One is always crazy

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Original title One is always crazy
One always spins Logo 001.svg
Country of production Federal Republic of Germany ,
original language German
Publishing year 1971
length 87 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
Director Franz Antel
script Franz Antel
(as Willy Pribil )
production Terra Filmkunst GmbH
New Delta (Franz Antel)
music Gerhard Heinz
camera Hanns Matula
cut Claus from Boro

One is always crazy is a German-Austrian comedy film by Franz Antel from 1971.


A moment ago things were looking bad for baker Hugo Haase, as the newly opened Billa supermarket in the small town of Neuhofen was threatening to take customers away from him when suddenly the tide turned again: his little son and his friends secretly put mustard in the supermarket's opening buns , so that now more customers than before buy Hugo's rolls. Hugo also receives the news that an aunt by marriage has died and has declared him a universal heir. Before he goes to Vienna to open his will , Hugo quickly hires the young Uwe Falk as a new baker who is supposed to take over the bakery business in his absence. Too bad that Uwe is actually a business graduate and the friend of Hugo's daughter Grit and wanted to ask him for Grit's hand - he has no idea about baking.

Hugo learns in Vienna that he has inherited a five-digit amount. A part is immediately paid out to him in thousands of notes, so that he has to change money when he goes to a café on the Danube Tower , as he only has thousands with him. Clarisse, a young millionaire hunter who knows how to attract Hugo's attention by faking a suicide attempt, hears this too . Over the next few days she accompanies Hugo on all his inheritance matters, and Hugo spends a lot of money on her. With a lot of theatricality, Clarisse Hugo can even move Hugo to a short vacation to Venice . She makes him drunk in Venice and steals all of his inheritance money. All that remains for him is a return ticket to Neuhofen.

There, in turn, Hugo's wife Beate has meanwhile bought a new delivery truck for the baked goods that needs to be paid for. Beate tells Hugo by phone that he doesn't even need to come home if he doesn't bring any money. He now pretends to have lost his memory and is still admitted to a psychiatry in Vienna , the head of which is Dr. Klemm is crazier than any patient. In turn, Major Waldemar picks up Hugo in psychiatry. He needs a stupid man, whom he can present to his crazy but rich niece Liane as husband August, since she only signs checks in the presence of her husband. Since Liane is actively involved in martial arts and likes to try the latest strokes on her husband before going to bed, Hugo flees from the villa of the milk producer Waldemar in his pajamas. He ends up in one of his dairy factories, steals things from an employee and is now hunted as a burglar. On the run, he breaks through a roof and ends up with counterfeiters , who take him for the secret messenger and entrust him with two suitcases full of counterfeit money. Because everything is getting too much for him, Hugo allows himself to be taken back to the psychiatry.

Beate is already waiting for him there and the chase ensues with the nurses who want to catch the patient Hugo and the counterfeiters who want their flowers back. Hugo takes refuge in a shop, where he promptly meets Clarisse, who has been looking for a new rich man. All end up in psychiatry with Dr. Clamp. He has Beate, Clarisse and Major Waldemar immobilized because of abnormalities. Only the three counterfeiters who call Hugo her brother are allowed to leave because they promise to bring Hugo's “papers” as proof of his identity - they get down to the counterfeiting work. Grit and Uwe are now coming to Vienna to prove Hugo's identity. Dr. However, Klemm does not believe them, but rather the counterfeiters who are walking with Hugo in tow, but who soon pull pistols and threaten the entire staff. Only Liane puts an end to the hustle and bustle by knocking out the three forgers with karate blows.

Everything clears up: Liane thinks she recognizes her husband August in one of the carers and lets go of Hugo. He lets his wife Beate out of psychiatry because she promises to never object to him again. Clarisse finds in Dr. Klemm a new victim. Hugo is celebrated in Neuhofen, as Uwe saved the bakery in his absence: Since he cannot bake bread himself, he bought the inexpensive bread from the Billa market and sold it at a higher price in the bakery. A cooperation developed from which both baked goods sellers benefited. At the same time, Uwe's own attempt at baking nut snails failed so much that it resulted in gingerbread , which in turn is the best seller and is now also included in Billa's range. Grit and Uwe are now becoming a couple. The future of the Haase bakery is outlined - within a very short time it will have developed into a large corporation in which the bread rolls are produced by machines.


One is always crazy was filmed in Venice , Vienna and Neuhofen . The world premiere took place on July 30, 1971.

Marika Kilius and Hans-Jürgen Bäumler have a cameo as figure skaters.


The lexicon of international film describes one person always crazy as a "comedy based on an ingloriously well-known pattern, which confuses gossip and pun with wit and humor."

Cinema called One always spins as "bad stale bakery comedy".

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