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Walter Günther Scholz (born April 15, 1938 in Arolsen , Hessen-Nassau ) is a German musician and best known as a trumpeter . He has been married to a former singer of the Fischer Choirs since 1989 and has a son with her. Walter Scholz has two sons and a daughter from his first marriage.


Walter Scholz played in the trombone choir at the age of six . Later he took music lessons from Franz Willy Neugebauer . After school he attended the Siegerland Orchestra School, where he passed the state examination in music. At the age of 17 he was a trumpeter at the State Theater in Detmold . Further stations were Mainz , Darmstadt and the Munich Philharmonic . In 1962 he became first trumpeter in the symphony orchestra of the Südwestfunk Baden-Baden . In addition, he was often active as a soloist.

In 1972 he released a long-playing record together with Rolf Schneebiegl and his original Schwarzwaldmusikanten wind orchestra . His biggest hit from that time was The Devil's Tongue . Scholz appeared on several television shows.

In 1984 he released a single with the melody of longing he composed . The title became a hit, which was later highlighted with a text and interpreted by up-and-coming singer Harald Martin . After this success Walter Scholz released several solo albums with folk and classical melodies as a solo trumpeter. Among them were numerous evergreens and some new compositions.

In 1987 Walter Scholz took part in the Grand Prix of Folk Music with his orchestra . With his title Musikantenmarsch he reached the 11th place. At the Grand Prix of Folk Music in 1989 he tried again at the German preliminary decision with the title Polka for 4 trumpets , but did not make it to the final.

On the occasion of his 70th birthday, Walter Scholz was awarded the title of Honorary Ambassador of the International Choir Olympiad . The award was presented to him on April 15th, 2008 by Günter Titsch , President of the Interkultur Association .

Walter Scholz can still be seen and heard at popular radio and television events as well as at events. Scholz now lives with his second wife Silvia, who takes care of the management in Achern, Baden . His son Alexander works as an opera director.

At the age of over 80, he practices the trumpet for four to five hours a day in order to maintain the wind muscles, as he releases a new album every year with works he composed himself and plays around 120 concerts on international tours.


Walter Scholz is considered to be the most successful trumpeter in Germany. He received ten gold records and three platinum records for the 15 million records he sold worldwide. Herbert von Karajan called him the “trumpeter of the century”, Robert Stolz called him the “trumpeter with the sensitive sound”.


Success title


Chart positions
Explanation of the data
Dream melodies
  DE 13 
04/28/1986 (12 weeks)
Wish melodies - songs that you will never forget
  DE 31 05/04/1987 (10 weeks)
Melodies that come from the heart
  DE 21st 10/02/1989 (11 weeks)


  • 1972: Popular trumpet concert
  • 1974: The Devil's Tongue
  • 1975: Festive trumpet concert
  • 1986: Melody of longing
  • 1986: Dream concert with Walter Scholz (2 LP)
  • 1987: We make music


  • 1982: I love being at home so much
  • 1984: Melody of longing
  • 1985: echo of love
  • 1986: Dream melodies (CH:goldgold)
  • 1987: We make music Walter Scholz
  • 1987: Desired melodies - songs you will never forget Walter Scholz
  • 1988: I think of you
  • 1989: Melodies that come from the heart
  • 1991: Trumpet magic
  • 1993: Classic dreams
  • 1994: world trumpet hits
  • 1996: Burning hearts
  • 1996: Walter Scholz 16 trumpet hits
  • 1997: The magic of the trumpet
  • 1999: Trumpet pearls
  • 2007: Götterfunken with Marshall & Alexander
  • 2008: Bolero of Hearts with the Montanara Choir
  • 2012: roses just for you

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