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Jürgen Marcus, 1998

Jürgen Marcus , bourgeois Jürgen Beumer (born June 6, 1948 in Herne ; † May 17, 2018 in Munich ) was a German pop singer who celebrated his greatest successes in the 1970s. His best-known titles include A New Love is Like a New Life , A Festival of Love and A Song Goes Out into the World .


Jürgen Marcus, 1976
Jürgen Marcus at the Eurovision Song Contest 1976
Jürgen Marcus, 1974

After leaving school, Marcus completed an apprenticeship as a fitter . He then performed as a singer in various amateur beat bands in his hometown. Because of the similarity of his real name Jürgen Beumer with the name of the figure skater Hans-Jürgen Bäumler , he chose the stage name "Jürgen Marcus". In 1967 he was the winner of the European Festival in Brussels . In 1968 and 1969 he was successful at the Beat Festival in Recklinghausen . Finally, in 1969 he got the role of "Claude" in a German performance of the musical Hair .

The successful music producer Jack White signed the singer and produced his first single Nur Du (El cóndor pasa) in 1970 . This was followed by You are my whole life (1970) and Only Love Counts (1971), his most successful and well-known title to date, Eine neue Liebe ist wie ein neue Leben (1972), which was in the German top ten for 15 weeks and up to advanced to second place. Marcus appeared in many television music programs, including 36 times on the ZDF hit parade . He received numerous awards and in 1972 he also appeared in the Jack White film Today We Knock on the Drum , directed by Ralf Gregan .

Under White's direction, Marcus released a total of 23 singles and numerous albums until he broke up with him in 1979. The top ten successes among them were A Festival of Love (he also sang this title in the film Blue Blooms the Gentian ), Butterflies Can't Cry (1973) and A Song Goes Out Into the World (1975), with which he advocated Germany applied at the Grand Prix Eurovision de la Chanson , but did not get beyond 9th place in the preliminary decision because of the jury's assessment. He had already taken part in this competition last year with the title Grand Prix d'amour .

In 1975 ZDF broadcast the personality show Jürgen Marcus: One for many . In 1976 he took part in the Grand Prix Eurovision de la Chanson for Luxembourg with the song Chansons pour ceux qui s'aiment (German version: The Tingler sings for you all ) sung in French and reached place 14.

Under changing producers such as Michael Möller , Rainer Pietsch or Uve Schikora , Marcus published chanson- oriented pieces or cover versions until the early 1980s , but without commercial success. Further collaborations with Ralph Siegel and Bernd Sichter or a pop-oriented single as “J. Marcus “(1988) in English did not bring the singer a comeback . In the following decades he mostly appeared with his older successes from the 1970s.

In 1998 he reached 6th place with his song Mach's gut bis next Leben at the so far only Grand Prix of Schlager .

In August 2004 the comeback album I believe in the world was released , his first album in 22 years. In 2006 the first Christmas album, Thousand Lights, Thousand Candles, followed . On June 13, 2008, the album Forever was released. It was produced by Christian Bruhn . It contains texts by Michael Kunze , Georg Buschor , Robert Jung , Stefan Waggershausen , Tobias Reitz , Edith Jeske and Peter Zentner . On August 5, 2011, the single I look into my heart was released . The album Zeitreif followed a week later , produced by the composer duo Helmut Kohlpaintner and Michael Schinkel.

In April 2017 Jürgen Marcus announced his withdrawal from the music business because of his lung disease COPD , which he suffered from in 2002, and he has not made any public appearances since 2012.


In 1991, Marcus became the first major singer in the hit industry to come out as homosexual in Bild am Sonntag . He had been in a relationship with his manager Nikolaus Fischer since 1995.

Jürgen Marcus died on May 17, 2018, a few weeks before his 70th birthday, of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) in his Munich apartment. He found his final resting place in the municipal cemetery of Wolfratshausen in the Nantwein district.



