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Stefan Raab, 2010

Stefan Konrad Raab (born October 20, 1966 in Cologne ) is a German television and music producer , composer , singer-songwriter , entertainer , entrepreneur as well as a former television presenter and comedian . He was best known for the shows TV total and Schlag den Raab . Between 1998 and 2012 he wrote and produced several German contributions for the Eurovision Song Contest , where he also appeared as a singer himself in 2000. In 2015 he ended his active television career.


Stefan Raab grew up with a sister in Cologne - Sülz , where his parents ran a butcher shop. In his school days he was an acolyte . After graduating from high school in 1986 at the Jesuit Aloisius College in Bonn - Bad Godesberg , Raab did his basic military service from 1986 to 1987 in the BMVg flight readiness in the Wahn air force barracks in Cologne- Wahn .

He then studied for five semesters of Law in Cologne and Bielefeld . At the same time, he completed an apprenticeship as a butcher in his parents' business, which he completed in June 1990 as the district best of the Cologne Chamber of Crafts with the rating "very good" in the journeyman's examination. He lives in the Hahnwald district of Cologne and has two daughters with his partner (* 2004 and 2006).


The first years in the entertainment business (1990–1998)

Raab started his own business in 1990 as a producer of advertising jingles ; he created jingles and spots for the ARD morning magazine , the talk shows Bärbel Schäfer and Veronas Welt as well as for the toothpaste Blend-a-med . He also produced music for Bürger Lars Dietrich , Die Prinzen and the RIAS radio orchestra, among others . Raab runs his own music publisher, Roof Groove Musikverlag Stefan Raab , which manages the rights to his musical works. The name alludes to the location of the first studio, which was in his attic apartment. Is published under the music label RARE (= Ra from Re cords). Also in 1990, Raab's first album The Best of Schäng and the Gäng Vol. 3 was released, on which the jazz trumpeter Till Brönner participated, followed by the album Get Ready in 1993 .

In November 1993 Raab offered the music television station VIVA self-designed program jingles. After a casting , he was offered the moderation of the program Vivasion , which he moderated from December 1993 to December 1998. He also moderated the monthly show Ma 'kuck'n in 1995 and 1996 . Raab was discovered by production manager Marcus Wolter , who later also developed the television show TV Total . In 1994 Raab sang a live rap song about the then German national coach Berti Vogts on his television program Vivasion while reporting on the soccer World Cup . Shortly thereafter, Stefan Raab & die Bekloppten published this song under the title Böörti Böörti Vogts . The title reached number four on the German charts in July 1994 . In 1995 Raab recorded a cover version of the song Ein Bett im Kornfeld together with Bürger Lars Dietrich and Jürgen Drews . This version reached number 27 in the German hit parade.

In March 1996, Raab received a gold record for the song Here Comes the Mouse , which was published on the 25th birthday of the children's television program Die Sendung mit der Maus . The song rose to number two on the German charts. With the 1997 Echo he received the award for best national producer of the year for his album Schlimmer Finger . In the same year, Raab regularly presented the two-hour radio live broadcast Raabio, a radio entertainment show with music, for WDR / Eins Live . In addition, Raab recorded telephone comedy episodes in which he called people under the pseudonym "Professor Hase" and swept them away. Under the pseudonym "Alf Igel" - an allusion to Ralph Siegel  - Raab composed the song Guildo loves you in spring 1998 ! for Guildo Horn , who took seventh place out of 25 participants in the 1998 Eurovision Song Contest . The song reached number four in the German hit parade. Raab 1998 company founded Raab TV from 1998 to 2008, a 50-percent subsidiary of the brain pool TV GmbH. Since December 31, 2008 Raab TV has been a 100 percent subsidiary of Brainpool. She produces several entertainment programs such as and Schlag den Star .

