . From 2009 to 2011 she was regularly seen in skits in the format Broken Comedy and since the second season she has also been on stage as the presenter of the show.

In 2007, Kebekus played a supporting role in the film Vollidiot . She sings in the band "De Imis" and together with Rüdiger Brans in the comedy duo "2ZimmerKücheDieleBad". In 2010 she appeared at the 19th Arosa Humor Festival together with the Swiss cabaret artist Rolf Schmid . In 2011 she released her debut album Ghetto Cabaret . In the same year she was a member of the new edition of the weekly show . Since then she has been on tour with her first stage program, Pussy Terror . It was broadcast on RTL in early 2014. In 2012 she played the role of the teacher Ms. Goethe in the movie Hanni & Nanni 2 .

Kebekus has been a member of the weekly news satire heute-show since 2013 . On June 2, 2013, it entered into the WDR telecast room! on. On June 5, 2013, Einsfestival played their first WDR-produced program, Kebekus! shown, which had led to controversy in the run-up to a church satire that was not broadcast, which is why Kebekus ended his collaboration with the broadcaster.

In 2014 and 2015, Kebekus led Dieter Nuhr through the award ceremony of the German Comedy Prize . From 2015 to 2019 she could be seen on WDR with Pussy Terror TV . On February 12, 2017, she was a member of the 16th Federal Assembly for the election of the Federal President as one of the representatives of the Landtag of North Rhine-Westphalia for the Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen party . In February 2017 Kebekus played her first leading role in the movie Treasure, take it! , a remake of the French comedy Mama versus Papa - Whoever loses here wins .

Kebekus uses her voice for political issues such as gender inequality and against right-wing political positions. She describes herself as a feminist and deals with feminist topics in her show PussyTerror TV and in guest appearances on Die Anstalt and other programs.

Kebekus has had her own show Die Carolin Kebekus Show on ARD since 2020 . She is also part of the FameMaker jury .


Kebekus has also been active in the carnival of her hometown for several years. In the alternative carnival session , your session , she has been the session president since 2010 and at the same time one of the main actors. With Nadine Weyer and Irina Ehlenbeck , she forms the vocal trio Beer Bitches , singing in Kölsch , which released their first album in autumn 2018.


In February 2013, the show today broadcast a satirical film with which Kebekus applied to Cardinal Joachim Meisner as Popess . According to the Spiegel , a spokesman for the German Bishops' Conference is said to have tried in vain to prevent the episode from being broadcast. In June 2013, the WDR decided against the broadcast of the satirical music video produced by Kebekus, Dunk the Lord in Kebekus! at Einsfestival. In the video in which she appears in a nun's costume and licks a crucifix, Kebekus wrote in the form of a rap, among other things: “He's my bank, only for him I pull bare” and “By God punk goes off because only he has the funk; Jesus is the shit and if you don't believe it, you poop. ”There were also allusions to sexual abuse in the Catholic Church . Stefan Raab recommended Kebekus to complain to the future WDR director Tom Buhrow and to insist on artistic freedom after she described her show as “mutilated”: “Of course, it had been removed for about three weeks, and now WDR has noticed : 'We don't want to be that young either' ”. It will probably be the last broadcast.

Regarding the accusation of censorship, which Kebekus totally raised on TV , and the accusation of self-censorship , which, according to Tagesspiegel, was raised by employees of the show, the WDR said he could "not accept this". The station stands for liberality and tolerance, which means that religious beliefs of the population have to be respected. After an editorial discussion and legal review, the program managers decided not to broadcast the video: "There is a considerable difference between criticizing the church as an institution and denigrating religious symbols", regardless of whether a program is aimed at a younger or older audience . A future cooperation with Kebekus will show - “our doors will remain open anyway.” In connection with the video, due to a call by the Pius Brotherhood, around 100 complaints were received against Kebekus. The public prosecutor's office in Cologne checked whether the contribution complied with the offense of insulting denominations, religious societies and ideological associations (Section 166 StGB), found no criminal action and stopped the investigation. The satirically exaggerated representation has no insulting character, but a content critical of the church .



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  • Pussy Terror - Live . Sony Music, 2013 (DVD; Gold , Comedy Award.).
  • Broken Comedy - The complete cult show . Turbine Media, 2015 (DVD).
  • Best of Pussy Terror TV Season 1 - Live . Sony Music, 2016 (DVD).


  • 2009: The funniest reading evening in the world: Live reading with Jürgen von der Lippe , Jochen Malmsheimer and Carolin Kebekus (gold, audio book award )
  • 2010: Upside down world: Staged reading with Jürgen von der Lippe, Jochen Malmsheimer and Carolin Kebekus
  • 2011: Pussy Terror
  • 2011: Ghetto Cabaret (Improversum / Groove Attack )
  • 2011: Favorite vs. Caroline Kebekus Favorite and Carolin Kebekus
  • 2013: Funkemarieche ( Brings , Carolin Kebekus)
  • 2014: Pinch your ass cheeks, princess! Reading with Carolin Kebekus
  • 2015: While stretching, I sing ballads: stories and glosses with Jürgen von der Lippe, Jochen Malmsheimer and Carolin Kebekus
  • 2016: Pirate ( Kasalla , Carolin Kebekus)
  • 2018: Deck opjedrage (Beer Bitches)
  • 2019: All Years Songs (Aunt Renate) ( Sebastian Winkler , Carolin Kebekus)

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Kebekus with the 1 Live Krone (2015)


  • Eberhard Urban , Kristiane Müller-Urban: Strong women in the Bergisches Land: 30 portraits . Droste-Verlag, Düsseldorf 2016, ISBN 978-3770-04130-5 , chapter Carolin Kebekus , pp. 187-192.

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