Yes, that's how it is with love

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German title Yes, that's how it is with love
Original title Marriage sanatorium
Country of production Austria
original language German
Publishing year 1955
length 90 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
Director Franz Antel
script Kurt Nachmann
Gunther Philipp
Franz Antel
production Herbert Gruber
Walter Tjaden
for Austrian Film, Vienna,
Schönbrunn-Film Ernest Müller, Vienna
music Lotar Olias
camera Hans H. Theyer
cut Arnfried Heyne

Yes, that's the way it is with love is an Austrian comedy film by Franz Antel from 1955 . The film was also shown on television under the title Das Marriage Sanatorium .


Reporter Stefan Seidlitz is supposed to intercept the circulatory specialist Professor Lebeau, who is shy of the public, while photographer Fritz Keller is supposed to take a picture of him there. Stefan disguises himself as a porter, but is taken by the young Franziska for a real porter. Stefan cannot refuse the beautiful woman's wish to carry her suitcases to the taxi, and so he misses the professor. Fritz took the photos for free and in the end has to owe the porter, whose clothes Stefan had borrowed, to pay as he has no money with him. He gives the porter his business card, while Stefan got into the taxi to Franziska's and drove off. When the porter appears a little later in Fritz 'apartment to pick up his money, Fritz' wife Rita concludes that her husband left with Franziska. She jealously storms the darkroom in which Fritz is developing the photos of the professor, and destroys the pictures. A little later, Stefan appears and clears up the misunderstanding. Since the publisher wants the professor's pictures in two hours, Stefan disguises Fritz as a professor and photographs him. The dizziness goes undetected.

For the newspaper of the Kaub Verlag, the publishing director Hermine agrees to a series of reports on the Grünwiese marriage sanatorium. Numerous couples were able to solve their marital problems through the cure, but none of these couples was ever allowed to reveal anything about the methods. So a couple must be found who are doing research incognito in the sanatorium. 1500 Marks are paid for the job and so Stefan offers himself as a reporter. He pretends to be married and plans to visit the sanatorium with Fritz's wife Rita. Therefore, he also pretends to be called “Keller”, while “Seidlitz” is just his stage name. Stefan receives an advance payment, but Fritz once again had a dispute with Rita, whereupon she went on tour with her revue to Stuttgart. Stefan is now forced to cheat that his wife has abandoned him. In addition to Hermione, Franziska - Hermione's daughter - experiences this. She has already published poetry and now wants to prove herself as a journalist. She offers to go to the sanatorium as a married couple with the unknown journalist Stefan, and her mother agrees. Since Franziska wants to be judged because of her work, she takes on the new surname "Rupp". She is confused when she recognizes Stefan as the porter from the train station. They start a first argument, from which they finally develop their alleged marital problem: She has rich parents and wants to finance everything for her husband while he is poor, but does not want to accept the gifts of his wife's family.

When they arrived at the sanatorium, the head Professor Thomas Eschenburg initially turned the couple away. He himself once really had the problem that he left a woman because of her wealth. He couldn't help himself at the time and now believes that he cannot give Stefan and Franziska any advice either. Only when his servant Meisel is persuaded does he accept them both as patients. Stefan and Franziska are housed in different departments and are only allowed to see each other once a week. The treatment concept quickly becomes clear: Tyrannical husbands or wives must consciously act out their bad qualities in the sanatorium. Mr Lehmann, for example, often refused to shave or appear well-groomed to the annoyance of his wife. He is now deliberately deprived of the shaving kit and collar until he feels the urgent need to receive both. Even then, however, he must remain without until he has improved internally. Stefan and Franziska secretly write newspaper articles about the women's and men's departments. Fritz, in turn, disguises himself as Professor Lebeau and pretends to visit the sanatorium. He is quartered in the sanatorium, forwards Stefan and Franziska's articles to the editorial office and secretly photographs the patients and doctors.

The first article appears and there is an uproar in the sanatorium. In an individual survey of Stefan and Franziska shortly before, Thomas Eschenburg had already found that both of them could not be married to each other because they gave completely different information about the honeymoon and the question about the shared bedroom. Thomas Eschenburg suspects that both are the reporters and now consciously quartered them together in a pavilion. This is where Fritz always secretly retreats to develop his photos. The three of them use the first night to write more articles. Meanwhile, Thomas Eschenburg went to the editorial office of the Kaub publishing house and met Hermine Kaub, the woman he had left at the time, to his astonishment. She promises him not to publish any more articles about the sanatorium. However, when she hears that her daughter has been locked in a pavilion with Stefan, she rushes to the sanatorium with Thomas Eschenburg. On the one hand, the jealous Rita Keller has arrived here, who believes that her husband is cheating on her with Franziska. Both really want to start couple therapy now. Franziska and Stefan, on the other hand, really fall in love, but quickly realize that in their relationship they will actually have the previously constructed problem: Franziska has a rich mother and wants Stefan to live with her in her mother's villa. Stefan, on the other hand, earns significantly less and doesn't want Franziska to endure him. Hermine and Thomas Eschenburg finally solve this future marriage problem by making it clear to Franziska that she has no intention of letting her married daughter and husband live with her. Stefan and Franziska make up again. At the end, Fritz and Rita's therapy begins. Because she is always jealous, Thomas Eschenburg first lets Fritz dance with a beautiful patient in the sanatorium in order to really give Rita a reason to be jealous.


Yes, that's it with love is a remake of the comedy Marriage Sanatorium from 1938. The film, shot in the studios of Vienna Sievering and Vienna Schönbrunn in 1954, premiered on February 11, 1955 in Freiburg. The Austrian premiere was on February 25, 1955 in Vienna.

The film structures were created by Fritz Jüptner-Jonstorff , the costumes by Franz Nezerka and Trude Vogl . In the film, the song Ja, so that can be heard with love , which Adrian Hoven and Gunther Philipp once sang and which in the end is sung by Hans Moser alone .


The film service called Yes, so love is an "unoriginal comedy, the taste of which can be debated"

For Cinema , the film was “reasonably entertaining”.

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