TV total , special broadcasts and casting shows (1999–2015)

Stefan Raab at the Stock Car Crash Challenge 2010

From March 1999 to December 2015 Raab hosted the TV total program of the private broadcaster ProSieben , which was initially broadcast weekly and has been running four times a week since spring 2001. In addition, Raab organized and marketed show events at irregular intervals, such as the Wok World Championship , the Schlag den Raab competition , TV total high diving , various stock car races, a number of poker nights , an ice football cup and the European Autoball Championship .

After the start of TV total , Raab used samples from various TV clips to compose his own songs. For example, in the summer of 1999 he produced the song Ö la Palöma Blanca by the Ö La Palöma Boys . Shortly thereafter, the song Maschen-Draht-Zaun followed , which was awarded triple gold . In May 2000 Raab took part with the title Wadde hadde dudde da? participated in the Eurovision Song Contest 2000 and reached fifth place. In September 2000 he produced the single Ho mir ma ne bottle of beer , in which an original sound of the then German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder was used. In November 2001 he composed, interpreted and produced the song Wir kiffen . In November 2002 he wrote the song Give the hemp free! , in which he used a saying by the German Bundestag member Hans-Christian Ströbele .

Participation in the Eurovision song contest
year Artist Raab's involvement space
1998 Guildo Horn Composer and lyricist (as Alf Igel ) 7th
2000 Stefan Raab Singer, composer and lyricist 5
2004 Max Mutzke Explorer, composer and lyricist 8th
2010 Lena Initiator, producer and jury president of
Unser Star for Oslo
2011 Lena Producer and jury president of
Unser Song for Germany ,
co-host of the Eurovision Song Contest
2012 Roman praise Producer and jury member of
Our Star for Baku

Raab advertised for various companies, including ültje in 1996 , Katjes in 1999 and McDonald’s in 2001 . Press voices accused him of “ selling ” himself, which Raab rejected. In the same year he produced under the pseudonym Eddie Rodriguez for a McDonald's commercial the music track Sensaçion , which reached number 30 in the German single charts.

From the end of 2003 to the beginning of 2004, Raab organized the casting competition SSDSGPS - Stefan is looking for the Super Grand Prix star - with which he was looking for a candidate for the German preliminary decision for the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest . The winner of this competition, Max Mutzke , also won the German preliminary decision, which is the third time that Raab participated in a German contribution to the Eurovision Song Contest. Max Mutzke reached eighth place out of 24 participants and jumped straight to number one in the German charts. The following year Raab received the Adolf Grimme Prize for the SSDSGPS concept .

Also in 2004 Raab wrote several songs for the film (T) Raumschiff Surprise - Period 1 by Michael "Bully" Herbig , including the song Space Taxi , which was released as a single . Raab sings this song together with Herbig, Christian Tramitz and Rick Kavanian . From the film's soundtrack , Raab released the single I Want Rock the following year , which he released under the band name Dicks on Fire . This group consists of Raab, Rick Kavanian and Max Mutzke. Also in 2005, Raab initiated the Bundesvision Song Contest based on the Eurovision Song Contest . Each participant competes for one of the 16 German federal states. According to his own statement, Raab wanted to promote German musicians with this competition. Therefore, the participants in this competition sing their texts in German. In the same year Raab and Gülcan Kamps moderated the event for the tenth anniversary of the Comet music prize .

In 2007 Raab produced the casting show SSDSDSSWEMUGABRTLAD - Stefan is looking for the superstar who should sing what he wants and can also perform on RTL - which Stefanie Heinzmann won. In 2010, Raab was looking for the German participant in the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 in the eight-part casting show Our Star for Oslo . Raab was chairman of the jury for the casting show, which was a collaboration between the TV channels ProSieben and Das Erste . The winner of the competition was Lena Meyer-Landrut with the song Satellite . Raab then produced her debut album My Cassette Player . On May 29, 2010, Lena Meyer-Landrut won the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 in Oslo. The singer was also chosen to represent Germany for the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest . In the three-part television show Our Song for Germany - again a collaboration between ProSieben and Das Erste - the song for Lena was sought out of twelve compositions. Raab, again chairman of the jury, was involved in three of these compositions; he is co-producer of the singer's second album, Good News , released in February 2011 . However, no Raab composition was chosen via televoting, but the song Taken by a Stranger , with which Lena took tenth of 25 places in the Eurovision Song Contest in May 2011. The competition was moderated by Raab, Anke Engelke and Judith Rakers .

