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Ingrid Peters
Ingrid Peters
Chart positions
Explanation of the data
Come over here
  DE 29 05/31/1976 (7 weeks)
Do you know where you are going
  DE 23 09/01/1980 (10 weeks)
  DE 41 09/12/1983 (10 weeks)
Go over the bridge
  DE 45 04/21/1986 (7 weeks)
Ingrid Peters in July 2011
The pop singers Ingrid Peters (left) and Cindy Berger (right) present a memory book. (2013)

Ingrid Peters (born April 19, 1954 as Ingrid Probst in Dudweiler , Saarland ) is a German singer and radio presenter .


Peters grew up in the Malstatt district of Saarbrücken and graduated from high school for economics . She then studied at the University of Education in Saarbrücken and earned her diploma in work theory and sport. At the same time she learned to play the piano at the Saarbrücken Music School. In 1973 Ingrid Peters began her musical career as a singer in a band.

The first record followed in 1976. For her album Come over here with the hit single of the same name, she received the Golden Europe and other hits followed. Her older sister Linda Bergen also tried to gain a foothold in the music business at that time, but she did not succeed in breaking through. Between 1976 and 1986 a total of four songs by Ingrid Peters were in the official German sales hit parades. In 1979 she applied with Du bist nicht frei at the German preliminary decision for the Eurovision Song Contest and reached number 8. With her song Afrika she took first place in the ZDF hit parade in 1983. In the same year Ingrid Peters won the Seoul Song Festival in South Korea third. In addition, in 1983 she and July Paul again applied for the German preliminary round of the Eurovision Song Contest . Her title Viva la mamma came in second place. At the 1986 Eurovision Song Contest , Peters took part with the title Über die Brücke Geh'n Geh'n and took eighth place.

Then she took a break for several years and canceled her record deal with Ralph Siegel . In 1997 she performed at the German Schlager Festival with the title Come and hold me tight (music: Willy Klüter ) and reached number 6. Since then she has been writing almost all of her lyrics and some of the melodies herself. The first album she wrote was Woke up . One of her artistic highlights was an appearance in 2000 at the great New Year's Eve show in Beijing. In 2002, she brought her one-woman musical in her hometown of Saarbrücken, Am I totally crazy ?! on stage with the premiere in the Congress Hall.

Ingrid Peters has been singing Advent and Christmas concerts in churches since 2004, sometimes with Peter Horton . In 2005 her album Mit mein Augen was released with the extracts In your eyes it looks like rain and far . In 2007 she recorded the title Solang 'out of love for Drafi Deutscher's last album , The Last Mile . In 2009 her album came out with titles like Sister, Girlfriend and Outside, In Another World , some of which were released in 2008.

Overall, Ingrid Peters was seen in more than 1,000 television programs. Her artistic focus, however, are stage appearances, preferring appearances with a live band to those with half playback. From 1993 to Christmas 2019 she also worked as a radio presenter at SR 3 Saarlandwelle . From 1987 to 1994 she moderated the school quiz Die six Siebeng'scheiten on SWR television .

In September 2011 Ingrid Peters took part in the TV format Cover my Song on the VOX channel . A pop star met a young rapper, in this case Dr. Knarf . He covered Come over as rap , while Peters reworked rap 8 bars into a hit. This new version of Come on over there appeared as a download after the broadcast, 8 bars on the Ingrid Peters album Let it rock .

Together with the French guitarist and entertainer Laurent Kremer ( Das Supertalent -Finalist 2014) she conceived another concert series for the intimate setting of cultural venues and cabaret theaters under the title Back to Front . This program is made up of titles from the 50s to 70s, in which the schoolgirl, student and band singer Ingrid Probst became the professional singer Ingrid Peters. It contains titles by Gilbert Bécaud , Dalida and Joan Baez , the Carpenters , Beatles , Janis Ian and many others. The premiere was on April 8, 2014 in Studio 1 of Saarländischer Rundfunk.

Since March 2016, after more than 40 years in show business, Peters has only taken on a few live events with outstanding accompanying orchestras or with their guitarist Laurent Kremer as part of the cabaret program Back to the front .

From November 2019 to May 2020 she can be seen at the Saarland State Theater in the German premiere of the Legrand musical Marguerite .

further activities

Spanish horse cart (acrylic / LW)

Ingrid Peters paints semi-professionally, which is why she trained herself as an autodidact and with the art teacher Claudia Werel and the Dortmund painter Wilfried Borowski . As a result, she had ten successful sales exhibitions.

In earlier phases of painting she used the technique of watercolor painting and painting with pastel chalk, today she paints almost exclusively with acrylic paints. Her most important work phases are landscapes, Mallorcan impressions, flowers and a blue series . Her style changed from figurative to abstract painting, and she presented her works at nine sales exhibitions. Regarding the meaning of her art for herself, she says: "If I couldn't express myself creatively, I would burst".

Congress Hall Saarbrücken in the evening (acrylic / LW)

Honors - awards

On October 9, 2007 Ingrid Peters received the Saarland's highest award for the merits of individual citizens, the Saarland Order of Merit , for her entire life as a person who is sympathetic to the state. In the justification of the state government that awards the award, it is stated that Peters works nationally and internationally as an “ambassador for the Saarland”.



  • 1976: Come over here
  • 1976: Jesse
  • 1977: Pass me by
  • 1977: But not with me
  • 1978: Throw the cuckoo out of the nest
  • 1979: You are not free
  • 1979: coward
  • 1979: I can't believe it
  • 1980: Do You Know Where You're Going (Pilot of the Airwaves)
  • 1981: I stand by you
  • 1981: Everyone can cry
  • 1982: Once You Stay Here (I Won't Let You Down)
  • 1982: touching (then they belong together) / finally say "yes"
  • 1983: Africa
  • 1983: Viva la mamma (& July Paul)
  • 1984: Tango
  • 1984: black & white
  • 1984: put out the fire
  • 1985: One More Night
  • 1986: Walk over the bridge
  • 1997: Come and hold me tight
  • 1999: We move into a new millennium (with Peter Petrel , Florence Mottier and Michel Suly )
  • 1999: With a lot of imagination
  • 2000: Everything will be fine
  • 2004: In the middle of summer
  • 2016: There is only yes


  • 1976: Come over here
  • 1983: black & white
  • 1986: Walk over the bridge
  • 1994: Woke up
  • 1995: your great successes
  • 1999: Music is feeling
  • 1999: Christmas at home
  • 2002: Goosebumps
  • 2004: Do you know where you are going
  • 2005: With my eyes
  • 2006: My best - the anniversary CD
  • 2009: It drums
  • 2012: Let it rock
  • 2016: Music is feeling - the best of 40 years


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