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Heidi Brühl, 1959

Heidi Rosemarie Brühl (born January 30, 1942 in Munich ; † June 8, 1991 in Starnberg ) was a German pop singer and actress .

Career in Germany


Heidi Brühl took dance lessons at the age of five. The producer and director Harald Braun recognized her talent and gave her a small role in the 1954 film The Last Summer as the little sister of the leading actress (played by Liselotte Pulver ).

They made the Immenhof films popular in Germany . In it she played the character of the young and fun-loving "Dalli" and sang the pony song (actually sung by the Schöneberg Boys' Choir ) in the film with the children from Malente (in Holstein Switzerland between Lübeck and Kiel ). The three films Die Mädels vom Immenhof (1955), Hochzeit auf Immenhof (1956) and Ferien auf Immenhof (1957) were a commercial success. Then Brühl decided to complete an apprenticeship. She studied singing and dance for five years, took acting lessons and was trained in English and French. In Die Zwillinge vom Immenhof (1973) and in Frühling auf Immenhof (1974) she again embodied the figure Dalli, who has now been promoted to Immenhof owner . Her partner was Horst Janson .

Her last film roles included appearances in the German television series Ein Fall für Zwei , Praxis Bülowbogen (both 1987) and Zwei Schlitzohren in Antalya (broadcast in 1991). In 1991, Brühl took on the role of Buhlschaft at the Berliner Jedermann Festival , but she was only able to take part in the first rehearsals.


In 1959 Brühl's father sent his daughter's demo tape to the record company Philips , which, after further test recordings, signed a record deal with her. At first she was marketed together with Corina Corten as the Dolly Sisters . As early as August 1959, Brühl's first solo record Chico Chico Charlie hit the German charts, where it rose to fifth place. By 1967 she was able to place twelve more titles in the German hit lists.

Heidi Brühl achieved her greatest success with the title We never want to go apart by Michael Jary with a text by Bruno Balz and Gloria de Vos - former wife and assistant to the magician Kalanag . With this song she appeared in the Schlagerparade , the German preliminary decision for the Grand Prix Eurovision 1960 , but only landed in second place behind Wyn Hoop . She represented Germany at the Grand Prix Eurovision in 1963 and took 9th place with the title Marcel by Charly Niessen .

In the following years she devoted herself to the musical . She played and sang mainly in Annie Get Your Gun by Irving Berlin . In the 1980s she founded her own music publishing company and also worked as a producer. A widely acclaimed comeback as a singer celebrated Brühl when she published in 1981 and 1982 two singles in the English language in disco music style ( You Are A Part Of My Heart and No Ties No Tears ), with whom they in the prestigious TV music show music store occurred .

Heidi Brühl's grave site

Radio play and voice actor

In 1959 she was in Paul Temple and the Conrad Case of Francis Durbridge to hear - the only Paul Temple radio play , that the BR was produced.

Her voice can also be heard in the films The Neverending Story from 1984 as the Southern Orakel and as the German dubbing of Kirstie Alley in Kuck mal, wer da speaks 2 from 1990.

International career

Shortly before her 21st birthday, Heidi Brühl's father, who had been her manager until then, died. She then moved from Munich to Rome in 1964 to gain a foothold in the international film business. In 1970 Brühl went to the USA , where she performed in Las Vegas with Sammy Davis Jr. and other American show stars. There she also received numerous engagements in television productions, including in Columbo (1973), and played under the direction of Clint Eastwood in the cinema production On behalf of the dragon . In January 1980 she was featured in an issue of Playboy . At the beginning of the 1980s, Heidi Brühl finally returned to Germany.

Private life

In the 1960s, Brühl was in a relationship with the then married director Michael Pflegehar . In 1964 she married the American actor Brett Halsey . The two children Clayton Alexander and Nicole emerged from the marriage. The marriage was divorced in 1976.

Even before the Jedermann theater premiere in Berlin, Heidi Brühl died of cardiac and circulatory failure after cancer surgery . She was buried in the Munich forest cemetery.

Her daughter Nicole is the President of SOS Projects on the board of directors for animal welfare and was President of the German Animal Welfare Association, Landesverband Bayern eV, until 2019


