Mimi never goes to bed without a thriller

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Original title Mimi never goes to bed without a thriller
Mimi Logo 001.svg works without crime
Country of production Germany , Austria
original language German
Publishing year 1962
length 79 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
Director Franz Antel
script Johannes Kai ,
Hugo Wiener
production Carl Szokoll
camera Hanns Matula
cut Hermione Diethelm

Mimi never goes to bed without a crime thriller is a German comedy from 1962 . The mix-up comedy was directed by Franz Antel .


The pasta manufacturer and gourmet consul Keyser is looking forward to his summer vacation in the hotel, when his caring daughter Marion ordered him to stay on the barren Italian island of "Isola Piccola" in order to put him on a diet. Keyser "by chance" lets his legal advisor Dr. Steffen also come there because he hopes to bring Marion together with him. But the young blonde is from the ducky Dr. Steffen in no way impressed. The passionate fisherman Michael Lutz and his neglected fiancée Barbara are already spending their holidays on the island. On vacation, she sees the last chance to finally get him to marry.

Michael asks the singer Bob Stuart, together with his band in their ghost costumes, to drive away the annoying newcomers. It doesn't come to that, however, because Gina, the crooked wife of the local police chief, takes the opportunity. She sends the musicians to another island and real robbers to the German tourists, who gutt them and finally stab their rubber dinghies. For better or worse, holidaymakers have to rely on each other to find food and get away from the island. After Dr. Steffen unexpectedly showed some bravery, the couples finally find each other.



The film is a remake of the film Die People mit dem Sonnenstich from 1936, which in turn is a film adaptation of the novel of the same name by Horst Biernath . The scriptwriters Johannes Kai and Hugo Wiener moved the plot for the remake to Italy . The location of the first film was still an island on the Danube .

The shooting in July 1962 did not take place in Italy, but in the then Yugoslavian Rovinj and Pula on the Adriatic coast, as production and labor were cheaper there. Ultimately, the film title was changed at the request of the film distributor Constantin and named after Bill Ramsey's then topical and successful hit , Mimi never goes to bed , which rose to number 3 in the German single charts in autumn 1962. Franz Antel, together with Ramsey, invented a framework to make the title fit.

The role played by Dane Ann Smyrner was dubbed by Margot Leonard . The film premiered on October 19, 1962.

The name of the MIMI crime fiction audience award from the German book trade is also inspired by the film.


"Entertainment at the lowest level, which cannot be saved even with a few flat hits."

- Lexicon films on television

"Simple-minded, silly comedy with occasional Erhardt interludes."

“Love affairs and camping gossips on a small Mediterranean island. Brightly colored hit comedy based on the scheme of the 50s. "

“Without ideas and innovations, you simply gathered a colorful group of high-profile personalities in a mostly uncomfortable comedy and thus created a completely loveless commercial product. At best, friends of light entertainment or unshakable fans of Heinz Erhardt, the only bright spot in the film, may be able to make friends with this one. I advise everyone else: Hands off! "

- Andreas Fecher : Powermetal.de

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