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Crew United
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The network of the film and television industry
Film database and platform for filmmakers
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operator Crew United, Lutz and Zenglein GbR
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On-line 1996 (currently active)

Crew United is a database of German films, TV series, video and advertising productions. Filmmakers can enter projects themselves that will be editorially checked. Crew United also offers members the opportunity to publish job offers in the media industry. Crew United sees itself as a platform for the professional film and television industry in which it is used for personnel recruitment.

Crew United has been awarding the FairFilmAward , launched in 2011 , in cooperation with Die Filmschaffenden (Federal Association of Filmmakers' Associations) , which recognizes fair conditions on the film set.


According to the company's own information, the website for freelancers in the film industry was created in mid-1996 and was initially accessible via a home space at CompuServe. went online in February 1997. Vincent Lutz and Oliver Zenglein founded the crew united GbR in spring 2001 in order to continue to operate the site. Since November 2003, a distinction has been made between free basic and paid premium membership. Crew United has been the exclusive distributor of the biweekly PDF magazine cinearte - news for filmmakers - since December of the same year . On October 8, 2010 a cooperation with started. At Crew United you can find information on approx. 274,000 filmmakers and actors, 45,000 companies and 176,000 film projects and 353,000 visits from approx. 178,000 different visitors per month are recorded. (As of October 4, 2017)


Film database

The film database lists German productions that were created by freelancers. Crew United will review the actual existence of the projects. In addition to cinema and television productions, there are also film school projects and advertising productions in the database.

Filmographies by filmmakers are automatically included in their profile when a membership is activated. Membership is not required to display a pure filmography.

The film database can also be displayed in English.



Freelancers can create their own profiles that are automatically linked to projects they have been involved in. People who register in positions such as director or cameraman are checked and written to by the editorial team in order to maintain the quality standard as a platform for professional productions.

Profiles of filmmakers who also appear as actors, however, cannot link these profiles with one another.


Companies can also create profiles to document their involvement in productions. This includes companies such as production companies, post-production houses, catering companies or film equipment rental companies.

Actor or speaker

In addition to audiovisual projects, speakers and performers can also present their theater work. Since the cooperation with, show reels can also be displayed. Profiles in this area can also be managed collectively by acting agencies.

Differences between member status

Users who are not logged in have full access to the film database and can search for films, freelancers and departments. You can also view and post offers in the Jobs area . Basic members can enter their functions in projects and create new projects. As a basic member, you can place advertisements in the market and living areas , as well as link job offers directly to your profile (applies to companies and freelancers).

Freelancers can display their contact details and pictures in their profile with the paid premium membership. Companies can display their employees, branches and company news. In both cases, access to the production overview and the advertisement management (jobs, housing, market) is included within the profile. In addition, premium members are shown first when searching. The Association of Requisiteurs and the Federal Association of German Stunt People assume the costs of premium membership for their members.

Since the cooperation with the website, there is also the membership status Premium video + , in which videos are hosted on the partner site. This is especially true for show reels by actors.


This area shows projects that have not yet been completed. A distinction is made between the areas “in production” , “in planning” and “in preparation” . The last two are only visible with a paid membership.


Offers can be submitted here which can be viewed by all member categories and non-registered users. The offers can be sorted by job description and location. The super-categories depend on the type of remuneration:

Normal budget offers
The fee must at least correspond to the tariff fee or a usual minimum fee.
Low budget offers
This area is only available to university and young talent productions, whereby the fee must be at least 50% of the tariff fee.
No budget offers
The no-budget area is only available to university and young talent productions that cannot afford any remuneration above 50% of the tariff fee.
Information about remuneration is mandatory.
Small actor or extras offers
Information about remuneration is mandatory.
Internship offers
Since crew united does not support unpaid internships, the amount of the remuneration must be stated. It must not be less than € 250 per month and must apply from the first day of the internship.

If an advertisement does not meet the requirements, crew united reserves the right to delete the advertisement.


Only offers can be submitted. Only offers from members and no shops or professional sellers are permitted. Film cameras and software as well as monitors and post-production hardware are offered.


In 2003, Crew united was awarded the Innovation Prize of the Commissioner for Culture and Media .

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