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Wind in August 2013
Wind in August 2013
Chart positions
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For all
  DE 18th April 26, 1985 (12 weeks)
  AT 22nd 06/15/1985 (2 weeks)
  SE 19th 05/17/1985 (2 weeks)
Let the sun into your heart
  DE 20th 05/01/1987 (20 weeks)
  AT 18th 06/01/1987 (4 weeks)
  NL 26th 05/23/1987 (11 weeks)
Everyone has a right to love
  DE 62 10/02/1987 (5 weeks)
Piña Colada
  DE 56 08/04/1989 (11 weeks)
Dreams are for everyone
  DE 59 05/22/1992 (3 weeks)

Wind is a German Schlager band that took part in the Eurovision Song Contest three times and took second place twice.


Founding members of Wind were Alexander "Ala" Heiler (* 1953 in Stuttgart ), Christiane von Kutzschenbach (* 1964), Willie Jakob (* 1953), Sami Kalifa (* August 24, 1960 in Wiesbaden ) and Petra Scheeser (* May 20 1966 in Munich ). Christiane "Miss Chris", Ala, Willie and Sami had already worked together as the a cappella group "Voices in Touch". Rainer Höglmeier (born June 8, 1962 in Regensburg ) joined the group as lead singer through Jupiter Records in Munich .

The group presented the song Für alle, composed and written by Hanne Haller , in the preliminary decision for the Eurovision Song Contest 1985 and won. At the international event in Gothenburg, the group took second place for Germany with this song.

After the great success at the 1985 Grand Prix, Wind also took part in this competition in 1987 , albeit with a different line-up. In place of Rainer Höglmeier and Willie Jakob, who had left the group, Andreas Lebbing (born June 9, 1960 in Bocholt ), who was previously active under the artist names Andy Andres and Andreas Haas, joined as the new lead singer. After the preliminary decision , Rob Pilatus joined the group. The contribution Let the sun into your heart by Ralph Siegel / Bernd Opinioner again took second place. The title is one of the group's biggest hits.

In 1990 the founding members Ala Heiler and Christiane von Kutzschenbach left the group, so that initially only one trio remained: Andreas Lebbing, Sami Kalifa and Petra Scheeser. Lebbing initially left the group in 1991, but Oliver Hahn, Stefan Marò (Stefan Erz) and Albert Oberloher (born July 21, 1962 in Haag in Upper Bavaria ; later husband of Michelle ) joined them. In this formation the band won the preliminary round of the Eurovision Song Contest in 1992 and took part in this competition for the third time in Malmö . Her title dreams are there for everyone , again by Siegel / opinion, but only reached 16th place.

In the late 1990s, Petra Scheeser and Oliver Hahn and Stefan Marò, who had only been part of the group since 1992, left the group. Angelique Damschen (Angélique Hohl) was with wind for two years (1996-1998) and an asset in terms of vocals, but then got out. Shortly afterwards Sami Kalifa left the band. Until 2005, in addition to Andreas Lebbing (lead singer), the manager Albert Oberloher and the singers Iris Criens, nee. Remmertz (born June 20, 1967 in Mönchengladbach ) and Nastasja Marinkovic (born October 4, 1976 in Venray / Netherlands ) on Wind.

In 1998, Wind took part in the German qualification for the Eurovision Song Contest 1998 (with the following cast: Andreas Lebbing, Albert Oberloher, Angelique Damschen & Iris Remmertz). They accompanied the rap singer Diana with the song Let hearts touch . In the same year, Wind with Sun, Moon and Shining Stars took part in the Schlager Grand Prix and reached 5th place. In 1999 they tried again in the German qualification for the Eurovision Song Contest in Bremen with Lost in Love , but only finished 10th.

The group has been performing as a trio with frontman Andreas Lebbing since January 1, 2009, and singer Carolin Frölian, who also works as a copywriter for Wind, has been with them since 2010. After Iris Criens, the singers Lena-Marie Engel and Julia Breuer each briefly completed the trio. Since the middle of 2018 the group has consisted of Andreas Lebbing, Carolin Frölian and Jasmin Kneepkens.

The Wind group has had uninterrupted contracts with record companies since it was founded, with the DA Records label based in Diepholz since 2018.


Wind won the ZDF hit parade three times, the annual hit parade once and was awarded the Golden Tuning Fork .


Studio albums
  • Stormy Times - 1985
  • Let the sun in your heart - 1987
  • All right - 1989
  • Heat - 1990
  • Ebb and Flow - 1991
  • Totally in love - 1994
  • With heart and soul - 1995
  • Noticeably close - 1997
  • A breath of fresh air - 1998
  • Clearly - 2001
  • No way too far - 2002
  • Wonderful - 2004
  • Take me with you - 2005
  • The time was great - 2007
  • Winter wonderland - 2008
  • On track - 2009
  • Three faces - 2012
  • For Germany - 2014
  • Dear life - 2017
  • Let the hit in your heart - 2018
  • Millions of Moments - 2019
  • Everyone has a right to love - 1987
  • Dreams are for everyone - 1992
  • The best - 2003
  • Live Your Dream - Our Greatest Hits - 2008
  • Heaven in your head - the best of the best - 2015
Video albums
  • Clearly - 2001
  • Wonderful ... Our Dream Comes True - Live - 2006

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