Sisters (band)

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S! Sters
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General information
origin Germany
Genre (s) pop
founding 2019
resolution 2020
Last occupation
Laura Kästel , Carlotta Truman

Sisters (stylized own notation: ! S sters ) was a German pop - duo consisting of Carlotta Truman and Laura Kästel (also known as Laurita Spinelli ). They were brought together for the song Sister , with which they competed for Germany in the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 and took 25th place. They split in February 2020.


The duo was founded in January 2019. The NDR examined two interpreters for the song Sister, the Laurell Barker, Marine Kaltenbach, Tom Oehler and Thomas Stengaard already in songwriting workshop of Switzerland for the Swiss preliminary ESC 2018 - Decision show was written, but there is not the live broadcast reached would have. It should take part in the German preliminary decision Our song for Israel without a jury preselection . The NDR then put Laura Kästel and Carlotta Truman together to form the Duo Sisters.

In February, she won with the maximum score of 12 points from the televoting and the international jury, the German preliminary decision and represented Germany at the Euro Vision Song Contest 2019 in Israeli Tel Aviv . At the final there on May 18, they received 24 points from the international jury and took 21st place in the jury voting. They were the only participants to receive no televoting points from the audience. This put the duo in 25th place overall out of 26 participants.

Initially, the duo took 24th place with 32 points from the jury voting, but the EBU corrected the points of the Belarusian jury on May 22, 2019. She had already been disqualified before the final because of statements about her voting behavior in the semi-finals, which violated the confidentiality obligation. Alternatively, the Belarusian jury points were calculated using an algorithm based on the jury ratings of other countries. During the live broadcast, however, an excessively high rating was read out by mistake; Due to the subsequent correction of the German result by eight points, Sisters fell back to the penultimate place.

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