The Bockerer IV - Prague Spring

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Original title The Bockerer IV - Prague Spring
Country of production Austria
original language German
Publishing year 2003
length 90 minutes
Age rating JMK 6
Director Franz Antel ,
Kurt Ockermüller co-director
script Franz Antel , Carl Szokoll , Fedor Mosnak
production Dieter Pochlatko
music Gerhard Heinz
camera Martin Stingl
cut Charlotte Muellner

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Der Bockerer III - The Andau Bridge

Der Bockerer IV - Prager Frühling is a German-Austrian fictional film from 2003 by Franz Antel . It is the fourth part of the Bockerer series. It was Antel's last film.


In 1968, after many attempts, Bockerer decided to marry his long-time widowed housekeeper Anna. Gustl, who he took in as his son after the war, will open a butcher's shop in the small Czech town of Kostelec and invites the Bockerers to go on their honeymoon with him and his Elena. The “ Prague Spring ”, which is being talked about so much now, promises a wonderful honeymoon and friend Hatzinger will also be taken on the trip. Soon after arriving in Kostelec, Bockerer realizes that “ communism with a human face” is a pipe dream. Gustl's sister, the budding reporter Milena, has invited her university friends to the store opening ceremony; but that night the house is robbed and the new shop is demolished. The Austrian embassy in Prague only wants to act very cautiously - and the Bockerers suddenly find themselves between Stalinists and hopeful students. When Soviet troops occupy the country, the only way for the Bockerers is to return home. But before that, Gustl has to be freed from Kostelec's prison.

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