After the Eurovision Song Contest 2011, Raab announced his withdrawal from this competition on May 19, 2011 as host, chairman of the jury, composer and music producer. Shortly before the start of the show Our Star for Baku , in which the German candidate for the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 was determined, he announced that he would continue to be a permanent member of the jury alongside the new President Thomas D.

From November 2012 to September 2013, Stefan Raab hosted the political talk show Absolute Majority . In contrast to well-known programs of this type, a telephone vote was used to determine which guest could best explain their opinion. The winner received a cash prize at the end of the program. In September 2013 Raab, together with Anne Will , Maybrit Illner and Peter Kloeppel, presented the television duel between Angela Merkel and Peer Steinbrück . In addition, after 2005 and 2009, Raab hosted a TV Total special broadcast on the 2013 federal election for the third time in a row , one day before election Sunday.

End of television career (2015)

On June 17, 2015, Raab and ProSieben announced that the entertainer would end his TV career at the end of 2015. According to Raab, the collaboration ended on the best of terms. Der Spiegel commented: "Raab is subject to the only real opponent he has ever had: himself." ProSieben boss Wolfgang Link emphasized in the announcement that Raab had inspired several generations with his shows and changed Saturday evening entertainment.

Due to his various broadcasts, Raab said goodbye in several shows. The last edition of TV total aired on December 16, 2015. On December 19, 2015 he had his last public television appearance in the 55th edition of Schlag den Raab , in which he played a big band version of Whitney Houston's One Moment in Time and a rock version of Chuck Berry's run Rudolph Run , both played with the Heavytones , passed. In 2016 some of his formats were continued with Schlag den Star and Schlag den Henssler and Die große ProSieben .

After an active television career

Raab or his production company Raab TV continues to produce some shows such as Schlag den Beste , which is based on Schlag den Raab , Schlag den Star, the Headis Team World Cup , 1:30 with Teddy Teclebrhan and FameMaker . The entertainment show Das Ding des Jahres , broadcast on ProSieben, has been produced by Stefan Raab since 2018 . In 2018 Raab performed three times with his show Stefan Raab live! along with the heavy tones that are totally known from TV in Cologne's Lanxess Arena . Guests included Herbert Grönemeyer , Helge Schneider , Carolin Kebekus , Max Mutzke , Sido , Luke Mockridge , Stefanie Heinzmann , Teddy Teclebrhan and Die Toten Hosen .

In March 2020 the Free European Song Contest initiated and produced by Raab was announced, which was broadcast by ProSieben on May 16, 2020. Raab described this as "the hour of birth of a new, free European song competition". He has not appeared on television since retiring from TV.

On July 20, 2020, Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland announced its collaboration with Raab. Raab produces a late night show for the video-on-demand provider of the broadcasting group, TVNOW .



Raab has received a number of awards for his performance in music and television entertainment. For example, he was awarded the ECHO and the Golden Camera several times ; He also received the Bavarian and German TV Awards , the Bambi and the Adolf Grimme Awards .

As a composer and music producer, Raab has released various singles that have been awarded gold or platinum.

Since April 2009, Madame Tussaud's wax museum in Berlin has been exhibiting a wax figure of Raab that sits at a desk based on the original in front of the backdrop of the TV-total studio.

