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Marie-Luise Steinle (born Marie-Luise Hoffner in Waghäusel on October 27, 1963 ), known by the stage name Lou , is a German musician who represented Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2003 and came in 11th there. She appears on theater stages and on the Internet under her maiden name Lou Hoffner .


Lou took part in 2001 with the title Happy Birthday Party in the German preliminary round of the Eurovision Song Contest Countdown Grand Prix 2001 , where she took third place. With the title Let's Get Happy, like Happy Birthday Party penned by Ralph Siegel and Bernd Sichter , she won the Countdown Grand Prix 2003 two years later and then came 11th at the Eurovision Song Contest 2003 in Riga . Under her new label, Goodlife Records , she released the two singles Dankeschön and I will love you as well as the album I will live.

Lou was seen as a theater actress in the two-person play Love Letters in various cities. Your partner was Claus Wilcke . They also toured occasionally with a cover band through Europe .

Since 2007 she has been on the road with her hit program, mainly in Germany.

Lou Hoffner and the actor Hansi Kraus have been touring Germany, Austria and Switzerland with the play Love Letters since 2017 .


On June 13, 2013 Lou married her manager Gerhard Steinle in Reilingen . Guests at the wedding reception were next to the family u. a. Choir director Gotthilf Fischer and trumpeter Walter Scholz .


PartyGang (English and German)

  • 1999: PartyGang Live

Lou For You (English)

  • 2001: Happy Birthday Party (single, Lou + band)
  • 2001: Sha La La La Lee (single)
  • 2003: Let's Get Happy (Single 6 Track Photo Cover)
  • 2003: Let's Get Happy (Single 6 Track Picture Cover)
  • 2003: Let's Get Happy (promo single 3 track + video clip, cardboard cover)
  • 2003: Let's Get Happy (vinyl single)
  • 2003: For You (album)
  • 2003: Sunshine Dancing / The Show Must Go On (single)
  • 2003: Lou Tango (single)

I want to live (German)

  • 2004: Thank You (single)
  • 2004: I'll Love You (I'll Hate You) (Single)
  • 2004: I want to live (album)
  • 2004: I want to live (promo single)

In the labyrinth of love (German)

  • 2009: In the Labyrinth of Love (promo single, demo version)
  • 2009: Your picture in my wallet (promo title, demo version)
  • 2009: Tonight or never (promo title, demo version)

Blue Night (German)

  • 2011 Blue Night (Album)
  • 2019 Blue Night 2 (Album)

Feeling On The Rocks (German)

  • 2013: In the Labyrinth of Love (Single)
  • 2013: Tonight or never (download single)
  • 2013: Special Edition Berlin 2013 (EP)
  • 2013: Feeling On The Rocks (album)
  • 2017: Headless Through the Night (download single)
  • 2020: With tears in your eyes you are blind (download single)
  • 2020: Kriminal-Tango (with Hansi Kraus ) (download single)

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