Blue blooms the gentian

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Original title Blue blooms the gentian
The gentian logo 001.svg
Country of production Federal Republic of Germany
original language German
Publishing year 1973
length 90 minutes
Age rating FSK 6
Director Franz Antel
script Kurt Nachmann
production Lisa movie
music Gerhard Heinz
camera Heinz Hölscher
cut Eva Zeyn

Blue blooms the gentian is a German hit and mix-up comedy by Franz Antel from 1973.


The International Hotel Management School Schloss Thannberg near Kitzbühel : Director Ponelli has just released his students into the winter holidays as the worst class of all time and drove home to his wife when the chaos began. The students, above all the rebellious Pinky, secretly return to the castle to enjoy a free winter vacation. Actually only Lilo, the niece of the caretaker Haselmeier, remained behind, who was supposed to light the stove regularly. In doing so, however, she believes that she accidentally also burned the 15,000 DM that her uncle had given her shortly before: She was supposed to pay the school income for the semester into the school account, as the scattered Haselmeier had to rush to a magician's congress and had no time for it . Good advice is dearly now: Lilo and her friends, including the shy Stefan, are now planning to call a singing competition that should bring them the money within two weeks.

But things turn out differently: In a Kitzbühel hotel, the choleric millionaire Hazy Morton is so upset about the poor service that his secretary Überlein is hastily looking for a new hotel. Since everything is full, he quickly rents Morton into the noble-looking Schloss Thannberg and the students who need the money play along. Morton will soon have enough here, too, because Pinky and his friends are doing their best, but are already completely overwhelmed with serving food. When Morton wants to leave in exasperation because of the constant noise of rehearsals for the singing competition, Pinky and his friends claim that the tanker king OW Müller will soon be arriving in his place. Morton's only goal has long been to sign a contract with Müller and he stays that way. By chance he sees how the scattered and hard-drinking Haselmeier returns to the castle - due to a mix-up of his suitcase, he was unable to perform his magic tricks at the congress - and takes him for Müller. He caresses him for the next few days and is increasingly bearable for his environment. And while his secretary Miss Bracke falls in love with Haselmeier, Pinky is followed by Morton's second secretary Miss Wenzel.

When it became known in Kitzbühel that the students had converted their castle into a hotel, this news was soon passed on to the unsuspecting Ponelli. He immediately makes his way to the castle, where he is mistaken for the disguised Pinky and locked in the coal cellar. Meanwhile, Morton drove with Haselmeier to the Enzianhütte , where he hopes to get Haselmeier drunk first and then to get him to sign the cooperation agreement. Before this happens, Überlein reads in the newspaper that Müller is broke and prevents the contract from being signed. When Haselmeier and Pinky flee from their respective admirers and venture down a slope on skis, they do not know that they are unintentionally participating in a ski race. Pinky ends up with his skis in the coal cellar of the castle, where he happens to find the 15,000 DM that just slipped under the coals. Lilo and the castle are saved, the surprised Pinky is presented with the trophy for his ski race and director Ponelli also lets himself be softened when he learns that Morton was more than satisfied with the "service" of the students.

Production notes

The film, a wintry variation of music, music - da Wobelt die Penne (1970) was originally supposed to be called The Wilder Kaiser Rages . At the suggestion of media manager and music producer Hans R. Beierlein , it was renamed to the current hit song Blau blooms der Enzian . The film was shot at the locations of Aunt Trude from Buxtehude (1971) in the Kitzbühel area and at Ort Castle on Lake Traunsee . The world premiere of Blau blooms der Enzian took place on April 13, 1973.

Numerous well-known hits can be heard in the film: Heino sings the title song of the film composed by Erich Becht , Blau blooms der Enzian , Chris Andrews the title Sugar Daddy , Jürgen Marcus sings A Festival of Love , child star Nicki (* 1963) sings Yuppididuh and die Group We (with Drafi Deutscher ) sings David and Goliath . Bata Illic is presented in the film as "Bata, the chef from Hotel Greif" and sings Michaela and As long as I live . Otto W. Retzer can be seen as an extra in several supporting roles (student, waiter, trumpeter, percussionist).


  • The lexicon of the international film called blue the gentian as "undemanding produced stupid and hit film."
  • The courier wrote: "With the usual comedy ingredients: a lot of music, mix-ups churning out and photogenic landscapes - this time it's wintry Kitzbühel and the surrounding area - Franz Antel tries to entertain 'his' audience sexlessly again."

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