The following table gives an overview of Raab's awards in the television sector.

year Award category
1995 Golden tuning fork
1996 Golden lion Best youth program for Vivasion
1997 RSH gold Most successful TV song of the year for Here comes the mouse
ECHO National producer
1999 German Comedy Award Best moderation for TV total
German television award Best TV entertainment show total
2000 ECHO National producer
Golden Bravo Otto Comedy star
RSH gold Most successful TV song of the year for Mesh-Wire-Fence
Romy Best program idea for TV total
2001 Bronze rose of Montreux Variety for TV total
Golden Bravo Otto Comedy star
2002 Golden Bravo Otto Comedy star
2003 Golden Bravo Otto Comedy star
2004 Bronze Bravo Otto Comedy star
Comet Best movie song for Space Taxi
Golden camera Best TV Entertainer
2005 Adolf Grimme Prize Special "for the discovery and promotion of musical talents through SSDSGPS - A Song for Istanbul"
German-Turkish friendship award
ECHO National producer and media partner of the year
2006 Golden Prometheus Coup of the year for the TV total federal election together with Peter Limbourg
2007 Bronze Bravo Otto Comedy star
German television award Best entertainment show for Schlag den Raab
2008 Bambi entertainment
Golden camera Entertainment together with Matthias Opdenhövel
Live entertainment award Promotion of young talent of the year
2009 Golden hen Television innovation
Bronze Herbert Best TV sports show for TV total diving
Romy Best program idea for Schlag den Raab
2010 1Live crown Merits as an entertainer and music producer
Bavarian television award Initiator and jury president of Our Star for Oslo
German Comedy Award Best late night show for TV totally
German television award Best entertainment show for Our Star for Oslo
Special performance entertainment as the best entertainer of the year
2011 ECHO Media partner of the year for Unser Star für Oslo together with Brainpool, ARD and ProSieben
German television award Best entertainment show for the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest
Audience award for best entertainer of the year
2012 Rose d'Or Innovation Rose for Raab's long-standing and extremely imaginative TV work
Golden Rose in the Live Event Show category for the Eurovision Song Contest 2011
2013 German Comedy Award Best comedy event for the big TV total pomp session
2015 German Comedy Award Honorary Prize
(Note: The Comedy Prize Honorary Prize is awarded without prior nomination by the organizer of the award ceremony, the Cologne Comedy Festival GmbH. This is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the production company of Raab's television programs, Brainpool, in which Raab has a stake.)


Raab is considered controversial in the public perception. For example, he was accused of having his humor at the expense of weaker people or those with no media experience. Raab also makes use of existing prejudices against socially marginalized groups, even reinforcing them through his disparaging manner. "What Raab is doing here is entertainment based on the motto: the lower the drawer, the higher the quota," said the former deputy CDU / CSU parliamentary group chairman Wolfgang Bosbach , for example .

Raab was also accused of repeatedly attacking the personal rights of others, while strictly shielding his own family from the public. Raab argued on the other hand that his satirical representations referred to people who voluntarily revealed their personality and private life to the public and thus made themselves the legitimate object of satire. In 1999, Raab used a statement by Regina Zindler, which she made in the show Richter Barbara Salesch , for his song Maschen-Draht-Zaun . Through the song and through her own efforts, Zindler received a temporary media presence, which eventually prompted her to change her place of residence. She received 10 pfennigs for each single sold, a total of 1 million singles were sold.

In 2002, Raab showed a quote by the author Erika Riemann that was taken out of context and felt that it was vilified. Raab caused a stir in 2005 when he said in a report on his television program TV total that Saxony was so popular that a thousand English people came to visit at once. This was an allusion to the air raids on Dresden , in which between 22,700 and 25,000 people were violently killed in 1945. Raab apologized for the statement in a written statement after Saxony's then Prime Minister Georg Milbradt complained to the TV station ProSieben with the words "no Dresden, no Saxon and no German has understanding for this bottomless bad taste".

After the TV broadcaster RTL banned Max Buskohl , a candidate from Deutschland sucht den Superstar , from appearing in Raab's television program in 2007 , Raab presented him with the comment "RTL prisoner for 196 days". He played on the Schleyer kidnapping by the Red Army Faction (RAF) in 1977. At the time, the kidnappers published a photo of Hanns Martin Schleyer with the words “For 20 days prisoner of the RAF”. After this incident, the Bild newspaper accused Raab of mocking the victims of the RAF and thus cemented Raab's reputation as a provocateur: "Raab is the bad thing on German television." Raab has not given the tabloid Bild since 2004 and for several years also the TV station RTL no interviews more.

