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Hansi Kraus , actually Hans Krause (born June 26, 1952 in Gliwice , Poland ) is a German actor .


In 1964 he was given the pseudonym Hansi Kraus , as the film producer Franz Seitz was of the opinion that a boy with such a Prussian name could not portray the Bavarian national poet Ludwig Thoma in the film Lausbubengeschichten . Kraus was best known for this role, which he embodied in five films until 1969, and as a cheeky student Pepe Nietnagel in the seven-part film series Die Lümmel von der Erste Bank (1967–1972). For the first Lümmel film he received a fee of 8,000 Deutschmarks. After his time as a child star, he graduated from high school in design and learned the profession of educator. In 1991 and 1992 he appeared again in the role of Pepe Nietnagel in the series Ein Schloß am Wörthersee .

Since the 1980s he has worked under the name of Hans Kraus in numerous television productions and series, for example in the series Marienhof and from 1994 to 2010 as a farmer Sailer in Forsthaus Falkenau . In February 2006 he stood in front of the camera for a commercial for the Gabor company. He has been a member of the Iberl stage ensemble since 2006 . He was used for menu navigation when the Lümmel film series was released on DVD in 2007. Shortly before his 60th birthday, he had a near death experience following blood poisoning .

He is the father of two daughters. The younger one, Miriam , is also an actress.

In 2017, he said in an interview that RTL had already asked him four times for the jungle camp . He accuses his parents of withholding his film fees as a child star and using them to buy a house himself.

Filmography (selection)

Radio plays and audio books

  • 2004: Rascal stories (audio book)
  • 2004: New rascal stories (audio book)
  • 2005: Little Fish - Episode 1 - Rumdackln (radio play)
  • 2006: Little Fish - Episode 2 - Des neie Radl (radio play)


  • 1970: Bronze Bravo Otto
  • 1971: Silver Bravo Otto
  • 1972: Bronze Bravo Otto

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