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Cornelia Froboess (1966)

Cornelia Froboess (born October 28, 1943 in Wriezen ), initially also known as Die kleine Cornelia , later as Conny , is a German actress , voice actress and former pop singer .


Child star

Cornelia Froboess at the Grand Prix Eurovision 1962
Cornelia Froboess at the Berlinale 2010

Gerhard Froboess sent his pregnant wife Margaretha from Berlin to Wriezen in 1943 because of the bombing raids on Germany , where Cornelia Froboess was born that same year. She is the niece of the stuntman Harry Froboess . She spent her childhood on Gottschalkstrasse in what was then Berlin's Wedding district .

Cornelia Froboess had her first stage appearance in May 1951 with the Schlager Pack, the swimming trunks that her father had originally written for the Schöneberg Boys' Choir . The song was rejected by those responsible. Froboess became a child star . She anchored herself in the collective memory of the Federal Republic as a relaxed, spontaneous Berlin brat .

Teenage idol

From 1959 to 1963 Cornelia Froboess took acting lessons from Marlise Ludwig in Berlin. In 1962 she reached first place with her title Zwei kleine Italiener at the 1962 German Schlager Festival in Baden-Baden and then represented Germany at the 7th Eurovision Grand Prix in Luxembourg. Although she was only able to achieve a 6th place there, the title became a million-dollar hit and is still a popular evergreen today , which was able to score internationally. Cornelia Froboess recorded this title herself in Dutch (Twee kleine Italianen), Italian (Un bacio all'italiana) and English (Gino) , cover versions were made by Connie Francis (also Un bacio all'italiana in Italian) and the Finnish duo Tuula & Paula ( Tina yes Marina in Finnish) sung.

When rock'n'roll reached Germany, Cornelia Froboess, now called Conny, later Conny Froboess, had great success with hits like Mr. Music, I Love You Baby , lipstick on her jacket and teenager Melody and became a teenage idol . Some of her songs were recorded in duets with Peter Alexander , Rex Gildo , Will Brandes or Peter Kraus . Two little Italians (composer: Christian Bruhn ) remained the only number one hit. Froboess' second internationally successful title was Lady Sunshine and Mr. Moon , which she also recorded in Dutch (Lady Sunshine en Mister Moon) and French (On peut bien dire) .

In the mid-1960s, Froboess gradually withdrew from the music industry in order to devote herself entirely to her career as an actress. Her last solo LP Die neue Lieder der Cornelia Froboess was released in 1967 by Polydor .

Movie and TV

Froboess was also successful in the film. Film partners included Peter Kraus , Peter Weck , Rex Gildo and Peter Alexander . In 1960 she played together with Peter Kraus in Conny and Peter Make Music , the most successful film of the year. Froboess was marketed together with Peter Kraus as the ideal teenager , taking care not to appear too sexualized. She was later also popular in her role as Pia Michelis alongside Günter Pfitzmann in the ARD series Praxis Bülowbogen . In 1999 she lent her voice as the German voice actress of the lioness Zira in the cartoon The Lion King 2 - Simba's Kingdom . In 2010 Froboess was appointed to the competition jury of the 60th Berlin International Film Festival .


From 1972 to 2001 Froboess was a permanent member of the Münchner Kammerspiele , where she played roles such as Minna von Barnhelm and Lotte in Big and Small by Botho Strauss under the direction of Dieter Dorn . Ernst Wendt staged with her Mary Stuart by Friedrich Schiller . Director Dorn staged with her Lulu by Frank Wedekind and his fist she was the Marthe Schwerdtlein. Her last major roles at the Kammerspiele were Frau Wangel in The Woman from the Sea by Henrik Ibsen and Cäcilie in Stella by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (both under director Thomas Langhoff ). In 1984 she played the role of Eliza Doolittle in the musical My Fair Lady at the Theater am Gärtnerplatz , directed by August Everding, with great success . In 2001 she followed Dieter Dorn to the Bavarian State Theater in Munich and played Laura in The Father of August Strindberg , again under Thomas Langhoff. In 2011 she played Countess Helena in Das Käthchen von Heilbronn at the Bavarian State Theater, directed by Dieter Dorn.

Private life

On August 3, 1967, Froboess married Hellmuth Matiasek , then director of the Braunschweig State Theater and later director of the Gärtnerplatztheater in Munich . In 1968 the couple had their daughter Agnes, and in 1970 their son Kaspar was born. The family lives in the Inn Valley near the Wendelstein .

