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Wyn Hoop (real name Winfried Lüssenhop ; born May 29, 1936 in Hanover ) is a German pop singer and author .


Born in 1936 as a member of the old Lüssenhop family from Hanover and raised in Vahrenwald , Winfried Lüssenhop took piano and guitar lessons at the age of twelve . After school he did an apprenticeship at the post office. In the early 1950s he founded the jazz band "Die Capitellos". The band has been invited to various radio events, and has also participated in singing games and musicals (e.g. Oh Luise ... ). The first recordings were made in the late 1950s . Nevertheless, the band broke up in 1958. Winfried Lüssenhop also made solo recordings, first as Fred Lyssen, then as Fried Lüssen and finally as Wyn Hoop.

In 1960 Wyn Hoop got his chance as a soloist. He took on the title Bonne nuit, ma chérie , with which he won the German preliminary decision for the Eurovision Song Contest in 1960 . He was the first artist from Hanover, ahead of Lena Meyer-Landrut and Carlotta Truman , to represent Germany in this competition. At the following international competition his song reached fourth place (11 points). Wyn Hoop's career as a solo singer began, in which he mainly recorded German cover versions of English titles by Johnny Cash , Elvis Presley and Johnny Preston . Achieved greater popularity Are you lonely tonight? , even though this title became a huge hit with Peter Alexander .

In 1962 he took part in the German Schlager Festival in Baden-Baden together with Pirkko Mannola . Their joint title Mama wants dich seh'n reached fourth place and was the beginning of a series of other joint recordings.

Wyn Hoop has been married to the Viennese singer Andrea Horn , who also performed under the stage name Hedi Prien, since 1961 .

In 1961, Wyn Hoop also starred in the movie A Star Falls From Heaven . From 1964 he recorded records with his wife Andrea Horn (Duo Wyn and Andrea ). With her he made several concert tours at home and abroad. Her repertoire was mainly folklore and traditionals .

In the 1970s, Wyn Hoop dedicated himself to the hit generation. He discovered the singer Oliver Bendt , the later singer of the Goombay Dance Band .

1978 Wyn Hoop and Andrea Horn retired from show business. Since then they have published several sailing books. They also wrote travelogues and articles for trade magazines and newspapers.



  • with Frieder Gadesmann : Lieder and Songs 7/8. To listen and sing along to . Arranged by Hans Thomas-Mindnich , sung by Nana Gualdi , Andrea Horn , Wyn Hoop, Knut Kiesewetter and students of the PH Ludwigsburg, 1985, ISBN 3-425-08072-5 .
  • Participation: kisses in the moonlight . Bear Family Records, Vollersode 1998.
  • Participation: Do you have words? When the instrumentals learned to speak . Bear Family Records, Vollersode 1999.
  • Participation: And then I'll take the guitar . Bear Family Records, Vollersode 2001.

Success title

Chart positions
Explanation of the data
Bonne nuit, ma chérie
  DE 44 06/01/1960 (4 weeks)
Mama wants to see you
  DE 28 03/01/1962 (8 weeks)
  • 1960: Bonne nuit, ma chérie
  • 1960: Are you lonely tonight
  • 1960: Trust your star
  • 1961: Tamara
  • 1962: Mama wants to see you (with Pirko Manola)
  • 1962: kisses in the moonlight (with Pirko Manola)
  • 1963: The moon of Bahia


  • with Andrea Horn: Cruising between the Turkish coast and the east Greek islands. Nautical guide. Ed. Maritim, Hamburg 1988, ISBN 3-922117-43-0 .
  • with Andrea Horn: Through the North Aegean to Istanbul: Izmir - Sea of ​​Marmara - Istanbul. Nautical guide. Ed. Maritim, Hamburg 1989, ISBN 3-89225-168-1 .
  • with Andrea Horn: tributaries of the Elbe: Pinnau - Krückau - Stör - Ilmenau - Este - Lühe - Schwinge - Oste; with Eider and Treene. Ed. Maritim, Hamburg 1992, ISBN 3-89225-238-6 .
  • with Andrea Horn: Main, Main-Danube Canal, Danube: Mainz-Passau / Jochenstein. Ed. Maritim, Hamburg 1993, ISBN 3-89225-254-8 .
  • with Andrea Horn: East Greek Islands: Chios - Rhodes. In: Turkish coast: Karaburun / Izmir - Antalya. Nautical guide. Ed. Maritim, Hamburg 1994, ISBN 3-89225-292-0 .
  • with Andrea Horn: Corsica harbors and anchorages: Nautical travel guide eBook Hamburg 2017, ISBN 978-3-00-051191-2 .


  • Imre Grimm: time made of sugar. In: Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung. April 24, 2010, p. 19.

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