In 2015, the artist Serdar Somuncu pointed out in his book Der Adolf in mir: The career of a forbidden idea as well as in a controversial conversation with Mely Kiyak at the Körber Foundation on November 5 of the same year that his art had been censored on German television entertainment programs where the broadcasts of Stefan Raab would have been the only exception.


In the course of his career, numerous lawsuits were brought against Raab, some of which became known to the public. In 2001 Raab made fun of the name of the then 16-year-old student Lisa Loch in his television program TV and predicted her good chances in the porn business, among other things. Thereupon the student sued Raab and stated that as a result of these "rough jokes" she received obscene anonymous calls at night and was exposed to the ridicule of her classmates and the insults of passers-by. The Hamm Higher Regional Court finally sentenced Raab to 70,000 euros in damages for a serious violation of personal rights .

In September 2004, Raab showed an excerpt from the hr -Nachrichten Hessen-Aktuell in his television program , in which a then 28-year-old mother from Frankfurt could be seen holding the school cone of her daughter, who was just starting school. He commented on the scene with the words: “Incredible, isn't it? The dealers camouflage themselves better and better ”, whereupon he was sued by his mother. After the plaintiff had initially lost several court and appeal proceedings, she accepted a settlement offer from the court in the amount of 20,000 euros together with a letter of apology in parallel proceedings - aimed at a violation of the right to one's own image - and in return withdrew this lawsuit.

In June 2008, Raab and the production company Brainpool were sentenced by the Federal Court of Justice to pay a license fee of 1,278.23 euros per minute or part thereof to ARD . The reason for this was the broadcast of a 20-second excerpt from Hessischer Rundfunk in its television program TV total . In July 2008, the NDR sued the production company Brainpool for 568,000 euros because Raab's program TV showed a total of 309 clips from NDR productions.

Raab won a lawsuit against musician and producer Moses Pelham . Raab had titled Pelham in 1997 in a program with "Möschen", among other things made fun of interviews and video clips and asked viewers to send tinkered Moses P "heads" into the program. Behind the scenes at the 1997 Echo Awards, Pelham gave Raab a headbutt in the face and broke his nose . Raab was awarded a compensation of 10,000  DM .

Direct involvement in TV shows


Guest / candidate

Show productions


Studio albums

year Title
music label
Top ranking, total weeks, awardChart placementsChart placementsTemplate: chart table / maintenance / without sources
(Year, title, music label , placements, weeks, awards, notes)
1993 Get Ready
UBM Media
- - -
First published: 1993
1995 Stefan Raab & the crazy
Edel Records
- - -
First published: 1995
1997 Bad Finger
Rare Records ( BMG )
- - -
First published: November 24, 1997
1998 Professor Rabbit
BMG Rights Management
DE49 (7 weeks)
- -
First published: June 2, 1998
2000 TV Total - The Album
Rare Records ( Edel )

(13 weeks)DE
AT43 (3 weeks)
CH20 (6 weeks)
First published: March 13, 2000
Sales: + 150,000


  • The fact that virtually nothing is known about Raab's private life to the public inspired the songwriter Friedemann Weise to write a song entitled Das Privatleben von Stefan Raab .
  • Although Raab says he cannot read music, he has learned various instruments since early years, including a. Ukulele , guitar , bass , keyboard , accordion , drums and saxophone . Raab has performed publicly at least once with each of these instruments.
  • At the beginning of June 2013, a shower head developed by Raab and patent pending named Doosh came onto the market. Production and sales take place in cooperation with the Butlers company . The shower head can produce a concentrated water jet as well as a wide-ranging water curtain.
  • Raab is a fan of 1. FC Köln , which he often totally took up in his TV show .
  • In the ZDF program heute-show on December 11, 2015, he had a textless cameo in the category of Gernot Hassknecht .
  • Together with Andreas Scheuermann, Raab had held a 12.5 percent stake in the Cologne-based production company Brainpool since 2007. He sold the shares in 2018.


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