Vinyl singles

From page Catalog no. publication
Chico chico Charlie (Peek-A-Booin ') / Luna lunalu, dear moon 345150 June 1959
This is how teenagers should be / Oh, how beautiful is life (Heidi Fischer & Claus Herwig = Teddy Parker) 345159 July 1959
Whenever you are with me / we will find each other 345160 July 1959
Mister Love / Tell me softly "Je T'aime" 345188 November 1959
I love the moonlight / don't go past 345203 December 1959
We never want to part / Mister Love 345217 February 1960
I always want to be yours / I am like this - or something 345246 October 1960
That can be over tomorrow / Caballero, Caballero 345284 April 1961
It can never end / The wedding melody 345321 August 1961
I would have danced tonight / You live in the street 345355 October 1961
It's so green / Wouldn't that be beautiful (& Ralf Paulsen) 345336 October 1961
Look / who knows who knows 345370 March 1962
Please don't play with me / I get three roses every day 345394 May 1962
You live in the street / Even if you make me look beautiful 345507 August 1962
Red like the poppy / a hundred cavaliers 345526 August 1962
What the wind says / Okay, monsieur 345553 October 1962
Marcel / The big game 345578 March 1963
How about Charleston / Don't go away 345602 August 1963
Yes actors are actors / I have the golden sun and the silver moon 345613 October 1963
To be in love, that would be wonderful / Because nobody bites the gun 345614 October 1963
You walk past me / Not too big and not too small 345669 February 1964
Hernando's Hideaway / One lucky girl 345752 August 1964
Once I say yes / your love should be my home 345769 October 1964
There was a girl - There was a boy / It can be beautiful 345851 August 1965
A hundred men and one order / Nobody can take that away from me 345888 March 1966
Further does our world turn / when? 346017 October 1966
Don't be afraid of tomorrow / your world is my world 346040 January 1967
My way with you / where is the house 346074 September 1967
You still have to give me the answer / Angelo 346091 September 1967
Boom Bang-a-Bang / Heaven weeps tears of joy 388355 January 1968
La Banda / Stay with me 384507 March 1968
La La La / And my train keeps going 384529 June 1968
La Bambola / Master Jack 384557 September 1968
Understanding everything means forgiving everything / Viva el amor 384586 February 1969
I close my eyes / dream with me into the day 388414 November 1969
Rain falls on the world today / What do you know about my love 6003001 January 1970
Vagabondo / I was just a kid 6003057 October 1970
The key to it / Life can be so simple 6003226 1972
Elite special
Symphony / Like a tiger on the divan 4117 1972
M Music
My love was over by then / don't go over 12953 1973
If love weren't in the world / I love you 41101 1975
Come take me / A warm rain 15730 1978
Tenderness / your life 102451 1980
Mamacita / A Simple Love Song 30525 1982
I'm Still in Love with You / You're the One in My World 811678 1983
You are the Part of my Heart / My Child 30407 1982
No Ties No Tears / Please Remember 30448 1982
This Time / Fooling Around (& John James) 69249 1984
Sun in Your Heart / Sun in Your Heart (instrum.) 889268 1989
Cold or hot / just be there 877708 August 1990
Because it was out of love / I don't want more from you 865042 1991

Vinyl albums

title Label publication
Annie Get Your Gun - Annie Shoot! Philips 620201 1963
In love like you and me UA 15529 1965
My world Philips 843961 1967
We never want to part Fontana 701638 1968
Dream with me into the day Philips 844 395 1969
Think of Me Metronome 60520 1982

Compact discs

title Label publication
Because it was for love Polydor 511174 1991
We never want to part Bear Family 2000
Try to Remember Bear Family 2007
I am either way Universal 2011

Chart placements


year title Top ranking, total weeks, awardChartsChart placements
(Year, title, rankings, weeks, awards, notes)
1963 Annie Get Your Gun - Annie go ahead! DE6 (48 weeks)


00First success:
Chico chico Charlie
on Philips 345 150
year Title
Top ranking, total weeks, awardChartsChart placements
(Year, title, album , rankings, weeks, awards, notes)
1959 Chico chico Charlie DE5 (24 weeks)
Whenever you're with me DE38 (16 weeks)
We will find each other DE20 (8 weeks)
1960 Mister Love DE26 (8 weeks)
We never want to part DE1

(32 weeks)DE
I love the moonlight DE48 (4 weeks)
I always want to be yours DE23 (12 weeks)
1961 That can be over tomorrow DE14 (16 weeks)
The wedding melody DE24 (8 weeks)
1962 Please don't play with me DE29 (8 weeks)
I get three roses every day DE15 (8 weeks)
1963 Marcel DE36 (4 weeks)
1966 A hundred men and an order DE8 (14 weeks)
1967 My way with you DE33 (2 weeks)
1981 You are a part of my heart DE45 (9 weeks)


movie theater

Television (selection)

TV programs and shows (selection)

  • 1959: are you free, miss?
  • 1963: Do you love the show ...?
  • 1963: Hotel Victoria
  • 1966: Around the world with 30 hits
  • 1966: The Rudi Carrell Show
  • 1968: Paul's party
  • 1968: Tomorrow we have a sense of humor (December 31, 1968)
  • 1972: The Heidi Brühl Show (WDR, June 26, 1972)
  • 1973: Would you have time for me today?
  • 1975: Music is the trump card
  • 1975: Dalli Dalli
  • 1976: Music is the trump card (April 17, 1976)
  • 1976: Churning (episode 23 of September 25, 1976)
  • 1976: Great luck at low prices (December 28, 1976)
  • 1976/1977: 8x1 in notes
  • 1977: A Clown Walked Broadway (October 13, 1977)
  • 1979: Dreams Cannot Be Forbidden (January 13, 1979)
  • 1979: Let's go
  • 1979: The Pyramid (TV show)
  • 1981: As beautiful as it is today, it should stay that way (November 12, 1981, duet with Roy Black)
  • 1982: Everything Goes Better With Music (May 27, 1982)
  • 1982: Super Hit Parade (November 18, 1982)
  • 1984: An evening in 3/4 time
  • 1985: Melodies for Millions (Episode 1 of February 2, 1985)
  • 1990/1991: Mini Playback Show (from episode 1 of December 31, 1990, jury: Roberto Blanco, Heidi Brühl, Hans Kraus)

such as:

radio play

  • 1959: Paul Temple and the Conrad case (1st part: A gentleman comes from Munich), Bayerischer Rundfunk
  • 1959: Paul Temple and the Conrad case (2nd part: A strange patient), Bayerischer Rundfunk
  • 1959: Paul Temple and the Conrad case (3rd part: later visit), Bayerischer Rundfunk



  • A cool blonde, please. Memories of an occasionally careless girl. Molden, Vienna 1976, ISBN 3-217-00758-1 .

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