Chart positions
Explanation of the data
A festival of love
  DE 21st 05/15/1973 (32 weeks)
The grand prix d'amour
  DE 50 08/15/1974 (4 weeks)
A song goes out into the world
  DE 42 October 15, 1975 (4 weeks)
The best - commemorative edition
  DE 24 07/06/2018 (1 week)
  AT 46 07/13/2018 (1 week)
  CH 90 07/08/2018 (1 week)
Only you (El cóndor pasa)
  DE 32 07/15/1970 (4 weeks)
Only love matters
  DE 47 07/12/1971 (1 week)
A new love is like a new life
  DE 2 07/24/1972 (27 weeks)
A festival of love
  DE 3 02/19/1973 (20 weeks)
Butterflies cannot cry
  DE 8th 08/13/1973 (20 weeks)
  AT 13 10/15/1973 (8 weeks)
Everyone comes to San Francisco at some point
  DE 17th 07/01/1974 (12 weeks)
Grand prix d'amour
  DE 22nd 04/22/1974 (14 weeks)
I didn't invent love
  DE 23 09/02/1974 (9 weeks)
A song goes out into the world
  DE 3 03/10/1975 (26 weeks)
  AT 15th 05/15/1975 (8 weeks)
  CH 4th May 16, 1975 (10 weeks)
An angel who loves me
  DE 44 07/07/1975 (3 weeks)
Everyone drives at the same speed on the carousel
  DE 32 10/06/1975 (17 weeks)
Come with me - on the sunny side of the street
  DE 28 02/02/1976 (6 weeks)
The Tingler sings for all of you
  DE 46 05/17/1976 (1 week)
The clock is fast - you can still stay
  DE 33 02/21/1977 (8 weeks)
Angel of the night
  DE 31 02/23/1981 (9 weeks)

Singles (selection)

  • 1970: Only You (El Condor Pasa)
  • 1971: Only love matters
  • 1971: Why Can't I Forget Your Love (Massachusetts)
  • 1972: A new love is like a new life
  • 1973: A festival of love
  • 1973: Butterflies can't cry
  • 1974: At some point everyone comes to San Francisco
  • 1974: Grand Prix d'amour
  • 1975: A song goes out into the world
  • 1975: Everyone drives at the same speed on the carousel
  • 1975: an angel who loves me
  • 1976: Come along to the sunny side of the street
  • 1976: The Tingler sings for all of you
  • 1976: On the train station with many tracks
  • 1977: The clock is fast - you can stay
  • 1977: Let me out of my jacket
  • 1977: The whole neighborhood knows that
  • 1978: What are you doing tonight
  • 1978: You don't die from it
  • 1979: Sleep here today
  • 1980: a smile
  • 1980: our life
  • 1981: Angel of the Night
  • 1981: if you love
  • 1982: I would like to be with you
  • 1982: The Song of Happiness
  • 1983: I love you more
  • 1983: The stars don't lie
  • 1986: I saw you
  • 1988: Liberation Day
  • 1989: See what love can change
  • 1998: Take care until the next life
  • 2004: Again with you
  • 2004: I believe in the world
  • 2005: I have no regrets
  • 2005: Go with the sun
  • 2006: only my heart is crying
  • 2006: I would like to have your worries
  • 2008: In white jeans
  • 2011: I look into my heart
  • 2011: No time for lies
  • 2012: What can I do for it

Albums (selection)

  • 1972: Today we hit the drum (hit film with Jack White )
  • 1973: A festival of love
  • 1974: The Grand Prix d'amour
  • 1975: premiere
  • 1975: A song goes out into the world
  • 1976: I am Jürgen
  • 1976: The Tingler sings for all of you
  • 1977: The whole neighborhood knows that
  • 1977: The clock is fast - you can still stay
  • 1978: Jürgen Marcus
  • 1979: Part of me
  • 1980: portrait
  • 1981: Angel of the Night
  • 1982: I want you the way you are
  • 2004: I believe in the world
  • 2006: A thousand lights, a thousand candles (Christmas album)
  • 2008: forever
  • 2011: Time ripe

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