Awards and honors


Successful title as Die kleine Cornelia:

  • 1951: Pack your swimming trunks! / I would like a new dress

Successful title as Conny:

  • 1959: Mr. Music / If my big brother only knew
  • 1959: Little Lucienne / Seek happiness in life
  • 1960: Midi-Midinette / Who will be the first

Successful title as Conny Froboess:

  • 1962: Two little Italians / Hello, hello, hello
  • 1962: Lady Sunshine and Mr. Moon / All young girls like that
  • 1963: In love, engaged, married / Blondie (duets with Peter Alexander)
  • 1963: Three Musketeers / Everything about Hamburg and St. Pauli
  • 1964: Hey, Baron Münchhausen / John, the noble knight
  • 1965: This night has many lights / Is It True

Successful title as Cornelia Froboess:

  • 1967: Write it in the sand / That's life


movie theater

Television (selection)

  • 1952: A nice present (TV show, moderator: Peter Frankenfeld)
  • 1963: Sophienlund (TV movie)
  • 1965: Madness or The Devil in Boston (TV movie)
  • 1965: A Winter's Tale (TV movie)
  • 1966: Where We Were Happy (TV Movie)
  • 1966: Ball is at Pfeiffers (TV movie)
  • 1967: The School of Women (TV movie)
  • 1967: There is music in the Ballhaus - An old Berlin dance pleasure (TV film)
  • 1968: Mathilde Möring (TV film)
  • 1968: In the Ballhaus we swam (TV movie)
  • 1968: Die Wilde (TV movie)
  • 1969: The Citizen as a Nobleman (TV movie)
  • 1970: The Black Count (TV series)
  • 1971: The Forest (TV movie)
  • 1971: The Commissioner (TV series, an episode)
  • 1972: Woe to him who lies (TV movie)
  • 1973: Love at 50 (TV movie)
  • 1974: Auguste Bolte (TV movie)
  • 1974: We don't give a damn about the Cucumber King (voice of the Cucumber King)
  • 1975: Happy Journey (TV movie)
  • 1975: Polly or Die Bataille at Bluewater Creek (TV movie)
  • 1976: We don't give a damn about the pickle king (TV film, voice)
  • 1977: Police Inspection 1 (TV series, an episode)
  • 1978: The literary film narrative : The story of a love (TV movie)
  • 1977–1993: Derrick (TV series, six episodes)
  • 1979: Another opera (TV movie)
  • 1979: Balthasar in a traffic jam (TV movie)
  • 1980: The Rainmaker (TV movie)
  • 1980-2010: The Old One (TV series, three episodes)
  • 1981: The Käthchen von Heilbronn or: The Trial by Fire (TV film)
  • 1983: A Case for Two (TV series, episode)
  • 1990: The Little Prince (TV film, voice)
  • 1991–1994: Bülowbogen practice (TV series, forty episodes)
  • 1994: Everything but Murder! (TV series, an episode)
  • 1994: 1945 (TV movie)
  • 1994: The Men from K3 (TV series, an episode)
  • 1995: Shackles (TV movie)
  • 1996: Fear Has a Cold Hand (TV Movie)
  • 1996: The Baby Maker's Son (TV movie)
  • 1996: Inspector Rex (TV series, episode)
  • 1997: Koerber's files: Little girl - big money (TV movie)
  • 1997: Koerber's File: Deadly Ultimatum (TV movie)
  • 1998: Wolffs Revier (TV series, one episode)
  • 1999, 2004: Siska (TV series, two episodes)
  • 2000: Hirnschal gegen Hitler (TV movie)
  • 2000: Police Call 110: Dead Silence (TV series)
  • 2000: Tatort : Murder on the River (TV series)
  • 2001: Lawyer Abel (TV series, an episode)
  • 2004: One or the other (TV movie)
  • 2004: Stronger than Death (TV movie)
  • 2009: SOKO 5113 (TV series, an episode)
  • 2010: The Sister (TV movie)
  • 2011: Half an Eternity (TV movie)
  • 2014: Almuth and Rita (TV movie)
  • 2016: Pokerface - Grandma rips them all off (TV movie)
  • 2016: Almuth and Rita - Zwei wie Pech und Schwefel (TV movie)
  • 2016: Crime scene : turning hammer
  • 2017: A smile at four at night
  • 2018: Finally Lake Garda!
  • 2019: Mrs. Holle's garden

Radio plays (selection)

Word and music


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