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Ulla Wiesner (born December 12, 1940 in Werl / Westphalia, married Ulla Arnz ) is a German singer.


Ulla Wiesner worked as a singer from 1960 to 2002, first as a choir singer in the Botho Lucas Choir , and from 1962 to 1964 also in the Günter Kallmann Choir . 1964 followed with Charade , Joe or Jonny and in the evening the stars come the first solo releases. In 1965 she represented Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest in Naples . With her title Paradise, where are you? she scored 0 points and thus took 15th and last place together with three other participants. In addition to this title, she also released the singles Evenings Come The Stars and My Darling, My Love .

The result of the Eurovision Song Contest was not conducive to Wiesner's solo career. In addition to a few solo appearances, for example at the 1968 Van Knokke Song Festival , she was active as a choir singer again. There are also some archive recordings with the Addy Flor orchestra : Summer in Paris, This year, As long as the world is turning for us and forgetting and past .

Ulla Wiesner also sang with the well-known Easylistening-Orchester Berry Lipman as a skat vocal, u. a. the radio hit The Girl From Paramaribo and the Goody-Goody-Medley from the LP Party Pepper II.

The artist was married to the director Alexander Arnz (1932-2004) from 1999 until his death .



  • 1964: Charade / Joe or Jonny
  • 1964: The stars come in the evening / The red poppy
  • 1965: paradise, where are you? / Say, do you know what love is?
  • 1965: When This Day Ends / My Darling, My Love
  • 1967: The Miracle of Love / Man of Dreams
  • 1974: Chico de favella / Tristezza
  • 1975: Don't dance tango with Django / I'm a totally modern guy (Charleston)
  • 1980: Flower Festival in Santa Fé / dreams of yesterday
  • 1993: Skin to skin / In the waiting room to great happiness / Go your way / The great freedom / In love again

more publishments

Album names in brackets:

  • 1964: The stars come in the evening (The great POLYDOR star parade)
  • 1970: Forgotten and gone / As long as the world turns for us / Summer in Paris / This year (The Addy Flor and Pete Jacques orchestras - Twilight Mood)
  • Speak out (German Schlager Parade)
  • No man's land (Erwin Lehn and his Südfunk-Orchester)
  • 1990: paradise, where are you? (The winners of the German Grand Prix - 1956 - 1990)
  • 1999: This Year (Snowflakes)
  • 1999: The dreams of yesterday (25 hits with hearts, episode 1)
  • 2000: Forgotten and Over (Days of Summer: 27 Sensational Bossa Nova and Easy Tunes from the Brilliant-Musik Archive)
  • 2001: paradise, where are you? (All winners of the German Grand Prix 1956 - 2000)
  • 2004: Charade / Joe or Jonny (vinyl rarities 13)
  • 2006: Summer in Paris / This year / Forgotten and over (Days of Summer: 24 Dreamy Vocals & Bossa Nova Pearls)
  • 2012: dreams of yesterday (dreams of yesterday)


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