Hiking is Mr. Müller's passion

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Original title Hiking is Mr. Müller's passion
Country of production Germany
original language German
Publishing year 1973
length 87 minutes
Age rating FSK 6
Director Franz Antel
script Kurt Nachmann
production Franz Antel
music Gerhard Heinz
camera Hanns Matula

and as themselves: the pop singers Heino and Tony Marshall

Wandering is Herr Müller's Lust is a German-Austrian film fun game from 1973 by Franz Antel with Ekkehard Fritsch in the title role and countless, popular actors from comedy cinema of the 1960s and 1970s, led by the then young stars Sascha Hehn and Ilja Richter .


General Director Dr. Müller, a corpulent minded person with an impressive presence, has to serve a four-week prison sentence for a traffic offense. Since he, who is used to better things, does not like prison food at all, he comes back to freedom after a month, clearly slimmed down. His colleagues and acquaintances then begin to constantly ask him how he managed to become significantly slimmer. Müller's stay in jail is more than just embarrassing, and so he absolutely needs a good reason for the tumbling of the body pounds. Especially the women around him assume that he has been on a cure for the past four weeks and fasted there. In order to finally get some rest, he unceremoniously confirms the general assumption of a spa stay, which now has the consequence that everyone absolutely wants to know the name of this promising spa hotel along with the name of the place, because one also wants to travel there and slim down.

In order to keep up his myth of the therapeutic fasting cure, Mr. Müller needs the help of his daughter Dagmar's friend, Micha. He and his buddy Pit think about how they can underpin the web of lies about therapeutic fasting. The name Hinterberg comes up in the rural-alpine nowhere, where this supposedly phenomenal miracle cure is said to have worked so well with Mr. Müller. Micha sets up the "framework" for the whole thing, while Pit also slips into women's clothes and plays the accomplished nutritionist. In a nutshell: Müller's "insider tip" gets around quickly, and soon the townspeople run into the booths of the villagers who feel completely overwhelmed by the run and don't understand why they got this "honor". For the recently dismissed travel agent Pit, this campaign also offers a very real chance to get back on his feet: Together with friend Micha, he founded his own travel agency, which offers the sleepy town as the main attraction. A complete chaos soon arises, because a veritable tourist avalanche develops from the white lie. Ordinary people as well as representatives of the so-called "better circles" are hoping for real miracles from this new health and fitness hot-spot, and a psychotherapist named Dr. Schön even tries persistently to discover the secret of the alleged "Müller diet".

Production notes

The hiking is Mr. Müller's pleasure originated in late spring / early summer 1973 and was premiered on September 28, 1973.

The production line was Carl Szokoll , the production line Kurt Kodal .


“In order to cover up his four-week imprisonment for a traffic offense, the general manager invented a vacation in a farmer's shop, which subsequently developed into a sought-after slimming center. Comedy at the clue level. "

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